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Harry's first few weeks of the holidays for him were heaven. He had been absolutely spoilt by his Dad, Sirius and Remus. He was still getting used to having a teacher living with him plus having his father back in his life. All he needed now was his mum but that was impossible, even his dad being alive now was nothing short of a miracle.

Harry slowly got up out of his bed after another nights peaceful sleep and walked over to his door, opening it he walked to the airing cupboard and lifted out a towel and proceeded to the bathroom where he had a quick shower.

Back in his bedroom, Harry put on a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt and a blue striped shirt which he left open. Today was his birthday and since Harry no longer lived at the Dursley’s, Harry knew that this would be the best birthday that he ever had so he decided to look nice, ruffling his hair a habit which he had picked up from his dad, he finally deemed himself presentable and headed down the stairs.

Following the scent of fried eggs, bacon and sausage, Harry headed to the kitchen, he opened the door to find his dad standing cooking.

"Hey happy birthday, son." He said giving Harry a hug. Sirius and Remus both wished Harry a happy birthday with a hug, turning to the small dining room that was attached to the kitchen and gasped, on top of the small table was a large mountain of presents.

"Dig in." James said and pushed Harry forwards slightly to the mound of presents that awaited him.

It took Harry at least a half an hour to open all of the presents that he had received. He had gotten another huge amounts of clothes, a couple pairs of trainers a new set of wizards robes, a new set of Quidditch robes, a new chess set several new books ranging from 'Defensive Spells' to 'Favourite Quidditch Teams' and three tickets to see 'Ireland versus Bulgaria Quidditch World Cup'.

"We've also got tickets but those one are for you, Ron and Hermione." James told him.

"Wow, cheers for all of this by the way, I've never gotten so many presents." Harry said still in awe.

"Don't mention it Harry, what the point of having only one child if I can't spoil him?" James replied winking.

"Oh and why don't you owl Hermione and Ron and see if they could come over and stay for a few nights."  Harry ate his breakfast, thanked his dad again and raced upstairs to invite Hermione and Ron to stay for a couple of days.

A while later whilst Harry was having his lunch, Hedwig arrived baring two letters; she swooped through the window and dropped the letters beside his plate before zooming back out again.

"Thanks" Harry called after her, picking up the letters. Recognising the handwriting that belonged to his two best friends, he opened Hermione's first.

        Thank goodness you wrote I was starting to worry. Your invitation arrived just in time as my parents were trying to convince me to go away for a week but I didn't want to go, so when your invitation arrived I had to beg my parents to go they know all about you of course and how this is the first time you've ever been able to invite some friends over so they finally gave in. So in answer to your question yes I'd love to come and stay for a few days, I'd be ready to leave a 2pm so I'll see you then.

P.s I live at 33 Greenway Terrace, Dorset.

                                                    Love Hermione.

"Oh love Hermione." Sirius said reading over his shoulder.

"Shut up Padfoot." Harry replied turning slightly pink. Harry then, still slightly pink, he opened Ron's letter. It was quite a bit shorter.

          It will be absolutely wicked to come and stay for a few days, I’ve never stayed over in a friend’s house before. Pick me up anytime.


"Pads where's my dad?" Harry asked.

"In his study, make sure you knock." He said as Harry exited the kitchen and into the hall. Seconds later he knocked on his dad's study door, he waited a few seconds before there was a muffled 'Enter' and Harry opened the door.

"Hey son what’s up?" James asked as Harry opened the door.

"Hermione and Ron have written back and they both say that they would like to stay over" Harry replied with a smile.

"Good did Hermione say where she lived?"

"Yep 33 Greenway Terrace, Dorset and she said she'd be ready by two, Ron said he'd be ready anytime."

"Great well it's ten to two now so do you want to go and put your trainers and a jacket on.”

"I can go?" Harry asked excited.

"Of course." James smiled.

"How are we going to get to Dorset in ten minutes?”

"Apparition, now go get ready or well be late." Harry exited the study and raced upstairs, threw on a pair of black dc's that he'd got for his birthday and a black leather jacket that he'd also gotten for his birthday, he checked himself in the mirror quickly then dashed down the stairs again.

"Looking good kid are you ready?" James asked Harry when he spotted him. Harry nodded.

"Right we have to walk to a spot about half a mile up the road to apparate OK?”

"Yep how are we going to manage getting back?" Harry asked as they left the house.

"Erm... I can apparate you and Hermione first then I'll follow with Ron and the bags sound good?" James replied.

"Delightful…" Harry replied shuddering, he had been told all about apparition and was not looking forward to it. James laughed.

