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Chapter 5
Forgiveness and Friendships

The sun flowed into the dorm. The window was right across from my bed so it poured directly onto me. I never needed an alarm clock; the sun always woke me up.


I yawned and sat up stretching my arms out above my head. I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.


“Good-morning,” Terri said from her bed. Her legs were hanging over the side of her bed.


“Hey Terri,” I said. I yawned again.


I was still in my school uniform. I should have another one somewhere in my trunk. I rolled off of my bed and onto the floor, my knees scraped on the stone. I opened my trunk and pulled out a black skirt, a white blouse, a gray sweater, and my socks.


I stood up and wiped the dust off of my skirt. I dropped the clean uniform onto my bed.


“Were you waiting up for me?” I asked looking around the empty dormitory.


“I thought I should,” Terri said. “I didn’t know if you wanted to sit with the guys today or not.”


I was slowly unbuttoning the blouse I was wearing. I stopped abruptly. Everything that happened last night at dinner washed over me. It felt like a huge wave that kept crashing into me.


Terri noticed my reaction to whatever she said. “Tori, I’m sorry,”


I shook my head. “No it’s okay,” I continued removing my uniform and than put on the clean one. I sat down on the bed and pulled my socks on.


Terri got up off of her bed and came and sat down next to me.


“You can sit with me at breakfast,” Terri said.


“It’s not mealtime that I’m worried about,” I said putting my head into my hands. “It’s classes.”


I had Double Charms with James and Sirius and History of Magic with Remus. The worse part was, now, I couldn’t pass notes with Remus in History of Magic. We both agreed that Professor Binns was the most boring man…dead.


“You’ll make it through the day,” Terri promised.


“How do you know?” I asked. “Are you psychic?”


“No,” Terri stated. “I just know you guys.”


I gave her a raised eyebrow. “It’s just…” She began.


I gestured for her to continue.


“I don’t have a lot of friends,” She said. “You’re like my only friend, literally.”


I patted her on the back, she just smiled. “And when I see you and The Marauders…” She stared off into space like she was looking at a memory. “You guys are really close; a stupid fight like this isn’t going to ruin your friendship.”


“Terri, you don’t understand,” I said. “I said I hated them,”


“So? They deserved it,” Terri said. “It’ll make them realize how important you are to them. And the fact that they were being stupid gits.” I laughed a little.


“I don’t know if I can face them,” I said.


“Well, let them talk to you,” Terri said. “It’s their fault that this happened.”


I smiled at Terri. She was a great friend even though we didn’t get to talk that often. We need to change that.


“Come on,” Terri said. “I’m hungry,” I laughed. I slipped on my shoes and grabbed my messenger bag.




Terri and I walked into the Great Hall. The chatter was limited, not many people were talking.


I looked over at my usual spot; the Marauders spot; right smack dab in the middle of the Gryffindor table. Peter wasn’t there, he was hardly ever at breakfast; not sure why.


The rest of them looked so depressed. I wanted so badly to walk over there and hug James close. He looked so sad, his glasses were off, his plate was empty, and his head was buried into his hands.  


Sirius was looking down at his empty golden plate. He wasn’t eating, Sirius was really depressed. His hair was messy and all over the place. I felt so bad now.


Remus’ plate had food on it but he wasn’t eating. He was just staring at the three pancakes covered in maple syrup. The pancakes even had chocolate chips in them; Remus could never resist chocolate. I wanted to cry on the spot.


“I know it’s hard to see,” Terri said.


She gestured over to an empty spot at the table. The very far end closest to the door; the spot where no one sat.


“Eat something; a solider fights better with a full stomach.” Terri said.  I laughed slightly at the saying. “My mom use to say that all the time,”


“Why?” I asked absent mindly piling pancakes onto my plate.


“Just like here I don’t have that many friends at home.” Terri said piling eggs and bacon onto her plate. “I get picked on a lot at home,”


“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said.


“Nah, it’s okay,” Terri said taking a bite out of her bacon. “My mum always said to be tough and fight.”


I laughed. “That’s amazing,”


“Yeah,” Terri said.


“Is she a witch?” I asked.


“Yeah,” Terri said. “My dad was a wizard but he walked out on my mum and me when I was really little.”


“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said.


“Its okay, my mom always says that he was a wiener.” I laughed, almost choking on the chocolate chip pancake. “Are you okay?”


I coughed and swallowed the pancake. “Yeah,” I said.


“What about your parents,” Terri asked.


I looked down at the syrup covered pancakes. “My mom was a witch and my dad was a muggle.”


“Oh, so you’re a half-blood,” Terri said mostly to herself. I nodded. “How’d you meet James?”


“We grew up next door to each other,” I said. “And than his parents took me in after the fire.”


“Fire?” Terri asked.


“My parents died in this huge fire when I was five,” I said.


“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Terri said.


