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“Albus,” Molly shouted, “Hermione’s getting worse; she just woke up then started to scream in pain”

After hearing the name Hermione, both Esme and Carlisle looked at each other with the same look, ‘it can’t be can it’. Then simultaneity both ran into the house and to the side of the thrashing teenager.

Chapter 2


Carlisle had reached Hermione within seconds of leaving the table. The he recognised her straight away; this was her, their Maya. The little girl from the hospital, the orphan. He did not recognise her from the blanket around her, (that he and his family had given to her as a goodbye present) but her hair and eyes. Her hair although soaked with sweat, was still the dark brown curls from her youth, her eyes which he only saw a glimpse of, where the sweet chocolate brown.

“It is her, Em” he whispered as soon as his wife approached his side- after informing molly that they where vampires.

“Carl, you are saying that this girl” said Esme turning to the thrashing Hermione, “is our little angel, our Maya.”


After replying Carlisle went straight to checking over Hermione. The first thing, and most obvious, was her temperature. Grabbing a piece of paper from his bag he stated to jog down notes.

Temp 45° C (113 ° F)

Eyes dilated

Body movement jerky = pain

Skin cool, no rash, pale??

A gasp was heard from Carlisle as he read his notes.

“Dumbledore we have a small problem” he said turning to face the others

Esme took the piece of paper of him and looked at it. “Carl, are you trying to say that Maya is…”

“yes, the child is turning” said Carlisle turning to face the girl once more, “ but there is no bit mark upon her, the only other way is if she is a..”

“What do you mean? No bit mark” asked Esme

“She has never been bitten. I have only ever seen one case like this before. That case was of a friend of mine. Her father was a vampire her mother a mortal. She was a hybrid. I think that Maya is one also.”

“But vampires cannot have children Carlisle.” said Dumbledore

“They can a male vampire, female mortal. It is very rare for the baby to survive through pregnancy. Maya could have parents like that or one of her parents is a hybrid.” replied Carlisle

“Carlisle, the thing is Miss Granger is a muggleborn witch. Her parents are not like us”

“Not to be rude, but they are not her parents they adopted Maya on her 7th birthday.” replied Esme looking at Dumbledore

“And how would you know that and I do not?” asked Albus

“It was the year 1986. The month of June. The 16th day. I had been working at the hospital in Forks, when a call comes through. Up the mountain a family of two had been climbing. When the rain fell, they lost their gripping on the rocks, the little girl first; the father lost his grip trying to catch his daughters falling body. The husband’s body was found, he died. His head had been decapitated and his spin split in two. The little girl was rushed into the hospital. Some how by miracle she had survived. I remember the first time I saw her. Covered in dirt, rocks, blood. We got to work straight away.” Carlisle took in deep breath before continuing

“Once we managed to remove the ripped clothing we saw the damage. Both legs crushed, the right thigh poking out of the skin, left arm split in two. She also had three broken ribs and a broken back. That was the worse of her injures. That did not include the bruises, cuts, scratches that covered her from head to toe .it was touch and go for three days, we had to put her onto life support for the first 24 hours.

It was on the forth day she woke up. I had just gone into the room to check on her. When I lifted her arm to check her pulse, she opens her eyes. Her chocolate brown eyes stared into mine. After taking her pulse rate I sat on the edge of the bed.

‘Hello, what’s your name?’ I asked her we all ready knew from a necklace that she wore that her name was Hermione.

‘Mione’, she squeaked back ‘where’s daddy? ‘She asked me

I did not know what to answer so I told her I would ask one of the nurses. Esme had popped into the hospital to see me that day, as she knew how much I hated seeing young children so helpless. She found me outside her room. My head in my hands”

Esme stood up and walked over to her husband before continuing the story herself

“Carl told me, that she had woken up and was asking for her father. He did not know what to do. I told him I would tell her. After talking to Carl, I walked into the room and saw her for the first time. Her hair fell in soft dark brown ringlets, her small face full of scratches. Her body all bandaged up.

Just like Carl I felt protective of her. I sat on her bed, help her hand in mine. I told her that her father had to go and live with the angels in the sky, how he did not want to leave her, but had to go. I reassured her that her parents loved her. She told me that he would be with mummy now. I guessed her mother must have died when she was very young. She was in tears for hours. I sat on her bed with her my lap for those long hours. I held her tight; no child should have gone through that.”

