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Ron looked at Harry as if he had gone insane. "Harry, what are you talking about? That's imposable. We've destroyed them all mate." he said, suddenly looking very panicked.

"Ron," he said, his voice strong once again. "I blacked out. I don't remember what happened right before, right before they hit Ginny with that spell. I remember in our fifth year, Ginny told me what it was like to be possessed by him. You forgot long pieces of time, not remembering where you are. I can't help but think that there is something wrong. There is a shadow behind my eyes, almost like a face…" he trailed off.

Ron looked him straight in the eyes, he saw the faint shadow, but pretended it was not there. "Bloody hell mate. You worry to much. You are probably just upset. Just go sleep, lay down. Something. You are just tired." Ron said, trying to make some excuse for what was going on. "I don't see a thing behind your eyes mate."

"Ron. I can tell you are lying." he said, staring blankly back into the mirror, his reflection staring back.

"Mate. Lets not talk about this right now." Ron said angrily. "My sister is dieing, and you are worried about a shadow behind your eyes, that isn't even there."

"Don't say that!" Harry snapped back quickly.

Ron shut his mouth and did not open it for several minutes, he merely stared at Harry and worried. "I wonder what is taking 'Mione so long." he said, trying to break the silence between them.

"I don't know Ron. I don't know." Harry replied, not even aware he was speaking. Ron's words had made him start thinking about Ginny again. He was running scenarios of what could be happening with her through his head. He walked up to the front desk, still covered in blood. "What is going on with Ginny Weasley?" he asked, in a forceful voice, demanding an answer.

The witch looked up and sighed at him, rather bored with her job. "I don't know. What is she here for?" she asked, looking at some files that were sitting on the counter.

Harry realized this was not the same witch as was there when Harry came in. "Spell damage. She was hit with a very very bad curse." he said, trying not to think about the last time he had seen her.

The witch nodded. "I will be right back. I will go check with the healer on duty. Perhaps he would know." she said, not at all enthusiastically.

The wait for the witch to some back was antagonizing for Harry. He stood there thinking, that was the only thing he could think about, that and convincing himself not to vomit.

The witch came back, followed shortly by a healer covered in blood, almost as much as Harry. It made him sicker to his stomach. "How is Ginny?" he asked, trying to keep his voice even.

The healer shook his head. "She is still alive," he said, pausing to take a deep breath. "but she has lost a lot of blood. She is still in the operation room. Two other healers are finishing up. We did the best we could." he added, trying not to look Harry directly in the eyes.

Harry nodded, trying to be strong as Ron and Hermione walked up beside him. "What, what are her chances?"

The healer looked up at them and glanced into each of their eyes before turning them back to the floor. "I'd give her a fifty-fifty chance. She is a strong girl. She just has to want it." he said, carefully eyeing two red-headed people entering the front doors.

"She got engaged yesterday." said Harry quietly.

"Once she wakes up most of the danger will be passed. Right now we are really worried about a fever that she has developed. You should go wait over there Mr. Potter. I will send someone for you when she can be seen."


The healer smiled curtly and walked back in the direction he had came from. Molly and Arthur walked up behind them and started talking rapidly to Ron. Harry walked back over to his chair and sat, not wanting to be patient. He wanted to see Ginny then, the wait was killing him. Not to mention the odds that the healer gave him were not so great either. He sat there, for what could have been an hour before another healer returned.

"Mr. Potter?" The healer asked, her voice trying to be soothing.

Harry looked up, his eyes alive with worry. "I am he."

"I was told to come get you when Miss. Weasley could have visitors." She said, studying his face for a reaction carefully.

He came quickly to his feet. "What room is she in?"

"I have to ask you a couple of questions first." She said, looking sympathetic.

"Ask away, but hurry."

"Have you been around any sick people within the last two weeks?"


"Are you family?"

"I am her fiancé."

"She is in room number twelve." She said, before slipping away behind the desk.

Harry stood up and started walking towards room twelve at a fast pace, wondering where Ron, Hermione, and Mr. And Mrs. Weasley had gone.

