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Chapter Seventeen


A Twisted Fairytale




“How did I become so obnoxious?
What is it with you that makes me act like this?
I've never been this nasty”
- P!nk, Please Don’t Leave Me from the album Funhouse




Hello All. So I, Jessie Spring, have decided that I am going to ignore Sirius Orion Black. I know… The Shock! The Horror!


Why? Hahahaha… well you see Black has officially made me step over that lovely little line between entertaining and psychotic. These are the Facts, and yes, Facts must be capitalized!


1) Despite the evidence to the contrary, Sirius Orion Black does not love me.


2) He is proclaiming his love to annoy me.


3) He hates me.


4) Despite popular belief, coughLilycoughMarycough, I do not love Black.


5) I hate Black.


Aren’t the Facts amazing? And they’re true too! And I’d just like to point out, despite the fact that ignoring Black has not worked in the past, it will work! It will! It will! It will!


Stop laughing Rodrigo.


I’m sorry Jessie darling, it’s just so entertaining! You and I both know what happened last time you “ignored” Sirius.


Be quiet cricket!


He pestered you incessantly. Wasn’t that when he dunked you in the lake and you we’re attacked by grindylows?


Lalalala… I’m not listening to you!


It was wasn’t it? And didn’t he dye to your hair black? And convince McGonagall that you were cutting your wrists with razorblades.


Oi! Shut it! There was a reason I repressed that.


And then McGonagall pulled you out of Defense Against the Dark Arts and attempted to have a heart to heart with you and lectured you about the importance of loving your body?


Ugh. Stupid cricket.


Didn’t you end up blowing your top and nearly sever Black’s head off?


And I got detention for a week, blah blah blah. Are you quite finished making me relieve one of my worst memories?


I thought your worst memory was him kissing you in the great hall?


Urgh! Shut up! Now listen here, this time it will work!




It will! I, Jessabelle Lufiana Spring, am very well capable of ignoring Sirius Orion Black!




Benvolio: What sadness lengthens Romeo's hours?

Romeo: Not having that, which, having, makes them short.

Benvolio: In love?

Romeo: Out-

Benvolio: Of love?

Romeo: Out of her favor where I am in love

~ Act I ; Scene I, Romeo and Juliet, By William Shakespeare





Sirius let out a cat call as Jessie got up from her seat and made her way to the classroom door with Lily and Mary as the bell signaling the end of class rung. Lily raised an eyebrow as Jessie clenched her teeth and walked out the door, paying no attention to Sirius’ actions.


His smile fell as he realized Jessie showed no visible signs of hearing him. Sirius scowled and flicked his wand at the pile of unopened, crumpled notes that were piled around where Jessie had been sitting. They vanished and Sirius stowed his wand away in his pocket. He began haphazardly throwing his books and notes into his bag, taking no notice of the fact that his textbook was crushing his ink vial. Remus was standing to the side of the desk and chuckled at his friends actions.


“She’s been ignoring you all morning. She ignored the dead goldfish you put in her cereal; the charmed, rubber spiders in her bag; and even when you made her shirt flash colors randomly depending on what she said,” he stated as Sirius kicked the chair and slung his bag over his shoulder. He pushed past Remus and stomped out the door of the classroom muttering obscenities under his breath. Remus continued laughing as he followed his temperamental friend out the door and down the hall to where James was chatting with the girls. A demonic smile crossed Jessie’s face at the sight of the young werewolf.


“Remus! I haven’t said good morning to you!” Jessie yelled. She jumped on him and gave him a bear hug. Remus patted her on the back and raised an eyebrow at her as she released him and hopped back to her spot next t Lily. Jess began rocking back and forth on her heels as she hummed to herself and looked out the nearest window, ignoring the glare she and Remus were receiving from a certain Mr. Black.


“Right then, I’ll meet you in the library at eight to start patrols then.” James said smiling at lily.


