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Three Simple Words by byebye
Chapter 1 : Never Be Lonesome Again
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Discliamer: I own nada
Author's Note: Just A filler while I finish the fourteenth Chapter in my other story. I wrote this a few days ago and thought someone might like it

       We hear thousands of simple words every day, words that seem so meaningless, and yet one simple combination of these simple words can destroy a person, can create them, can even make someone understand the most complex of ideas, the most impossible ideas.

      They would never understand heck, even I don’t understand. It just doesn’t make sense, it isn’t possible. And yet, it happened. It might not make sense, it might not be possible, but it happened and nothing would ever make me take it back. And if anyone took it away, I would surely be prepared to do away with them.



            I used to wish it would never happen, but it haunted my dreams. And now that I wish it would never stop again, the opposite eats me away. What if I was just in some crazy tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life that never existed? What if I'm really just in one of my old nightmares, and I’ll wake up soon. That would be dreadful, and I mean absolutely, one hundred percent horrendous.




            I want it to never end, something I never even imagined. I mean, I have everything a girl could ever possibly want. And do you even know what that is?






            Good Merlin, just that simple word sends shivers down my spine, makes my stomach turn, gives me such pleasure that I could never explain it to anyone.



            Do you know my ‘it’ yet? That very it I mentioned before? You see this ‘it’ has everything to do with him. Oh yes, every little miniscule detail of this bliss, this joy I never saw coming, this storm of so much feeling that I can't even explain. This it, is way more than an ‘it’. You see, my it can be summarized so many ways, but one word captivates me.






            Such a simple word, and yet so powerful, don’t you agree? That one word, the most controlling word in the world, has crossed my lips more than I could ever imagine. Yes I did say the most controlling. But you must agree, see. I have tried to find one, just one word that does even the same. But that, alas, is not possible. I know, I know, I already said something that was impossible has occurred, but that was more, inevitable I should say.



            But that one word can strike anger into some hearts, when accompanied by death, or gone, or left you, or someone else. Others feel only pain from that word, no matter in what context. Others can feel what it is when you say it. You can add other words, words that take away when you mean it in a good way. Oh it is the best of ways.



            When you speak just that word, you can banish an evil from your body; you can even take the greatest of good into your body. But do not hold it in such esteem if you cannot bear to give it that. You can say it and mean as a sibling, a parent, or any member of the family. You can say it to an animal if you wish. And there it is a simple word, a good insignificant word. You could say it to a lover, and then it becomes such a powerful word, a great word, it then holds you tight around the heart and it will never let you go.



            But when you say one can't, they don’t know how, you are degrading them, shoving them into the lowest of lows, the bottom pit of hades. Yes, it seems a bit dramatic when I say that, but don’t you agree? You only tell the people that couldn’t conceivably be anything but evil that they can't love. Am I right?




            You see, love is the most powerful word in the world, especially since it is the only word that can be so powerful and insignificant in one moment, the only word that can be the greatest and the worst in the same instant. It is the all controlling word of the world.



            But back to what I was originally saying.



            It seems that I have one more word to discuss that will enlighten all. You see, that too is a simple word. Not simple like love, simple like him. Ha-ha, yes, simple like him. But he is far from simple, yes he is. That is why I found him so unbearable for so long. I saw but one side of him. Silly, isn’t it? That by complicating matters, you can see how clear it is? No, no I doubt you understand. But you might someday, and when that day comes, clue me in. yes, I would like to know when someone might just understand me. But alas, that is nigh impossible. Goodness, I sound odd today. Alas, nigh? Odd words I choose to speak with, and yet I don’t want to change them.



            There I go again, off subject. Well on a subject, just not the one I originally wanted. Don’t you think it’s very strange when people say they’re off subject, when in all actuality, they are on a subject, just a different one? Oh well, I shall try to stay on the topic of my third word.



            And tell me, do you know what that word is?






            Yes I know, it is a letter of the alphabet, but it is a word on its own. It is a simple word, believe me. And it can be a very selfish word at that, but it is still a word I long to use. See, that there was selfish. But the word is nothing on its own. Him and love can be something on their own.



            If you read him, you would know it was talking about a male, a specific male that is of some importance. If you read love, you know that there is feeling, there is power, and there is beyond a doubt, a person to understand it all. If you read I, you know there is a person. And that is all.




            But by stringing these three simple words together, you see the unfeasibility of it all. You see the something that was never there before, and would have remained had it not been for Voldemort. Yes I dare say his name: Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort! Sorry, back to what I was saying.



            I love him.



            Simple to you, common to you. Yes I said the him part was the whole reason behind ‘it’ all. And he is, without him, I would be dead. By saving me from Voldemort, by showing me the hidden side, I was able to realize my stupidity, my idiocy. And of course, without him, there would be no love. And without the love, all you see a person. An empty, soulless person. Yes I do mean soulless because that is what the him and the love create: they create me. I know, how silly, I existed without them before. But that is just it, I existed. I was nothing, I was empty. And I will forever exist if I do not have him, this him I so detested before, this him I so despised, this him I so hated.



            But there is a fine line between love and hate. Hate is close to as powerful as love, but it will never be tied with the power of love, nor will it ever exceed the power of that simple word. So yes I hated him before I put those three words together. And now that I have, 



           They will never be lonesome again.

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Three Simple Words: Never Be Lonesome Again


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