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Chapter 14: I knew…
“Go, go Gryffindor. Go, go Gryffindor. Go, go Gryffindor. Go, go Gryffindor.”

The scarlet and gold crowd surrounding her kept saying those words while their Quidditch team flew around and scored goal after goal. Lily couldn’t suppress the grin forming at her lips for she loved the feeling of complete House unity and she knew only Quidditch could unite a House this much.

“And Potter scores!”

All of Gryffindor started yelling and she could hear the sound of a roaring lion from behind her. She turned her head and found Remus Lupin holding his wand and grinning in her direction. She smiled brightly at him before she turned her head to watch the game once more.

As she saw him fly into the air, handling the broom with so much elegancy she couldn’t help but feel he was probably one of the most graceful flyers in the world. He would probably feel offended, but in her eyes it was a real compliment. Boys just didn’t like to be called graceful and to be honest it sounded it a bit weird to say: “Oh, James. You’re so graceful!”

She had to bite her lip to refrain from laughing. People would have probably looked at her funny if she had started laughing out of nowhere, but at the same time they might not even notice. Everyone was yelling and jumping up and down in excitement. She decided to join them.

Her auburn hair was everywhere as she yelled with the other Gryffindors, who all jumped up when it was announced that the Gryffindor seeker had caught the snitch! Lily started to laugh madly, she could feel tears rolling down her cheeks as her best friend Alice hugged her and told her that she was crazy!

Well, she was. There was no denying when it came to that fact. She was crazy about him.


It was dark in the Head’s Common Room. Lily could barely make out her own hands in the dark nor could she make out the portrait hole, which she had been staring at for a while now. The fire was slowly starting to fade and in a few minutes there would be no shadow left.

The party in the Gryffindor Common Room had ended about two hours ago, but James had yet to appear. She was already starting to think that he might not come back at all. Maybe he would stay with his best friends that evening, partying some more with them.

She sighed. Just when she had found herself brave enough to tell him that she… no, she wouldn’t think about it. If she would she might start crying over the fact that he wasn’t there and probably wouldn’t feel the same about her anymore. She was afraid and very vulnerable at the moment, which might also be due to the fact that she was forcing her eyes to stay open while they obviously wanted to be closed.

She wouldn’t look pretty the next morning that she knew for sure. But it would all have been worth it if he had just shown up. Not that he was to blame. He didn’t know she was waiting for him to come back.

She stood up from the couch, carefully making her way to the door. Her confession would have to wait till the next morning, she supposed. But then she heard the door behind her open.

She stiffened, she could hear him yawn loudly and when she turned around she could make out his stretching body. His hands were up in the air and slid down to rub the sleep out of his eyes. She couldn’t stop herself, it had already happened before she knew she had run towards him. Her arms had wrapped themselves around his body and she heard him gasp.

“Lily?” he asked, sounding confused. She knew he smiled when she rested her head onto his shoulder and only seconds afterwards he rested his chin on top of her head. “Well,” he said, “I knew I played well, but seeing I earned a hug from you I must have been fabulous.”

She giggled and looked up at him, but she couldn’t see his eyes. “No,” she said as one of her hands moved towards his face, “you were just very graceful.” She had to stop herself from laughing at her own words, but she knew she didn’t need to when he started to chuckle.

“Why thank you,” he said as he shook his head in disbelief.

“You’re welcome,” she said as she yawned slightly and slowly removed her arms from around his body. She was too tired to even think right now and she knew nothing good would come from that.

“Good night,” were her last words before she turned around and reached for her door, but she was stopped by a hand on her shoulder and his voice, sounding desperate.

“No,” he said, “turn around.” She could hear his heavy breathing and she slowly turned around to face him, though she only found a dark figure staring at her. She didn’t know whether he wanted her to respond, to say something, so she did nothing at all. She only stared back at him.

He moved closer to her and she could feel his warm breath onto her cold cheeks, she heard him swallow before he said something so quietly that she was lucky he was this close, otherwise she hadn’t heard him. “I need you.”

She blinked a few times and tried to search for words, but she didn’t even have time to find them for his lips had came in touch with hers. His hands cupped her cheek and quickly found their way into her auburn hair. She felt herself melt under his touch and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

They could have stood there for minutes, hours or maybe several days even. They had lost complete track of time, but they didn’t care. They had found something far more important than time would ever be.

If Lily had died right there and then she would have been happy. His arms wrapped around her waist and her head resting on his chest, listening to his calming heart beat. They just stood there together, swaying slightly to the music they had playing in their hearts and they both knew this might be one of the best moments in their life.

Lily felt tears rolling down her cheek and she bit her lip to stop herself from laughing once again. She was probably wetting James’ shirt, but she didn’t really care and he didn’t either as he only kissed the top of her head once he felt the shirt start to stick to his body.

“Sirius should have been here,” Lily said and she heard James chuckle.

“What?” he asked sounding amused and confused at the same time. “Why?”

“Because,” Lily stood on her toes and pecked his lips softly, “he probably would have laughed his head off and make us see that we are being ridiculous.”

James chuckled. “We aren’t being ridiculous.”

“We are,” Lily said and took one of James’ hands in hers, “Look at us! We are both so dramatic and, most of all, stubborn… we could have been together months ago, years even!” James only kissed her forehead as she rambled on. “But most of it is my fault. If I had stopped making excuses at the end of last year…”

“I love you,” James interrupted.

Lily could feel how her heart momentarily stopped beating and she looked up at him, her mouth opening and closing, making her look like a very unintelligent goldfish.

“I do,” he said and kissed her forehead once more, “every tiny little thing about you. I love how you are stubborn and dramatic, how you keep making excuses and how you can still want to be friends with Snape.” James chuckled. “I just really love you.”

She felt how her heart beat twice as fast as he said the magical words again. She had known, of course she had known. She had felt it, because he had felt it too. She loved him as much as he loved her; only she was the slow one when it came to pouring her heart out. She had been hiding it for months, but now he had said it she knew she was ready.

“Do you still love me when I say I’ve joined your fan club?” she asked jokingly. James chuckled and nodded. “Good, because I love you too.”

And that was it. The sweet ending she had been wishing for, even though that might as well have been her best kept secret. Convincing herself of the opposite had maybe been the best lie she had ever told herself. She had been a lovely little liar. But this lovely little liar was no more.

All she is, all that she ever was, lay in his hands and she now understood why. They were soul mates, forever together till death do them part and even if this would happen they would never really leave each other.

“I knew you’d give in, you know,” James said teasingly and Lily laughed.

“And I knew you’d always stay an arrogant toerag.” 

The End

Author's Note:Well, this is it. I really hope you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for reading this story and I know you must all want to just go read another one, but please leave me a review to tell me what your thoughts are. Thank you for everything!

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