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A/N I do not own Harry Potter by JK Rowling or Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

It was midday at the burrow and for once it was quiet. It was the middle of the summer holidays.

Harry and Hermione had been at the burrow for a few weeks already. That morning Hermione started to feel ill, pains ripped through her body, and her temperature was all ready over 40° C (104° F) and was still rising.

Molly has made Hermione lie on the couch in the living room, so she would be able to keep an eye on her. Wrapped around Hermione was a silver blanket, up on the blanket was many pictures. One that was in the centre of the black was a family crest. This crest consisted of a lion; standing on a v shape filled with 3 three left clovers and above the lion was a single hand. Around the crest lay two roses, one blood red and the midnight black. Then on the rest of the blanket were pictures of pens, books, a baseball, trees and a heart with the words ‘the angels of the night, care for you’. No-one had ever quested Hermione about this unusual blanket.

That morning Molly had sent the others out of the house for the day, to allow Hermione to rest in the peace and quiet. She had giving them many things to do. Some being d0 the shopping, and clean the garden (e.g., degnomming ). Molly, herself was in the kitchen, she was busy backing, cooking and clean. That morning she had already made bread, a chocolate cake, scones, and was still making her famous strawberry ice-cream.

Looking over at Hermione, her face dulled. “The poor girl” she whispered as Hermione tossed about on the couch. Her hair was now sticking to her face once again. Molly walked over to Hermione and picked up the flannel that had once been on the girls head. Molly Dipped it into the bowl of ice cold water then ringed out the water before placing it onto Hermione’s head, hoping it may bring down her temperature as no magic spell or potion had.

Just as Molly stood up, she heard a popping sound. Then her front door went.

She walked over to get it. Once opening the door, she got a surprise to see Albus Dumbledore standing there.

“Come in, Albus. What do I owe for this pleasant surprise.” she asked

“Molly, I have popped over to ask you a favour.” replied Albus following Molly to the kitchen.

“I would have offered you a seat in the living room, but I have had to get Hermione to lie been there, she has some sort of bug, I wanted her somewhere were I could keep an eye on her.”

“Oh, what is wrong with her?” said Albus looking over to Hermione how was still tossing in her sleep.

“Her temperature is extremely high, and she was complaining of very bad pains this morning. She could barley walk from Ginny’s room to the living room, I had to get Charley to carry her through” replied molly sadly, “I have never seen a child so ill before Albus, I have gave her potions to try and kill the pain, and bring down her temperature but nothing is working.”

“Poor thing, I fear only time will work, her body must have to get arid of what it is itself” replied Albus looking back to Molly

“Yes that’s what I thought, anyway what is it you have to ask me?” asked Molly

“Well as you could see, Hogwarts flu system is down at the moment. Normally that would not bother me, but you see today I have and old friend coming to visit me along with his wife. I am hoping to employ them both for this year a Hogwarts. But the thing is they are coming from America and are unable to apparate. So I was wondering if it would be ok for them to flu here, and talk to them here.” asked Albus

“Of course headmaster, I could set a table up out in the garden for the three of you”

“That would be lovely Molly thank you very much” replied Albus standing up, “Well, I better get back to Hogwarts and contact my friend. I’ll ask them to arrive around three. So goodbye for now Molly, I will see you again in a few hours”

“Goodbye Albus”

With a pop Albus left the burrow to go back to Hogwarts.




It as ten minutes to three when Albus Dumbledore returned back to the burrow. As before, the house was still quite. Only occupied by a sleeping Hermione and Molly, how was now knitting a black jumper with a red rose on it.

“Welcome back, Albus the table is all ready set up out in the garden for you.” said molly smiling

Thank you again Molly” replied Albus, before looking over to Hermione, “How is she?”

