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Hermione Granger woke up the next morning with an unbearable and pounding headache. It was as if thousands of pins were being inserted in every corner of her brain. She had never gotten drunk in her life before but she was certain what she was feeling was worse than a hang over. She reached for her wand beside her bed and silently did a healing spell only the pain refused to go away.

She groaned in defeat and grudgingly got out of bed. There was nobody left in the room.

She began getting ready for school, knowing she had only 15 minutes left before breakfast ended and classes would start. She knew she would not make it in time for breakfast, school was more important than her appetite anyway.


She did not bother looking at the mirror as she stepped out of the dormitories.

No, she was not there to do well in class, she was not there to have fun, she was not there to make friends or have petty fights with idiotic bimbos, she was there to get revenge and nothing more. Tom Marvolo Riddle will die even if her life depended on it.

It was not hard to find all her classes seeing as how she took the same ones with the exception of Divination. As Hermione predicted, the topics and concepts that was being taught in her every class have already been taught in their fifth year. Everything was behind. There were no surprises at all. Well, maybe except for the fact that Tom Marvolo Riddle was in every single one of her classes.


Her first class was Arithmancy with Professor Wentsz. She sat down by herself at the far end of the room at the farthest left corner where she expected everyone to leave her alone. Naturally, being the new girl in school, everyone stared at her with curiosity as she sat down. She pretended she didn’t notice as she took her quill out.

Her grip on the quill suddenly grew tighter as Tom Marvolo Riddle entered the class. She observed him quietly as he walked in. 

He made his way in, careful not to make eye contact with anybody to avoid small talks. He stopped dead on his tracks as he noticed someone was already sitting in his usual seat. He stared at the girl in front of him and at his seat as if trying to decide whether or not to make her leave. No one dared steal his seat in any of his classes.

They looked at each other intensely, both not daring to declare defeat by breaking contact. She waited for him, unsure of what to do, until he gave her one last glare before walking away and sitting at the farthest right corner of the room.

“Wow” Ames whispered from behind her. “Cant believe he just let you off like that.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.


“Well, that’s his usual seat. He’s been sitting there since we first took this class. I mean, he always sits in the farthest left corner of the room in all of his classes. Everyone knows that.”

That was it. That was their entire encounter for the rest of her first week of school. He was in every one of her classes but he would always sit far away from her. After every class, he would hastily make his way towards the door, always the first one to get out. She did not have a problem with that. In fact, she liked that he kept his distance, because if they both keep having encounters, one thing may lead to another and she would end up killing him, and not even necessarily unintentional.

Greta, Emma and Amarillo had somewhat tried to make friends with her although she kept her distance from them. She did not want to get emotionally attached to anyone and end up getting hurt. The three gave her all the space she needed but often talked to her at breakfast and lunch.

 On her first two weeks of her “new life”, Hermione stayed far away from everything that might remind her of Harry which was not very easy. It seems as if every corner, ever wall, every dungeon and every class reminded her of what she had lost. At night, the pain would take her in much deeper; her strong barriers crashed as she laid in her bed, vulnerable as ever, broken as ever as she cried herself to sleep.

People approached her on her first few days but finally grew bored with her when they failed to get any interesting information from her that they might be able to pass on or gossip about. Everyone seemed to finally leave her alone by the end of her first week which suited her fine. The library was her only sanctuary. It was the only place that she could be rid of her painful thoughts of him.



Tom hastily gathered his books and started to make his way towards the warm-filled room of divination. It was a bit of a hassle having to be at all times, the first person to get out of the class. He did not want to see nor hear about that wretched new girl. He treated her as if she was venom, as if she was the pawn towards his defeat. His instincts told him not to go near her.

It had been well over two weeks since their first encounter and never once had he nor she looked at each other, nor hair nor wand. Abraxas may think of her as an intriguing little creature but not him. Although a certain part of his brain argued otherwise.

For days he had been searching for the cause of his moment of telepathy but came out of the library with nothing. It perturbed him like never before. He was Lord Voldemort, the leader of his Knights of Walpurgis and yet he could not define that certain mysterious happening. He blamed the girl of course.

‘That wretched girl should be in debt of me. I have saved her life twice and never once has she thanked me.’ He contemplated as he walked briskly towards his common room. He shook his head vigorously at that thought, ‘No, I do not need any gratitude from her. If she was to be thankful, she should repay him by keeping out of his sight’

‘Which is what she has been doing for the past weeks’ A part of his mind told him.

He shook his head as he climbed the steps towards divination. As usual, he decided to sit at the very end of the room. Professor Murdoch was already in her table, eyes rolled back as if in concentration. She did not notice Tom walk in. There were orbs in each table with mist swirling around inside of them.

Tom despised Divination the most. Sure, he believed in predictions but he would be a fool as to believe in Professor Murdoch as she was nothing but a fraud. Students begin to file in noisily towards the room. The Professor smiled as she finally realized that pupils had already entered the room. As reflex, Tom looked around for that bushy-haired girl. It was not because he was interested in anything but for some reason, he always prefer to know if she was anywhere near him so he can move away or so he tells himself.

She wasn’t around. Every seat had already been filled except for her. Abraxas had opted to sit next to her girlfriend Pas which left Tom’s left, empty.

In an extremely misty voice, Professor began her lesson. She did not seem to notice that one of her students was still missing. “Today class, we will be revising the basic methods of orb reading. Last week, we all remember how unsuccessful most of you were in the art of fire omens. Now, orb-reading is relatively easy. We have done it last year if you all recall..”

She had never got to finish as Hermione Granger stepped inside the class, robes astray and hair slightly messy. She looked as if she had been running as she was doing huff breath sounds, her cheeks slightly pink. “I’m sorry I’m late Professor!