Jessie rolled her eyes as James gave Lily a quick kiss. Lily giggled and Jess grabbed her throat and stuck her tongue out while she made gagging noises in the background. Mary glared at her and tapped Lily on the back.


“Hummm?” Lily said turning away from James.


“You, me and the poster child for immaturity need to get to charms.” Mary said.


“Oh right.” Lily jumped and gave James another quick kiss. Jess doubled over an gagged again.


Lily frowned and grabbed Jess by the wrist, “Oh come on.”


Lily gave Jessie a look and the blonde shrugged, “What? I just don’t enjoy seeing someone who is practically my sister and someone who could be considered my brother snog!” She said with a look of innocence plastered across her face.


Lily gave Jessie’s arm a particularly hard tug as they rounded the corner.


“It’s like incest!” Jessie yelled loudly. The students in the hall around them stared as the brunette, the blonde, and the red head walked down the hall.


“Oh for the love of Merlin!” Lily muttered as she dragged Jessie through the Charms classroom doorway. Lily let go of Jess’ arm and sat down in her seat. Jess plopped haphazardly next to her and pulled out a sheet of parchment and a quill. She began doodling on it and hummed to herself.


“I don’t understand Jessie.” Lily said out of the blue as she turned and faced her friend. Jess continued doodling, “Why are you acting so immature about James and I Jess? Why? I thought you wanted me and James to start dating. You were the one who was constantly hounding me to say yes! And now that we are dating you have a heart attack every time one of us shows an affection to one another!” Jess snorted.


“No! you do! He gave me flowers the other day and you faked throwing up! Just because you have some huge, overwhelming issue with romance does not mean the rest of us are like that!” Lily hissed as she crossed her arms.


Jess’ head shot up, “I do not have issues with romance!”


“You nearly murdered Sirius for saying he loved you!” Lily retorted. Mary groaned and put her head into her hands.


Jess stood up. The quill in her hand snapped in half, “That is completely different!” she yelled as she grabbed her bag and stormed out of the classroom.


“I take it Miss Spring will not be joining us for class then?” Professor Flitwick squeaked from his desk as the door banged shut behind Jessie.


Mary sighed and turned to Lily, “That was a stupid thing to say Lils.” Lily huffed and muttered something about Jessie needing to hear it.


“I know you were trying to help dear, and as much as I concur with your statement we have to remember Jess is no normal person and she tends to react to this a bit more… err… explosively. Class was probably not the best time to bring up the subject.” Mary said.


Lily sighed, “I know.”


“And Lils, your probably not the best person to be discussing how much the person she hates loves her,” Mary smirked.


Lily grinned sheepishly.


“A wonder if it would help if we took her to Madam Puddifoots next Hogsmede trip…” Mary said offhandedly as Flitwick began to lecture.


Lily raised an eyebrow as she dipped her quill in her inkwell and copied down the notes from the board.


“What?” Mary shrugged, “ And she could read that romance novel I was reading last weekend. It like that muggle therapy thing desensitization or whatever it’s called. What was that book titled…”


“Mary.” Lily sighed. She chanced a look at Flitwick. He was busy scribbling away on the board. Lily turned and shook her head at Mary.




“You know how we were discussing that Jessie tends to fly off the handle when she’s angry?“




“ Doing that will cause a nuclear explosion.”






The wind whips around my eyes and wipes away the film over my eyes

The memories start to flash and I’m drowning in my lies

I hear the noise and see the frames as the tape rolls

Oh my god did I really say that? Oh my god how did I not know?


We were star crossed lovers like Lancelot and Guinevere or Tristan and Isolde

We were Romeo and Juliet

Oh, oh, oh

If you and I were never meant to be, then why does it hurt to breathe?

-Memories, by me…




“Do I have issues with romance? Am I terrified of love?” Jessie yelled at James as she slammed her bag on the desk in front of him. James jumped in his chair and knocked his ink vial over. His glasses slid down his nose as well. All in all he was quite a comical sight.