“Not any better, still very hot. In fact I think I will take her temperature again” replied molly

Molly pulled out her wand and kneed down beside Hermione’s head, placing the tip of the wand upon Hermione’s head. The tip of the wand glowed yellow before a set of numbers appeared. 40.9° C (105.62° )

“How is she still alive Albus, that temperature could boil her alive?” whispered Molly

“I don’t have a clue Molly, but I think Hermione has a secret. A secret, which she has never told any of us. Not one of us has every asked her about her home life” replied Albus

Just as Albus had finished talking, the fireplace turned green, and out stepped two young adults.

The male stepped out of the fireplace first, once he stood out and starched to his full height he stood at 6’2”,is blonde hair had been brushed back into a low pony tale. His build was muscular, yet slender at the same time. But the most striking thing about him was is butterscotch coloured eyes. This young man offered his hand to the women how was now stepping out.

This young woman had the same striking eye colour to the young man; her hair, a caramel colour fell down her head in soft waves and framed the top of her slender body.

“Ah. Dr Carlisle Cullen, Mrs Esme Cullen. What a pleasure to see you both gain, and still as young as when I first met you all those years ago” laughed Albus

“Albus, my dear friend” said Carlisle in am soft voice, “It is good to see you too, but time had not been on your hand I can see, like it has been on ours”

Carlisle and Esme both walked over to Albus and gave him a friendly cuddle.

“Albus is has been a while” said Esme, her angelic voice.

“It sure has been, my friends. I would like you to meet a friend of mine, whose house we are currently in.” replied Albus as molly walked over to he small group, “Molly, these people are Carlisle and Esme Cullen old friends of mine. Carlisle, Esme this is Molly Weasley.”

The three made acquainted with year other, before Albus lead the two young looking adults out into the garden to talk to them.

********* In the house

Once Albus and his friend had gone outside, Molly went and re-cooled the flannel which she had on Hermione’s head.

Just after she had placed the flannel of Hermione’s head, Hermione opened her eyes. The whites of her eyes bloodshot, from her illness.

“How do you feel dear?” asked Molly quietly

“Like my body is on fire. Could I get a drink of water please?” replied Hermione

Molly nodded her head and walked over to the sink to get Hermione a cold glass of water. Just as she turned around a piercing scream shoot through the room.

Molly ran straight to Hermione before the glass of water smashed on the kitchen room floor.

Hermione lay thrashing on the couch, the blank now on the floor showing Hermione only in a black pyjama tank top and shorts.

Molly ran to the back door.

“Albus,” molly shouter, “Hermione’s getting worse; she just woke up then started to scream in pain”

Molly ran back into the room, but by the time she reached the couch Carlisle and Esme where all ready there

“How?” Molly asked stunned

Esme turned to Molly, “Vampires”

********* out in the garden

“What did you want to ask us Albus?” asked Carlisle as he sat on one of the chairs at the table

Albus took a deep breath, “The last six year for Hogwarts hospital wing has been extremely bad, especially as a group of student become higher in the school and with the threats from the dark lord. I was wondering if you would consider wanting to come and work at Hogwarts for the year.”

Carlisle sat smiling at Albus, “Albus I have waited for years for you to ask, of course I would, but what about Esme and the family”

“Esme could help out with defence against the dark arts and care of magical creatures, as for your adopted children, the five of them could role into Hogwarts for the last year.”

“Albus” started Esme,” there is six now, Bella Was turned last years, she is Edwards love”

“The six of them then” smiled Albus

“We have a deal” said Carlisle and Esme at the same time.

Just after finishing the conversation Molly’s voice was heard from the door of the house

“Albus,” Molly shouter, “Hermione’s getting worse; she just woke up then started to scream in pain”

After hearing the name Hermione, both Esme and Carlisle looked at each other with the same look, ‘it can’t be, can it’. Then simultaneity both ran into the house and to the side of the thrashing teenager.

“How?” Molly asked stunned, seeing that the two guests where all ready in the house

Esme turned to Molly, “Vampires”


A/N the descriptions of Carlisle and Esme Cullen where took off of wikipedia and the crest is a description of the Cullen family crest which I found on Google. Please tell me what you think.

Lady_Nite xx

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