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Chapter Eighteen


The Road of True Love Was Never Easy


My apologies- lots of dialogue and Jessie really truly does have a potty mouth this chapter.




Love is always revolutionary. ~Andrei Voznesensky




Right, well, hello there. So I am confused as hell at the moment. I’m like a cat in water; or a mime trying to figure out what his mime friend is trying to tell him in the dark; or… or… oh for the love of Merlin, I’m to bloody confused to even make a proper metaphor!


Thank god it’s Friday. This week has been exceptionally horrid. First Lily (aka my conniving, evil twit of a best friend) made me spill my guts, then someone (guess who!) has been going out of their way to piss me off, and then to top it all off, like a cherry on a sundae, classes have been absolutely horrid. Ugh. Kill me now por favor. Die NEWTS DIE!!!! Not to mention there has been whipped cream at the breakfast table every morning this week and somehow we always seem to sit right next to it… ahhh! Repressing!


I can not believe I told Lily all of that.


I can not believe it. Nobody knows all of that (with the exception of…you know…), no one at all! And now Lily knows.


Merlin, that thought makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. Why? Because it’s Lily who knows- LILY; and that bitch can be vile when she wants to. Let me let you in on a little secret, after she left, I literally sat there silently and unmoving for hours just staring at the ceiling horrified at myself for spilling my guts and attempting to re-repress all the shit I had just divulged. And that’s all I have been thinking about since then. My dreams, my unconscious thoughts, my daydreams, you name it, have all ended up connecting to our lovely little chit chat.


And then I started feeling guilty. G-U-I-L-T-Y for the way I had treated Black all those many years ago. And then he made my lose half a head of hair in herbology and all those lovely guilty feelings disappeared like a puff of smoke.


I just can not believe I spilled all of that to her. It was like once I got going I couldn’t stop and I just kept saying one thing after another. And it made me remember things that feel like a knife in my chest. It re-opened scars on my heart and made wounds, that I thought had heeled, bleed. Merlin, I sound like James before a quidditch match.


Ugh, fuck my life. I am so confused.


Poor, poor baby.


Hello my precious cricket.


So have you figured it out yet Jessie darling?


Figured out what? And don’t call me darling, you sound like Black.


Right, I forgot, only Sirius is allowed to call you that!




Hahaha! What I meant was have you figured out why your so confused yet?


Uh no. if I had I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be sitting here in the library banging my head against the desk repeatedly.


True, true.


Ugh. I have such a headache.












Jessie picked her head up from the desk and looked around the library. She shook her blonde hair out of her eyes. A lovely red mark was imprinted on her forehead and her eyes looked unfocused. She shook her head again and blinked her eyes a few times before swiveling her head around and scanning the library for a certain redhead.


Although the library was abuzz with students, it seemed that the particular red-haired, head girl Jessie had been looking for was not in the vicinity. She groaned and began hitting her head against the wood again.












“Jessabelle! Stop doing that!”


Jessie looked up and groaned. Lily stood above her with a disapproving look on her face. She had at least four books in her arms and her bag was nearly splitting at its seems from the load it was carrying. The books in Lily’s arms landed on the table with a dull thud. She slid her school bag off her shoulder and it made a rather loud bang as the canvas hit the table. Jessie groaned and buried her head in her hands, “Any chance you have a bottle of headache cure in there?”


Lily raised an eyebrow as she slid into the seat across from the blonde, “If you have a headache it’s your own fault. Merlin knows how long you’ve been slamming your head against the poor desk.”


Jessie didn’t look up, but instead settled for throwing an obscene gesture in her friends direction. A slight smirk crossed Lily’s lips as she turned back to her books. She reached into her bag and pulled out a thick leather bound textbook with Transfiguration Theories stitched into the cover in silver thread, “Here. This is for you to read. Its excellent. I’ve marked the passages that talk about things that are most likely to come up on our NEWTS.” she turned and reached into her bag again, “And this, is another text you may want to check out…”


“Lils,” Jess interrupted as Lily pulled two even thicker books out of her bag, “You honestly think I’m going to read this stuff.”


Lily rolled her eyes, “No, but I feel as though it is my duty as your best friend to at least attempt to make sure you passed your exams.” she smiled and ruffled her friends hair.


Jessie groaned and swatted Lily’s hand away, “Oi! Number one don’t touch the hair and number two don’t touch my head it hurts like hell.”


