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Image by the Lovely forHISglory @ tda 
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, nor anything from the book but Imogen is mine as well as some of the other things in this story.

Chapter one: Normal to me


“Alright kids, breakfast!” She looked at the table she had just set with eggs, bacon and toast. Just like mum’s she thought.


“Looks great, Gin,” her husband told her, as he gets the owl that is tapping at the window; at times like these she couldn’t believe her dream had come true. She had married the man she loves, Harry Potter, and now they have three kids, all happy and healthy.


“Here, Lil’s, let me help you” She spoke up not wanting a repeat of yesterday morning. She looked over to her oldest son James; he looked just like his father but with no glasses and with her eyes. Whereas Albus was the spitting image of Harry, right down to the glasses. But Lily was just like her, even the temper, the one thing Ginny would never admit to anyone, not even to Harry.


“Ginny, you’re never going to believe this.” His eyes were round with a look of complete shock. “Take a look at this”. As Harry passed her the letter he had been just reading, he sounded strained and he was still looking dumb founded.


“Dad, what is it?” James wanted to know; he always liked being the first to know when something was going on.


~~Dear Harry and Ginny Potter,

Hope this letter finds you well, but I am writing this letter to let you know that there are owls about at number 6. As you may not know, it is Imogen and Josh’s Birthday, Dudley’s kids. Well, more to the point 11th birthday.

Do I need to say any more?

I just thought that if there was any way that one of them being able to go to Hogwarts then this is a way to make sure, that is.

 I know you will do what is right. If you need to come 'round sometime today then I shall be home all day.

Best wishes, hope to see you today

Arabella Figg



Ginny did not know what to say; more to the point she couldn’t believe what she had just read. She didn’t know what to do; she just kept staring at the page. James was still trying to read the letter she gave to back to Harry.


“I am going to go over there, they need a chance of learning who they are.” Harry just waited for her to say something, anything; all three kids had gone quiet waiting.


“I will go with you.” Ginny was trying to sound supportive of the choice he had made.


“Are we going too, because I don’t want to. Rose and me have plans today.” Albus had said a bit more than what he wanted to say.


“No, sorry, but I think it would be best if you guys still went to Nana Molly’s,” Harry said in a more confined voice than last time he spoke. Now they just had to go to the house of his child-hood (well, the house next door) and that was the last thing he wanted his kids to see.





Across the other side of England, in a bedroom of the number 6 house.


Sticks, but they're not bumpy, they are straight. They start big at one end and get smaller. One is black and it’s got like a hand grip, just like my new bike. There are like 15, maybe more, of them all in a heap. It’s the same dream I have had for weeks now. Why will it not just go away? I walked through a door and it’s a shop that sells sticks; what a weird shop. The man behind the counter smiles at me and goes to say something……

“Imogen, Imogen, IMOGEN!” Oh god, they're getting louder by the minute. I just want a bit more sleep. Thump………!


"Aww,” I yell out after they jump on me.


“Imogen, please get up.” I am going to kill my brother one day, even if it is our birthday.


“Go away, I just need some more sleep.” I am not the early riser in this family.


“Imogen, it’s our birthday, and I want to open the presents.” One day this family will only have one kid when I am done.


“Josh, I will get up if you get off me.” Josh jumped as fast as a dog off its leash trying to get to freedom.

I just lie there, so peaceful, and I don’t even remember the dream I had any more. “Are you getting up now…?” He sounds as if he is going to bust with impatience.


“Look, I am getting up now.” As I stood up, I noticed that he is wearing all new clothes, so he had opened some of his presents. “Nice clothes, Josh, where did you get them? Open some presents did you?” Watching his face was priceless, his pig-like nose just like our Dad's; that’s who he looks like in the family, whereas I don’t look like my mum or dad. I have light brown hair that has a red tinge, with bright green eyes.


Everyone says that he is just like our Dad, but not me. One day I heard Grandma say that I was just like her sister. But when I asked if she had a sister she told me that she didn’t. That’s what happens when your Grandparents live next door; they are always over.


“Mum put them in the bathroom with a post-it on them, saying “wear me-” I cut him off.


“Happy Birthday, Love Mum and Dad.” Just seeing my own clothes with a note on them; the ups to having a mum owns a clothing shop. ”Ok, Josh, I’m going to have a shower now. I’ll meet you down the stairs in like ten minutes.” As I close the door I look out the window, and I see a bird out on the street light. Not that it is odd to see a bird in the morning but an owl of all birds, and it’s light outside. I thought that they slept though the day, just like I wanted to today.



