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“I still can’t believe you guys did that.” Remus grumbled, his arms crossed moodily on the train ride back to Hogwarts. 

“Calm down Moony, it was normal juvenile experimentation,” Sirius told him calmly.
“And look what happened to you because of it!” 

“It’s just poison ivy,” Kristen told him, in a foul mood herself. The itch was driving her insane! Apparently, during their little escapade, they had run into it. Not wanting to let the elder Potters know, however, that they had in fact not been at Remus’s house but out in the woods with illegal drugs was reason enough for them to deal with their pain without the assistance of a countless number of remedies. “Look, next time we do it, you can try it too and see how phenomenal it was!” 

Remus looked completely horrified. “You’re doing it again?” 

“Well of course,” She told him. 

“Moony, you don’t understand! That stuff was so –” 

James immediately stopped talking. The compartment looked in sync at Lily as she entered. “What?” She asked at little nervously. 

Moony looked at his three guilty friends, smiled, then turned to her and said quite proudly. “They’re afraid you’ll snitch on them to McGonagall about their illegal drug use.” 

And that’s how it began. 

No one had ever seen Lily Evans look so positively angry. She yelled, she screamed, and she even hit James once or twice. Kristen leaned as far back in her seat as possible, and even tried to escape once, but was pushed forcefully back down by her captor. 

Sirius was the only one brave enough to stand up to her, though it took him a good half an hour to build the courage. “Listen flower, it’s not like we’re making you do it with us!” 

“That doesn’t excuse the fact that you are a complete dumbass!” 

“Did she seriously just curse?” Peter asked a little timidly. 

“Damn right I did! You lot have so thoroughly pissed me off that I am forced to resort to this to hopefully make you understand how utterly idiotic you are being!” 

“It’s not any of your business!” Kristen fought, not going to go down without a fight. 

“Well you better believe I’ll make it McGonagall’s.” 

Kristen narrowed her eyes. “You wouldn’t.” 

Lily smirked, looking uncharacteristically devious. “You better believe I will if you don’t swear here and now never to do it again.” 

“Alright flower,” Sirius relaxed obviously, his shoulders not quite so tense. “I swear. Scout’s honor.” 

“Unbreakable vow! You have to do an unbreakable vow!” Remus said decidedly, spotting the lie without any trouble. 

“No way in Hell I’m doing that!” 

“What is that?” Lily asked, frustrated that Remus seemed to take her spot. 

“If he makes the vow, and then goes and does it anyway he will, in short, die.” 

“I’m not liking the sound of this,” Kristen told them. 

“Either you make it or I go to McGonagall,” Lily eagerly took up the reigns again, using her bargaining tool to her every advantage. 

“This is not fair,” James pouted, crossing his arms childishly. 

“How would you prove it?” Sirius asked, and Kristen vehemently shook her head, spotting the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Lily cocked and eyebrow at them. “Honestly?” When they continued to look convinced that they had found their out she laughed mercilessly. “It’s my word against yours. Who has the better record?” 

“Technically, it’d be your word against Remus’s.” 

Remus looked thoroughly amused by that remark. “Look, I may stand by you guys through some pretty stupid shit, but this is not one of them.” 

Kristen caught on to Sirius’s wave length uncommonly fast. “Oh, but Moony, I’m pretty sure there’s some stuff you would rather we did not spill to her, she might take your shiny prefect badge away.” 

Remus’s faced blanched a little, but he recovered. “You would have to incriminate yourself to bring up anything on me.” 

Sirius’s bark of a laugh rang through the compartment. “Moony, it won’t be much of a shocker if she finds out we were drinking. You, on the other hand, -” 

“You?” Lily spat at him, looking more shocked than angry. “But you’re –” 

“It was once!” 

“It was four, don’t lie to her,” James smirked, though it instantly slipped off his face when Lily glared at him for the comment. 

“She’ll kick you off the team for doing it!” 

“You know that’s not true,” Sirius fought back, calmly now that he knew he had the upper hand. “She’ll give us a slap on the hand and send us on our way.” 

“McGonagall doesn’t expect anything from us,” Kristen explained with a grin. “For us, it’d simply be one more tick on a long line of offenses. You though, it would be grounds for loss of your badge. You’re supposed to the role model.” 

“The good one,” Peter chimed in, obviously simply wanting a part in this conversation.
“You let me believe you didn’t do that.” Lily said to Remus, looking quite hurt, more so, even, than when he had used their pseudo-date to talk up James. “You let me believe you really were the good one.” 

“Lily, I’m really sorry. But like James said, it’s only been a few times…” 

“Just a few times? You shouldn’t have done it at all!” 

“Yes, I realize that. But better I be there with them than to let them stagger around by themselves.” 