Soon they arrived at the apparition point, James grabbed Harry's arm tightly and turned they both disappeared. It was unlike anything Harry had ever felt, he felt as if the whole world had suddenly closed in on him, he could barely breathe, his eyes were surely popping out of his head and he couldn't see his dad which panicked him making him grip tighter, suddenly as soon as it had started, it was over. The world felt like it had been put back to normal and he could finally breathe.

"Are you ok?" James asked worried as he saw his son pale form.

"I defiantly prefer flying." He said with a slightly shaky laugh.

"Right it's just over there." James said pointing in front of them. Harry had just noticed that they had arrived in a field opposite a quaint little village.

They both Jumped over the little fence and started to stroll in the same manner, toward the entering street of the village. Once the entered they turned left and into Greenway Terrace, they walked three quarters of the way down until they stopped outside no: 33. What stood before them was a large detached house with two floors. It was easily the biggest house in the street with its large oak double doors and balcony's on either side, Harry would bet that if you went around the back that you would find not only a very large garden but also another balcony.

James stepped up the three steps and knocked the large brass knocker. They heard bustling about before Harry heard Hermione, shout that she'd answer the door and then they heard her shouting at her cat and a loud mad hiss. Then the door opened.

"Hey Harry, Mr Potter." Hermione said.

"Please call me James.”

"Well are you ready?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, Harry did you get new clothes?"

"Yeah when I came home and for my birthday, do you like?"

"Yes, you look different. Crookshanks no!" Hermione suddenly shouted, for he had made a bid for freedom but he didn't get very far before Harry caught him.

"Thanks." she said as Harry handed him to her, Crookshanks emitting a loud hiss as he did so.

"Oh, where are my manners, come in." She said and opened the door wider. They stepped in to the hall, whilst Hermione ran upstairs to get her bag. The hall was painted a pale lemon with lots of flower portraits there was a living room to the left and a large dining room to the right. Seconds later Hermione came down the stairs with a holdall.

"I'm ready."

"You travel light." James said.

"Really? I thought I had packed too much" Hermione replied blushing.

"Right, ready to go and get Ron?" James said. They both nodded, Hermione said goodbye to her parents and they left. Minutes later they were in the field hidden behind trees to apparate.

"Right now, I'll apparate you first Harry so that you can get Ron ready then I'll apparate Hermione, then on are way back I'll take you and Hermione then me and Ron with the luggage OK?" They both nodded and James grabbed hold of Harry and they disappeared leaving Hermione alone, she started to feel uncomfortable when James appeared in front of her.

"Ready?" he asked and she nodded. A minute later Hermione found herself in front of the burrow, they saw Harry had only entered and they made a beeline for the door.

"Hermione, Mr Potter, do come in." Mrs Weasley said as she opened the door.

"I'm Molly and this is my husband Arthur"

"James, Mr Potter makes me sound so old." He replied.

"How old are you?" asked a girl from his right.

"Ginny!" Molly scolded. "Don't be so rude."

"It's alright." James said laughing. "I'm thirty-four."

"Wow your young." she replied. James laughed.

"Yeah Lils and I were both very young when we had Harry".

"What about me?" Harry asked.

"Nothing son are you ready to go?"


"Right Ron I’m going to head with Hermione and Harry first, so you can say goodbye and meet me at the apparition point with both bags OK?" James said Ron nodded. "Right, It was very nice to meet you all." James said shaking their hands. He left with Harry and Hermione where they apparated to their apparition point. Harry who had been through apparition four times now wobbled a bit on landing.

"Whoa, are you OK?" James said worried.

"Yep, don't worry."

"Right I'm away to get Ron stay here until I get back." He warned them and then disappeared. Seconds later he reappeared with Ron who seemed to be panting heavily.

"Bloody hell." he said.

"Right this way." James said as he headed down the road.

As the arrived at the gates Ron and Hermione both gasped. James punched in a code and the golden gates swung open, James walked in first followed by Harry, Ron and Hermione, Ron and Hermione both looking around in awe.

"Welcome to Potter Manner." James said when he opened the door.

"Right Harry why don't you show these two around but leave the kitchen to the last that's where we'll be ok" He waved his wands and the bags disappeared to the rooms upstairs, then he went to the kitchen.

"Right living room first then." Harry said and opened the door to the left of them. Hermione and Ron gasped.

"Wow, Harry this is beautiful." Hermione breathed.

"Nice TV" she commented spotting the massive television that was mounted to the wall above the hearth.

"How does that work?" Ron asked pointing to it.

"I'll show you later."

"I didn't know you had so many photos" Hermione said looking at the many photos of Harry and his parents.