“From that day on there was always someone from my family there” said Carlisle, “but Maya took a liken to Alice and Edward the most, they became her big brother and sister. Rose became a mother like figure always making sure Maya looked neat and tidy. She stayed in the hospital for six months then another six months at my house, on her seventh birthday we had to say goodbye. The social services here in the UK, had found a family for her. That was the last day we saw her. Ten long years.”

Tears where falling down Molly’s face, “Why has she never told us? Such a sad story. It that why she has that cover, the Cullen crest is upon it”

“Yeah we made it for her as a goodbye present, the roses represent her. To us she smells like a beautiful sweet rose. Now we know why, she is beautiful and deadly just like the flower.”

Carlisle knelt down at Hermione’s head and place one of his cold hands on her head. Hermione’s movements seem to soften as if the pain was being washed away.

Molly began to breathe a sigh as she watched the creases lines upon the girls fade. Hermione’s eyes opened. Orange red eyes stared at them, before closing again.

“I want my big brother”, a whisper came from her lips

Carlisle took his hand away from her head. As he did the pain in Hermione’s body started up. A silence filled the room.

“Albus, I will have to take her with me, it will not be safe for any of you. But I do not want to Edward, Alice and Roselin to know about Maya. At least till I know who she truly is.” said Carlisle

“Take her with you Carlisle; the others can come to Hogwarts early. Molly would you and the others like to spend the summer at Hogwarts?” asked Dumbledore turning around to face molly

“Yes, I think the children would like that. They will have more freedom there. When will I get them to pack?”

“As soon as they get back. Esme…” said Dumbledore

“Yes?” replied Esme

“Go back to the others and tell them all to pack; I will make you a portkey in a second to bring them straight to Hogwarts.”

“Jasper stays with us” whispered Carlisle voice, “with Jasper we might be able to have Hermione feeding like us in weeks, she may be able to return to school on September first. It will be hard for her but I am sure she will manage she is a strong young woman.”

“Of course, I’ll go now” said Esme, taking a black feather off of Dumbledore before disappearing away through the fire in a shot of green flames.

“I’ll go and collect Hermione’s belongings” said Molly walking towards Ginny’s room.

Silence filled once again.

A moan came from Hermione, Carlisle took her temperature once again, 40° C (104° F).

“Her temperature is dropping, she only has a few hours left.” said Carlisle standing up

The room once again lit with the green flames. Esme reappeared

“That’s Bella, Edward, Alice Emmet and Rose gone. I have asked Jasper to sort the medical room for her. Alice knows just as they left she said ‘I will not tell them, she will be fine’. I think Alice has known for a while.” said Esme

Carlisle turned and picked Hermione up in his arms and wrapped her cover over her.

“I guess I better get going to Hogwarts to meet our new arrivals. Molly” said Dumbledore as molly appeared back into the room with Hermione’s trunk. “All of you come just after dinner. Tell they children Hermione had to go home, something happened in the family. I don’t want them to know, let Hermione tell them.”

“Of course Dumbledore, they should be back soon anyway” said Molly

“Well good day all, Carlisle let me know on how she is?” said Dumbledore

Carlisle nodded. And with that Dumbledore disappeared into thin air.

“We better get going as well; it was a pleasure to meet you Molly. Hopefully next time will be under better circumstances. Well will also let you know how Maya gets on.” said Carlisle walking towards the fire, “Goodbye Molly” and with a flash of green light only Molly and Esme where left.

“It was truly a please in meeting you.” said Esme giving molly a cuddle, “she will be fine she’s strong. Anyway that’s the children coming, hey sound like a herd of elephants” smiled Esme watching as a smile appeared on molly’s face. “I better go too, Carlisle will worry, goodbye”

“It was a pleasure in meeting you too,” said Molly, “goodbye”

They flash of green disappeared just as Harry, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George walked in the kitchen door.

“Mum, we’re back” shouted Ron

“How’s Hermione?” asked Harry

“Hermione is sorry she had to leave without saying goodbye” said Molly, “something had happened at home, she told me to tell you to have a great summer and that she would write soon.”

 A/N please tell me what you think.

“How?” Molly asked stunned, seeing that the two guests where all ready in the house
Esme turned to Molly, “Vampires”


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