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Disclaimer: Don't own anything but the plot and my OC's. A/N: I'm so sorry it's so short, but I felt as if I owed you all an update. Hope you enjoy it anyways! Don't forget to review!

Chapter 23: Rain

The sky hung heavy with clouds, threatening to pour on the two figures hovering in the air at any moment. It was only six thirty in the morning, but that wasn’t going to stop nature. Nature didn’t give a damn for anything but it’s own agenda, and if it had to go to the bathroom, well.. It had to go. The end.

Ayra had never seen such intense eyes in her life. Her face was only inches from his, eyes meeting his. The grey was such that could not be fabricated: his eyes were filled with clouds and dreams, storming, raging in a never ending tempest. They drew her in, threatening to envelope her in their chaos. She almost gave in to the temptation. The call to learn his secrets, to lean in and touch her lips to his was overwhelming, but somehow, she refused.

“Fix me.”

At first, she thought she didn’t hear him. Either to repeat, or just out of courtesy, he repeated what he said. “Fix me.”

The two words stilled her heart. He asked for the one thing she could never do. Fix him? How am I supposed to do that? Her brain cried out to her. Immeasurable silence followed his request. She stared into his eyes, breathing harshly from the tension that had been building in her body through his great strategic tactics. A logical side of her brain tried to argue: What if this is just a game to him? He did plan it, all the touching, and kissing. What if he just wants you because he can’t have you. What if you’re just a challenge to him? What will happen if you let him WIN? 

I don’t know
, Ayra answered it. And then, there was the side of her that argued against it: You’ll never know if you don’t try. Then, it went silent. Ayra wanted to scream in frustration when she realized what was holding her back.

Pride. What would happen if she was just a game?

Ayra bit her lip till it bled, but she didn’t feel it. She was loosing herself in his grey eyes when she felt them: tears welling up in the backs of her eyes, prickling, salty tears: the enemy of her pride. She held them back as she choked out, “I don’t know how.”

She looked down, not wanting to see the look in his eyes. Was he hurt? Confused? Angry? Ayra was too much of a coward to look. She didn’t understand the feelings running through herself at the moment, so how was she supposed to understand his?

She felt a finger lift up under her chin, to lift her face up to his. One look in his eyes and she knew what he wanted. He was going to kiss her. She watched in slow motion as his hypnotic grey eyes drew her closer and closer….

Just as his lips were to touch hers in what was sure to be a passionate reunion, Ayra turned away: his lips landed softly on her cheek. Almost as if he knew that she was going to do that, he paused there, letting his lips linger.

“I can’t,” Ayra whispered with a sinking heart.

Sirius closed his eyes and rested his forehead against hers. “Why not?” he asked, voice hoarse and raw.

Ayra closed her eyes, forcing the tears back. “I don’t know how.” She said the words that she had been afraid to say, admitted what she couldn’t admit to anyone else. It was her secret. She didn’t know how to be real about this kind of thing.

Sirius gazed deeply into her eyes, and suddenly, a fierce determination and something else that Ayra couldn’t place filled his eyes. The next words that he spoke shocked her soul. “Then, I’ll just have to teach you how.”

Ayra watched as he got even closer, his eyes never leaving hers as he slowered his lips to hers. Ayra breathed in, a sudden anticipation rushing through her veins at the speed of light. She could feel the heat of his lips radiating onto hers, scant inches away.

“You’re going to have to come a bit closer,” he whispered, his breath warm on her face.

Ayra opened her mouth to reply, "Sirius, I--”

Suddenly, A bolt of lightning crashed into the goal posts not even twenty paces away. Their faces flew apart to look at the glowing metal. Before she could say anything, a the thunder crashed through the air, making an earthquake in her blood.

Then the rain came pouring down.

Sirius suddenly laughed out loud, zooming through the air. Ayra screamed after him. “Are you insane?”

He veered around on his broom, a crazy joy on his face. “Come here!” he yelled through the pelting rain. The wind suddenly picked up, almost snatching away his words  away from her.

Ayra wanted to yell at him, to tell him that this was dangerous… but then again, Madam Promfrey probably had some potion for people who had been struck by lightning. The woman has potions for everything!. Gee, well then. With that in mind, what did she have to loose?

She flew over to him through the rain that had soaked her clothes in the first three seconds. “What?” She asked, closer to him. Her wet hair was flying into her mouth, whipping around, wet medusa like strands.

He, however, looked breathtaking, even more so than usual. His grey eyes stood at a contrast, his coal black hair plastered to his forehead. He sent her a white slash of a devasting smile that was laced with madness. He leaned forward, nose almost touching hers. She could see the raindrops like crystals on his black, full lashes. His question was the oddest one that she had heard in her life. But from his eyes, she could tell that he was dead serious. “Wanna go catch some lightning?” 


“Where could they be?” Lily asked James, clearly distraught. She had run her fingers through her red hair so many times that now it fell limp and slightly greasy.

James never thought that anyone could be so beautiful . “What was that again?” he asked, paying more attention to the way that her lips were pursed, upset. He wished slightly that he could kiss away the wrinkle that was forming in the left corner.

She glared at him for a second, but her anger dissolved in seconds and was replaced by an intense worry. “They should be back by now.”

“Love,” James sighed, “Don’t worry. Sirius has been loads more than ‘missing’. He can handle himself. He can take care of Woods, too. It’s not as if they’re going to d--”

“Don’t say that word,” Lily warned, glaring at James who held up his hands in surrender.

“Alright, Alright. Do you want to go look for them?” He asked, not moving up from his seat on the couch in the common room.

Lily bit her lip. “It couldn’t hurt, could it?”

James looked out the window, observing the havoc that the rain was wrecking on the grounds of Hogwarts. He thought he saw a full sized tree get uprooted from the forest and fly across the sky, but it could have just been his eyes playing tricks on him. He looked at Lily with a wicked grin. “Not unless you don’t like getting wet.”

Lily rolled her eyes and grabbed his arm and marched him out the door.

She was going to find those two, and when she did…… 

A/N: once again, I'm so sorry for the shortness. However, if you are bored and like/love Dramiones, I have one called Pirates that, I'm sure if you love this one, you'll fall head over heels for that one. lol.

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