“Tell me the truth Potter! Am I a loveless, ice bitch?” Jessie screamed, banging her fist on the table.


“May I ask where this curiosity came from? And shouldn‘t you be in class?” James asked cautiously, as he straightened his glasses and began tidying the mess Jess had made up.


Jessie dramatically slid down into the seat next to him and leaned back on its back to legs, “Lily told me I have issues with romance.” she pouted, crossing her arms.


James sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.


“James!” Jessie said demandingly.


“Well, I guess that the correct answer would be… you see… how do I put this…” James said straightening his papers.


“It’s a yes or no question Potter!” Jess seethed.


James shrugged, “Yea.”


“What?!” Jessie exploded.


“Well, sometimes Jess, you can be a bit anti-romance, anti-love…”




“I mean you haven’t always been like this, when we were younger you weren’t. you were all girly and princess-y and all like lalala prince charming lalala…”

“Wha…ahh!” Jess’ chair fell backwards and she landed with a dull thud on the oak floor.


“You okay.” James asked and he looked over the table worriedly.


“Peachy,” Jess muttered as she stood up and brushed herself off. She grabbed her bag and stormed off. She marched past Sirius, who had just entered the library, and ignored him.


He sat down in the seat she had just vacated, “What on earth is going on when her?”


James sighed, “Lily said Jess hates romance and implied she is afraid of love.”


Sirius raised an eyebrow as he began taking things out of his bag, “Well it’s true.” he said bitterly.


James sighed, “If you don’t mind me asking…”


Sirius looked up at him, “You’re going to ask anyways, whether I want you to or not, so go ahead spit it out.”


“Why is she ignoring you? Did you do something else I should know about?”




James crossed his arm, “Really? No secret kisses? You didn’t profess your love again? No chocolates or roses?”


Sirius glared, “Some of us don’t feel the need to quote unquote profess our love every five seconds.”


James grinned, “Ah, yes, but you see it worked in the end.”




“Now may I inquire as to why you’re in the library. I didn’t even know you knew where the library was located.”


“Die stag boy, die.”


James began laughing to himself and leaned back on his back chair legs. Sirius rolled his eyes and walked over to the nearest book shelf and began sifting through volumes.


“Ahhh!” James fell to the ground with a crash. Sirius let out a bark like laugh.




“Shut up Padfoot!”




Jessie was curled up in her favorite banana colored armchair with a quill and a sparkly, pink notebook in her hands. She hummed to herself as she scribbled away. The portrait hole clicked open and Lily, James, Sirius and Remus walked in.


“No, that doesn’t work…”she muttered to herself as she bit the end of quill.


“There you are!” James exclaimed as he made a beeline for her. Jessie was to engrossed with her scribbling to acknowledge him and began scratching the page in front of her again. The couch creaked as James sat down across from Jessie. He noisily propped his feet up on top of the coffee table, “Where have you been all day?” he said demandingly.


Jessie sighed and shut her book, “I took a mental health day Jimmy darling.”


Sirius snorted, “It’s going to take more than a day to fix you.” He and Remus sat down on either side of James; and Lily plopped down in the armchair next to Jessie.


Jessie closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, she turned to James, “How was class?”


Sirius gaped and crossed his arms. He turned to Remus, the couch springs squeaking as he moved, “Did she really just ignore what I said?” Remus nodded and Sirius turned back to Jessie.


“Same old same old.” James shrugged, “In potions we…”


He was cut off by Sirius, “Why are you ignoring me?” he whined at Jessie.


“What was that James I didn’t quite catch the end of that,” Jessie asked smirking.




It’s working! It’s working! It’s working! Take that doubters! I am capable of ignoring Balck! Mawahahahaha! And it’s annoying him! Go Jessie! Go Jessie!


Mental Happy Dance time!


