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I just realised I completely forgot a disclaimer:
I don't own anything you recognise, I wish I did...!!!
Everything different (characters or plot) I do own

Lily and Rose packed up their completed essays on werewolves for Defence Against the Dark Arts and quickly dumped everything into their dormitory before heading over to the theatre. On the way they bumped into James and Sirius looking slightly embarrassed.

“Hey Juliet and Rose, hows it going?” asked Sirius slipping his arm into Rose’s.

“What’s wrong with you two?” queried Rose looking at their red faces.

“Um, just our friends giving us grief for having to wear tights and declare our love for you two,” blurted Sirius pulling one of his famous faces and beginning to sing. The other three joined in and they continued singing until they reached the theatre.

Just outside the theatre James pulled Lily aside.

“What? We are going to be late.”

“We are Romeo and Juliet, everyone else will just be early!” Her eyes were so beautiful…focus James.

“Hey Lily. I was wondering if you rethought my question at the beginning of term? Wannagototheballwithme?” he blurted out.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.”

“Do you wanna do to the ball with me?”

“No James. We are just friends. I’m not going with anyone. I plan on opening the dance with you then leaving.”

“Oh,” he said quietly as she turned and walked inside, missing the hurt look on his face.

James had been dreading the first rehearsal all week. He had looked over the script with Sirius and had discovered the rumours were true, he and Lily had to kiss in the musical. The things you do for love. Sirius had been giving him grief about it for a week. The cast went and sat in the first few rows and Mr G appeared on stage.

“Hello all and welcome to Romeo and Juliet. This is a romance and a tragedy, so I expect all of you to be good at acting as I am sure none of you know what it feels like to be in love. That said lets begin.”

Lily sat with Rose and the two of them were trying really hard not to laugh as Mr G spoke. Everyone knew that Voldemort was gaining power and most people knew themselves or knew someone else who had lost someone to his campaign. They could all act out a tragedy. To begin with they were split up into their groups and Mr G began teaching them some choreography. Sirius was very funny to watch. He was a terrible dancer, but she had to hand it to him he was trying. She had to sit with James and watch as everyone learnt the main choreography because they were to be doing something different form the rest of the cast. She kept sneaking sideward glances at him, She couldn’t believe it. He had managed to ask her out without yelling or showing any signs of arrogance. What was going on?

At the next rehearsal James found himself and Lily called onto the stage first to learn some steps for the scene at the Masked Ball when they dance together. They were to follow Mr G and Chloe’s lead. Lily explained that she had had dancing lessons before, but he was new to all of this. Taking her hand in his, Mr G explained he had to put his arm around her waist. Trying not to blush as he did what he was told and Lily placed her arm on his shoulder they followed the teachers lead.

“You’re doing it all wrong” said Mr G to the two of them. “You need to be closer together,” he said walking over and facing them. James really was blushing as he took a step closer to Lily. If it was possible he went redder as she pressed her body up against his and Sirius whooped from where he was sitting.

“Oh grow up,” said Lily “This is how you are meant to dance.”

For the next two months rehearsals were on every Tuesday afternoon and James looked forward to them every week. Almost as much as he anticipated pranking Snivellus. They now knew all their lines and every step for the musical. Just in time to, opening night was in 2 weeks. Surprisingly, his favourite scene was when Romeo was banished and was with Juliet one last time before he left.

After almost three months of hard work opening night came around. Lily was so nervous she was having trouble applying her makeup. Thankfully she was sharing a dressing room with Rose who took over and finished applying her makeup.

“You look amazing!” she exclaimed, “You’re going to be fine, stop worrying.”

“Thanks,” Lily said hugging her best friend of over 6 years. The two of them applied the finishing touches to their appearance and headed over to backstage.

James and Sirius were trading jokes to lighten the mood. Everyone was nervous that all the hard work wouldn’t pay off. It looked like half the school had come to watch opening night. The theatre was full.
“So then the lawyer said…”

“What’s wrong Sirius, you were finally getting to the punch line and… Wow!” James turned to follow Sirius’ gaze to see Lily and Rose had come from their dressing rooms and were ready to go. Lily looked breathtakingly beautiful. The green dress matched her eyes and set off her hair perfectly. Sirius couldn’t take his eyes off of Rose.

The first half of the play went smoothly and once the curtain went down for intermission Lily and Rose raced to their dressing room to discuss the first half.

“How well did the ball scene go?” asked Rose.

“I agree it was amazing,” said Lily blushing. “What?” She explained how when she was dancing with James they had to stand so close together she could feel his heartbeat. Then when they were acting the part where Romeo and Juliet get married their eyes had joined and she had almost forgotten her lines for wanting to stare at his deep hazel eyes longer. The way he had returned her gaze was odd. What was wrong with her? She was admiring James Potter. The James she had vowed never to like no matter how much he flicked his hair or how good he was at Quidditch, Though last weekend when he was flying… Lily,snap out of it, she mentally slapped herself and fixed her makeup.

James and Sirius high fived each other as they entered their dressing room.

“So how’d you go, finally having an excuse to continuously gaze at your ‘Juliet’?” Sirius teased James.

“I almost forgot my lines during the wedding scene, she looked so beautiful.

“I know what you mean,” said Sirius as his eyes glazed over.

Back onstage Lily prepared for the scene she dreaded, the last night Romeo and Juliet were together. Suddenly it was time. She stood there talking to ‘Romeo’ and they had eyes for nothing but each other. They took a step closer to each other and he said

“I love you Juliet,” she blushed softly and replied

“I love you to.” In one fluid motion they were in each others arms and looking into each others eyes. They leaned in so close to each other she could see his eyelashes clearly, wishing they had rehearsed this. His lips brushed hers softly and then it was all over and Romeo was gone.

The final curtain fell on Lily killing herself with one of those knives that collapsed in when pressure was put onto it. Everyone stood up and quickly moved into their positions for the bow. James helped Lily up and the two of them went to wait backstage. After everyone had taken their bow the two of them walked onstage and holding hands, his heart was beating faster than ever before, they bowed together. They invited Mr G and Chloe onstage and everyone bowed together. The curtain came down and the cast high fived each other and headed back to their dressing rooms.

Thanks so much to:
verbal87 (again!!)

for leaving reviews!!!! really appreciate the feedback! Keep leaving them!!!!

Sorry it took awhile to update, had to fix up some things! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


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