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Disclaimer: nothing is mine. Chapter Nineteen – Start of the Battle. Lily hunkered low in the dug out, the slight breeze causing the two charms on her bracelet to chime on her wrist. Beside her Sirius was cursing under his breath as he too remained stooped low in the small bunker. “Remember, the first sign of green sparks we move in,” Alastor Moody growled from the other side of Lily. His good eye was trained in one spot in the sky while the other was rolling around the hidden troops, making sure each and every solider did as he had been instructed. “And if there’s red sparks it means that Vold-” “Moody we know the drill, we’ve been over it hundreds of times,” Sirius interrupted. “Each and every one of us could go through with this in our sleep.” “And so you should be able to. What if one of them goes into shock and can’t think! You need to be able to do this without thinking, that’s why going over it is so important,” Moody growled back. “You young ones, so ready to rush into things, in my time and Auror was treated with utmost respect and he was never interrupted –” “There’s the green sparks, on the south side of the castle, near the lake. It’s Remus’ side,” Lily cried and two hundred soldiers burst from the five bunkers on the east side of the castle. When they reached the lake Lily faced for the first time the raw battle of good versus evil. Men fought against each other, killing at will and without a thought. She swallowed hard and reminded herself she had entered this fight willing before throwing herself into the battle. She stunned left and right and dodged hundreds of bright lights and beams as she did. But as a black cloaked figure fell at her feet, she saw another one in the same identical cloak slip into the castle doors, unnoticed by everyone down at the lake. She slipped away from the main crowd and swept up the grounds, managing to remain invisible. Lily entered the Entrance Hall to find it empty. She immediately headed toward the stairs, running as fast as she could. She weaved an intricate path through the halls, unaware she was being followed. Her only thoughts were getting to the black cloaked figure before he got to what he was after. ***** “Dumbledore I really don’t think I should be here with you and the baby. Surely this is the place the Dark Lord would first come to, should he get the chance,” Severus said as he paced the room where he, Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter were waiting out the fight. “All the more reason you should be here Severus,” Albus said calmly. “Voldemort will not harm you in this castle, here you are on your territory and Hogwarts protects those that are loyal to it in return.” “I’m not sure I understand you, sir.” “You don’t need to understand Severus, you need to believe.” Just then the door was opened and a black cloaked figure, hood raised, stepped into the room. ***** Lily caught sight of the figure just as it disappeared around the last corner. She screamed silently in fury and pushed herself along the corridor. But she turned the corner and found herself face to face with a wall. A wall which no one should be able to enter. Suddenly a knife was pressed to her throat from behind and a voice hissed in her ear, “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t slit your throat this very minute.” Lily stiffened against the blade and then forced herself to clam down before she answered, “Because you’ll be killing your wife and bringing up your son on your own.” The blade dropped to the floor with a clatter and two strong hands twirled Lily around to face her attacker, “God, Lily, I’m sorry. I thought you were … someone else.” “I established that,” Lily said dryly as James just stared at her in shock of what he almost did. “Damn you move quietly though, I didn’t know anyone was following me and I was listening the whole time.” James grinned, “I wore those shoes you gave me for my birthday, the Muggle ones, spiers or something.” “Sneakers, sweetheart, they’re called sneakers. Now, how do we get through the wall,” Lily looked away from her husband and at the solid grey wall they were standing in front of. “Who ever I was following went through there, how they knew about the wall is beyond me.” “I smell a rat,” James said grimly as he put one hand against the wall. “Someone ratted us out and the only people who knew about the wall were Dumbledore, the Marauders, you and Severus Snape. And as much as I hate to say it, it couldn’t have been Snape.” “You don’t mean you think it was –” Lily trailed off and looked anxiously up at James. “One of the Marauders? Yes I think it was,” James sighed. “It wasn’t Sirius; he wouldn’t do that to me. Peter’s to weak and that only leaves one person. Who has a dark side he can’t control and has been taken by the dark side before.” “Remus wouldn’t… he couldn’t have.” “He might not have been able to help it. If they got him during a transformation then they could do anything they wanted with him, if the first hours after he changes back he’s almost as weak as a kitten,” James rubbed at his temples and Lily gathered him into her arms for a quick hug. “We have to get through the wall James, did Dumbledore tell you how too?” James shook his head, “He said it was too dangerous to have a way in. But apparently it is possible.” “Damn him!” Lily slammed a hand into the wall and collapsed against it. James said nothing, only slid down next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. ***** “So we meet again Tom,” Albus Dumbledore stepped toward the cloaked figure. “Yet another happy reunion,” the figure said sarcastically and drew back his hood. “And this time we will both not walk away from this fight.” “You were a good student Tom, smart mind, good instincts. It shouldn’t be like this.” “Why? Because I had so much love and affection showered on me during my childhood? Because I had a happy and secure home, two parents who love each other and me so dearly? Tell me why I shouldn’t be who I am,” Voldemort sneered at the wizened man. “I can’t tell you what you don’t want to hear Tom. I can’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.” “You mean like you didn’t force one of my most loyal servants to turn against me in my time of need,” Voldemort retorted, acknowledging Severus for the first time. “He came to me Tom, I am not the one who forces people to follow me or die as a consequence,” Dumbledore spoke with such an air of confidence that Voldemort seemed to falter. “My servants do not leave me, I send them away!” he roared. “They are nothing without me, they need me.” “I don’t need you,” Severus hissed, stepping forward, just behind Dumbledore. “I never needed you.” “You were nothing when I took you in. I gave you everything you