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World War III by weasley_gang
Chapter 3 : Christmas Preperations
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Disclaimer: I own… yeah, that’s it. Pity, I know.

Previously on WWIII:

“His bed you see…” Rose said, haltingly. “Isn’t very stable right now.” She held out 10 to 15 large screws in her hand.

“Weasley!” McGonagall said amazed and furious. She was showing a bit too much of her twin uncles in her then McGonagall would have preferred.

“I am counting down the days till Christmas break.” Rose said excitedly, lying on her belly on her bed, her head resting on top of her hands, feet in the air. “You, me and all our friends!”


The teddy bear stared back at her, nothing happening.


“Bloody bear.” Rose threw it down and rolled over onto her side, looking at the discarded bear on the floor. “I told mum, ‘no, don’t take away my voice activated diary! It helps me!’ But she’s all, ‘you need to do it the old fashioned way I did it.’ A freaking bear.”


“Rose.” Rose looked up to see Sal looking down worriedly, between her bed curtains. “Why are you talking to yourself?”


“I’m not!” Rose said, and then pointed at the bear on the floor. “I’m talking to the bear!”


Sal looked at her like, what the…? Do you need to go to Mungo’s?


“Do you need to go to Mungo’s?” She asked.


Huh, fancy that. Rose thought, I can read her like a book.


“No!” Rose said insulted. “I was just thinking about holidays. The four of us are going to rock the house!”


“Um…” Sal shuffled her feet awkwardly. “I think I need to talk to you. I think all of us do.”


Rose’s face fell.


“Let’s go down, eh?” Sal grabbed Rose’s hand and pulled her down the stairs as to not face her alone.


Autumn and Marsh were spread out over a couch. Rose plopped down on one seat.


“So…” Rose said menacingly. “Sal tells me that I need to know something… From all of you.”


“Oh dear.” Marsh said shuffling. “Uh…”


“My sentiments exactly.” Sal said.


Rose looked at Autumn who had tightly shut her eyes. “I’m not going to be here for Christmas break!” She blurted out rapidly fast.


What?!” Rose exclaimed. “Is this what this is about?”


“Yeah!” Marsh said. “What did you think?”


“I thought this was about you getting me a new teddy bear with installed voice activated diary for Christmas!” Rose wailed.


There was a dead silence amongst that group of four.


“Voice activated diary?” Marsh asked.


“Teddy bear?” Sal asked.


“What’s this I hear about Christmas break?” Rose snapped.


“Yeah,” Autumn said. She had opened her eyes now. “About that. I’m going to my grandma’s for the break. She’s dying.”


“For the 5th time since 4th year?” Rose asked incredulously.


“My grandma’s very picky about how she wants to die.” Autumn said clearly not disturbed by what she was saying. “She says she wants to die warm in her bed with all her family around her lovingly.”


“I thought you said everyone but her husband hated her.” Sal queried.


“Yeah.” Autumn nodded. “But she doesn’t know that. And we actually have it from a magic and muggle morgues saying he died of car accident.” She leant in and gestured for us to do so as well. “I think he was planning on running away but accidentally got hit by a car… on their wedding anniversary. What does that tell you?” Autumn leant out with a look that said: I-just-solved-this-case-so-be-proud.


“What were we talking about before this came up?” Rose asked distractedly.


“Christmas break.” Marsh said.


“Yes!” Rose became mad again. She pointed at Autumn. “Valid reason.” She turned to Marsh. “You.”


“I… uh… can you not point and stare at me like that?” He asked.


“Fine.” Rose lowered her finger but would not her glare. “Explain why you are abandoning me on Christmas.”


“Sarah invited me to stay at hers during the holidays. She’s inviting a few others as well.” Marsh said.


Rose certainly enjoyed this power, but not the reason it was coming. “Sarah? Sarah Lee?”


“Yeah.” He said hesitantly.


“The Ravenclaw?” She double-checked.


