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A friendly warning, their speech gets a bit explicit in some parts. If that offends you, I am sorry, but the story called for it. I hope you enjoy!
p.s. This chapter is dedicated to the fact that there is finally a trailer with GInny and not Romilda.
                                                                 *    *    *

They got away with it. 

Sirius had become skilled by then after all; a month was more than enough time to perfect his skills. It was quite exhilarating, sneaking away at night, never going more than two nights in a row to avoid suspicion. To be honest, she couldn’t remember much of what happened, only snippets and that incredible euphoric feeling. She was sure more than once she had gotten a little too close to Sirius, but, as far as she knew, nothing happened. 

Playing it off was easier than she could have ever hopped. Sirius acted truly sorry and got off the hook. And while Kristen was normally depressed the morning after, contributed to the loss of that magnificent ecstasy, she was always happy in the afternoon at the thought of doing it again. Somehow, she felt as if she’d never felt happier in her life. 

It always stuck in the back of her mind that she was beyond trying it for fun, she was addicted. It was so much easier to ignore the problem, however, that she did just that.
And then there was Demetrius. 

Kristen was utterly fascinated by him. He was a seventh year Gryffindor, and she couldn’t figure out for the life of her why she hadn’t noticed him before. He was so much more exciting than Matthew, more beautiful, more exhilarating, more everything!
The best part about him though, was that Sirius didn’t even hate him. 

She wasn’t sure why, and some part of her was worried about it. Sirius always cared about who she was dating, always, and though she lamented it to her friends, it was somewhat pleasing to see him always there, protecting her. But now he didn’t care, not that he really cared about anything anymore. Whenever McGonagall called them in for career counseling, he proudly told her he wanted to work on the Knight Bus. His grades were slipping, he even missed practice once. 

And yet, they remained uncaught. 

Part of Kristen really wanted someone to find out and stop them. She knew it was wrong, and every morning she hated herself, but she couldn’t stop. She felt like the she had to do it though, to make up for how horrible she felt during the day.
“Demetrius, stop it,” she giggled as he became a bit too adventurous. But he was too far gone to take much heed to her words. 

Demetrius had found out rather quickly what she was up to. Kristen couldn’t help but be ashamed off her friends. They, after all, spent just about every waking moment with her and yet Demetrius, who, though adrenaline inducing, was not what one would call the brightest crayon in the crayon box, had found out relatively easy. 

“Demetrius, stop,” she said more resolutely this time, thankful that she was coming out of it. 

“Oi mate, all you gotta do to get further than that is sweet talk her,” Sirius guffawed, lounging in a huge, orange bean bag that the room had produced. “Trust me, works every time.” 

Kristen felt more than a little insulted by his comment, but they had made a pact. Nothing said while intoxicated by any substance could be held against them. The rule had worked in Kristen’s favor many times, even before the drugs, so she could not rightfully tell Sirius off, much as she wanted to. “And all girls have to do to get further with you is look like a slut,” she shot back, the wearing off always making her a bit testy. That comment wasn’t much of a telling off anyways, more of a statement. 

Sirius shrugged and took a long drag of the cigarette in his hand. Demetrius had introduced them to some other fun things. Mostly Muggle, as his mum was an American hippie and knew about all sorts of interesting stuff. She happily supplied him with whatever he wanted, and he was all too happy to share. 

“Come on Krissie,” Demetrius whined. 

“Oh, and you know what else you should do, get her to tell you a secret. After that, she’ll be putty in your hands!” Sirius advised him with a laugh. 

Kristen made sure he felt her glare, though it only made him laugh harder. She sighed heavily, desperately missing him. 

It was a feeling that struck her as odd at first. Sirius was right there after all, and she was spending more time with him than ever. But Sirius wasn’t really Sirius anymore, and she longed for her best friend. She missed him being all protective and over bearing. She should be the only one sucked into this fiasco, and he should be coming to her rescue. It didn’t make sense that things were happening this way. If Sirius was going to continue to be this disturbing new version of himself, then who was going to save her? 

She pondered this question for a week or more, trying to find an answer that wasn’t going to be totally horrific. In the end though, she found she could not avoid what was staring her in the face. There was no one that could step in and save the day. For once, she was going to have to save herself. 

It was not a pleasant prospect. People had always taken care of her: first her mother and father, then the boys, then Dumbledore and the Potters. She always liked to think of herself as the cool independent girl, but she was realizing that she was about the furthest thing from it. 

So she decided to change it. 

She was determined to be that girl everyone thought she was. Not the whore that all the girls and a large part of the boys thought she was, but the strong one, the girl that was capable of doing anything. 