“Jess are you okay, you look demonic…”


Oh I’m perfect Jimmy old boy! If only you knew how excellent I am at the moment. The birdies are whistling! The sun is shining brightly! And Black is annoyed! I love life! Take that Sirius Black; you evil, conniving twit!


“Huh, she does look a bit demon like.”


Question! Why does everyone begin comparing me to Satan’s minions when I’m happy? Honestly, I can’t even smile without at least one person thinking I have an ulterior motive.


“That’s because she’s evil.”


Very good Black, I guess the few brain cells you have left are good for something.




“Jess, seriously. You’re beginning to scare me.” James stated. Jessie continued to smile at the group. Her blonde hair was hanging in front of her eyes and the smirk on her face was quite Grinch-like. Her hands were folded in her lap as well, which contributed to her overall look of sadisticness. Her friends half expected her to begin cackling any second.


“Jessie…” Lily sighed.


“Oh honestly, after seven plus years of knowing her you should all know that there is only one way to fix this.” Sirius muttered as he pulled out his wand, “Aguamenti!” he said pointing his wand at Jessie. A cold jet of water burst from his wand and sprayed Jessie in the face.


Jessie yelped and threw her hands up in front of her face to block the jet of water. Sirius flicked his wand and stowed it back in his pocket, “Tada.” he said as Jessie wiped her sopping hair from her eyes and dried off the face with the sleeve of her robe.




Right then. I regret to inform the world that O.I.P.O.S.O.B. (Operation Ignore and Piss Off Sirius Orion Black) has to be momentarily paused due to circumstances I could not have foreseen.




Jessie glared at Sirius as she finished drying her face, “What the bloody hell was that for!?” she yelled.


Sirius grinned, “Oh look who’s talking to me now.” he said laughed.


Jessie clenched and unclenched her fists a number of times while she muttered a string of curses.


“Now Jessie darling, it was for your own good.” Sirius chided as Jess began turning crimson with anger.


Jessie threw her hands up in the air, “How many times do I have to tell you Black! I am not your darling!”


James cocked his head, “Why does this conversation sound familiar?”


Remus and Lily rolled their eyes, “Because dear,” Lily sighed, “we had this argument weekly. And the two of them have it daily.”


James smiled, “I see, so Lils how are you feeling about our little bet at the moment.”




“Yes dear.’


“Shut up.”


James began laughing, “I love…Holy mother of Merlin! What did you do to him!” James yelped as he looked at Sirius, whose hair was magenta and curly.


Jessie shrugged innocently, “Nothing,” she re-opened her notebook and began scribbling in it again.


“But…look……” James sputtered gesturing at Sirius’ magenta head. Jess ignored his protests and began humming again.


“Jessabelle!” James cried. Lily looked from Jessie to Sirius and sighed. She pulled out her wand and after a few complicated movements Sirius hair was back to normal.


“Thank you.” Sirius said to Lily as he crossed his arms and glared at Jessie. Jess snapped her notebook shut and smiled sweetly, “Well I’m off.” she climbed off the chair and skipped off to her dormitory.


Lily cocked an eyebrow and crossed her arms. James looked at her, “I don’t like that look.”


Lily smirked, “You shouldn’t, “she turned to James, “Love, I’ll meet you later for patrols. Jessie and I need to have a little chit chat. If Mary happens to come back from her “walk” with Luke anytime soon inform her she‘s needed upstairs”


The boys looked warily at Lily.


Remus opened his mouth to speak as Lily hopped up and began making her way to the steps, “If you’re going to be explaining to her she loves Sirius,” Sirius punched Remus in the arm, “I must say I don’t think you’re the right person to be telling someone that they’re in love with the person they hate.” he called out. Lily rolled her eyes and continued up the stairs.


“This’ll be interesting.” James chuckled as he ran his fingers through his hair.




There are three sides of an argument -- your side, my side and the right side.




Lily shut the oak door behind her and flicked her wand at the handle. The lock softly clicked. She tucked her hair behind her ears and began walking towards Jessie.


