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A/N: All right, I know most of you want more Mission Impossible. I put Chapter 19 up for posting, but it was denied, because it said I couldn't describe torture. That was the main thing in that chapter, so until I can figure out how I am going to redo that chapter, I will be posting on this story. Please note I wrote this story a while back, but I got to reading over it the other day and wondered why I never posted it. Please Read and Review!

Chapter One: How It All Began

Hermione POV

I never thought I would fall in love. I always thought love was only for the books and life was up to the rest of us to cope with. I never thought I would love. That was until I met him. I mean really met him.

It was the beginning of my seventh year and Draco Malfoy had been caught and set free. The Dark Lord threatened to kill his mum and forced him to do all the stuff. Or so he said. At the time, I really didn’t believe him.

When Draco returned to school, he was all anyone could talk about. The Slytherins disowned him for betraying their “Lord”. People made jokes and cracks on him any chance they got. Draco had turned into the biggest loser at Hogwarts. The Slytherin Prince had fallen.

At the time, I thought it was well time for him to fall. Harry, Ron, and I were working on a plan to defeat the Dark Lord and watching Draco suffer was our entertainment. That was until that day.

That day when I met him. I had left my book behind in Charms and I went back to get it. I didn’t expect to find anyone there, but didn’t really care when I did. I hear a sob come from the figure who had their back to me.

“Are you ok?” I had asked them. The figure turned around and I saw that it was Draco Malfoy. He was crying. That was probably the biggest shock of my life. Draco Malfoy had emotions.

“Um…I…Um…” He stuttered, but that was all he could get out. He had no excuse for why he was crying. I felt kind of bad for him. People were really hard on him.

“I am sorry, I just left my book and heard you crying.” I tried to explain. I then saw it. The letter in Draco’s hand. “Do you need to talk?” I asked out of kindness. I never thought he would say yes. So it was an even bigger shock when he did.

He told me the story of how his dad use to beat him and how kind his mother was. He then showed me the letter. It was a letter from his aunt saying that his mother was killed eariler that morning. Death eaters. His aunt blamed him in the letter.

“It isn’t your fault,” I tried to comfort him. “You didn’t do anything wrong. You did the right thing not killing Dumbledore.”

“A lot of good it did. He died anyway.” Draco wiped his eyes. “Her funeral is Monday, but I am not sure if I can stand to go. It is hard.”

I didn’t know how hard it was losing a mother. I really didn’t. I just nodded and put a comfronting hand on his back. It was then I saw. Draco Malfoy had changed. He really did have a heart.

“I will go with you if you want.” I offered and he smiled. No smirk, no sarcasm added to it. It was a real smile.

“I would like that,” He nodded. I wondered why he was being nice. I mean didn’t he still think of me as a mudblood? I guess when you don’t have many friends a mudblood isn’t so bad.

The funeral was lovely. His mother was beautiful. It seemed Draco’s whole family seemed to blame him for what happened. All of them looked evil to me. Of course Draco use to. I started seeing him in a new light.

The months went on and I spent more and more time with Draco as they did. I still saw Harry and Ron, but didn’t help out as much. If I wasn’t in class you could bet I was with Draco.

Sure I got talked about and jokes shot at me, but I really didn’t care. Draco and I were happy and that is what I was happy with.

About three months after the day in the class room Draco asked me on a date. I really didn’t know what to say so I said yes. He took me to a fancy place somewhere in London. It was really nice, not to mention sweet of him.

We dated for about 6 months. The end our seventh year was coming close to an end and the war was raging on. Harry had left school in search, but none of us were allowed to go with him. I wouldn’t even if I was allowed to. Then that night happened.

It was June 7th and it was a week before we got out of school. Draco said he was worried that we wouldn’t see each other for a while. I loved him. There was no doubt about that. So that night I did what I thought was right. I gave him the most valuable thing I had. My virginity.

During it, I asked Draco if he had a condom and he said no. He said it was just one time and since it was my first time then there wasn’t that much of a chance of anything happened. Just one time.

One time. That is all it took. Just one time.

A month after that I found out I was pregnant. I was still dating Draco and things were great, until I got the phone call from the doctor. It really surprised me.

Two weeks after the phone call I planned to tell Draco. He was taking me out to our favorite place and I planned to tell him then. We sat down and ordered.

“I have something to tell you,” I had said.

“I have something to tell you first.” He sighed. “I am going to help Harry and Ron in the war.” It hit me like a sack of bricks. Him in the war? He could get killed… Harry and Ron weren’t even his friends. What was he thinking?

“I have nothing to lose. Why let these guys with kids and families get killed when I don’t have anything lose?” Nothing to lose? Could he have meant that? Was I nothing? I knew then I couldn’t tell him about the baby. I knew then I had to get away. Far away. I excused myself to the bathroom and went home. I packed my bags and was going to head to America. Alone. I knew I couldn’t do that. I knew I had to tell my mother.

She was upset. Very upset, but she came with me. We moved to a small town in Florida. My mother and father had divorced last year, so he didn’t come. We didn’t even tell him we were going.

I had my babies on March 29th at 11:09PM after nine hours of labor. Yes, I said babies. I had twins. A boy and a girl. Both blonde haired blue-eyed. They were both really small with me being so young and it being twins. I was terrified that they weren’t going to live. They both pulled through though.

Now it is three years later and my children are three. I am nineteen, about to be twenty in a few months. I got a letter from Harry ((I had owled him a week before)) and he said the war was over. He told me he defeated Voldemort. He said he missed me and told me that Mrs. Weasley wants me to come live there. He said that she misses me.

I thought about this for along time. Could I go back? What would they think? After careful consideration I sent an owl back to Harry and told him I would be there in a week, but it was only for a visit.

I couldn’t believe it… I am going back.

A/N: Ok, the other chapters won’t be like this. They will have more talking in it and time won’t go by as quickly. I just had to tell the story of how she got the twins before I could tell her going home story.

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