“You didn’t keep your promise Remus.” She told him resolutely one beautiful afternoon in mid march. The wonderful crisp air that promoted the astounding sudden number of couples in Hogwarts was infectious, and it was the only thing that made her able to go through with it. 

“Hm?” He mumbled, too intrigued by his potions work to pay her much notice. 

She almost decided to take that as a sign to say nothing else, but she knew she’d never get around to it again if she gave up now. “Remember, when you promised if Sirius managed to coerce me you’d stop it? Well, you broke it.” 

Remus stopped his quill in mid-word and stared at the sheet of paper before him. “How do you mean?” 

Kristen flushed slightly, wondering why he was making her go through even more torture. “Do I have to spell it out for you Moony? This is hard enough without you acting the fool.” 

He laid down his quill delicately, straightening it pristinely as he thought of what to say next. “Why are you telling me?” 

“Honestly? Because Sirius is too far gone to get us out of this mess without anyone’s help like he usually does and he’s far past listening to anything I say.” 

“So you want to stop?” 

Kristen rolled her eyes. “Obviously or else I wouldn’t be here. Just do me a favor. Make it quick, don’t draw my agony out. I think I deserve that much at least for confessing.” 

Remus finally turned to look at her. His complete look of torment surprised her. She had not thought of the predicament this would put Remus into, only what she herself was going to face. “I’m sorry, I’ll just go to McGonagall,” She quickly amended, turning to leave. But Remus caught her, much as she had caught Sirius a month earlier. 

“Neither of us want that,” Remus sighed, looking exceptionally tired. It was not uncommon for him, but Kristen hated to think that she might be the cause of such distress. “No, we’ll figure out something else.” 

“But the last time you did nothing and this happened!” 

“I know, I know, fool me twice, shame on me. Just give me a day to work something out. If I can’t think of anything I’ll escort you to McGonagall.” He smiled grimly at her. “You’re very brave, much braver than I really thought you could be.” 

“I face Voldermort and you think this is brave?” 

“Very much so.” 

Kristen arched an eyebrow but said nothing before lounging on the arm of his chair. “I really thought you were going to freak out on me.” 

“I’m not really the freaking out type Kristen. I’m pretty pissed at you right now, but you did the right thing, so it’s considerably dulled.” 

She smiled and put her arms around his neck and hugged tightly. “You’re the best brother ever.” 

Remus smiled back. “Oh, have I been promoted?” 

“No, you’ve always been like a brother; I just haven’t seen fit to tell you until now.” She told him honestly, her heart slowing down considerably at the realization that she wasn’t going to be tortured just yet. “And thanks, I knew I could count on you.” 

“Don’t thank me yet. I haven’t accomplished anything.” 

“I have faith though. And besides, if you don’t manage, I’ll just go to McGonagall and screw myself over all on my own.” 

“You really are prepared to die, aren’t you?” Remus laughed, getting over the shock much better than she could have ever hoped. 

“No, that’s why I’m here. I don’t want to die. I mean, can you imagine, if I get so addicted that I actually go talk to Voldermort while I’m high? I would surely spill the beans and really get killed. No, this is much more self preserving than you seem to think.” 

“How are things with him by the way? I haven’t had the chance to talk you much lately.” He then winced as he realized what he said. “Wow, I guess I really messed up on catching you, didn’t I?” 

“I forgive you. Besides, I broke the promise first. Voldermort is…I don’t really know, he hasn’t seen fit to talk to me since he left for France. It’s kind of worrying, but Dumbledore seems fine with it.” Kristen rattled off, averting her eyes and sliding off the arm of his chair. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go prepare my will.” 

Remus sighed and nodded as she left, wondering at just how blind he could be, and how on earth he was going to convince Sirius to stop. 

The idea hit him suddenly, and without fanfare. It was too easy really. 

He readily informed Kristen of his plan, who thought he was crazy, but assented to play her part. She told him all he needed to know, looking very unsure of his arrangement. It hardly deterred him, if anything, it assured him all the more that this would work, because Sirius really had only one major tick. 

“I really, really, don’t think this is going to work,” Kristen reiterated to him. “I’ve been with Demetrius for a while now and he hasn’t done anything. Besides, why would Sirius care?” 

“Because Demetrius is not a real threat, he knows that. He’s a filler boyfriend, if you will. Me, I’m very much a threat and it will drive him insane.” 

“But why would he feel threatened?” Kristen asked him impatiently. 