“Oh that’s a wonderful excuse!” Lily rolled her eyes heavily. “Remus, I don’t even know who you really are. I thought you could stand up to them, they are supposed to be your friends! You should be able to say ‘no’ to them at least.” 

“Back off flower,” Sirius suddenly stood up. “You didn’t come in here to give Remus a lecturing. He’s never gotten drunk; he’s had a few drinks. You and your saint attitude can get out of this compartment, now.” 

Lily looked around, waiting for someone to stop her from following his instructions. When everyone only glared at her, save James, who tactfully looked like he hadn’t heard a word, she stormed out, slamming the door behind her. 

“I’m sorry mate; I shouldn’t have drug you into it.” Sirius apologized, surprisingly sincere. 

“No, you shouldn’t have.” 

“And you shouldn’t have drug Lily into it,” James reminded him coolly. 

“Also true,” he mumbled. “I thought she’d talk sense into you James, that’s all I wanted. Honestly though, if losing my badge means you guys never doing those awful drugs again, I’ll take it. And don’t even think of trying to do it behind my back, because I will make your life Hell.” 

“Why do you care?” Kristen asked irritably. Sirius and James looked none too happy either as their victory was suddenly stolen from them. 

Remus looked at her oddly for a moment before answering. “I love you guys, that’s why. I’d rather lose my badge then see you addicted to drugs that could lead to your death, despite the rumors you here that it’s safe or whatever. Yeah, the drug may not kill you, but what you do while on it seriously could.” 

“Love.” Sirius spat out the word, staring out the window moodily. 

“Love sucks,” Kristen said decidedly. 

Remus rolled his eyes and mumbled something inaudible, though Kristen was pretty sure she heard the word ‘immature’ thrown about. “So we really have to swear off it?” Kristen asked Sirius and James. 

“Unless we want to get killed by McGonagall, yes probably so.” James decided, and that was enough of an answer. If James said ‘no’ to the drugs this time, it would stick.
At least, he would have every reason to believe that it was sticking. Sirius had no intention of giving it up; the thought of that surge of adrenaline was too alluring, and easily drug Kristen along with him that night. 

“What if a teacher catches us?” Kristen asked fretfully as Sirius laid out the goods. 

“You’re starting to sound like James.” 

Kristen vaguely wondered when that statement had suddenly become so negative. “We could get kicked off the team Sirius! Matt would kill us for sure!” 

“You could just sleep with him and get us off the hook.” 

Kristen pursed her lips at that and made her anger very apparent. “I’m not as worried about him as I am McGonagall, and I hardly think we can sleep our way out of that one.” 

Sirius smirked deviously at her. “You doubt my charms?” 

“This is serious!” 

“Krissie, calm down, would you? How are they going to find out, huh? Tomorrow’s Sunday, we can sleep it off. No one will be the wiser.” He did it to her again. Somehow, he just made things so much easier to understand. 

“Fine,” She said a little apprehensively, taking her dose with trembling hands at the thought of what could possibly happen. 

Later, she would look back at this moment, and thank Merlin for so many things. She could thank him for the drug having a markedly different effect of Sirius this time, she could thank him for sending Remus at the moment he did. Perhaps most of all though, she would thank Merlin that a combination of langlock and scourgify as Remus stepped in the exact wrong spot did not cause more damage than nearly drowning in soap suds as his tongue became stuck to the roof of his mouth, landing him in the hospital wing for a week as the soap suds just kept coming. 

“It’s not our fault,” Sirius mumbled a few hours later as they sat at his bed side. Remus continued to lie in a vegetative state, the near drowning taking quite a toll on his body. 

“Not our fault? How could that possibly not be our fault?” Kristen snapped at him. “We hit him!” 

“We were in the middle of a duel!” 

“How could he have possibly known that? We were stoned out of our minds Sirius! If we hadn’t been, this wouldn’t have happened!” 

“Cool it, he’s not dying!” 

“We nearly drowned him Sirius! How can you be so complacent about this?” 

“Because I know the moment he wakes up we are dead! No more quidditch, no more anything once McGonagall gets a hold of us!” 

“That’s more important to you than his life?” 

“He. Is. Not. Dying.” Sirius told her exasperatedly. “He is going to be fine! So yes, I am a bit more worried about the trouble we are going to get into.” 

“He would have died if we hadn’t realized what had been going on when we did!” 

“What does that matter? We did realize, and we saved him. Everyone got off fine!” 

“Except for the boy in the hospital bed!” 

“That’s enough!” Madame Pomfrey promptly stormed the scene. “Out! Both of you! It’s nearly time for breakfast anyways.” 

“I just can’t believe you’re being so callous about the whole thing!” Kristen started it up again once they were out of ear shot of the irate woman. “Lily and Remus were right; we should have never got into that stuff!” 