"Neither did I, my dad told me that he had hid them along with other things in one of his secret houses, so that they wouldn't get destroyed in the war."

"How many houses does your dad own?" Ron asked.

"Only this one now, but he owned three others, his parents mansion which he inherited but has now sold it, the secret house which he has now sold and the house in Godrics Hallow which was destroyed thirteen years ago."

"Wow you must be rich." Ron said in awe, Harry felt uncomfortable, he didn't want to tell his rather poor friend that his small fortune had now tripled in size and they had to move to a bigger vault because of it.

"What's behind there?" Hermione asked sensing the building tension and pointing to the double doors.

"Ah, this…" he said going to the double doors… “Is the second room.” He finished opening the doors, again the others gasped.

"I like the photos." Ron commented.

"Yeah these are recent ones, that one's my favourite." Harry said pointing to a photo that had him and James standing back to back, both with arms crossed over there chest and with the famous Potter smirk on both of their faces.

"I like this one." Hermione said pointing to a portrait which had all of them in it. Harry was standing in the middle with James behind him, hands on both of his son's shoulders and Remus was to the left of James and Sirius to the right all four were grinning broadly.

"Yeah that’s my second favourite. Right on to the third room, it's across the hall."

They exited the door on the right and came into the hall way, they walked around the Grande stairs that were sitting in the middle of the hall. They came to another small door and Harry opened it and Hermione squealed.

"O, My, Merlin, it’s huge." She said excited and she dashed in. Just then James came out of the kitchen.

"Did someone just squeal?" He asked.

"Yeah don't worry Hermione had just found are library." Harry reassured him, James rolled his eyes and went back into the kitchen, Harry and Ron went into the Library.

"It's just a library Hermione." Ron said exasperated.

"Does every room have double doors?" she asked ignoring Ron.

"Yeah the whole ground floor is connected by double doors."

"What this room?" Ron asked to walking to the other double doors and reaching for the handle.

"Don't." Harry said quickly. Hermione and Ron both gave him a curious look "It's my dad's study, but it's got heaps of protections on it and only someone with the Potter blood can enter it." He added.

"Wow." they both said.

"Right bedrooms." He said and led the way upstairs. "Right to the left we have the main bathroom, Sirius' and Remus' room, and to the right is mine and my dad's." He said then led them up the last flight. "This is where the guest bathroom and bedrooms are, to the left is the smaller version of the main bathroom and Ron's guest room, and to the right are Hermione’s room and a spare room." Harry commentated as they had a look.

"So there are seven bedrooms in all?" Hermione asked. Harry nodded.

"Wow." they both said.

"Harry." Came a voice suddenly.


"Come down to the kitchen son.”

"K" he replied and they made their way down. They entered the kitchen to find it in total darkness, confused Harry flicked on the lights.

"Surprise." he heard people scream.

"Holy Merlin." Ron shouted whilst both Harry and Hermione screamed and jumped.

There in front of him, were all the Weasley’s plus two he'd never met, and his dad, Sirius and Remus. The whole kitchen was decorated in banners and balloons; one of the banners he saw was of him playing Quidditch, where he'd won the Quidditch cup.

"Happy Birthday son, do you like?"

"Wow." was all he said.

"Happy birthday Harry." said Molly Weasley.

"How did you get that banner?" He asked his dad.

"From memory." He replied. Harry smiled.

"Hi Harry, I'm Bill and this is Charlie." Said one of the two Weasley’s that he'd never met. Bill had long hair that was tied up, he had a pierced ear, which had what looked like a fang that hung from it and he was short compared to the twins and Ron and was bulky. Charlie looked almost identical to Bill except he had short hair, no piercings and a lot of burns.

"This place is nice." Bill said.

"You still haven’t seen the back yard, full size Quidditch pitch." Sirius said and then walked off.

"We'll have to play later then and then maybe I can play against Harry and see how good he is." Charlie said.

"He's the best." James said as he walked up to them.

"There are more presents for you to open on the table." He told Harry.

Harry walked to the table to see that indeed there was more presents all from the Weasley’s and one from Hermione. He sat down and began to open them, once finished he thanked them all Hermione and Ginny blushing furiously as he did so. Soon they were playing games and having fun, they had played a game of Quidditch which was fun. It was a close call but when it came to it Charlie just could not beat Harry.

"He's one good Quidditch player." Harry overheard Charlie saying to James as they sat in the kitchen talking and laughing.

"Yep, he got my gene's in fact I think he's a better player than I am." James boasted. Harry turned to look in his direction, and caught his dad's eye. James winked and him and Harry smiled back, he turned back to the conversation thinking that life couldn't be any better than what it was.




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