“Don’t worry, it’s in the past, and that’s behind me.” I said eating the rest of my pancakes.


The bell chimed and Terri and I walked until we had to split up. She was going to Potions and was making the love potion. I headed off to Charms; I had to face the sad faces of the Marauders eventually.




I walked into Charms, only a few of the students had come in. James and Sirius being two of them. I took in a deep breath and went over to my seat in between Sirius and James. They left it open which made my heart swell with hope.


I slowly made my way to the spot. Not looking around, just staring at my shoes. I grabbed the back of the chair and pulled it away from the desk. I placed my messenger bag down on the ground and sat down.


Avoiding their faces at all costs, I took out a piece of parchment and a quill from my bag.


“So Padfoot, how are you?” James asked Sirius.


“I’m good Prongs, how are you?” Sirius asked James.


I looked down at the blank piece of parchment, wishing I could just vanish.


“I’m a little hurt,” James said. I don’t know if it was intended for me to hear, like he wanted me to apologize or something.


I wanted to make myself smaller, make myself completely disappear.


“I’m sorry to hear that Prongs,” Sirius said.


All of a sudden I was angry. I was angry that Sirius and James were ignoring me like this. Last night James would have given a left nut to see me.


I wanted to cry again. I would give anything to be alone right now.


The bell chimed again and Professor Flitwick stood on top of a stack of books.


“Good-morning class,” He squeaked.


“Good-morning Professor,” The class mumbled.


“Oh come on class,” Professor Flitwick said. “Tomorrow’s Friday!”


I laughed slightly. I stopped as Professor Flitwick began the lesson.




It was almost the end of class; I almost stood up and left when the bell rang the first time. Than I remember I had Double Charms. I wanted to say something to Sirius and James but I could barely speak to say the spell for today’s lesson. How could I possibly speak to them?


A piece of parchment that was crumpled into a ball rolled in front of me. It came from James’ side.


I slowly reached for it and slowly opened it.


Go to the lake at lunch today.


I looked at James and nodded. I didn’t know what he was up to. Was he going to apologize? Or was he going to yell at me to apologize?


The bell chimed signifying Lunch. I stood up and left the classroom. I had to have something to eat before I went to the lake. Like Terri said “a soldier fights better with a full stomach.”


I walked into the Great Hall and sat down at a spot at the door. Terri walked in shortly after and sat down across from me.


“Hey,” She said. I scooped a few spoonfuls of macaroni and cheese onto my plate. I began shoveling the food into my mouth.


“Are you in a rush?” She asked. I didn’t say anything I just threw the crumpled up piece of parchment at Terri.


“Who was this from?” Terri asked.


“James,” I said with a mouth full of macaroni. It didn’t sound like I said James; but Terri still knew who I was talking about.


“Maybe he’s going to apologize!” Terri said.


I nodded. I wasn’t even half way done when I saw the Marauders walk into the Great Hall; grab a bread roll from the table, and left. They were wearing their scarves and winter robes.


I shoveled the rest of my food into my mouth, drinking some water to help me get it all down. I stood up from the bench. “I’ll see you later Terri,”


“Bye Tori,” Terri said.


I bolted through the front door leading outside. I didn’t care that I didn’t have my scarf or my winter robes. I bolted through the snow towards the lake.


I could see four little black dots by the lake. Apparently Peter was there even though he left before the fight happened.


I neared closer to them. My socks getting soaked from the snow. They were probably going to yell at me for not dressing properly for the cold outside. I didn’t care, I couldn’t last another minute without my boys.


I finally made it to the lake. The guys were standing around the large tree.


“Tori!” James scolded.


“I know, I know,” I said. “I’m not properly dressed for the outside.” I breathed.


I took in a few breaths. “So, what did you want?”


“We wanted to say that…” James began.


“We’re sorry,” Sirius said.


“For yelling and stuff,” Remus said.


Peter stared absently around the lake.


I took in a deep breath. They said they were sorry, just like Terri said they would. She was right; a stupid fight like this couldn’t break up our friendship.


I felt a warm tear trickle down my cheek.


“Tori? Why are you crying?” James asked.


I didn’t say anything. I went up to James and wrapped my arms around his middle. He was so much taller than me. He hugged me back laying his head on mine.


“I’m so sorry Tori,” James said. I cried into his robe. “Please don’t cry Tori.”


“I missed you so much James,” I said into his robe.


He just held me tighter. I felt two more pairs of arms wrap around me.


Remus and Sirius were hugging me too.


“Group hug,” Sirius said. I couldn’t help but laugh. Remus and James joined in with my laughing. Peter stood awkwardly around us laughing.


Sirius began laughing, I was trying to get out from the hug but I ended up tripping over either, James’, Sirius’, or Remus’, humongous feet. It went all down hill from there.


I fell into Peter, dragged down Sirius, who dragged down James, who dragged down Remus.