Jessie was lying on her stomach on her bed. Her scarlet comforter and sheets were kicked to the foot of the bed and she had propped her pink notebook up on the pillows in front of her. Jess was softly singing to herself under her breath as she wrote away.


Lily navigated her way around the piles of quid ditch robes and belongings that were scattered around Jessie’s bed. The mattress creaked as she sat down next to Jess.




Jessie jumped about ten feet in the air and screamed at the sound of Lily’s voice. Her quill went flying as she rushed to slam the cover of her notebook shut. Lily crossed her arms and gave her friend a look.


“Bloody hell you scared me,” Jessie muttered as she stowed her notebook between her mattress and the box spring. She flipped her blonde locks over her shoulder and buried her head into a pillow, “What do you want?” her muffled voice stated.


The bed creaked as Lily laid down next to her, “You and I need to have a little chit chat.” Lily smiled as she heard Jessie gulp.


Jess rolled on to her side and removed her face from the pillow, “How about we just skip the talking part and go down to the kitchens for some cookie dough?” she smiled nervously as she nodded her head up and down.


Lily raised an eyebrow, “No.”


Jessie’s smile fell and she buried her face into the pillow again. She groaned. Lily smirked to herself, “So anything you’d like to tell me voluntarily?”


Jessie muttered something that sounded like hell no and Lily shrugged, “Well then I guess I’ll begin shall I?”


Jessie groaned again and began banging her head into the pillow.


“Why do you and Sirius hate one another so much? Come on Jess, tell me. We’ve been asking you for almost seven years now and you’ve never told any of us why. Not even James gets it; and James has known both of you since forever. It makes no sense.” Lily said shaking her head, “You’re practically the same person. You like the same things. You act the same way. I don’t understand.”


Lily looked over at the blonde. Jessie’s head was still buried in the pillow and her hands were over her ears. Lily sighed and pressed on, “Jessie please. Just tell me what happened. Come on, you can’t keep it all inside forever.”


“Yes I can!” Jessie muttered into the pillow.


Lily raised her eyebrows, “Really?”




“Darling, you forget I am the top potions student in the school and I can obtain some veriteserum one way or another.”


Jessie rolled over on her side, “How are you going to do that? Seduce Slughorn?” she rolled her eyes.


Lily smirked, “But I can sweet talk my way into getting some. I’ll just say I need some gillyweed in order to make potion x...”


“And he’s just going to let you flounce right in there?”


“No. I’ll just say something along the lines of practicing making advanced potions for my newts.”


“That will never work Evans!”


“Really?” Lily smirked and crossed her arms, “Want to find out?”


Jessie looked at her friend warily, “Actually I’d rather not.”


“That’s what I thought.” Lily said sweetly, “Now how about you explain to me how your and Sirius’ relationship became so fucked up.”


Jessie groaned and buried her face in the pillow again, “I don’t wanna,” she whined.


“Veritiserum!” Lily smiled.


Jessie whimpered, “I hate you.”


“I know love, I know.”


Jessie sighed and rolled onto her stomach, she crossed her arms and rested her head on them, “Well I guess I should start at the beginning, yea?”


“That’s always a lovely place to start.”


Jessie glared at Lily, “Black and I met when we were like four at one of the lovely dinner parties he, James and I all attended growing up. We all initially got along and then he “accidentally” looked up my skirt.”


Lily let out a giggle, “Typical Sirius.”


Jessie rolled her eyes and took a deep breath.


“Wait,” Lily asked raising an eyebrow, “You hate Sirius because he looked up your skirt when you were four?”


Jessie let out a bitter laugh, “No, but if only it had begun then. My life would have been so much easier. We both eventually got over it and as we got older the three of us became inseparable at the damn functions. We would wreak havoc upon the poor unsuspecting attendees. One time James and Sirius came up with this great prank to pull on the Minister. We were like nine and they had me go up to him and start talking to him, it was mortifying by the way, and while I distracted him they put a kick me sign on his back. Of course they used some freaky kind of spell-o tape to put it on the back of his robes and prudently stuck to them. No one ever figured out it was us who did it though.” Jessie smiled to herself and bit her lip.