Remus knew he could try to put her idiocy at bay and tell her, yet again, exactly why he would be jealous. Instead, he only said, “You’re his best friend. If you ‘date’ me, I’ll be taking his place.” 

Kristen seemed able to digest that reasoning as she followed him to the room. She quite enjoyed getting into character and giggled as she out her arm around his waist, and he around her shoulders. “Now remember, just tell him you like me because I’m stable, I’m responsible, whatever you can pull out.” 

“Remus, I fooled Voldermort. I’m pretty sure I can handle Sirius,” She told him confidently with a cheeky smile. 

Sirius looked understandably startled when they walked in together. He botchily tried to hide his stash, resulting in the immediate look of guilt. “What are you thinking Kristen?” He shouted at her, completely enraged. 

If Kristen had had any qualms with stopping this before now, they instantly disappeared. Sirius angry at her was not pleasant, and simply should not happen. “Cool it, I invited Remus. He promised to behave.” 

Sirius eyed them wearily, only then seeming to notice the arms. That sight seemed to cause a slight hemorrhage, but he got over it quickly. “Okay, as long as he doesn’t rat us out.” He then promptly went on to preparing that night’s dosage, apparently without a second thought to Remus’s sudden acceptance. 

Kristen looked at Remus worriedly, her hope in the plan already failing. He, however, only shook his head and smiled, drawing her closer. They sat on the procured couch silently for a moment, waiting for Sirius to make the next move. 

“So,” he finally drawled, unable to handle the silence. “Where’s Demetrius?” 

“I broke up with him,” Kristen answered simply, pulling Remus’s hand into her lap and smiling serenely. 

It was very obvious as Sirius’s eyes lingered on that gesture. “Why did you do that? He was great.” 

“He wasn’t good for my health. And besides, he was immature. Honestly, a seventh year doing stupid fifth year things? I was ready to move on.” Her face remained calm, passive, unconcerned. 

“And that’s how this happened,” Sirius spat out, waving at their clasped hands. 

“And that’s how this happened,” She responded, looking very nearly angry. 

“Since when have you ever given shit about maturity?” 

“Since I grew up!” She shot right back at him, deserting Remus’s hand completely. “God damn it Sirius! Why the Hell can’t you see that?” 

“See what? All I’m doing is having a good time!” 

“Exactly!” She abandoned even sitting now, her anger too great to be contained. “A good time! Is that worth everything your risking?” 

Sirius laughed harshly as Remus watched in trepidation. This wasn’t there normal lover’s quarrels they seemed inclined to. Things were going to get out of hand very quickly. “We’ve talked about this! There is no risk! The side effects are minimal. Cocaine is not bad.” 

“You risk me,” she told him violently, looking near tears. “You risk everything you…I don’t even know what you are at this point! An imbecile, a free loader, a complete jack ass! I’m sick of it! You wonder why I’ve turned to Remus? This is it. He won’t risk me. I can count on him like I used to count on you!” 

“What have you needed me for?” He asked her callously. 

“Not once have you asked me about Voldermort, not once! How could I tell anyone but you what that monster has done to me? How could I tell Remus that Bella put me under the cruciatus curse under Voldermort’s direct order, or how she embarrassed me in front of everyone there by recounting my screams? Do you think I want to tell Remus that, once again, all my boyfriend was interested in was sex? I always need you; I don’t know how many times I’ve had to tell you that!” 

“How is that fair to me?” Sirius shot at, though he was obviously affected by her words. “Why should I be the one that you always run to?” 

“I’ve given you the option to turn on me so many times, and you always so ‘no’. I’ll offer it one more time. Just say the word, and I’ll never bother you with my petty problems again.” 

Remus nearly intervened at this point, for it looked like Sirius was quite ready to finally step down from the position. They stared intently at each other, both red in the face, neither looking near to concession. To Remus, it was an eternity waiting for one of them to say something. 

“Role reversal?” Sirius asked suddenly, smiling lightly. 

Her returned smile stunned Remus nearly as much as Sirius’s initiating one had. “A bit I think. You’re never this mean to me though.” 

Sirius sighed heavily and sagged back down into his seat, looking at the cigarette longingly. “I have been trying to stop you know, I’m not blind to what’s been happening. You just caught me on a bad night is all.” 

“Wait, hold up!” Remus explained, unable to take it any longer. “You get in that huge row and now everything’s peachy? Lesser fights have had you guys ignoring each other for months!” 

“We’ve been through far too many issues to let a silly thing like drugs tear us apart.” Kristen informed him, her delight at the turn of events infectious. “You should be happy though, your plan worked!” 

“I was hoping this was a plan,” Sirius said heartily. “You guys would be such an awkward couple.” 