Ginny was laying on the bed, looking paler than Harry had ever seen her. I small white box sitting next to her on the table mad slow quiet beeping noises regularly. Harry rushed over to her and fell to his knees beside her bed. He watched her chest slowly rise and fall, holding her warm, pale hand, for undefined amount of time. It could have been minutes, it could have been hours. His hand covered the white gold engagement ring he'd just given her. Healers came in and out several times, checking her pulse, and running tests on her with their wand. Molly, Arthur, Ron, Hermione, and George came in and out several times each as well. Through it all Harry never once blinked or took his eyes off of her for a second. Molly came in and sat down beside her husband.

"Has he moved at all Arthur?" She asked, her voice a quiet whisper.

"Not once, he was here when we got here. I don't think that he has even noticed we are here."

Molly got up and walked over to Harry, placing her hand on his shoulder. "Harry dear, I know you want to be there for Ginny, but you need to get some rest. Go get something to eat in the cafeteria and get some sleep. If she wakes up we'll be here."

"I know." He stated simply, attempting to act like he was still perfectly sane. "I am not tired or hungry."

"Harry dear, you have been here for nearly eighteen hours, you need to go stand up. At least walk around."

"I'm fine." He actually took his eyes off of Ginny for a moment to look at Mrs. Weasley. "I'm fine." Harry lied, slower the second time.

Molly sighed. "At least let me go get you a cup of coffee or something."

"That would be nice." he said, his eyes not moving from Ginny.

Bellatrix Lestrange paced in her cell in Askaban, stuck in the form of Alecto Carrows. She had nearly used all of her supply of polyjuice  potion, at which time she would have to reveal her identity. She paced the cell back and forth, her mind racing, and the dementors crushing her even farther down. The last time she was in this place, she had lost even more of her sanity. It was only a small matter of time before she lost it completely.

Bellatrix tried to stop pacing by sitting in the middle of the floor, completely silent, trying to block the feelings the dementors gave her. No way could this be good for her baby, "Lorianna, young Lorianna, sweet Lorianna," She used different words to describe her child, knowing that she would soon escape, she tried to pick a middle name. "Lorianna Marie, Lorianna Darling, Lorianna Marlene," she said, thinking desperately for a name, when she remembered one, "Merope, Lorianna Merope. Yes, that sounds appropriate." She patted her growing stomach, a twisted smile on her face. "One day Lorianna Merope, you are going to rule the world and find a way to bring back daddy, one day." She started singing a twisted lullaby she remembered from her childhood.

Molly walked back into her daughters hospital room carrying two cups if coffee. Harry was sitting alone with Ginny, not daring to take his eyes off of her.

"She's going to be perfectly fine you know." Harry's tired voice came as he accepted the cup of coffee from Molly.

"I know she is dear. Which is why you should go get some rest. She wouldn't like you to torture yourself like this." Molly pleaded. She hated watching him suffer so.

He shook his head. "No. If I leave, she will wake up." He said, still unblinking despite the tiredness in his worried eyes. He hadn't taken as much as a sip of the coffee.

"Dear, if she wakes up, I promise I'll come get you before she notices your not here." Her voice pleaded, threatening to break.

"I'm fine." He said, at last giving in and looking at Molly.

"Harry. Your killing yourself. Go lay down. Now." She ordered.

"She's right." A quiet voice said weakly. Harry looked down to see the hand he held was tightening its grip on his.

"Ginny." Harry gasped, and turned to see his Love's eyes blinking open. They were back to their usual shade of chocolate brown, but he didn't quite notice that at the moment.

"Hi Harry," A faint smile played across her face.It hurt her to move. Her mouth opened slightly as her vision became more focused. "Harry. Your covered in blood."

"I'll go get the healer." Molly whispered, and walked off. A happy smile on her face.

"I wouldn't leave you to go change." He said, leaning over and kissing her on the forehead.

"Harry," She whispered in an almost lecturing tone, her voice hoarse.

"I couldn't leave you. I had to be here when you woke up." He said, overcome with joy that she was awake. "You had me so worried." He tacked on.

"Harry, I promise, I will never leave you until we are old and have grand kids. Cross my heart." She said, crossing her fingers slowly. "I'd say hope to die, but I think it could be bad luck at the present time."

"Good idea." he winked at her. "I'm so glad your okay."

"Harry, nothing can keep me down. I'm a Weasley!" She said, moving a little too much in her enthusiasm. "Ouch." She whimpered.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked very alarmed.

