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Disclaimer: Non, Harry Potter does not belong to moi.

Authors Note: Righty ho, sorry I haven't added a chapter for a while but I've been very i'll and busy with GCSE's ugh. Hate them, I have to learn five minutes worth of French before .. ugh nevermind. I'm just getting myself worked up. Anywho hope you enjoy very much so!!

Lilly awoke on the Sunday morning after a very good nights sleep. She yawned loudly and stretched

Yep, she thought with a grin, unable to suppress it. Easy like Sunday mornings.

She laid in her nice warm bed, not wanting to leave it. She buried her face into the side of her pillow feeling the cool, crisp side of it on her cheeks, she inhaled the scent and could smell pine. She smiled at the smell. It smelt fresh and untouched. She finally managed to pry herself from her cosy, comfortable bed. She shuffled over to her bedroom and picked out a green t-shirt with a whit blouse on underneath and a pair of jeans. She walked down a flight of stairs and looked down the hallway where James’ room was.

she mentally groaned. 

The prick has my clipboard!

Lilly tip-toed into James’ room, confused on why she felt nervous about it.

“Potter --” she began as she walked into his bedroom, however she soon realised he wasn’t in there.

Her brow furrowed in confusion however then her confusion soon turned into a rolled eye look.

Probably spent the night with some slag.

She walked over to the table beside his bed and searched through it for her clipboard.

“Where on earth have you hid it Potter?” she hissed to herself.

She rummaged through his drawers and soon felt something velvet and soft, yet it was large and to some extent hard. She pulled it out of the drawer and realised it was a dark purple, velvet book. On the front it read:

Kerris’ memories.

In big, bold, pretty lettering, with a picture of a small baby with a pink bow in her hair. Lilly opened it gently, smiling a the little chubby baby waving it’s fists at her. The first page was a picture of a little boy, no more than three with huge glasses, way too big for his face, attempting to cheer up a little two year old girl with long, raven hair, who seemed to be in a strop. They were both covered from head to toe in strawberry jam. There was also a patch of jam in the corner of the page, but it wasn’t like someone had dropped it there by accident whilst eating a doughnut or something, it was a splodge that was obviously meant to be there to bring the photo to life. Underneath the picture were the words:

Our first food fight.

Lilly turned the page again unable to contain her smile. The next page showed the little girl, now about four of five crying because her ice-cream had fallen on the floor, but then came the same boy as before and gave her his, he looked about six here and his glasses were beginning to fit on his face now, his raven hair messy as anything. Below the picture read:

Remember them ice-creams? Booglesnicketys. They were awesome.

Every page that Lilly turned to had a picture of the little girl, who was obviously Kerris, growing older and older with her big brother. And in most of the recent pictures Sirius could be found in them. The last picture in there was a photo that they were all pulling funny faces in. Kerris, James and Sirius. It was probably the most up to date one since Kerris’ hair was bleach blonde, James’ glasses fully fit now and his hair was messier than ever and Sirius face had matured a lot. Kerris had her eyes wide, her tongue out and her two fingers held up in the peace sign. Sirius was half laughing and half trying to be dead serious about the weird face he was pulling whilst looking at James. James was making a sort of confused slash constipated face that quite frankly made Lilly laugh. Underneath it read:

Good times.

Lilly flicked through the rest of the pages they were all blank except the very last page which read:


Happy seventeenth birthday!
You’re the best sister a guy could ever wish for!
You deserve to have the best day ever!

Lots of love

Lilly smiled. She then realised that she was looking at something very personal and quickly shoved it away in his drawer again. Too wrapped up in what she just saw she left the room forgetting completely about her original purpose for heading into the head boy’s dorm.

Lilly told Alice and Mary that she would meet the in the Gryffindor common room for breakfast at nine. The time was 8:47 according to her watch. So she headed towards the Gryffindor common room. He gave the fat lady the password and then entered not expecting to see Natalie Coleman, April Stone and Elis Wilson sitting in the common room looking extremely tired and worried.

“Hey guys.” she said grabbing their attention. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” said April “We’re fine, but I’m not too sure about James or Kerris.”

“Why?” asked Lilly her brow furrowing.

Elis looked up at Lilly “Kerris almost drowned last night.” Lilly gasped “And she’s in the hospital wing now.”

“Oh my goodness!” Lilly whispered “But I mean, is she okay?” “She’s okay, right?”

“Well, she hasn’t really woken up yet and we have no idea what‘s going on.” replied Elis.

“Oh my …” Lilly trailed off “But what about Ja -- Potter” she quickly covered up for herself “-- How is Potter taking it?”

Natalie looked up “How do you think he’s taking it?” she asked rather spitefully, she stood up so she was face-to-face with Lilly “And for the record, his name is James, Evans, not Potter.” and with that she spun around on her heel and stormed up the stairs.

“Don’t mind her.” said Elis “Kerris is her best friend, she’s allowed to be a little … aggressive.”