We sat there in the snow, freezing our asses off, just laughing.


“Come on, the bell will be ringing soon,” Remus said standing. He helped me up and everyone else stood.


“Mooney, can we just skip History of Magic?” I asked leaning my head on his shoulder.


“That is a very tempting offer Bushytail,” Remus said. “But we have to go,”


I groaned.


“Hey, I’d take History of Magic over Divinitation any day.” Sirius said.


“Yeah, but you have Prongs,” I said. “I was left alone yesterday.” I glared at Remus.


“Hey don’t blame me,” Remus said raising his hands up as if surrendering. “Blame the moon,”


I rolled my eyes at him. We trudged through the snow back to the castle.




We walked back into the Great Hall. Terri stood from her seat.


“Are you guys talking again?” She asked. I beamed.


“Yes!” She said hugging me close.


“Who is she?” James whispered in my ear. I elbowed him in the gut. He toppled over, I just kept smiling.


“What’s up with him?” Terri asked.


“He’s got cramps,” I said. Terri began laughing.


“That was not funny,” James said.


“I thought it was funny,” Sirius said. I began laughing.


The bell chimed. Remus and I headed to History of Magic.


Remus and I took our seats in the back. The bell chimed again. Professor Binns began drawling on.


I took out a piece of parchment and began writing on it.


I’m exceedingly bored


Class hasn’t even started yet!


Remus’ clean writing came into view on the parchment.


I’m still bored


He shook his head and laughed slightly.


Don’t laugh at me mister! And you can’t deny that you aren’t bored either.


No, I’m pretty bored.


Our little notes went on and on through the entire period. Every now and than we looked up like we were paying attention but than we went back to writing the little notes.




“It’s over! It’s finally over!” I cheered as Remus and I walked out of the classroom.


He laughed at me.


“Come on Mooney be happy! Next week is the last week of school and than its Winter Holidays!” I cheered.


He laughed at me some more.


“Where’s Padfoot, he’ll cheer with me!” I said.


Remus and I walked into the Great Hall for dinner. Remus and I plopped down at the table. Sirius ran down through the Great Hall. He sat down next to me.


“Divinitation is OVER!” He cheered. I laughed.


“See Mooney, I told you he would,” Remus began laughing.


“What are we talking about?” Sirius asked. 


“Nothing,” I said scooping spaghetti noodles onto my plate. James plopped down next to me.


“Tomorrow is Friday!” James cheered.


“Yeah!” Sirius cheered.


“You guys know we’re making that love potion tomorrow in Potions…right?” Remus asked.


I groaned. James just smiled.


“I don’t need it,” James beamed.


“I could use it,” Sirius said. I stared at him in shock.


“What girl do you need to use a love potion on?” I asked.


“Oh, you’d be surprised,” Sirius said. He smiled at me.


“You shouldn’t use a love potion on anyone,” Remus said. “You should date someone who actually loves you,”


“See Mooney gets it! How come you two can’t?!” I asked.


“Hey, I get it now,” James said.


“I’m just stupid,” Sirius said.


“Yes, yes you are,” I said. Remus and James began laughing. I laughed with them.


I looked down at the end of the table. Terri was sitting by herself. I stood up.


“Where you going Bushytail?” James asked.


“Don’t worry, I’ll be right back,” I said.


I walked over to Terri and sat down next to her.


“Hey Terri,” I said.


“Hey Tori, why aren’t you sitting with the Marauders?” She asked.


“Because I saw you sitting all by yourself,” I said.


“Oh, don’t let my loneliness keep you from your friends,” Terri said.


“But you are one of my friends,” I said. “So you’re going to sit with the Marauders and me.”


Terri looked at me with wide eyes. I could tell she was about to protest.


“Don’t say anything, just come with me,” I said.


I walked back to my seat and plopped down in between Sirius and James. Terri sat in the space between Remus and Peter.


“Guys, this is Terri,” I said.


“Hey Terri,” The guys said.


“She’ll be sitting with us from now on,” I said.


“Tori, you really don’t have,”


“I know I don’t have too,” I said cutting off Terri. “I want too,”


“Alright, we’re going to need a nickname for her,” Sirius said stroking his chin like he had a beard.


“Hm…” I said pondering also.


“How ‘bout Bookworm?” Terri asked.


I nodded. “Do you want it to be Bookworm?” She nodded.


“It suits me, don’t you think?” Terri asked.


“I don’t know, if we’re like calling her to come over to us, it might sound like an insult.” Remus said.


“True,” James said.


“Alright, until we can figure out a nickname for her…” I said. “We’ll call her Terri.”


“Alright,” Everyone agreed.


“Welcome to the group,” I said to Terri. She beamed at me.


I took in another deep breath as Sirius started asking Terri random questions as they popped into his head. She laughed as she answered. Everything was starting to look up. 

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