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Chapter 8


“No! No!  Stop!” Sirius shouted out in his sleep.  Terese moved out of the way just in time as he threw his arm out.


“Sirius.  Babe. Wake up!” She got as close to him as she could and shook him gently.  He woke up suddenly in a cold sweat.  He sat bolt upright, gasping for breath.


“Tess?” He said eventually.


“Yeah, babe.  You were dreaming again.”


“Oh.  My parents, I think.”  She ran her fingers through his hair sympathetically. 


“It was just a dream babe.  They can’t hurt you anymore.”  He rested his head on her shoulder.


“I know”


“Anyway, Merry Christmas”


“Oh yeah, I’d forgotten.  Merry Christmas.”  He kissed her.  “When do we get to go and see Harry?”


“I guess lunchtime.  Then maybe we’ll be able to hang around and see him in his dress robes.”


“Pity he had to stay at Hogwarts.   But being a Triwizard Champion…”  Sirius commented.


“I still don’t like it Sirius.  Who put his name in the cup?  And Karkaroff is there…”


“I don’t know who did it Babe.  Don’t forget Moody’s there though.”

“But still…”


“I don’t like it either, Tess.  But Dumbledore’s keeping an eye on everything, and we can be there in minutes if he needs us”


“That’s true.”  She lay down again, although her doubts were by no means alleviated.  He lay down next to her, running his fingers through her hair and spreading it across the pillow. 


“You don’t know how much I’ve dreamt of this over the past twelve years.” He whispered.  “Waking up next to you on Christmas morning.”


“I didn’t think it would happen again”


“Me neither.”  He kissed her neck softly, sending a shiver down her spine.  It amazed her how quickly her body responded to him after all this time.


“Do I get my Christmas present then?”  She asked.  His fingers traced the soft curves of her breasts and hips.


“What Christmas present?”  He teased.  She smacked him lightly and he caught her wrist, kissing it.  He slowly moved his way up her arm and moved so that he was leaning over her.  He stared down at her.  When they started seeing each other at school, he had known she was different.  When he had told James that she wasn’t like all the other girls, not just another notch on his bedpost and other clichés, he had meant every word.  And, years later, when they were married and expecting a baby, he still felt the same way about her.  In his years in Azkaban, thoughts of her had tormented him- thinking, wondering about her.  And when the Dementors came near he had heard her screaming and crying over both her miscarriages:


“You BASTARD.  You selfish, unfeeling Bastard!”  


Finishing with him when she caught him with his ex.  And now he had her back.  It wasn’t just about the sex.  He loved her sense of humour; the way the corners of her mouth twitched when she was trying not to laugh at him.  The way she put on a tough face when in reality she was still vulnerable.  He loved her.


She reached up and rested his hand on his cheek, brushing his hair out of his face.  He leant down and kissed her.  She responded passionately, parting her lips so his tongue could explore her mouth.  She shifted underneath him so that he was lying between her legs.  She ran her hands up and down his back as he pulled at her nightdress.  She raised her arms, allowing him to pull it over her head and throw it on the floor.  He pulled her legs around his waist and pushed into her.  She moaned softly.


“I love you Sirius”



“Sirius.  Terese.”  Harry was surprised to say the least when his godparents tumbled out of the fire in the Gryffindor common room. 


“Surprise” Sirius grinned.


“What are you doing here?” 


“Dumbledore said we could have Christmas dinner here.”  Terese told him.  They sat laughing and joking until it was time to go down to lunch.  (They had already sent him his presents so that the surprise wouldn’t be given away)


They sat together at the Gryffindor table, all wearing hats from the Christmas crackers.  Harry watched his Godparents together and could only remember feeling this happy once, when he had seen his parents in the Mirror of Erised.  Except Sirius and Terese were real.  He watched Terese roll her eyes and imitate Hermione’s look of disapproval as Sirius and the Weasley twins continued exchanging prank stories.


“Is that the Malfoy boy?”  Terese asked Harry, indicating a fair-haired pale boy glancing over maliciously from the Slytherin table.  Harry nodded.  Terese raised an eyebrow, smiling.


“Ask him if his dad still likes the Rocky Horror Show” She said, making Sirius laugh at the memory of their best prank at school.


The meal eventually finished and people began to drift away to prepare for the Yule Ball.  Terese and Sirius walked into the hall with Harry, milling around as Hermione and Ginny rushed away.  Terese began to feel very weak suddenly.  She leaned against Sirius as her head started to spin. 


Suddenly she was on the floor, looking up as Sirius and Harry hovering over her with worried expressions.


“I’m going to take her to the hospital wing.”  Sirius said.


“I’m fine Sirius.  Just hot” 


“Shut up and do as you’re told, woman.”  He said, picking her up. 


“Don’t ‘Woman’ me Sirius Black.  Put me down”


“Stop arguing Tess.  If there’s nothing wrong we won’t be in there long.”  He turned back to Harry.  “Go and get ready, mate.  I’ll let you know”



“Congratulations, Mrs Black.  You’re pregnant.”  Terese stared at Madam Pomfrey in disbelief.  Next to her Sirius was frowning, confused.


“There must be some mistake.  I can’t have children.  They told me years ago at St Mungos that there was very little chance of me conceiving again”


“There’s no mistake.”  Madam Pomfrey smiled at her and bustled away.  They sat in silence.


“Pregnant!”  Sirius said eventually.  “We’re having a baby”


“I don’t understand.  I mean, Remus and I didn’t always…” her voice tailed off, knowing he wouldn’t want to hear about it.


“Just lucky I guess.  We’re having a baby, Tess” he grinned at her.  She shook her head.


“I don’t think I’m going to believe it until I’ve given birth”



“Sirius, I was eight months last time.  We thought everything was going to be ok and look what happened.  I can’t go through anything like that again.  I just…can’t…”  Her voice started to get slightly hysterical.


“Tess, I’m not going to…”


“Let anything happen?  You said that before.  I know it wasn’t your fault, but you couldn’t stop it.  What if…”


“Babe.  Calm down.  I swear to you, I’ll do everything I can to make sure its ok.”  He put his arms around her and she buried her face in his chest.  He could tell she was still agitated but he couldn’t help grinning over her head.  Could it really be possible that they could regain some of what they had lost twelve years ago?


I know people have mentioned this in reviews but I swear I was going to do it anyway... :-p Thanks though! 


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