“Yes.” He said.


“OK.” I sighed. “You’re valid. She does have gorgeous hair. You.” I pointed at Sal.


“Why me last?” She winged.


“You’re sitting last on the chair!” Rose retorted. “I didn’t want to hold my hand up for long.”


“Ugh. Fine.” Sal harrumphed. “My dad wants to go to Australia. He says he misses the summer… all the skin cancerous summer.” She added under her breath.


Rose laughed. “Fine! You’re valid. But that leaves me stuck here all alone!”


“What happened to the great Weasley Christmas?” Sal asked.


“Got postponed this year for the Easter break.” Rose sighed. “Dad and Uncle Harry are away on a 3 week mission and mum reckons it’s the perfect time to finish that book of hers. Grandma Weasley’s sick again from sitting out next to Grandpa Weasley’s tombstone all day.”


“Oh.” Autumn said. “Sorry.” She patted Rose’s back.




“What are you doing for the holidays?” Scorpius leaned back and asked his friends.


They were in the Slytherin common room, sitting before the fire they had jokily charmed green.


“I’m going home.” Jay said swallowing his chocolate. “Mum’s getting worried cause I’ve stopped owling her every week.”


There was sniggering amongst the group.


“Well, bust your mum out of Azkaban, see how normal she is!” Jay shot back a smirk on his face.


“Ha!” Scorpius laughed. “What about you, Ed?”


“I’m staying.” He snorted still chuckling. “Nothing much at home except a drunk mum. I think she’ll sober up in time for summer holidays.”


“Well,” Bill said grinning. “I seem to be the only one with a normal family!”


“That’s cause you’re the only half-blood!” Jay teased.


“Better then a pureblood maniac!” Bill shot back still grinning, this time with a hint of challenge sparkling in his eyes.


“Guys!” Scorpius broke up the imaginary fight. “Bill, staying?”


“No.” Bill smirked. “Mum loves seeing me open her presents. No matter how bad they are.”


“You’ll always get the good ones from us!” Ed joked.


“I hope!” Bill said. “Another wand case and I’ll die!”




“Guys,” Rose said. “Since you’re leaving me all alone and I can’t be bothered owling you your presents, here is all of yours.”


They were at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall the morning before all Rose’s friends had left. Rose twisted her wand and a few presents appeared on the table before her.


“Wow.” Sal said. “You’ve gotten good.”


“Thanks,” Rose grinned. “I’ve been practising.”


“Compared to what you tried at the beginning of last year you’ve gotten very good.” Autumn joked.


Rose just stuck her tongue out. “Just open them!”


Her friends gleefully tore open their individual boxes.


Rose had gotten Marsh a self-check quill, due to his horrible spelling which constantly irritated her. She had gotten Autumn three framed photos of different puppies; at the bottom she had gotten engraved Summer, Winter and Spring – a personal joke between the two of them. Rose had given Sal a modified push up pillow. She had been whinging for one for months.


They each hugged and thanked her for their present.


Rose gleefully snapped her eyes shut and held out her hands, grinning like an idiot. After a silent moment or two she opened her eyes to an empty table. She whirled around to see a maroon edged robe swing around the Great Hall’s doors.


“Damn you!” She yelled waving her fist in the air.


There was a dead silence and almost every eye that wasn’t trained on food was trained on Rose.


“Sorry.” She said quietly, turning back to her food.




“Miss Weasley is asked for in the Headmistress’ office.” A small child hovered in the doorframe of Rose’s greenhouse doorway.


“Gladly.” Rose said chirpily. “Bags?”


“I – I – don’t –” The little boy stuttered.


“Calm down.” Uncle Neville, or Professor Longbottom as he insisted everone call him. Because really, everyone likes him and almost everyone who grew up with magic knows him before they came to Hogwarts as just Uncle Neville.


He checked his watch. “You might as well, Rose. The bell is going to go in another 10 minutes.”


