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A/N Thanks for reading the prologue everyone! Enjoy!!


I was sitting eating breakfast on a crisp, September morning with Dominique when Al and Scorpius appeared, grinning widely.


“Morning” I said, suspiciously. “What are you two looking so happy about?”


“Glad you asked” said Scorpius. “The thing that has made your cousin and I so cheerful is this.” He exclaimed. 

He producing a sheet of parchment from his pocket and handed it to me. I looked down at it and saw that it was a notice, most likely taken from their common room notice-board. It read;

Anyone who is interested in joining the Slytherin Quidditch Team may present themselves for try-outs on Wednesday night, at the Quidditch pitch, at seven pm, where the captain, Albus Potter, will choose the new members.


I smiled. “Lovely”


“Thanks Rosie. I’m telling you, this year is Slytherin’s year. We are winning that cup!” said Albus, fervently.


“I think you’re forgetting that Gryffindor has won for the past five years in-a-row, Al.” Said Dominique, sweetly.


“Yes, but that was before it had me as captain. That combined with the unstoppable force of Potter and Malfoy…beat us if you can!” he exclaimed.


“Well said, my friend!” shouted Scorpius. Albus grabbed a slice of toast off my plate, and the two of them went strutting off over to their own table.


Dominique watched them go with a look of amused despair on her face.


Unstoppable force?” I snorted as Dominique rolled her eyes.  “Those two are unbelievable.”


“Yeah, well James won’t be to happy to hear how determined they are.” Remarked Dom. “He’s got his heart set on taking the Cup for his last year.” 

She looked at her watch and quickly gulped down her orange juice. “I’ve got to dash; I need to finish that Charms essay before class. Oh here comes Megan.” She said, smiling as our fellow Gryffindor approached. “See you, Rose.”


“See you,” I said, returning to this morning’s copy of The Prophet that had been left on the table.


“I see you are as interested in current events as ever.” Muttered my best friend, Megan Bryce, as she took a seat next to me, swinging her long, black hair over her shoulder. She leaned her head on her hands and sighed gently.


“Where did you get to anyway? You were right behind me when we came downstairs.” I questioned, curiously.


“I ran into Steven,” she said, with a meaningful glance, which I returned in understanding. 

Steven Finnegan was Megan’s boyfriend of just over a year. They were well known in Hogwarts for their stormy relationship; nearly everyone had witnessed one of their fights at some point. But Megan and Steven had a love/hate relationship; they couldn’t live with each other, couldn’t live without.


“What was it about this time?” I said, vaguely, returning to The Prophet.


“He was flirting with that slut Rhona Abercrombie, you know, the Ravenclaw? And he completely denied it!” Megan told me angrily.


“Dreadful,” I muttered, rolling my eyes in slight amusement. Megan continued to rant, but something else caught my attention, as I spotted the Potters’ surname in bold print.




What the-” I muttered, starting to read.


“The wizarding world was rocked over 5 years ago when Harry Potter’s son, Albus Potter, was sorted into Slytherin. Potter had worked tirelessly against the Dark Arts for his whole career, only to have his own son sorted into the very house which had acted as a training camp for some of the world’s darkest wizards, most notoriously He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, who Potter famously defeated 24 years ago. Potter assured the wizarding community that he was as proud as ever of his son, as with all his children, and that Slytherin House had received a great pupil, despite young Albus embarking on a close friendship with Scorpius Malfoy, son of Potter’s school rival Draco Malfoy. But now, the Chosen One is about to witness a whole new family crisis, as sons James and Albus go head-to-head for the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup, with James captaining Gryffindor, and Albus leading Slytherin. When questioned about how he is taking his sons’ battle on the Quidditch pitch, Potter laughed off concerns, commenting “It’s just a laugh. The boys are great players, just like their mother. They’ll have a great time!” Indeed, with the boys’ mother, Ginevra Potter, an ex-star of the Holyhead Harpies, we must wonder just how much of “a laugh”  these boys will be taking the matches as, after being raised in such a Quidditch-based household. Let’s hope this doesn’t end in some brother-brawls in the school corridor as James and Albus battle it out. Of course, we will keep you informed, in the meantime, let the battle commence!”


“You’re JOKING!” I burst out, throwing the paper on the table in despair.” Let the battle commence- what nonsense! Have you seen this?” I said, throwing the paper to James and Fred, who had just taken seats across from us.


They picked it up and began to read silently. When finished, James burst out laughing.


“Oh man, that’s really good. This gives me an excuse to beat up Al” he said, shaking with laughter.