“It‘s alright, I know.” said Lilly.

“Have we got prefect duties tonight?” Elis asked.

“Yeah.” said Lilly in deep thought “Elis, do you reckon I should let … James” she said as though it physically hurt her to “Have the night off?”

Elis nodded “I think that would help.”

“Okay” Lilly said, she then grabbed Elis’ arm before she could walk away “Don’t tell him that I’m doing this.” “If he asks just tell him that he’s not on tonight or something.”

Elis smirked and smiled at the same time “Sure.” she said before walking up the stairs.

Lilly decided that she would go and hurry Alice and Mary up so they could get down to breakfast quicker and discuss this whole Kerris drowning thing.

As Lilly made her way up the staircase she could hear a voice. A familiar voice. James’ voice.

“Crap!” he said, he sounded tired and worn out and just so depressed. “Where’s my clipboard?!”

Yes Potter, where is MY clipboard?

“Elis!” James said catching Elis’ attention.

“Yeah?” she asked

“You seen my clipboard?” he asked

“No, sorry,” Elis replied “Why do you need it?”

“I need to see who’s patrolling tonight.”

“Oh, well hun you’re not on tonight.” she said

“Really?” he asked, sounding a bit more relieved.


He hesitated.

“Okay.” he said.

Lilly heard a door close and she peaked her head around the corner.

“Did he buy it?” she asked Elis.

“Totally.” said Elis with a nod.

Lilly nodded “Good.” she said “I’ll see you later Elis.”

Lilly made her way into her dorm, finding two of her very sleepy friends still in their beds.

“Mary Barbra McDonald!” she said ripping the covers off of her blonde friend “And Alice Sophie Jones!” she said walking over to her brunette friend’s bed and ripping the covers off. “Get up this instant!”

The two girls sat up blearily. Silently confirming Lilly Evans’ painful death.

“Honestly.” muttered Lilly shaking her head as she opened her trunk and searched for her Potions textbook which weighed roughly about 200 pounds.

Mary and Alice both slowly made their way towards the bathroom, however Alice got in first, leaving Mary to walk straight into the closed door seeing as she had both of her eyes shut and seemed to be taking, what only Lilly could assume to be, a nap walk. Mary groaned and clutched her forehead. Lilly looked over unsympathetically and then went back to searching through her trunk.


“Lilly!” called out a whiny first year

“Yes Samantha?” asked Lilly despairingly, sorting out when the next Hogsmeade trip should be.

“Jonathon Clark has stolen my Transfiguration essay and refuses to give it back!”

Samantha was a very wealthy girl, who was brought up with manners. She hardly ever complained or got annoyed or angry except for when she was pushed to her limits. She had light blue eyes and long, curly, blonde hair.

“Oh Jonathan, give it back!” said Lilly exasperated.

“Not until I get a kiss!” teased Jonathan, standing on the other side of the common room, puckering up, whilst his mates encouraged him.

Jonathan was quite a good looking boy, with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. He was always teasing and tormenting the other girls in his year, especially Samantha, along with his friends Alan and David. He was more or less the James Potter of his year. In other words an utter nuisance.

“Clark, give it back now!” said Samantha furiously “I’ve worked for days on that paper!”

“Not until I get my kiss, Smith.” said Jonathan smirking.

“Jonathan!” said Lilly “Give Samantha her paper back now!”

Jonathan grinned impishly and darted towards the boys dormitories, Samantha was soon hot on his tail, not at all fazed by the fact that she was running up into the boys dormitories.

“Samantha!” Lilly shouted, dragging her eyes away from her paper work and standing up. “Jonathan!” “Get back here now!”

However Lilly was ignored by both of the first year students. Lilly sighed and began looking over the plans for Hogsmeade. She then looked up at the clock and gasped.

Bugger!” she shouted, causing a few heads to turn from the fire and glare.

She only just realised, she was meant to be doing James’ patrolling tonight. She gathered all of her papers from the table she was sitting at and ran towards the door until she was stopped by another first year.

“Lilly.” he said.

I should really stop telling them my name.

Lilly tried to smile kindly. “Yes, Michael?”

“Does it matter if you’re a muggleborn?”

Lilly paused, shell shocked, at the exact same question she had asked Severus Snape.

“O-of course not Michael.” She said, placing a concerned hand on his shoulder “What ever would give you that idea?”

“It’s just something I heard.” he paused “Lilly?” she looked at him “What’s a mudblood?” he asked looking up at her.

It suddenly became silent in the common room as all eyes were faced at Lilly and Michael. Lilly licked her lips nervously.

“Michael.” she said quietly “Where did you hear that word?”

“Someone said it to me today.” he said, confused as to why so many pairs of eyes were facing them.

“You see Michael,” she began “It’s a word, an offensive word, that some witches and wizards use towards us.”

“Us?” he questioned.

Lilly hesitated.

“Muggleborns.” she said.

Michael nodded.