"I'm okay." She said, slightly out of breath. "It just hurts to move."

"Don't move then love."

She rolled her eyes. "Harry, go get some sleep. Your starting to become captain obvious."


A few days before Ginny was to Hogwarts Harry was sitting with Ginny in her room at the burrow. The past couple of weeks had allowed them time to spend with each other, though they both would have wished for it under better circumstances. Harry was allowed to leave the school every day after his classes to go see Ginny, and he would stay there until morning when he went back to school. He had forgotten all about the scare about being possessed by Voldemort, he was just happy Ginny was recovering.

"How is the rebuild of the school coming?" Ginny asked conversationally, taking a bite of her soup Molly had brought up for her to eat about twenty minutes previously.

"Good," Harry replied not quite uninterested. "It should be done by the time you get back to school."

"That's good. I was hoping for a quick repair."

Harry grinned. "Me too, though, I was hoping for someone to recover quickly, rather than a fast repair for the school."

Ginny laughed and held up an arm pretending to show her muscles. "I think I'm back to full strength. You'd know better about the school though."

"I don't care how long the Hogwarts repair takes as long as it is soon enough for our children to go there."

"Wow." Ginny said, staring at the wall.

"Wow what?"

"Our children." She said, admiring the way the words felt on her lips.

"Ah," Harry grinned again. "How many do you think we'll have?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe about five."

"Five? I suppose that's a good number. I never really had much of a family before I went to Hogwarts. I want our children to have a family. I never want anyone else to know what it feels like to not have anyone to go to."

Ginny tilted her head ever so slightly and but her hand on his. "I've told you before, I'm never leaving."

"I know Ginny. I know." He responded, just glad that she was alright.

Just about that time Molly walked into the room carrying a rather large catalog of wedding stuff. Harry and Ginny had announced the engagement officially while Ginny was still in the hospital. Molly had quickly noticed the ring on her daughters finger. Much to the couple's happiness, Molly couldn't have been more thrilled.

"I've brought you two something to look at!" She announced, setting the rather thick book on her bed.

"Wedding stuff?" Ginny asked, not really enthusiastiacally. It wasn't that she wasn't excited about her wedding, but that it was ages away.

"Yes, of course dear. There is so much to plan!"

Harry stifled a laugh and Ginny gave him a venomous glare. "Alright mum. We'll look over it." She said, smiling sweetly.

Molly nodded."If you need any help just yell." She said, and left the room to go clean up what was left from lunch.

Harry looked at Ginny. "Well, I suppose we should look at it."

"Your probably right." Ginny agreed. Ginny turned so that her legs were hanging off the side of the bed. She patted the space next to her.

Harry got up and sat beside her. He grabbed the book and opened it so that one side was on Ginny's lap, the other on his."Ah, very interesting." He said, looking down at the page of flowers.

"Yeah. Right. What colours do you think?"

"Uh... I don't know. You can decide."

"Okay, lets just say this, emerald and white. Lily's for the flowers. Mum can do whatever she likes?" Ginny said, really not caring.

"Okay." Harry agreed.

"Then there is the matter of the wedding dress..." Her voice trailed off.

"I have my Mum's." He said quietly.

"You do?" Ginny asked, slightly stunned.


"Well how did you get it?" Ginny demanded.

"Oh, well, you see, I ended up going back to Godric's Hallow to my parents house before term started. I wanted to see it, when I wasn't looking for something. Their room was one of the only places that wasn't destroyed. I found it in a chest at the end of their bed. Its in my trunk at Hogwarts. I just thought it would be something nice to have."

"Wow. Why didn't you tell me you went back there? I would have gone with you." She said, quietly.

"It was just something I needed to do alone." He said, not really wanting to talk about it.

"Okay. I would love to wear your mother's dress."

Harry simply smiled.

"I suppose we should act like we are still looking in the book in case Mum comes back." She said reluctantly, flipping the page.

Muahahahaha! I have FINALLY finished chapter 16! I have written this chapter about three or four times. But, at last, I've got one I am happy with. AND! Its way to short! And it isn't very good. But, you know, now I can move on to a easier chapter. I hope you are happy with the way things tuned out with Ginny. I really wanted her to die, but I ended up not. It kind of would have ruined it for some people.


Until next time,
Alaska (Mira)

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