“Well we did, and we can’t change what has already happened.” 

Kristen sighed, realizing she was getting nowhere with him. “What are we going to tell the others though? They’ll hate us.” 

“We tell the marauders the truth. Lily…I’m not telling her, and I don’t advise you do either.” Sirius told her, not daring to meet her eye after what they had just done. 

“Of course not,” Kristen mumbled, holding her arms tightly to herself. It wasn’t hard to creep into the dormitory; it was about six in the morning. She gratefully fell into her bed, not even bothering to change her clothes. 

It was quite startling to go from a nightmare about Lily breathing flames and incinerating her for having tried to drugs again to see her face right above her haloed by the noon light. Kristen promptly pulled the covers over her head to try and avoid what she was sure to come. 

But Lily only laughed and pulled them back down. “Noon is quite enough of a lay in! Get up lazy; enjoy your last day of freedom!” 

Kristen got up with a bit of trepidation. She was so sure Lily was going to scream at her and then hall her away to McGonagall; she had to have heard about Remus by now. 

“Oh, and I guess you haven’t heard yet. Your friend, what do you call him, moody or whatever, is in the hospital wing, and you’ll never guess what for.” 

“Something to do with soap suds?” Kristen asked off handedly, trying not to show her utter confusion at this turn of events. 

Lily laughed delightedly at her guess. “Yes! He keeps coughing them up! Seems he got a little too adventurous with some girl last night and she hexed him quite well. You must have known it was coming, yeah?” 

“Yeah,” Kristen hurriedly nodded her head, now effectively increasing her speed at putting nicer clothes on. Something very odd was going on, and curiosity was eating away at her. She ran even faster than Lily down the stairs, ready for whatever came, redemption or death by detention. 

“Krissie! How positively lovely to see you!” Remus declared when she entered, his voice dripping with sarcasm. His mouth was distinctly bubbly, and a moment later, he spouted a large stream of bubbles into a waiting bucket. 

Sirius grabbed her arm before she could say anything, quickly explaining. “Seems Remus here got a bit too handsy with some lovely lady last night,” he flashed a wide smirk at his friend, who angrily waved it away. “She cursed him, but was nice enough that when she nearly drowned him because of a spell gone wrong, she brought him here.” 

“Huh,” Kristen said, looking inquisitively to Remus. “Handsy?” 

“With who?” Lily asked eagerly, seeming to enjoy the scandalous gossip much more than usual, most likely because it was happening to someone who was roughly on the same wave length as her. 

“Jane,” Remus said a bit too quickly. 

“Doe,” James supplied with a cynical smile. “A Miss Jane Doe.” 

“Jane Doe?” Lily questioned, looking suddenly suspicious. “Seriously?” 

“That’s the name one uses to protect the innocent flower,” Sirius covered smoothly. “We all knew if you were to find out who this girl really was you’d harass her for corrupting your poor Remus.” 

“I would not! I just want to know who it is!” 

“I’m sorry Lily; we find that we can not divulge that information to you. Remus obviously deserved it, there’s no reason to hurt her now,” Kristen caught on quickly. Lily rolled her eyes heavily and stomped off, leaving Kristen with much needed privacy. 

“I’m way confused,” She readily admitted to them. 

“That’s what drugs do to your brain,” James snapped at her, looking suddenly serious. 

“I thought they were going to cause my death!” She declared, slumping down into an available chair. “When Lily woke me up I was sure it was to tell me I was done for, but she just started going on about you and some girl!” 

“I couldn’t do it, alright?” Remus looked ashamed of himself. “I know it’s bad parenting technique or whatever, but I kind of hoped the threat would be enough. It worked on James at least; I should have known it wouldn’t on you.” 

“You are permanently in his debt,” Peter informed them. 

“I will tell next time, one strike, that’s it,” Remus warned them, and he looked so serious that there was no way Kristen would dare it again. 

“Is that the only condition to the debt?” Sirius asked, getting down to business. “No drugs?” 

“No way! Of course I’m going to milk this for all it’s worth!” 

Kristen sighed and looked out the window where the moon continued to linger lightly in the sky. She should have guessed, it was nearly full. 


Well, it's been a great few weeks for the story. I have been so proud of two week posting. However, I have a bit of bad news.
I got in a pretty bad accident. I learned that someone on a bike can not take on a pick up truck. Long story short, I broke my left arm, which makes typing very, very slow. So the updates for the next six to eight weeks will likewise be slow, but I'll be sure to brainstorm and type again as soon as possible.
Here's a snippet from the part of the next chapter I managed to get done before the accident.
'In short, Remus was living the good life, with Kristen and Sirius as his indefinite slaves.'

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