“They use it as an attempt to hurt us.” she said quieter, remembering when she was first called it. “But Michael, you must remember that those people who say that word to you, or even use that word at all are awful people and you must not let it hurt you.”

The room had begun to fill with a bit of chatter again.

“Ok?” said Lilly.

He nodded.

Lilly ruffled his hair. “Good.” she said, smiling. “I’ll see you later Michael.”

Lilly headed out of the Portrait.

“Lumos.” said Lilly into the dark corridor.

“Going out a bit late.” said a voice behind her.

Lilly spun around, her wand in front of her, to find the fat lady smirking at her.

“Going to meet someone, are we?” she asked cheekily and added a wink.

“Oh, no!” said Lilly “It’s nothing like that I’m just--!”

“Ah, ah!” said the fat lady, holding her hand up to silence her. “Don’t let me keep you,” she added another wink. “I’ll just be with my friend violet if you need me, that’s the painting of the Roman woman near the bathroom on the second floor.” and with that she walked out of her painting.

Lilly could see her head appearing in a few other paintings hung up on the wall as she made her way to the second floor. Lilly shook her head and began roaming the corridors.

After a while, Lilly wasn’t too sure, exactly where she was, although she had a hunch. But she prayed to God she was wrong. She heard a door close loudly, and voices came forth. Lilly stuck her wand as far away from her face as possible but was only able to make out a few figures.

“Who’s there?” she asked, in a surprisingly authoritative voice, since she was trembling, because of reasons she did not know.

All voices ceased and the figures froze. Lilly’s legs soon began moving her forward, and she found herself again calling out.

“Who’s there?” she asked again.

Lilly continued to move forward, until she came face to face with Lucius Malfoy. Lilly jumped back in shock, and he soon began to smirk.

“Well, well boys.” he said, his smooth, slightly slurring voice echoing down the hall “Looks like the mudblood head girl has decided to join us on our level.”

The others rooted him on.

Lilly began to step back as Lucius took a step forward. The closer he got to her, the more she could smell it. Firewhisky. They stunk of it.

“Such an attractive mudblood she is too.” Lucius slurred “What a pity.”

“Malfoy, I have a right mind to have you expelled from this school.” Lilly said, her voice quivering slightly as he towered over her. “You and your friends.”

“What for?” Sebastian LeStrange drawled.

“Drinking alcohol on school premises.” she said.

“And how do you know we’ve been drinking?” one of the boys behind Lucius slurred, who she knew to be Seth Flint.

“Now, now Seth.” drawled Lucius “We do not want to intimidate the girl.”

Lucius looked back at Lilly “Unless she complies.” he added.

He took another few steps towards Lilly so that he was a mere few inches away from her. Lilly took a step back, however it just made Lucius shorten the space between them. Lilly dared not look at anyone. She knew what Lucius and his friends could do. Lucius ran his hand up and down her pale cheek.

“Now, now Evans.” he said “There’s no need for shaking.” the others egged him on.

Lucius closed the small gap between them and put his lips to her ear.

“There’s just one thing I want you to do.” he whispered.

He placed a hand on her hip and the other managed to find her upper thigh. That’s when it all kicked off. Lilly kneed him in the groin area and began running, whilst his friends came after her. She put out the light radiating from her wand as she did so. As she turned the corner she foolishly looked back as she ran. Causing herself to be vulnerable for anybody in front of her. She knocked into someone forcefully and would have fallen if she wasn’t held up by a pair of arms. A hand was placed over her mouth and she was dragged into a nearby storage room.

“Lilly shush!” hissed a familiar voice as she screamed into the persons hand.

Immediately she fell silent, whimpering slightly as she heard Lucius and his friends panting for breath outside.

“Where is the rotten piece of filth?!” hissed Seth

“She should be around here somewhere.” she heard Lucius say.

Lilly could hear the sound of doors being kicked open, classrooms and broom cupboards being searched. The bangs got closer as the door of classrooms nearer to the cupboard she was in were kicked open. There was a loud bang, as the door next to the storage room was kicked open.

There was a brief moment of silence. Lilly could hear foot steps stop outside their cupboard. She felt the persons grip on her tighten.

“Lucius!” said an unfamiliar rasping voice. “Look!”

“Someone’s down there!” slurred Sebastian.

There were a few grunts of pleasure. Their footsteps soon died away as the group of Slytherins turned the corner.

Lilly exhaled. Suddenly realising she was in a cupboard with a unknown person, she spun around and faced the person that still had their arms on her waist.

“Lumos.” she murmured, lighting up the small cupboard.

She then saw the face of the person she was currently pressed up against, the person who dragged her in here. Her saviour. Lilly’s eyes widened and put her hand to her mouth as she stumbled backwards.

It can’t be.


Kerris nicked Leroy from Sirius and sold it to a little muggle boy for £7

Natalie took divination because for a week her dreams began to come true and she believed she was a seer, needless to say it never happened again.

A/N: Weeell? x

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