“So you have been smacking your head against the desk of the better part of the day then?” Lily asked laughing.


“Yes. I blame you.”


“Me?” Jessie gave her a pointed glare and Lily dissolved into giggles again, “Oh honestly! You’re still on about our talk!”


Jessie whimpered and smacked her forehead against the desk again.



“Jessie honey, you do realize that a normal person would not be obsessing over this like you are.”


Jess whimpered into the wood.


“And you do realize that by obsessing over this all you are doing is confirming my belief that you love Sirius.” Lily said teasingly as she opened up one of her many texts and began reading.


Jessie’s head shot up, “What? I do not!”


Lily rolled her eyes and continued reading.


‘I don’t!” Jess repeated.


Lily smiled to herself and continued reading.




Lily turned a page.


“Lillian! I do not like him at all! He’s an evil, conniving git! He’s a womanizing asshole who cares more about his hair than he does about anyone or anything else! He’s a pompous arse and a fag and a jerk and a pretentious showoff and a manipulative bastard and…”


“And if you don’t stop trying to convince me of your hate for Sirius right now you’re going to be late for quidditch practice.” Lily stated without looking up from her book.


Jessie’s eyes got wide as she checked her watch, “Shit!” she yelled and began shoving her things in her bag.


Lily smiled and continued reading.


“Later!” Jess yelled as she slung her bag over her shoulder and sprinted out of the library, bowling over two ickle firsties in her rush.


Lily shook her head and turned the page.


“Jimmy! I’m sorry! The evil, redheaded psychopath kidnapped me and locked me in a cage and started reading NEWT theory to me and I had to chew my way through the metal bars to kill her so I could escape and it takes longer to chew through iron bars than I thought and it made me late! And then I had to figure out how exactly I was going to kill her, and let me tell you, that was a hard decision. I couldn’t decide between going all Sweeny Todd on her and slitting her throat or beating her over the head with a metal pipe. And then, after I destroyed her, I had to escape from her army of enchanted, flying textbooks! They had fangs Jimmy! Fangs! And… oww! Bloody hell Black!” Jessie said smacking Sirus back.


James rolled his eyes, “Jessie, Sirius stop hitting one another! And really Jessie flying textbooks with fangs?”


Jess shrugged, “It was the first thing that popped into my head,” she said sheepishly.


James rolled his eyes, “Of course it was. Anyway, as I was saying before our lovely beater decided to grace us with her presence; practice is cancelled tomorrow, Lily and I have a head’s meeting with the headmaster to discuss graduation.”


The team gaped at him, “Practice… cancelled?” Sirius managed to sputter out.


“What?” James asked defensively, “Its not like its never been cancelled before.”


The team all rolled their eyes at him.




“Jimmy, since you became captain practice has never once been cancelled.” Jessie said crossing her arms.


“Yes it has!”


“Name one time.”


“You know that… err… one time when it rained…”


“No, it wasn’t.”


“Oh right, we used an empty classroom and Minnie nearly killed me. Well what about that time when…”




“Oh, well what about that week when…”




“Well there was that time…No wait… how about when… wait no…err…”


“My point exactly,” Jess smirked. She leaned over and ruffled James’ hair, “But that’s why we love you. You’re our darling, psycho, fascist captain and we wouldn‘t want you nay other way.” she patted his cheek.


James raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms, “Right. Everyone up in the air and do ten laps build.”


Jessie laughed and hopped onto her broom, “I wuv you Jimmy-poo!”


James rolled his eyes.





“Jessie! Stop trying to break Sirius’ neck!” James yelled out as he caught the quaffle.


Jessie cracked the ball in Sirius’ direction again, “I’m not!”


“Yes you are!” Sirius yelled back as he knocked it back.


“No I’m not!”


“Drop it you two. Just put the damn bludger away and go do your suicides!”


Jessie whimpered and sped down to the ground. She hopped off her broom and Sirius landed next to her. He stuck his tongue out at her and Jessie returned the favor.


“So mature,” James muttered to himself as both Sirius and Jessie smacked each other with their bats, “And he says I have issues. At least I don’t get into fist fights with the girl I love…”


Down below Jessie and Sirius both jumped for the bludger that was zooming towards their heads.


“Oww! Black get off me!” Jessie shouted. Sirus had conveniently landed on Jessie‘s back when they had hit the ground.


“No. I think I’ll stay here, I’m quite comfortable.” Sirius smirked, propping his head up with his arms.


