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Chapter 8
End Of Term

The next morning I was woken up by the soft whispers of James and Lily. I knew their voices so well; James especially. I had only known Lily for a few weeks but I already knew her so well.


“So, what exactly are we going to do today?” I heard Lily asked.


“Well, the first thing we have to do is shopping for Tori’s birthday.” James said.


“When is Tori’s birthday?” Lily asked.


“Let’s see, Friday is our last day of school, than its Winter Holidays,” James said. “So, Tori’s birthday is…Thursday,”


“Really?” Lily asked.


“Yeah, she’s finally turning seventeen,” James said. “But after I get her, her present we can do whatever you want to do.”


“Whatever I want to do?” Lily asked. “I don’t think you can handle that,”


“Are you being sexual or not,” James asked. “Cause I got to know,”


Lily laughed. “You’ll see,”


I yawned and stretched, accidently hitting Sirius in the face.


“No I don’t want to play that game,” Sirius said absently. I sat up and looked at him with a confused look. James and Lily had the same look on their faces.


“Sirius, what game?” I asked trying to not laugh. James laughed lightly.


“The game with the long stick,” I looked stunned at Sirius. James looked stunned too.


“What long stick?” James asked.


“Alright, I’m awake,” Sirius said sitting up.


“What long stick?” James and I asked at the same time.


“I don’t know, I was just rolling with it,” Sirius said.


“Okay,” I said not believing a word of it but just let it go.


“Come on, let’s wake Mooney,” Sirius said excitedly. He crawled out from underneath his covers and over to Mooney.


“I’m already awake,” Remus said.


Sirius looked down unhappily. He whined and went back to his spot.


“Oh poor Sirius,” I said scratching him behind his ears. He closed his eyes. That was his spot; he had to use all self-control to not tap his leg happily.


He jerked away. “Stop that,” He said. “It’s not fair,” He looked down depressed.


“Aw, poor Snuffles,” I said.


“Snuffles?” Lily asked.


“Don’t ask,” I said.


“Will do,” Lily said.




In the next hour and a half we had cleaned up the Heads’ Common Room and went back to the Gryffindor Common room. Lily brought a whole bunch of clothes in a gym bag with her to the Common room. She was going to make sure that Terri and I were the hottest things at Hogsmede. I didn’t understand why but she wanted to.


Before we went in we waited for Alice outside the portrait. She showed up not long after we got there. We said the password and went in and straight up to the common room. Lily did Alice, Terri, herself, and than finally me.


Alice had on a pair of black leggings, a pair of gray flat boots, a dark blue denim mini, and a purple long sleeve shirt. Her dark brown, practically black, hair was curled and put into a pony tail. Her brown eyes looked gorgeous thanks to Lily’s awesomeness.


Lily had on a pair of white leggings, light brown boots, a light brown skirt that flared out, and a light pink long sleeve shirt. Her fiery red hair was down and curled around her face. Her green eyes popped with excitement.


Terri got a pair of black jeans, a green long sleeve shirt and her usual shoes. Her coco brown hair was down and around her face. Her coco brown eyes had just eyeliner around them.


I had a pair of dark blue jeans and my usual black converse. A light blue long sleeve shirt that was very comfortable. My light honey brown hair was down and framing my face. Lily insisted on putting make-up on me so I agreed to eyeliner and mascara. That was it, but I had to promise that the next time I have to dress-up; Lily could do whatever she wanted.


“Come on, let’s go!” Lily said.


I pulled on my black jacket that Sirius got for me last Christmas. I grabbed my favorite black hat and slipped it on over my hair.


We headed out of the dorms and down to the commons. The guys were all waiting downstairs. We walked down one at a time. I being my clumsy self tripped on the way down.


I managed to stay on my two feet; which is a shock. “Woo! And she sticks the landing!” I said raising my arms above my head.


Everyone in the Common Room clapped and cheered. I took my hat off my head and bowed. When I went back up, I put my hat back on.


“Nicely done,” Sirius said.


“Oh why thank you Sirius,” I said.


“Alright, anyone who doesn’t have a date, grab a partner,” James said.


“Why, milady, may I accompany you to Hogsmede?” Sirius asked as he bowed before me.


“Why yes good sir,” I said.


He offered his arm to me and linked mine with his.


“Who am I going to go with?” Remus asked.


“You can go with Terri,” I offered. Terri blushed crimson red.


“May I accompany you to Hogsmede?” Remus asked. Terri just nodded. “Alright,”


“Let’s go milady,” Sirius said.


“Alright good sir,” I said.