I love wearing new clothes; they make me feel like a whole new person, and that anything bad that I have done or worry about will just have washed away. I start to walk down the stairs; I can smell bacon and eggs waiting for me. This means our grandad and grandma are here. Great. I know that they say they don’t have favourites, but they do; they love Josh way more than me. They always let him do what he wants, but not me. They don’t even want to be in the same room as me, without me being in some trouble or other these days.


Bang! “Arr, that’s going to bruise.” Every time I think when I’m walking down the stairs, I fall down them. You would think that since I have them in my home this would not happen, but no.


“Happy Birthday, Imogen, you're finally up and all.” Grandad laughs at me as he says this, but I thought I just saw Mum throw him a dirty look.


“Are you ok, dear?” Mum just walks over to me.


Thanks, Mum, I needed to hear that. I let her know when I can.

“Mum, she is fine, she just wants to eat, then she can open her present.” Josh has the biggest smile on his face, and is nodding like one of those bobbing dogs that peoples have in their cars. I just laugh at the thought of my brother in someone's car.


I’ll eat all the food that is in front of me, but not what Josh takes off my plate, which is most of it, as he is the biggest eater that I have ever known there to be. Everyone goes back to talking about whatever they were talking about before I came down like I am not even there.


“Dad, what did you do on your 11th Birthday?” Josh always wants to top whatever he had done at any stage in life.


Dad just looks at his plate and says, “I went to the Zoo.” Grandad starts to choke on god knows what; he always does this I have noticed when Dad talks about he’s childhood. It’s like he doesn’t want us to know what ever happened.


“How about the two of you open your gifts first,” Grandma says, just trying to get us to do something else. I don’t know how I know; this kind of stuff comes to me.


After we had opened all the gifts, we looked at each other's gifts.  Josh got a lot of match box cars and more Legos than you could poke a stick at. We both got clothes, lollies and new bed covers. I got make-up and a teddy bear from Mum and Dad, dolls and toys from our Grandparents, and now we just need to open the cards.


I will never know why we open the cards last, but that this the way Dad wants us to, so that’s what we do. I open a letter from my one and only best friend that I have known since we were four, and she says the normal stuff. And that she says she can’t wait to see me next week. We have now opened all but one and it’s a weird looking one with a wax stamp on it.


“Hey, look at this one it has a wax seal on it”. There are three cries of, "Oh my god," so I don’t know who said it!


Mum says, “What's wrong with that?”


 But before I could open I letter it was taken off me and they ask us to go outside so they can talk, so we do. Josh and I end up in the cubby house, but after about 20 minutes of playing and wanting to know what’s in the letter that’s so bad, we creep up to the back door and waited to hear what was happing. Yelling's all that we can hear from inside.





Mum is yelling at dad about me. Why? I have been good all week, even brushed my teeth.




"Imogen, I think we should go see what’s going on?" Josh more asked than said if we should or not. I looked at my twin and nodded.


He walked in first. The minute I walked in the room I saw that Mum was crying like a baby. I’ve never seen her cry like this. This is one thing I don’t think will ever leave me.


I feel myself getting really mad, and the next thing I know is that all the pictures on the wall smash and fall onto the floor. “What in the world is going on?” says Dad shakily; Mum is crying even harder.


“THAT WAS YOU!” Grandma yells, pointing her finger at me; for the first time in my life, she did not even look to see what the neighbours thought. How could that be me when I didn’t touch them?


“GET HER OUT OF HERE OR WE GO,” Grandad yelled going purple, like the time when I push Josh out of the tree because he said that I looked like my hair was on fire.


"Mum, what’s wrong?” I really need to know why they are yelling at me.


But it's dad who answers me, not mum. “What’s wrong? WHAT’S WRONG??" He was just looking at me with hatred in his eyes. "This is what’s wrong" And he threw another letter back at me; it was like the funny one from before, with green writing, and it was to me:

~~Miss Imogen P. Dursley
The cubby house
6 Privet Drive
Little Whinging

Why does it say the cubby house? How do they know I was just there? I opened it and read on:

~~Dear Miss Dursley,
We are pleased to welcome you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.............



"What do you mean?" I can feel myself starting to cry. The house starts to shake.

“YOU HEARD ME GIRL, NOW, YOU DIRTY LITTLE FREAK!" I look at him with love and confusion in my eyes. I just want to know what I did wrong. "THAT’S IT, don’t even bother packing! I am taking you now."