“Damnit Black!” Jessie hissed as the bludger in her arms slammed particularly hard against her rib cage.


“Did I hear something?” Sirius asked himself sarcastically as he swiveled his head around. The bludger in Jessie’s arms slammed against her chest again. Jess growled and let out a stream of curses.


“For fuck’s sake Sirius! Your fucking crushing me! Despite what your fucking fan girls may have fucking told you, you are not a fucking feather! And the fucking bludger that I so conveniently happened to land on when I hit the ground is about to fucking shatter my fucking rib cage!” Jessie seethed.


“Oh shit!” A look of horror crossed Sirius’ face and he quickly climbed of his irate fellow beater.


“Oh shit is fucking right.” Jessie hissed as she climbed off the ground. She shot Sirius a death glare as she shoved the bludger into the box. Sirius kneeled down and strapped it in.


“Thanks.” Jess muttered angrily, rubbing her chest, she winced as her hand brushed against the right side of her chest, “Fuck.” she hissed through clenched teeth.


“You okay?” Sirius asked worriedly as he clicked the last lock on the bludger case and stood up.


“I’m brilliant,” Jess said sarcastically, “I think the fucking ball broke a rib or two. Come on let’s go do our suicides.”


Sirius looked at her incredulously, “You can’t do suicides with a broken rib!” he shouted. Jessie ignored him and hopped on her broom.




“Fuck me.” Jess hissed as she pulled her broom to a halt and winced. Tears leaked out of the corners of her eyes and she wiped them away with the back of her hand.


“Anytime. And what’s with the overuse of the F-word? What is it your word of the day?” Sirius smirked as he pulled up next to her. Jessie glared at him.


“You okay?” he asked as Jessie wiped more tears away.


“I’m fine Bl…fuck.” she winced and grabbed her side.


Sirius rolled his eyes, “Stubborn witch. I told you that you can’t do suicides with broken ribs.”


Jessie whimpered in response and Sirius turned his head, “Oi! Prongs!”


Jessie’s eyes grew wide, “No! Don’t tell him!” she begged.


“What!?” James yelled back from his spot by the hoops.


“Smarty over here needs to go to the hospital wing!”


James was beside them in a matter of seconds, “What happened? Jessie are you dying? What the hell happened Sirius? I swear to Merlin I will kill you if this is your fault! What hurts J bear? Tell me, please?” he asked worriedly, looking her up and down.


Jessie rolled her eyes at him, “Merlin James, the fucking bludger just broke a couple of my ribs. It’s not the end of the world.”


“Apparently it is her word of the day.” Sirius muttered as James’ face paled.


“What?!” James yelped. Jessie turned to Sirius, “Dumb ass. This is why we don’t tell Jimmy these things. Because he acts like a fucking mother hen.”


“I resent that!” James scoffed crossing his arms, “Take her to see Poppy please,” he turned to Jess, “ And cooperate young lady! Sirius stay and make sure she gets them fixed.”


He flew back to the other chasers and keeper.


Jessie glared at Sirius, “I fucking hate you.”


Sirius smiled as he hopped off his broom, “And I love you.” he ruffled her hair and Jessie punched him in the side, “Stop saying that you‘re beginning to sound like James.”


Sirius pouted, “Meanie. Come on let’s get you to Poppy dearest.”




“Oh Poppy!” Sirius sang as he and a reluctant Jessie entered the hospital wing, “I have a present for you!”


Jessie rubbed her ears as she sat down on the nearest bed, “Never,” she said, “Never, ever, ever go into the singing business Sirius. You sound like a dying troll.”


Sirius stuck his tongue out at her, “How do you know what a dying troll sounds like?”


Jessie shrugged, “Simple. I just listen to you speak every day.” Sirius stuck his tongue out at her and sat down in the chair by her bed.


“Well, what happened this time Miss Spring?” Poppy said as she bustled over to the cot.


“Bludger cracked my ribs.” She winced as she spoke.


“Well then, take off your top and I’ll be back with some potion and a bandage.” madam Pomfrey walked off towards the storage closet muttering about how dangerous quid ditch was and how it should be banned.


“Out Black!” Jessie said pointing towards the door. Sirius simply smirked and folded his arms behind his head.


“No, I think I’ll stay.”


Jessie gaped at him, horror etched across her face.


“Oh come on Jess. Its not like I haven’t seen you without your shirt on before.” Jessie chucked one of the pillows from the cot at his head, “Oi! That hurt! What I meant was…Ah!”