“Right. So you three were best friends when you were younger.” Lily said slowly as she gave Jess a quizzical look.




“Okay, then how did you and Sirius end up like you are now, if you were such good friends?”


Jessie sighed and the corners of her lips turned down, “When we were nine one of his cousins and one of my like second cousins eloped. They escaped to France one weekend and just got married.


My family didn’t really care, they didn’t approve, but they didn’t punish them for it. However Sirius’ family was pissed. They did everything within their power to break them up. It was horrible. My family would always be talking about how awful the Black family was and vise versa. No one really paid any attention to the fact that my best friend was a part of “that damned Black family.” One week our cousins decided to leave and go back to France. They thought that they would be safe there and they could start their lives. They left one night and caught a portkey to Paris; but they never arrived. Their bodies were found a week later in a river in the French countryside. They had been murdered with the killing curse.


That’s when the three of us realized the differences between our families. It kind of cast this invisible black cloud over our friendship. It shouldn’t have affected our relationship, but for some reason it did a little. It was like our awakening to the real world I guess. Besides that we were all still the same- James was the arrogant yet loyal prankster, Sirius was the rebel and I was the “sweet” girly girl.


A year later we were at this ball for some reason I think it was for the minister or something and James’ had gotten this new, top of the line broomstick. He was being a prat about it and bragging the whole night. Sirius finally got sick of it and decided to prank him. He decided to soak him with water, but instead he got me. I was furious with him. I had spent all afternoon curling my own hair, and it looked perfect, but the moron ruined my hair with his lovely little bucket of water. I ended up storming outside and having a fit. I destroyed a few roses in the process. He ran out after me and eventually wore me down and made me forgive him. After that we just kind of sat out there together, avoiding James, and looked at the stars,” Jessie said. Her eyes were misty and she seemed to be far away in her own little world. Lily ran her fingers through her hair and re-crossed her arms. She had always known that Jessie and Sirius had once been friends, but she had never realized just how close the two of them were. There was apparently much more to their story than Lily had ever imagined.


Jessie took a deep breath and closed her eyes, “When we were like seven Sirius made up this idiotic nickname for me. This song came on called “Down, Down, Down by the Mermaid’s Palace.” It was by this band called Merlin’s Song. They sound kinda like muggle jazz music. So I attempted to explain this to him and James, but they didn’t really get it. So Sirius, being the moron he is decided he was going to call me Jazz from that night on,” she rolled her eyes, “ Err… anyways… so that night at the ball I decided I needed a better nickname for him, seeing I had a nickname for James and Sirius had one for me. So I came up with Snuffles.”


Lily let out a giggle, “Snuffles? Wait wasn’t that your toad’s name?”


Jessie smirked, “Yea, I only named it that to piss him off.”


Lily shook her head, “Psycho. Okay continue.”


Jessie whimpered and flipped onto her stomach. She buried her head in her pillow.


“Come on Jess.”


“Anf fhin fee fhinda fhisseded.”


“What?” Lily asked, “I couldn’t understand you.”


Jessie groaned and rolled over, “ I don’t wanna say it.”


Lily raised an eyebrow. Jessie whimpered and hugged her pillow to her chest, “We kinda…err… oh fuck it… we kissed.” She threw the pillow over her face and moaned.


Lily began laughing, “Ha! Aww! How cute! You were even in love as ten year olds!”


“Shut up Evans, or I’ll gut you and feed you to the squid.”


Lily continued laughing, “Continue Jessabelle darling.”


Jessie threw the pillow off her face and propped her arms behind her head, “After that… err… occurrence we were totally awkward around one another. Our friendship was totally strained. Eventually we just started distancing ourselves from one another. It all really got fucked up right before we left for Hogwarts.”