We skipped the few feet to the portrait hole and Sirius opened it. He gestured for me to go first and I did. We skipped the rest of the way to the carriages.


It was weird how I could act this way around him even though he might actually like me. I guess…I don’t know.




“Alright Tori I have to get your birthday present,” Sirius said. I smiled.


“Can I come with?” I asked. He glared at me and than shook his head. I sighed. “Fine, I’ll be at Zonko’s,”


Sirius smiled and ran off. I walked down the snow covered cobble streets to Zonko’s. A lot of guys were in there each one getting in the way of where I wanted to go.


“Hey, guys move,” I said.


“Hey Tori,”


“Zacharias,” I said turning around.


Zacharias was standing with Ian and Aaron. I looked over at Ian; he smiled quickly but than it went back to his weird cocky smirk.


“Where are you friends?” Zacharias asked.


“Out and about,” I said.


“Good, because we need to have a little talk,” Zacharias said inching towards me.


“Ooo, sorry no time,” I said tapping my wrist like I had a watch on. “I can schedule you in for…never,” I smiled and walked past him and out of Zonko’s.


I headed up the street to Honeydukes, where I know I would find peace. I walked into the candy shop and the sweet aroma of chocolates wafted into my nose.


“Hello Tori,” The shop owner, Benny Penn, said.


“Hey Benny,” I said walking over to him. “You got my stuff?”


“Here you go,” He handed me an orange Honeydukes bag. I opened it; many assortments of chocolate were inside. I dug in my pocket for my money but Benny stopped me.


“This one’s free,” Benny said. “Think of it as an early birthday present,”


“You rock Benny,” I said. I gave him a hug over the counter and left the shop.


“Bushytail!” Sirius called. He was walking back from Zonko’s. “Where’d you go? You said you’d be at Zonko’s”


“Yeah, well I ran into a couple of pests,” I said. “So I went to Honeydukes and got a birthday present from Benny,” I held up the bag of chocolate.


“Very nice,” Sirius said.


“So, did you get my present?” I asked.


“I did,” Sirius said holding up a small bag.


“Sweet, what is it?” I asked. He smirked and shook his head.


“It’s a surprise,” Sirius said. I grunted and crossed my arms.


He chuckled. “That’s my face,” He said all of suddenly offended.


“Well, I just stole your face,” I said. He chuckled and offered his arm. I took it.


“Where we off to now?” I asked.


“Well, I think it’s time for Butterbeers,” Sirius said.


“I agree,” I said.


We headed to The Three Broomsticks and he opened the door for me. I walked in and we went to a small table by one of the windows.


Two Butterbeers appeared on the table.


“Ah, sweet, sweet, Butterbeer,” I said drinking some of the Butterbeer.


Sirius chuckled and took a sip of his own Butterbeer. Later on Lily and James joined us after they had a wonderful time looking for my presents and going for a walk around the town. Terri and Remus joined in shortly after; they spent most of their time in Honeydukes; after getting my presents. I felt special.


We joked around and had Butterbeer after Butterbeer.




It was finally Thursday; my birthday! Right after dinner we were having a party in the Heads’ Dorm. The day couldn’t have gone any slower! It felt like the day went way to slow! But it was finally dinner. I busted through the Great Hall doors; the Marauders trailing behind me.


“Free at last!” I yelled. The guys chuckled behind me.


We all sat down at our spots and we began piling food onto our plates.


“So Tori, you excited, huh, huh, you excited?” Sirius asked. “You should be excited! If you’re not excited than I’ll be excited for you!”


“Sirius, stop it,” I yelled covering my ears. “You’re making me very, very anxious,”


“Oh really?” James asked. Oh no.


Both Sirius and James began asking me if I was excited. I pouted and begged, with my eyes, for Remus to help.


“Alright guys stop,” Remus said. “She’s had a long enough day as it is,”


“Thank you Remus,” I said. “At least you understand,”


“I always understand,” Remus said eating some chicken wings.


I began shoveling spaghetti in my mouth as fast as possible.


“Geez Bushytail, don’t choke,” James said.


“Shut up James,” I said with a mouthful of spaghetti noodles. Sirius chuckled from next to me. I slapped him playfully on the arm.




Later after dinner, we were all in the Heads’ Dorm; even Frank and Alice came. I felt so loved.


“Alright Tori, are you ready for presents?” Lily asked.


“Yes!” I said excitedly. They had sat me down in one of the armchairs. And James and Sirius insisted that they decorated the Heads’ Dorm; just to piss me off and make me wait.


They had made a sign that said ‘Happy Birthday Bushytail’ that was hanging over my chair. Different colored balloons surrounded the entire Common Room.