Sirius ducked as another pillow shot towards his skull, “Let me explain myself woman!”


Jessie glared at him.


“You practice in your sports bra every summer with James and I how is this any different?” Jessie glared at him and began shrugging off her sweatshirt. She winced as she tried to pull the thing up over her head. Sirius smiled to himself as Jessie began struggling to get it off. After a few moments of struggling she turned to Sirius, “If your going to stay you might as well help.” she said exasperatedly.


Sirus smirked and walked over to her.

 “Thanks.” Jess muttered as he pulled her sweatshirt off the rest of the way.


“I assume your going to need help with the shirt as well.” he grinned as he tossed her sweatshirt on the chair.


Jessie groaned, “This is wrong on so many levels.” Sirius laughed as he added her shirt to the pile on the chair, “Oh come on you know you enjoyed it.” Sirius wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and Jessie’s stomach did a summersault.


Jess mimed vomiting and she smacked his head, “You are sick.”


“But that’s why you love me.”


“I do not…”


“Well Miss Spring, that is a lovely bruise you have starting to form.” Poppy said as she bustled her way over to the cot where the two teenagers were fighting. Jessie smiled gratefully at the healer.




There's no such thing as puppy love. Love is love, no matter what your age. And we all suffer from its loss. ~ Laura Ramirez



“I am going to murder Sirius Black! ” Jessie yelled slamming the dormitory door behind her. Lily and Mary looked up at her from their respective beds and rolled their eyes.


“Why?” Mary asked.


“Because he’s a git and he made me break my ribs at practice!” Jessie yelled; she chucked her broom and sweatshirt onto her bed and began tearing her practice kit off. She threw her gloves and shirt (which landed on her lamp) onto her nightstand and pulled her hair out of its ponytail. She stomped off to the shower and turned on the water. Lily and Mary exchanged a look as she stormed back out over to her trunk, looking even more incensed, with a bottle in her hand, and began shifting through it.


“Oh for the love of Merlin!” Jessie grumbled.


“What are you looking for?” Lily asked cautiously.


“My conditioner!” Jessie yelled. She threw the bottle in her hands towards Lily’s bed. It landed on her comforter. It landed on the bed and Lily picked it up.


“Isn’t that the bottle you threw at Lily?” Mary asked.


“No, oh Merlin.” Lily sighed. The bottle in her hands was indeed not Jessie’s conditioner. The bottle was labeled “troll wash” and someone had signed it by coloring a paw print.


Jessie yelled and slammed the lid of her trunk shut. She marched over to Lily and took the bottle from her.


“Where are you going?” Mary asked as Jessie opened the door.


“To murder Black.” Jessie hissed.


“You do realize all your wearing is a pair of track pants and your sports bra. Nice bruise by the way.” Mary stated.


Jessie glared, “Nothing he hasn’t seen before.” she said imitating Sirius voice as she slammed the door shut again.


Mary and Lily looked at each other.


“Since when has Black seen her half naked?” Mary asked.


“And more importantly, since when doesn’t she care.” Lily smirked, she looked at Mary and they began laughing.




What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose. ~ Henry Ward Beecher




“Sirius Orion Black! Open up the damn door now!” Jessie yelled as she banged her fist against the door.



“I swear Black if you do not open this door this instant I will tell your fan girls about the time you peed your pants at the minister‘s gala because there were strawberries at the buffet table! On hi Jimmy.” Jessie smiled sweetly as James opened the door and gave her a look. She pushed past him and marched into the room, “Where is he?” she hissed glaring at James. James cocked an eyebrow at her, “Where are your clothes?”


Jessie growled, “Freaking a James, just tell me where the mongrel is,” Jess took her time enunciating every syllable of mongrel with great care, “ and I’ll hex him and leave. And then you can marry Lily and we’ll all live happily ever after.”


James gave her a look that clearly said psycho bitch, “He…”


“Prongs am I dreaming or is Jessie actually standing in our dormitory half naked screaming my name?’ Sirius asked as he walked out from the bathroom, towel over his head, drying his hair.


Jessie spun around and glared, “Oh shut up you pompous git. What is this?” she chucked the bottle of “troll wash” at Sirius head, as he threw the towel he had been using onto his bed.. He caught it and smirked. He looked at Jess and shrugged, “I have no clue.”