every wanted. Free rein in a full stocked potions laboratory, as many helpers as you need, a chance to brew potions you would otherwise never even know about. And this is how you repay me?” “When I came to you I didn’t know what I was doing,” Severus spoke louder this time, more assured of himself with every word. “I was just out of school, my parents had just died, my family not interested in helping me, only themselves. I was foolish then, I’m not now.” “You are foolish if you think that old man can protect you,” Voldemort laughed, withdrawing his wand from his pocket. “This old man has given me more than you ever did. He gave me a reason care, a reason to live, a reason to fight. He’s ten times the wizard you will ever be without even trying,” Severus stepped forward fiercely. “You are a fool Snape,” Voldemort shook his head. “You could have been something in this world. Advada Kedavra!” A jet of bright green light burst from Voldemort’s wand and shot towards Severus. Two millimeters before it hit his chest it stopped and dispersed into nothing. Voldemort cursed and glared at Dumbledore, “You’ve turned him totally haven’t you? You’ve totally brainwashed him.” “I haven’t done anything except help him when he asked me to,” Albus said calmly. “He made up his own mind in his own time.” Severus looked back and forth between the two most powerful wizards in the world, “What the hell is going on?” But Voldemort’s gaze had already slipped past Severus and over to the bassinet that sat in the far corner of the room. “Never mind Snape, I came here for something else.” ***** Sirius dodged a disarming curse and aimed his own stunning spell back in the direction it had come from. He ran three steps and threw another before he ran the rest of the distance to a bunker where Remus was waiting for him. “Moony, you alright?” he asked anxiously. Remus shook his head, “I got hit with a paralysis charm and I can’t move my wand arm at all. I’ll have to stay here and pray none of those sons-of-bitches notice me.” “Have you seen James or Lily or Peter?” Remus again shook his head. “James was here at the start of the fight, his troop were the first to get here when we sent up the sparks. Peter I never saw, nor Lily.” “I kept sight of Lily for awhile, and then lost her in the crowds. I hope she’s alright, James will kill me if she’s not,” Sirius scanned the roaring grounds and the many bodies that lay at the feet of those still standing, still living. “This has a long way to go until it’s over.” Remus nodded in agreement but Sirius had already gone. ***** “Are you sure you never read anything in all your Transfiguration books about walls and doors?” Lily asked desperately, as she tried every charm she could think of against the wall. “I’ve told you a million times, I’ve got no idea what kind of magic is being used to hold this wall in place,” James said impatiently as he aimed his own spells at the concrete. “James we have to get in there! We have to get in there!” Lily cried and threw herself at him. James sighed and wrapped his arms around her. “We will get in there Lils, I promise. Just give me some time to think.” He leaned down and kissed her gently. Then he smiled, “I think I have an idea.” ***** “You won’t get him Tom, give it up,” Dumbledore responded without a beat. “If he’s the one, you won’t get him.” “Who says he is the one, I don’t care about the one, I just want him gone,” Voldemort snarled, a hungry look entering his hungry red eyes. “You’ll have to find him first,” Snape grinned and Voldemort looked confused for a second. “What have you done with the boy Albus,” Voldemort lunged toward the bassinet and Snape stood by to let him pass. Voldemort reached the bassinet and reached in to pull out a wad of blankets. Inside, wrapped carefully was a teddy bear, the very one that Albus Dumbledore had cuddled as a child. Voldemort roared in rage and through the soft toy across the room, where it burst into shreds. He turned back to the centre of the room to find Dumbledore and Snape had both disappeared. He roared again and with a twirl of his coat, suddenly disappeared from the room. ***** “Did you hear that?” James asked Lily as they paced the corridor outside the blank brick wall. “Yeah, I did,” Lily paused and put her ear to the wall. “It was someone yelling but whatever or whoever it was, it’s gone now.” Just then Snape appeared at the other end of the corridor. James turned and saw him, immediately advancing. “Where’s my son?” he demanded, “You were meant to stay with until it was over.” “Dumbledore told me to find you. The Dark Lord found us, he got through that wall,” Snape gestured to the wall behind James. “We escaped and Dumbledore told me to come find you, he said you were here, trying to get through.” “Where did the Dark Lord go? Please tell he’s not loose in the castle that still has students in it!” Lily asked worriedly, thinking of the hundreds of students locked into their common room with no explanation and no one to assure them they would get out alive. “I don’t know where he went but Dumbledore seemed confident that he wasn’t in the castle, otherwise he would never have sent me. If the Dark Lord found me, I’d be dead right now,” Snape started to lead the way back down the corridors. “I wish,” James muttered and Lily nudged him sharply in the ribs. “So Harry is safe, he’s with Dumbledore?” Lily asked anxiously, to worried to concern herself with the ongoing feud of Snape and the Marauders. “Yes, he’s safe but he’s not with Dumbledore. He’s with Professor McGonagall now; she took him away from the castle. But she’s going to bring him back as soon as the dangers past,” Snape said hurriedly. “Why didn’t he stay with Dumbledore?’ James asked angrily. “Why didn’t you bring him too me?” Snape was about to shrug when an icy voice answered, “Because the old fool knew that I’d find you Potter, and that I’d kill you when I did.” ***** The door to Dumbledore’s office swung open as the Headmaster paced the room, waiting for reports from across England about Aurors still trying to reach Hogwarts. A tall, thin man with startling blonde hair and a pale complexion strode through the door, his wand drawn and a haughty yet petrified expression on his face. When the door had opened Dumbledore had frozen, his back to the door. Without turning from his postion he raised his head and smiled slightly. “I was wondering when you would come Lucius.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey everyone, hope that’s alright. I lost the last version of this so I’m afraid this isn’t as good but its close enough. Its been so hard to right and I though I should leave you with a couple of cliffhangers to keep you on your toes. Please review! LittleAquarianPrincess.

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