“Alright mine first,” Lily said.


She handed me a bag that was brightly colored. I threw the many tissue papers from the bag and pulled out a scarf that had dark blue and light blue strings. I stared at in awe.


Alice got me two new shirts; both were black and had something from my favorite musical Wicked on it. One said ‘Defying Gravity’ and the other said “Wicked” in bright green letters. Frank didn’t know about my birthday so Alice said that Frank got the one that said “Wicked” on it.


Terri got me a silver bracelet that had a few gems plucked in it. It shined in the lights from the fire. It was gorgeous.


Peter didn’t get me anything because he didn’t have any money. Peter has never gotten me anything for any of my birthdays.


Remus got chocolate; like always. He said this chocolate was the same chocolate he got from his parents. The one with the caramel on the inside. I put the pieces of chocolate into the Honeydukes bag from Benny.


James got me a book of blank paper and a bright red quill. It was absolutely gorgeous. James knew I loved to write all kinds of things.


“And last but not least,” Sirius said handing me the small little bag he had from Hogsmede.


I reached my hand in the bag and pulled out a little white box. I lifted the lid off of the box. Lying on fluffy white material was a silver necklace with two little diamonds on either side of a little snowflake. It was gorgeous and matched the silver bracelet I got from Terri.


“Oh,” Terri said.


“My,” Lily said.


“God,” Alice said.


All three of them leaned in over the chair to look closer at the necklace.


“I take it they all like it,” Remus said. They guys chuckled.


“It’s absolutely gorgeous,” Lily said.


I couldn’t speak. I had no idea that Sirius could pick out something so beautiful. I was in so much shock.


“Can I have it?” Alice asked.


“No,” I snapped pulling the necklace closer to myself and leaning away from Alice. She laughed.


“I take it she likes it too,” James said.


“Do you? Do you like it?” Sirius asked.


“How can she not like it?” Terri asked.


I looked over at Sirius; the ability to speak had left me again. I nodded and smiled. Sirius beamed.


Later we had a balloon fight where we kept throwing balloons at each other. We made a huge pile of balloons and knocked people into the pile. Sirius and I were the only ones willing to fall into the balloons.


It was a blast. Even though we had classes the next day we didn’t care. We just partied all night, being stupid and eating chocolate. It was so much fun.




It was the end of term and everyone was going home for the Holidays. The Potter’s were having their annual Christmas ball; like they always do. And for once Lily agreed to come. Terri was coming also and the usual people were showing like always.


The train ride was the same as always. Sirius and I slept, James and Lily were at the Heads’ Meeting, Remus read, and Peter did whatever he does. We all invited Terri to sit with us in our compartment. She read just like Remus.


When the train jerked to a stop at Platform Nine and Three Quarters, I fell off the couch. Sirius was already sprawled out on the floor. I fell on top of him.


“Ow,” I said quietly.


“Well hello there,” Sirius said from beneath me.


“How was your nap,” I asked smiling.

“Pretty good,” Sirius said smiling.


“Alright,” I stood up and helped Sirius up off the floor.


We piled off of the train and were on the hunt for James’ parents. Julianne and Shawn Potter. Aunt Julie and Uncle Shawn to Sirius and me.


“James, Sirius, Tori!”


I saw the messy black hair of Uncle Shawn. Aunt Julie was right next to him.


“Aunt Julie! Uncle Shawn!” I called as I waved my arm over my head.


“Mum, dad!” James yelled.


Sirius, James, and I walked over to them.


“Oh, I’ve missed you,” Aunt Julie said pulling all three of us into a hug.


“Mum,” James said embarrassed. Lily was standing right behind us.


“What?” Aunt Julie asked she released us from the hug. I nodded my head towards Lily. “Oh, who’s this?”


“This is Lily,” James said.


“Oh, you’re Lily,” Uncle Shawn said. Lily’s face turned the same shade as her hair.


Sirius and I chuckled.


“She’s actually coming to the Christmas Ball this year,” I said.


“She is?” Uncle Shawn said. Sirius and I chuckled again.


“Alright, we’ll see you in two weeks,” I said hugging Lily. James gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek.


“Ooo,” Sirius and I said. James glared at us.


“Sorry,” We said.


“Let’s go both of you,” Uncle Shawn said.


“Bye Lily,” I called. I was walking backward and waving. She waved back and than headed off.


Boy, have things changed. Lily was falling for James, Sirius was possibly falling for me, and the weirder part; I think I’m starting to fall for him. 

A/N Again R/R!! Please!!

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