I looked at him angrily. “That bloody Diana Grey has it in for your parents! She’s trying to make it look like they’ve raised you and Al to fight over anything!” I exclaimed.


“Rose, one thing I’ve learned over the years is not to take things I read about our family literally. They’ve all got it in for my dad! And remember that time they wrote that your dad was leaving the country because the Canons got knocked out of the league?” laughed James.


“Seriously Rose, you shouldn’t let it bother you,” said Fred, seeming totally unfazed.


We were interrupted by the appearance of my brother, Hugo, a quiet fourth-year boy, who had inherited both my mother’s brains and our family’s fame.


“Um, Rose, I think you should read this…it’s from Mum…she’s erm, well just read it!” he said, handing me a letter on which I noticed Mum’s neat hand-writing.


“Okay…” I said, curiously.

Five minutes later, I spat out my orange juice in shock, soaking James, who yelled in disgust.


“ROSE! For fuck's sake!” He shouted, scowling at me.


“I’m sorry, okay I’m sorry but…MERLIN!” I exclaimed, looking at Hugo, whose expression matched my own.


The brunt, it appeared, of my mother’s letter, was that she was going to have a baby. A bloody baby. My 42 year-old mother, and my 42 year-old father, who had had quite enough baby-raising in their younger years.


“What is it?” said Megan, reading the letter over my shoulder. “Your Mum’s pregnant?!”


“WHAT?” shouted Fred, looking highly amused.


“Oh Merlin,” said James, laughing, “Think Rose, now you know that they must still be…you know” he said, raising his eyebrows.


“James!” I said, starting to feel slightly sick. James was now shouting across the Great Hall to Albus at the Slytherin table, that Aunt Hermione was ‘up the duff’. 

“Oh Merlin” I said, weakly. “I need to go for a walk.” I muttered to Megan, feeling very thankful that I had a free period this morning.


I wasn’t really very sure what to think. I mean, I did not see this one coming! On the one hand, a little baby brother or sister would be a great addition to the Weasley family. But my parents weren’t getting any younger. It wouldn’t be long until Hugo and I were leaving home, that should be a time for them to relax, not raise a brand new baby. I looked down at my Mum’s note.


-sure it comes as quite a shock to you both, we certainly weren’t expecting it! But I only have to look at you two, and I know how much we will love this baby. In some ways, this is the most perfect thing that could have happened…”


“Here’s hoping.” I muttered.


I turned round to head back up to the castle, and found myself face-to-face with Scorpius Malfoy.


“Hey,” he said, smiling.


“Hi Scorpius,” I said, shoving the letter in my pocket. A gesture which didn’t go unnoticed.


“I heard about your Mum’s pregnancy…well I think the whole Hall did, really.” He said, apologetically.


“James is many things, but subtle isn’t one of them.” I smiled.


Scorpius laughed. I looked directly at him, and found myself lost in his deep, blue eyes, I tried to fight it, but already I was being transported to another time, another world.


It was the last match of the season, Slytherin v Ravenclaw, and Ravenclaw had just won, 340-310. It was five days before I finished fifth-year, officially the most stressful year of my life due to OWLs. Everyone was heading up to the castle, but I went down to the changing rooms, looking for Albus, I knew he would be gutted. I found the changing room empty apart from Scorpius. “Oh, sorry. Do you know where Albus is?” I asked.


“He’s gone up to the castle; I don’t think he wants to talk to anyone.” Scorpius said, in a dead sort of voice. I noticed he was dabbing at a deep, bleeding gash across his cheekbone.


“Ouch, is that okay?” I said, crossing the room and sitting down next to him. I took the cloth from him and began gently trying to get the dirt out of the wound. “You should go and see Madam Pomfrey, Scorpius.”


“Nah, it’s fine. Thanks, by the way.” He said, gesturing to the cloth which I was now dipping in the dish of Murtlap Essence. “I can’t believe we lost.” He said, sounding annoyed with himself.


“It was really close, and Ravenclaw have put together a great team. Don’t beat yourself up about it.” I said, gently.


He looked into my eyes and that was the first time that I noticed just how beautiful his were. If only I hadn’t noticed, things would be a lot simpler, but I did notice. Next minute, he was kissing me, and I wasn’t stopping him, I was kissing him back.




A/N I know I’ve left Rose and Scorpius’s relationship a bit complicated, but for the record, they are not going out at the moment, we will find out why soon enough. Just to clear a few things up, Rose etc are in 6th year, and James is in 7th year. Hope you liked it! Reviews appreciated, Katy.

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