"NO, DUDLEY, SHE'S JUST A KID, she’s my baby." Mum was now pleading with him. But he didn’t listen to her. And he gripped my arm and marched down the street. The whole way Josh, mum and I begged for him to leave me alone. And Grandad just held them back from me with Grandma's help. I just keep on crying the whole way.

Then we got to the old lady’s house that Dad said we should never go to or talk to her. I fell as though I was watching myself from some other place. "MRS. FIGG! OPEN THE DOOR" He was screaming at the front door. He knows her?


The door opens and I see the lady I have seen with a lot of cats. Why does she have so many?


“I have been looking forward to seeing you today.” Has this old lady lost her mind? I don’t even know her and she is happy to see me. Hang on, she knew I was coming? I didn’t even know.


“How did you know I was coming?” I hope she answers one of questions I have asked in the last 15 minutes.


“Don’t talk, girl,” Dad warns me, but I don’t care. I’ll just be happy that he has stopped calling me a freak.


“I knew you would be coming because of the owls, love.” Well that didn’t help, but she is being nice to me and the only one that is, so I will take it. Hang on; I was not the only one to see an owl this morning.


“Would you like to come in? Harry shall be here anytime now.” She moved to let us in, and I went to walk in, but I still have my Dad holding my arm.


“HE, HE KNEW ABOUT THIS?” Dad had gone as purple as Grandad; I never thought that could happen.


“Yes, I wrote him I letter. I was hoping that you didn’t have to come here, but would just want to speak to him. Harry and Ginny will be coming to help Imogen get to know her world.”




Miss Figg, as I now know her to be, just looked at him. “Is that what you really want? To never see Imogen again? Your own daughter?”


Dad looked at me and said, “From now on, I have no DAUGHTER. I only have a son.” All I can do is cry.


“Well, you better tell them.” She pointed just to the road outside her front yard. I see a car with a man and a women getting out. The women had the reddest hair she had ever seen and she was kind looking, like she could love anything. But she had a ‘don’t mess with me’ look about her at the same time. Whereas the man had black hair and he wore glasses that were really old fashioned. What would Mum say? I don’t have time to think about that know. They got to the door, knocked, walked in and the man just stared at me. But the women looked at Dad, ready to act against him.


“WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS HAPPING?” I have given up with just standing here; I want to go back home to my room, to my bed and sleep. I then remember that I still have the letter in my hand. “Why have I been accepted to this school? Dad, just tell me.” He looks as though he is going to talk, but it’s the man that does.


“You have not told her yet, Big D?” Is he bagging my dad? “Oh, that would be right, still don’t want to believe what I told you a long time ago. Look, we need to put this past us; let’s start over.”


Now Dad does say something. “No, it’s too late. She is one of you guys and we don’t want any more ’Freaks’ in the family. We will pay you to take her and give you the adoption papers. I have thought long and hard about what to do if this happens.”


“Harry, I think it best if I go to the kitchen with Imogen.” This time it was the women that spoke, and now I know this man is Harry.


“Yes that would be good, dear.” He gave me a smile, and that’s when I saw that we that the same eyes. How could this be? Dad had said family before. What is going on? Dad lets go of me and I followed the two women in to the kitchen. I need to stop crying. Dad might take me home if I do.


“Hi my name is Ginny,” the woman with red hair said. When we walked in. she then did something that surprised me, which I had only ever got that from Mum. She hugged me, and she doesn’t even know me, but she hugged me as if she did it all the time. It's been a long time since I've felt loved today that I have felt loved. “Happy birthday Imogen, by the way”


“How do you know that, and who are you?” I really need someone to start telling me what’s going on.


“Well, you see I am Harry’s wife.” Ok, but this doesn’t help me. She must have read this off my face. “And he is the son of your Grandma’s sister, whom you look so much like, with the eyes and hair, but not as red.”


“Thank you, but I am not really sure what is going on.”


“Well, it may help if I tell you that if you read that letter that you have, it might help”.


So that’s what I did. When I had finished I looked at her and said, “Is the true? Can I go there? Where do I get these things from? Hang on, is magic real?”


Ginny laughs, but she just answers, “Watch.” As she pulled out a stick and waved it around, muttering something under her breath; the paper was on fire.


Oh my god, she is having me on. But she did it again, and the paper was back to what it was like seconds ago. “Wow.” That’s all I can think of.

A/N:Thanks to my beta’s for helping me with this, And thank-you for reading this and If you could review then thank-you 10 times as I would LOVE to know what you think.

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