“Freeze!” Lily called out, “Let me get this straight. The two of you were best friends up until you were ten. Then due to the differences in your families and the fact that you kissed you drifted apart?”


Jess flinched at the word kissed. When Lily finished she nodded and bit her lip, “Yup. It didn’t really come crashing down until the night of the minister’s party for his niece. It was one of the worst nights of my life. I was already pissed with him because he had been treating me funny. James was to oblivious to notice anything, by the way. So when we started hanging out that night he gave James a hug and just waved at me. And I got angry and avoided them the whole night. Until Sirius cornered me outside in the garden. I had run away from them, but he found me while I was trying to… err… punch a hole through the bush.”


Lily rolled her eyes and Jess continued, “ He asked me what was wrong and I basically ended up telling him that because we had kissed we couldn’t be friends anymore, because it was to weird. And he didn’t understand. Basically we ended up convincing ourselves that we hated one another by the end of the conversation.”


Jessie stopped talking and took a deep breath, “I didn’t really mean it. I was just mad. And he had been being a jerk. And I was scared.” she whispered wiping the corners of her eyes with the back of her hand, “And then a few weeks later we got to Hogwarts and we’ll you know what happened. We just started being really mean to one another.” Jess shrugged.


Lily leaned her head against the headboard, “Except for April of second year, you two started being nicer to one another. But then he started dating Jordan in May, and you started being even worse to one another.” she looked at Jessie clearly confused.


Jessie groaned and rubbed her eyes, “He asked me out.”


Lily opened her mouth and gaped.


“I thought he was joking and said no, never in a million years. And he got angry and bam, next thing we all knew he was snogging Sparks in broom closets between class.” Jessie laughed bitterly.


“He wasn’t joking was he?” Lily asked.


“I… I don’t know.” Jess sighed.


Lily shook her head, “And I thought James and I had a weird relationship.” she muttered. Jess let out a snort of laughter and rolled her eyes, “Oh no- you two definitely take the cake,” she rolled on to her side, “ You’ll even have the cute little fairy tale ending.”


Lily stuck her tongue out and climbed off the bed, “ So I still don’t get one thing. Why won’t you just give him a chance.”


Jessie raised an eyebrow, “To do what? Break my heart? I’ll pass thank you very much.”


Lily crossed her arms.


“He doesn’t love me Lily.”


Lily looked at Jessie incredulously, “Are you kidding me? The boy is mad about you! Jess, he‘d rather die than hurt you! Merlin Jess, why are you so afraid of him?”


Jessie sat up and scoffed, “ I am not afraid of Sirius Black!”


Lily shook her head, “Yes, yes you are. And you want to know why you are? Because you love him Jessie. You always have and I’m pretty sure you always will, so deal with it.”


Lily slammed the door shut behind her.


“Oh for the love of Merlin!”


Crack. Crash.


“ Bloody curtains!”


Lily smiled to herself and continued down the stairs. James sat by himself by the fire. he looked up at her expectantly. She walked over to the couch and sat down on the arm, “You want to come to the kitchens with me and hide from Jessie before patrols?” she asked grinning.


James stood up and looked at her warily, “No library then? What did you do?”


Lily sighed and her smile fell, “Let’s just say that I may be losing our bet after all.”


James laughed.




Hello all! I’m sooooo sorry this took me so long to write. I actually ahd to submitt it twice, because i'm brillaint like that, my apologies...Hopefully it all made sense. It was just a bit more background about Sirius and Jessie. Just remember the two of them are both morons, haha. The next chapter will move the story along, this one really doesn’t so my apologizes for that.


So what will lily do with her newfound information? Will Jessie ever stop being thick? And will Jessie ever get over her newfound fear of whipped dairy products? Hopefully you’ll find out soon! Haha! Read and review please!!!! It makes my day!!!!


-pensive princess


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