“I didn’t say a thing the entire time Kristen, that was all you,” Remus told her readily. “All I did was serve as bait for the conversation. Knowing you though, I’m sure you would have found some other way to start yelling at him without my assistance.” 

“So you’re my knight in shining armor,” Sirius told her with obvious sarcasm. “I got it. What are you going to do though?” 

“Get rid of this for one,” Kristen told him resolutely, picking up the stash. 

“No way! I paid a fortune for that! At least let me sell it out!” 

“Absolutely not. Next thing we’d now, my sisters would be stoned little maniacs running around Hogwarts. I simply cannot have that,” She told him firmly, throwing it in a trash can, knowing it would disappear when they left the room. “Remus can raid your room.” 

“There is nothing in their, I swear!” Sirius cried out indignantly at the stripping of his privacy. 

“Forgive me if I don’t trust you quite as much as I once did,” Remus replied, his arms crossed. 

Sirius looked like he was about to retort but then sighed and massaged his temples tiredly. “I guess I deserve that. You should probably search Krissie’s room too.” 

“I’ve been clean for three weeks, thank you very much.” 

“Yeah but I hid some in your trunk a few nights ago, trying to get rid of it.” 

Kristen rolled her eyes heavily but nodded her assent. “Fine, whatever it takes. I’m just ready for this whole rather disastrous chapter in my life to be over.” 

“Whatever it takes,” Sirius agreed with a sigh. He then looked up to Kristen. “So, do I need to go kill Bella?” 

“No, that might look suspicious.” She smiled. “It’s not as big a deal as it seems really. She wasn’t very good at it; the screaming I did was calling her names.” 

“Why would Voldermort order her to do that though?” Sirius asked in concern. 

“Someone probably ratted me out and told him that I’d been calling him father behind his back. It was probably Bella, come to think of it. She hates me more than the others.” 

“I’ll have Reg spread some rumor that she’s fallen for a muggle,” Sirius assured her.
Remus could not help but be in complete awe by the scene. He’d never known two people able to go from a fight like that to acting like nothing had all happened. It was as if there had never been any gap between them, as if the last three months had been completely wiped off the record. 

“Am I sworn to secrecy?” Remus asked them once there was finally a break in conversation. 

Sirius snorted and looked at him sympathetically. “It would be kind of pointless as you were the only one that didn’t know.” 

Remus wasn’t the only one to look at him in confusion. “What do you mean?” Kristen asked hesitantly. 

“James and Pete were both down here a couple nights ago, they guessed something was up. I knew you were trying to get away from it, so I didn’t tell you,” Sirius explained readily. “They just wanted a try they swore, though they’ve come back each successive night since then.” 

Remus could only shake his head. His apparent lack of knowledge at what was going on was amazing. “You’ve been really caught up with your prefect duties, and studying for the O.W.L.S.” Kristen tried to console him, her euphoric mood unable to affect him. 

“I still should have caught this, it was inexcusable.” 

“Shut up Moony. I’m the one that royally screwed up, not you,” Sirius cut him off, throwing a brotherly arm around him. “I hardly think Prongs or Wormtail think differently either.” 

Kristen joined him on the other side. “If it hadn’t been for you, I never would have been brave enough to confess. We’d all still be far gone.” 

Remus finally smiled. “I guess I am better than McGonagall at least.” 

“Very true mate!” Sirius laughed, sounding genuine for the first time since Christmas.
They walked out of the room (covertly of course, it was past curfew). It seemed like the perfect ending to it all. 

However, there was a small problem. Kristen had never really told Demetrius they were over. She had assumed, as any other sane girl would, that her calling him a bunch of colorful words and pushing him away when he was perfectly lucid would have been hint to it, but, as said before, he was not your brightest kid. 

And yet, he was intelligent enough to ruin it all with one phrase. 

“Kristen!” He shouted upon seeing her with Remus and Sirius. “I love you!” 

What fifteen year old girl could turn away from that? 

                                                       *   *   *
Oh, Scandalous.
So it was cocaine. An astounding amount of you really wanted to know. Yes, you can snort it, although I made the side effects last longer than they do in real life (not that I've done. Google did all the dirty work for me)
DO NOT DO DRUGS! That is the lesson from this chapter.
I know I was a week late, and I'm sorry. In case I don't get up before Christmas, Happy Holidays to everyone, though I have every intention of posting before then.
Here's your quote from the partially finished next chapter.
“Look, it’s not my place to control her life. We should let her breathe every once in awhile; we’re not her only friends you know.” Sirius Black

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