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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.
Ginny, Aimee and Jessica were down near the bathroom early the next morning. The sun was poring through the open windows in the hall, so they prayed that Snape wouldn't see them. On the other side of the hall, they could see Violet. She was looking shocked that they had completed her dare, and a little sad, though the 3 friends didn't know why. But none of them lingered on the thought for long. Lockheart and Snape were zooming down the hall, coming from opposite sides, and Ginny, Jessica and Aimee had to jump behind a nearby statue. They watched the encounter with open mouths.


“Good Morning, Severus.” Lockheart chirped as they reached the door at the same time.


Snape's lip curled.


“Would you like to go first?” Lockheart asked politely, no doubt expecting Snape to refuse.


“Yes.” Snape answered.

“Oh.” Lockheart said, obviously annoyed but too afraid of Snape to do anything about it. Then he seemed to gather his courage.


“Well, hurry up, dear friend!”


Snape looked disgusted as he went into the bathroom.


“WHAT IN THE...” as few seconds later, Snape swore.


Aimee, Jessica and Ginny giggled. Violet looked annoyed that their plan was working so well. Snape hurried out of the bathroom.


“Who did this?” he asked, his voice dead quiet. His shout had gathered a small crowd.


“Did what?” Lockheart asked.


Snape beckoned him into the bathroom. Girls and boys hooted. Snape glared at them. A second later a shout of laughter was heard from the bathroom. As the students strained their ears to listen, they figured out it was covered up with a cough.


“This is dreadful!” Lockheart exclaimed. The crowd could tell from his voice that he was almost splitting 2 ribs, trying to stop himself from laughing.


“Get me Filch!” Snape said quietly.


“What?” Lockheart said


“GET ME FILCH!” Snape bellowed.


“But I don't know where he is!” Lockheart stuttered. “He could be anywhere in the school.”

“GET ME FILCH, NOW!” Snape yelled.

“Uh, uh, uh... accio Flich!”


Snape took a few deep breaths. Lockheart looked at the ceiling. A few minutes later, a pantless Filch came whizzing over to Lockheart, screaming. Lockheart caught him before he could smash into a wall.

Once he had stopped shaking, Snape rounded on him.


“Do you see this?” he asked.


“Yes, sir.” Filch nodded, cowering under Snape's anger.


“Well, I want it gone!”


Filch took a deep breath.


“I can't get rid of it! It's engraved into the wall!”


“Then get a new wall!”


“The wall is stone, sir! I can't very well knock it down in a few days!”


“Get those words off of the wall, Filch. I don't give a damn how you do it, just get them off. And find out who did this! Any ideas, Lockheart?”


Snape and Lockheart exited the bathroom.


“Well, I did hear these first years plotting something...” he said doubtfully.


“Who?” Snape asked, fast as lightning.


“Ginny Weasley, Jessica Stone, Aimee Kaufman...” Violet smirked with satisfaction, “And Violet Smith.”


Her smile disappeared.


“Yippee!” said Aimee.


Jessica and Ginny glared at her.


“What's so good about this?”


“Violet got in trouble!” Aimee said happily.


“But we got in trouble, too!” Jessica hissed.


Aimee's happy expression left her face. Then she brightened.


“But it's soooo worth it!”


Ginny sighed.

“I think I must be turning into Fred and George!” she said. “Detention at the first week!”


“Ah, there you are!” said a cheerful voice.


“All 3 of you have detention. Unless you'd like to plead your case?”


“Nope.” Aimee said, doing a little spin that showed her figure off to Lockheart. “We are bad!”


Ginny gaped at her and Jessica let out a nervous giggle. Lockheart looked uneasy.


“Er, yes. Well, you'll be in the trophy room shining trophys 8:00 on tonight.”


“Okay.” said Ginny.


“Will Violet Smith be with us?” Jessica asked.

“Yes.” Lockheart said.


Jessica groaned.


“Fantastic!” she said sarcastically.


Lockheart frowned.


“I thought you all were friends- oh, never mind. If you'll excuse me. I have to take a, er, potty break.”


And he hurried off down the hall.


“Wow.” said Aimee.

Ginny shuddered.


“I've had enough with anything that has to do with male bathrooms for a life time!” she said fervently.


Aimee giggled.


“Until you're married, that is.”


“That's right.” said Ginny, grinning. “I'll be Mrs. Potter to you, lowly servants.”


Jessica scoffed.


“In your dreams, honey.” she grinned, copying an America ascent.


They walked to the great hall, joking and laughing, not really caring about the detention.


“You 3!” a voice stopped them as they entered the hall.


“You got me detention! Do you know how upset my parents will be?” Ginny touched the worried girl on the arm.


“My parents will be angry at me as well.” she told Violet.


“Oh, they won't be angry like mine. Mine will be worried I've ruined the family honor!”


Ginny gaped at her.


“Oh.” she said. Violet gave them all a rude look and hurried into the hall.


“I've lost my appetite.” said Aimee.


“I know.” Ginny sighed. “I feel bad, too.”


Aimee gave her an incredulus look.


“Feel bad? No way in hell do I feel bad (get over it, Jess)! I lost my appetite because I had to LOOK AT HER UGLY FACE!”


“What a loss!” Jessica scoffed.


“Yeah!” said a boy named Adam, who was in Gryffindor and in their year, as he passed. “She's a babe!”


“Ewww!” said Aimee, punching him on the arm and flipping her hair. “You should be more like Simon!”


Simon was Adams best friend, who Aimee thought was remarkably cute.


“No way!” Adam said.


Ginny turned to Jessica and gave her a look


“I would never know that a group of 11 year olds could be so flirtatious.” she grinned.


“I know. But Violet didn't take my appetite away, so let's eat.”





“What're we gonna do today?” Jessica asked.


“Well, I was thinking...” Aimee started.


“Oh, boy.” said Ginny.


“Here we go....” grinned Jessica.


“That we might want to do a girl's day to get ready for our detention tonight.”


“Why do we need to look good for a detention?” Ginny asked.


“You always need to look good, girl friend!” Aimee said, skipping along the hall.


“And where are we going to get these amazing products?”


“I have them!” Aimee said.


“Oh, boy!” Ginny said.


“Looks like we're about to get a makeover from Aimee.” Jessica said.


“HELP!” Ginny screamed, running up the sunlit hall.




“Okay, girls!” Aimee said, sitting them on the bed. “First, I'll do...”


there was a yell.


“Oh, no!” Ginny said. “I forgot to write in my diary!”


Jessica and Aimee exchanged glances. Ginny was becoming increasingly obsessed with her diary. She wrote in it as much as she could, and was becoming sort of bad company because she was always engrossed in the book.


“What does she see in that dumb journal anyways?” Aimee muttered to Jessica.


“I have no idea!” an annoyed Jessica whispered back. “But now we have to figure out how to pass time until the detention without Ginny!”


“Come on!” Aimee said, getting her nail polish out. “Purple, red or turquoise?”


“That's all you have?” Jessica cried, gaping at the box.

“Oh, no.” Aimee announced. “Not even half of it.”




A/N: Hope you like it! Thank you to ginnyfan4life and ravenclaw deatheater for reviewing!!! You guys are great. The rest of you... please, please, please, please, please review! It's really frustrating for an Author not to get feedback... :(


Rach, Court and Amanda

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