Jess rolled her eyes and marched over to him, “Merlin you are infuriating! I know you did it. Just give me back my conditioner!” she swatted his head and Sirius shoved her away. Jess glared and punched his arm. Sirius backhanded her stomach and Jess doubled over. She raised her hand to hit Sirius back, but James jumped in between them, “Stop it! Merlin, what are you two five? Wait no I take that back, you didn’t attempt to kill one another at five…”


Jessie crossed her arms, “Fine. I’ll stop hitting him as long as he gives me my conditioner back.”


Sirisu grinned sheepishly, “Well you see… about your conditioner…”


Jessie took a step towards him, “What did you do?”


Sirius took a few steps back and ran into the wall, “now Jess… I just wanted to try it really. I just wanted to see if it would actually make my hair soft as a cloud like the bottle said…and it all kind of poured down the drain while I was in the shower…”


“What!? You Moron! Honestly Black, were you dropped on your head as a child or were you just born this way?” Jessie hollered clenching her fists.


Sirius glared, “Hey! At least I’m not a loveless ice bitch! Did Mummy and Daddy not love Jessie enough when she was a little girl?”


“Sirius!” James exclaimed wide eyed.


“That’s rich coming from you of all people. Who ran away from home again? Oh you did!”


“Jess!” James yelped in horror. Sirius and Jessie were glaring at one another, and if looks could kill they would have both been dead, “How the bloody hell do the two of them go from playful bickering to abhorrence in .5 seconds,” James muttered to himself, shaking his head.


Sirius let out a bitter laugh, “Well darling at least I’m not a preppy little princess who does whatever her daddy wants her to. Even if it means…”


“I do not do whatever my father says!” Jessie lunged at him and both their heads hit the wall with a sickening crack. James skidded over and knelt down beside them. Jessie moaned and held her head in her hands. Sirius slowly propped himself up and rubbed the back of his.


James shook his head, “You two are morons.”


“Shut up Prongs.” Sirius said and looked over at Jessie, “Jess you okay?” he asked looking down at her.


James rolled his eyes, “Like I said .5 seconds” he muttered.


Jessie didn’t look up or speak, but instead settled for hitting Sirius’ leg.


“I’ll go get a bag of ice from the kitchens. If you go back to Pomfrey again today, you won’t get out of there alive.” James hopped up from the ground and strolled out the door.


“Why does everyone always feel the need to leave you with me?” Jessie groaned. Sirius smiled and leaned against the wall next to Jessie, “Because they know how much you love it.”


Jess rolled her eyes, “About as much as I love playing with the whomping willow.”


“Here let me see.” Sirius said leaning over, “Where’d you hit it?”


“Forehead.” Jess stated coldly. Sirius swatted her hands away and slid his under her chin to prop her head up, sure enough there was a bump forming and a few scratches, “Merlin, you are such a klutz sometimes Jess.”


Jessie stuck her tongue out at him and Sirius laughed. Jessie ignored the butterflies in her stomach, and swatted Sirius’ hands away.


“Did you really pour all my conditioner down the drain?” Jessie asked giving Sirius a pointed look. Sirius crossed his arms and pouted, “I didn’t pour it down, it fell and poured itself down.”


Jessie raised an eyebrow, “Really Black? All by itself?”


“I just wanted to see if it really made your hair silky soft!” Sirius cried throwing his arms up in the air. Jessie snorted and Sirius frowned at her, “Its not that funny Jessabelle!”


“Oh no, it really, really is.” Jessie laughed. She ruffled his hair. Both of them stopped laughing and froze when they realized what she had just done.


“Oh Merlin.” Jessie muttered wide eyed. In a flash she popped up from the ground and hurried to the door. Sirius dashed after her, “Don’t you dare leave Spring!” Jessie jumped, Sirius jumped, and somehow they ended up in a tangle of limbs on James’ bed.


“Get off me Black!” Jessie yelled, Sirius grabbed her arms, “No we are having this conversation.”


Jessie glared up at Sirius, “What conversation.”


“The one where you explain to me what the hell is going on in your head! And tell me what is up with you being nice to me one minute and then attempting to murder me the next!”


Jessie cocked an eyebrow, “You really want to know what’s going on in my head?”


“Err… maybe just tell me why your acting like that instead. Your mind tends to be a scary, twisted place…” he trailed off and Jessie glared at him, “I’m not the only one who’s acting bipolar!“


“Excuse me!?”


