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Lily awoke three days later to find herself in the Hospital Wing. She couldn’t really remember what had happened, something to do with the musical. Of course, the musical. She was going to play Juliet and James was going to play Romeo. Argh. More chances for him to ask her out over and over and over again. Keeping her eyes shut she realised someone was holding her hand. They were humming a tune that sounded familiar, so she remained there for a few minutes listening. She opened her eyes to see the last person she ever wanted or expected to, James Potter. What was he doing here? Urgh he was holding her hand. She immediately yanked her hand away from his and he ceased humming and opened his eyes. Seeing that she was awake relief flooded across his face, but not for long. The look on her face caused him to frown and he stood up and left the room.

A few seconds later Rose entered the room and crushed Lily saying
“Thank Merlin you’re alright I was so worried.”
“What happened?” she asked her best friend.
“Well, you were looking at the cast list and the next thing I knew you were on the floor, unconscious. When you passed out you hit your head and cracked it open causing it to bleed. James and Sirius came over to see if you were ok and I’m sorry but I was panicking and really needed some help.”
“What did you do?” She asked sensing she didn’t really want to know the answer.
“Sirius offered to levitate you to the Hospital Wing, but I refused to trust him. So James bent over and picked you up and carried you all the way to the Hospital Wing. Once Madame Pomfrey had bandaged you up he sat beside you, holding your hand and humming that song from the audition for the whole time you were out. I don’t even know if he slept.”

“Wow!” was all Lily could manage. She would never have guessed he could be so, considerate? Now she felt really guilty. The look she had given him when she woke up had been full of pure hatred and annoyance. She turned to Rose to see her grinning. “What’s so funny?”
“Nothing, nothing at all.”
“No seriously. What?”
“You’re blushing. Why don’t you just say yes? He fancies you and he’s soooo good looking?” Lily picked up her pillow and hurled it at Rose.

As soon as Madame Pomfrey had assured him Lily was going to be alright he sat beside her bed and took her hand willing her to wake up. Three days he sat there, to have her wake up and glare at him like she wanted him dead. He took the hint and went to get Rose for her then sat outside the Hospital Wing with Sirius and waited. Around an hour later the two girls came out from the Hospital Wing and Sirius walked over to Rose.
“May I escort you to the Common Room?”
“What? NO!” Ignoring her, he linked his arm through hers and began walking towards the common room. As they began to turn around the corner, Rose looked back at the two of them and mouthed “HELP ME!”
Turning back to face Lily James asked if she wouldn’t mind walking back to the common room with him. She hesitated for a second and agreed. He managed to suppress a grin and they turned around the corner. Arriving at the top of the stairs just in front of the portrait hole James turned to face Lily. Feeling like a complete idiot he said,
“Lily, I’m really sorry for being such a prat to you for so long. I was wondering if I stop asking you out could we just be friends?” He took a deep breath and looked at her. She looked confused and maybe surprised. “I mean it would make doing the musical easier if we were talking to each other and got along reasonably well. Watcha say? Friends?”

Lily grudgingly made it through another week of class. Now they were preparing for their NEWTS the teachers seemed to be piling the work on even more than before if that was possible. She had noticed that James was in all of her classes and now they were on speaking terms he didn’t seem as annoying as before, though the Marauders had been holding back on the pranks, almost like they were actually paying attention during class time.

“Oi Romeo,”
“Huh? What did I miss?” said James snapping back to reality.
“Stop staring at Juliet for one second so we can plan our next outing,” Sirius smirked at him. He had noticed James had a newfound tendency to gaze at Lily as often as he could. So much so he appeared to have lost interest in planning pranks or their outings when Moony transformed. It was quite cute.
“Sorry. I was actually listening to Flitwick.”
“Oh yea, suuuure. Anyway we were thinking on Monday night we could try and stay in the Forbidden Forest for a change of scenery. Watcha think? Jaaaames,” Sirius waved his hand in front of his face for the fourth time that lesson. “No matter how hard you stare at her, chances are she won’t stare back.”

Sitting in Potions on Friday morning, Lily was zoning out. Slughorn was droning on about the potion they had attempted last week. She had got it all right and really didn’t need to hear all of this again. She sneaked a sideward glance at James. Just as she had suspected, he was gazing at her again. She turned to face him and their eyes met. He blushed and turned away. Lily heard giggling beside her and turned to face Rose.
“He sooooooo likes you.”
“He does not!”
“Of course not, I mean all the asking out and ‘lets be friends’ and gazing is because he is practising for his role as Romeo.”

The rehearsals for the musical were due to begin the following Monday afternoon, when James was planning on sleeping. How was he meant to stay awake all night with the Marauders when he had to sing and declare his love for Juliet all afternoon?
“Hey Romeo time for some loving,” said Sirius bringing him back to reality. Remus and Peter looked at the two of them leaving and burst into a fit of laughter. The two of them gathered their bags and headed over to the theatre.

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