“Alrighty.” She packed up her stuff looking forward to a good holiday, as this was the last lesson of the day. Then tomorrow all her friends would be abandoning her. Darn.


“So…” Rose asked the little boy on the long trek up to the Headmistress’ office. “What year are you in?”


“First, why?” He was clearly scared of something Rose had no idea what.


“Just asking.” She shrugged her shoulders. Rose walked ahead, because the kid obviously didn’t want her company.


“You?” He asked running up to her.


Rose slowed down her pace so his little legs could walk easily with her. “Seventh. It’s supposed to be the best and the worst year. At the beginning of the year, I thought it’s not possible for it to be the worst and the best. But now that I’m almost halfway through, it is. Just really bad and really good.” Rose said. “Oh. My. Merlin.” She halted in her tracks, her eyes glazed over.


“What?” The little boy asked nervously.


“I’m almost finished school!” She said hysterically. “I’ve almost finished! I’m never going to come back! But Hogwarts is my home! How can I leave? Merlin! Why? I didn’t even notice the days go by… now I’m almost done! Where will I live? How will I live? What do I want to do when I grow up? Shit! I am grown up!”


“Um.” The little boy looked on at her hysterics. “Professor McGonagall is waiting for you.”


“Thank you!” She said to him. “Do whatever you want now, I’ll go myself.” Rose ran to the office leaving the confused little boy in the middle of the stone circle just before the bridge to Hogwarts.


She remembered one very drunken night (for her parents of course) when Uncle Harry and Auntie Ginny had come over. Uncle Harry told the story of how in her third year Rose’s mum: ‘beat the crap outta Malfoy’. Rose had gotten excited thinking Scorpius was beaten up, but to her dismay found out it was Malfoy senior who took one punch.


“Professor!” Rose called out running up the Phoenix’s stairs. She banged on her oak doors. “Professor!”


“What?!” McGonagall snapped open the door. “Must you bang on my door for every minor thing Nicholas –” She saw that it was Rose rather then this ‘Nicholas’. “Oh. It’s you. Come in.”


Rose sauntered in and fell onto a comfy chair in front of her desk. “You sent the little kid down for me?”


“Yes. I did.” McGonagall said wearily. “I’m afraid I have some bad news.”


Rose’s heart plummeted. Panic filled her eyes and confusion raced her heart. “Wh – what?”


“Calm down.” McGonagall leant across the table and patted her hand. “It’s not that bad. But not very good news either.”


“OK.” Rose was a bit more steeled for this news.


“You are the only Gryffindor staying back.” McGonagall said.


Rose’s jaw dropped, then spread into a huge grin. “Are you serious?”


“Yes,” McGonagall sighed. “But you cannot stay in Gryffindor Tower all by yourself.”


“What?” Rose asked incredulously. “Why?”


“Safety reasons Miss Weasley,” McGonagall explained. “We cannot allow you to stay in a tower all by yourself.”


“Rupunzel could.” Rose muttered under her breath.


“Excuse me?” McGonagall said.


Rose shook her head. “Nothing.”


“Anyway,” McGonagall continued. “In case you tripped and fell, or had some other accident, no one else would be in the tower and you could be unfound for days. So we have decided to remove you to one of the other houses for the holidays. I trust you have friends in other houses?”


“Yeah…” Rose trailed off. “I can choose what house?”


“Yes.” McGonagall nodded.


Rose had a few friends over the houses, but her closest in Gryffindor. There was Jennifer in Hufflepuff, as well as Jordan. Rebecca, Kayla and Bella in Ravenclaw. That mean’s…


“Chosen?” McGonagall asked.


Rose nodded eagerly and opened her mouth.


A/N: Sorry for the length of time it took to update! Please review! I love them. Also, in case you had any favourite bits (or bits you hated), don’t be afraid to point them out. I do it when I review others!

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World War III: Christmas Preperations


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