“I’m serious Black! One minute you’re telling me you quote unquote love me, the next you’re verbally ripping me to shreds!”


“You do the same thing! What am I supposed to do? Just sit there and take it and pretend everything is all sunshine and daises?” Sirius scoffed, “Just because I love you doesn’t mean I’m just going to sit there and let you insult me.”


“Would you stop saying that!” Jessie yelled.




“That you love me! It’s beginning to get really annoying Sirius! And don’t even try to tell me you mean it. It’s just another little ploy of yours to piss me off!”


“Are you kidding me?”




“Jess, you honestly think I’m pulling your leg?”


“Well right now I’m pretty sure your pulling my hair at least, “ Jessie said and Sirius removed his hand from its position on top of Jessie’s curls, “but yes, I know you’re joking. Its all part of your twisted, little plan to punish me for making you lose our bet about James and Lily. And the sooner you admit that we can go back to torturing one another and I won’t have Lily threaten to poison me with illicit substances unless I tell her things I wish to keep locked up inside and not divulge.”


“What?” Sirus asked confusion etched across his face.


“Lily made me tell her the other day.”


Sirius frowned, “About what? Why the sky is blue and the grass is green?” he finished sarcastically.


“About why we don’t get along one another.” she mumbled softly.


“Oh.” Sirius said in an uncharacteristically high pitched voice as he mentally deciphered exactly what Jessie was referring to. He let go of Jess’ arms and laid down next to her.


“Yeah.” Jess said rolling onto her stomach, “It was horrible really. She threatened me with Veritaserum and shit...”


Sirius rolled onto his side and propped his head up, “What exactly did you tell her?”


Jess let her hair fall in front of her face making a shield between her and Sirius, “Stuff.”






“Like what stuff?” Sirius asked innocently.


Jessie glared at him, “You know exactly what stuff I told her Sirius.”


Sirius picked at the sheet in front of him, “Oh that stuff,” he said looking at Jess.


“Yes that stuff.” Jessie retorted not meeting his gaze. They laid in silence for a few moments.




“What?” Jess asked rolling her eyes, she turned and looked at Sirius who was giving her a look that was a bit unnerving.


“Why don’t you really believe me when I say I love you?” Sirius frowned and Jessie adopted the look of a deer in headlights.


“For the love of Merlin, the two of you could not have at least made it to Sirius’ bed?” James groaned as he marched through the door, a bag of ice in his hand and a look of disgust on his face, both Sirius and Jessie turned and gaped at James.


“You think I would honestly tap that?” Jessie screeched at James as she hoped off his bed as though it had suddenly turned into a bed of nails. She marched over to him and yanked the bag of ice out of his hands. She looked back at Sirius and stormed out the door, scared shitless, after seeing how confused and candid his eyes looked.


James shrugged as Jessie slammed the door, “Yea.” he answered. Outside in the stairwell Jessie let out a strangled yell and stomped down the stairs.




Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood
in its defense. ~ Mark Overby



“Where’d you put the body?” Lily asked as Jessie slammed the door shut behind her.


Jessie groaned and marched back into the bathroom.


Lily and Mary looked at one another, “Did you get your conditioner?” Lily yelled at the bathroom door.


“No, Black spilled it down the bloody drain.”


“Oh. “ Lily said as Jess walked out and grabbed a clean pair of black sweats and an old t-shirt from her trunk, “Speaking of Black…”


“No! No speaking of Black! No discussing Black! No anything Black!” Jessie squeaked as she literally ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.


“Why are you wearing black pants then?” Mary asked smirking. She and Lily looked towards the bathroom door expectantly.


All they received in response was an angry screech and the sound of the shower being turned on full blast.




The magic of first love is our ignorance that it will never end.~ Benjamin Disraeli





My stars! Is Jessie actually warming up to a certain Mr. Black? Haha. And what are Lily and Mary planning on doing with Lily’s newfound information regarding the lovely, twisted relationship between Jess and Sirius?


For those of you who I am annoying to hell and back with my lack of humor in the past couple chapters, I apologize! I’m cooking up a special treat for you (whipped cream anyone?) in one of the upcoming chappies, if not the next one!


As always I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a review! Even if you hated it! Really, it doesn’t take that long…


Ps- Does anyone remember the name of the singer Mrs. Weasley likes? My friend and I were talking the other day and I couldn’t remember her name… isn’t it like celestia warbeck or something???


-pensive princess


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