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A/N Woop, woop! Chapter 13! I can't believe I've got this far ... Hope you enjoy, and review!

They walked for a while in silence. Beth noticed they were heading for the Forbidden Forest, but said nothing about her fear of the place. Only when they were a considerable distance from the others did George actually speak.

“I've got something to show you,” he said suddenly.

Oo-er, thought Beth, and chuckled to herself. “Oh yeah?” she said, intrigued.

“Yeah.” He rummaged in his pockets, and pulled out a small, rectangular card. Then he said, “I'm Fred Weasley, 29 years old, and I work for the Ministry of Magic in the Department of legal Muggle Artifacts.”

Beth stared at him, wondering if he had finally lost it, and he handed the card over. It was an ID card.

“Fred Weasley,”she read. “Date of Birth: 11th of February 1971, Ministry of Magic employee.”

“What do you think?” he asked, sounding a little anxious. “Fake ID controlled by your voice. Should I chuck it?”

Beth laughed. “Hell, no! It's brilliant. Can I have a go?”

“Sure,” he said, shrugging. Beth couldn't help noticing he had blushed – yet again – at her praise. She didn't think she had ever met anyone who blushed quite as much as George.

“Okay,” she said, speaking to the card. “I'm Severus 'Oh-no-not-shampoo!' Snape, at least 175 years old, professional figure-skater and enthusiastic beekeeper.”

She watched as the ID card dissolved the ink, and printed out her set of information. “Wicked,” she said simply.

They played with the fake ID for a while, then turned around and started walking back towards the lake.

“I've got something else for you,” said George suddenly. “Something you can keep.” Beth watched, astounded, as he pulled a huge block from his pocket, wrapped in gold paper. Written on it was a word Beth had been sure she would never see again, and she gasped with delight as the block was handed to her.

“A Galaxy bar?” Beth exclaimed. “George! You shouldn't have! How did you get it?”

He was suddenly looking very hot, although it was a very cool day. Beth wondered if he had a fever.

“Well … I knew you loved Galaxy,” he said, in a voice Beth could hardly hear. “So I sent an owl asking her if she could get some. And … she did.”

Before he could finish talking, Beth gave up trying to restrain herself and threw her arms around him.

“Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she said happily in his ear. It was strange that he could feel so warm and yet stood frozen as a statue, until she let go of him. She liked his scent – it was a mixture of mown grass and wood, but as she held onto him another thought occurred to her – what did Cedric smell like?

She felt terrible for thinking it, and pulled away from George – this time she was the one blushing. But then again, he had never shown any interest in Beth. Even from the start, she had assumed he was looking at her, but it turned out he was looking at the dazzling Fleur.

Boys, she thought. So shallow.

Then she looked at George's face. He was wearing an unfathomable expression, one that Beth thought could be interpreted as either disgust or true love.

She was going to have to go for the first option.

Oh … crap, she thought, biting her lip. I've scarred him for life. He'll never be able to hug another girl again, not after this awful experience. Do I really disgust him that much? Maybe I smell …

She tried to inconspicuously sniff her armpit. No, she was fine. Then what was it that put that repulsed look on his face …

She sighed with relief as the look suddenly disappeared from his face, and they walked together back to the others by the lake. Luna was sitting next to Ginny under a tree, with Fred and Angelina. Some other Hogwarts boys were swimming in the lake with a group of giggling Beauxbatons girls. Beth rolled her eyes at them as she watched them. So the moody expressions were wiped away when boys were around, were they? Typical.

When they reached the lake, Beth noticed that Ginny was watching her intently.

“Did you know, when you're walking next to George, you sort of walk veer off to the left, like you're walking into him?” she said. “And every five seconds George just pushes you back to your side, and you veer off towards him again.”

George looked surprised. “I do?”

Ginny nodded, amused. “Didn't you notice?”

“Well, I guess not,” said Beth. She caught George's eye, and he grinned – as usual.

“I wonder why you do it,”Ginny said thoughtfully, as they sat down on the grass. “Maybe you have one leg shorter than the other.”

George snorted, but Beth looked indignant. “Like hell I do!” she exclaimed.

Ginny shrugged. “Prove it.”

Beth narrowed her eyes at the challenge. “Fine,” she said, and started to rummage in her pockets. “I will.”

George looked at Ginny, shaking his head in mock despair. “You're going to wish you'd never said that.”

A yo-yo, two bobble-headed Johnny Depp's and a straw later, Beth had pulled out a roll of measuring tape and was lying down on the ground while George, Fred, Ginny and Luna measured each of her legs in turn.

Beth closed her eyes as they did it, laughing and cringing as they tickled her. When they had finished, she propped herself up on her elbows and looked at them, biting her lip.

“Okay, hit me,” she said nervously.

They all smiled confidently back at her, saying nothing. “Erm ...” said Fred slowly. “You know what? It doesn't matter.”

“Oh, shut up,” said Ginny. “Beth, I'm very sorry to break it to you. But your left leg is two inches longer than your other.”

Beth threw back her head and let out a howl of despair.

“I'm … I'm sorry!” shouted Ginny, over Beth's anguish. “There's nothing we can do ...”

They comforted her for a while, at least until she had stopped shaking. Then Ginny and George decided to have a swim, and Luna went off by herself to catch some Hurgling Pungles, and Beth was left alone with Fred and Angelina.

“So ...” she said, a little awkward. “Your brother blushes a lot, doesn't he?”

“Oh, yeah,” said Fred. “Only because he's such a prat in front of the ladies, though. We've tried to disown him, but Mum won't let us. Ickle Ronniekins.

Beth narrowed her eyes, surprised. “Ron? No, I meant George ...”

George?” Now it was Fred and Angelina's turn to look surprised. “What do you mean? I don't think I've ever seen George blush before.”

“But … George is always blushing. With me, I mean.” Beth lapsed into a thoughtful silence. She had always assumed that George was a blusher. She had never even considered that it might be her making him blush … She decided not to think about it, and picked up her Galaxy bar instead.

“What's that?” Angelina asked with interest.

Before she knew what she was doing, Beth reflexively pressed the bar to her chest, shielding it. When she realized Angelina was just curious, however, she blushed and showed it to her.

Galaxy,” she read.

“Oh, not that again,” said Fred, rolling his eyes. “You have no idea the lengths George went to get that for you, Beth. Seriously. He searched the whole of Hogsmeade, but no shops stocked Muggle sweets, so he asked every Muggleborn kid he knew where he might find a shop that stocked them. Then he owled Mum with the list, and she spent days tracking one down.”

This puzzled her even more. George? Going to great lengths, just to get her a chocolate bar? Maybe he did have a fever.

“Fred, can I talk to you for a second?” Angelina said suddenly. She looked at Beth pointedly, in an apologetic way. “In private?”

Fred grinned at Beth. “Sorry, mate,” he said. Then he turned to Angelina. “Don't mind Beth. She's got one leg shorter than the other – we can just send her off walking in a straight line, and she should be back in about an hour.”

Beth thought, as she lumbered happily back to George and Ginny, that a little bit of duffing up was exactly what she had needed. Never mind Fred – his eye would heal eventually.

A/N - Thanks for reading! Remember, if you've got this far, why not leave a little review? Mucho luuuuurve goes to all you tres belle reviewers out there - You are all awesome!

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