Professor Murdoch smiled politely at her, “I predicted as much, Ms Vane. Please take your seat.”

Hermione nodded and turned her attention towards the circular tables in front of her. There was only one seat available and it was right next to the person she had least wanted to sit next to. “Professor? There aren’t any more seats”

“Miss Granger, I knew from the moment I saw you that you have not been given the gift of the inner eye but I didn’t think you were blind. There’s a seat right next to Mr. Riddle”

Hermione cursed the Professor under her breath. She had been hoping that she wouldn’t notice the seat and will just conjure another one.

There was no reason arguing. She had already embarrassed herself in front of everyone. Which was why, 5 minutes later, she found herself sitting next to the future dark lord who, like her, ignored her with all his might. He positioned his seat towards the opposite.

“Where were we?.. Oh yes, of course, of course... Orb-reading. For revision, I will demonstrate it for you today. Any table want to volunteer for their orbs to be read?” She scanned the room and as expected, no one had raised their hands. She sighed loudly. “I suppose I can do with the new girl Miss Vane and Mr. Riddle’s table?”

“Great” Hermione murmured to herself before Professor Murdoch conjured a chair in front of her and Riddle.

“I shall do you first Miss Vane. Now, put your palms on the orbs please and close your eyes” Hermione rolled her eyes before following as she was told. “Concentrate… Breath in and out evenly please. Now let go”

Hermione withdrew her hands away from the orbs and opened her eyes. The Professor pressed her face unto the small orb for a few seconds before crying out loud. “Oh how horrible! Horrible indeed.” The Professor observed Hermione with tearful eyes. “You have suffered so much. Oh you poor thing.”

Hermione blinked at the Professor in front of her. She couldn’t quite believe her ears. This teacher can’t be accurate can she? It’s impossible that she knows what she went through. No way can this lunatic of a  Professor know of her past.

“Suffered from what” A voice behind her asked.

“Wolves.” The Professor exclaimed.

Hermione looked at her Professor suspiciously. Did she just know that she had wolf scratches on her arms and her clothes astray as if attacked by a wild animal when she had first appeared? Hermione still wasn’t convinced.

Tom Riddle raised an eyebrow at the Professor statement. Wolves? Not that he’d believe anything this madcap would say but wolves would explains her appearance the night he had found her.

“and Deaths! Many deaths” the Professor continued. “Am I right, Miss Vane?” she looked pitifully at Hermione.

It took awhile before Hermione could give a response, “I wouldn’t know.” She left it at that. The Professors knew about the whole memory loss story but she chose not to tell any of her schoolmates.

Professor seemed to have remembered that piece of information. “Of course, of course. I apologize Miss Vane” She looked at her sadly and awkwardly for a moment before turning towards Tom Riddle. She felt ashamed for having opened the delicate subject when she knew the student has barely recovered.

She cleared her throat as if to get a hold of her emotional state. “Your turn Mr. Riddle. Place your palms on the orbs and concentrate.” She told him. Tom closed his eyes and placed his hands on the orbs. He had done this last year with Abraxas and so it doesn’t bother him as much.

She didn’t know what made her do it. She didn’t know exactly what she was thinking but the words were out before she could stop them. “I’ll do it.”

Tom Riddle opened his eyes and stared at the mysterious girl in front of him.

“Excuse me?” Professor asked.

“I’ll… read his orbs” If the Professor was accurate as she was with Hermione’s reading, she couldn’t risk her seeing any connections of her with Riddle’s Orbs. She was afraid of what the Professor would see. She doesn’t fully believe the Professor’s accuracy but it was better to be safe. “It would be nice to have the students practice too, right? I’ve never done orb-reading before, I think”

What in the world is she thinking now?’ he thought inwardly.

The Professor looked quite taken aback. Nobody in her class had ever volunteered to do anything. “O-of course Miss Vane. Everyone in the class has done this last year. Of course, you may have your try”

She looked up to meet Riddle’s unreadable expression. As usual, pure and utter abhorrence rushed inside her veins when their eyes locked. Every inch of her body was telling her to do it now, kill him in spite of the 17 other students inside the room. She shook her head lightly and breathed in slowly, trying to calm herself before examining his orbs.

They were nothing more than white fogs to her.

“Concentrate Miss Vane. Examine closely the power and the energy. Pull from your inner strength.”

Hermione already knew everything about Tom Riddle’s past and his future. There wasn’t any need for her to waste her ‘inner strength’.

Again, she did not fully know what she was thinking or perhaps she wasn’t thinking at all. “I see a lot of darkness.”

“Yes, yes go on. Tell us, what else do you see?”

She could no longer stop herself. “Figures… lots of them in dark cloaks and… masks.”

She saw Tom tightening under his seat from the corner of her eye which gave her even more motivation to continue. “Standing among them is something powerful and dark. Very dark.”

She mocked a shiver. She knew she was going too far. She might have given herself a death sentence by doing this but to her it was worth it. It was worth the sight of Voldemort’s tension building up inside of him, his face going pale and his lips opening ever so slightly in shock and in anticipation that it almost made her laugh.

The Professor raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure my dear? Pray tell us, what else do you see?”

“A small pale boy all alone in a small grubby old room” Hermione began. She thought she might add in some of her knowledge of his past. “and… I think a cave?.. Yes, it looks like a cave” She bit her bottom lip to keep herself from smirking. “Children seems to be inside it. A name also keeps coming up… V...V-vo—

“Enough!” Tom Riddle abruptly stood up from his seat, causing it to topple. He was never one to lose his temper in front of a class which is why everyone immediately focused all of their absolute attention towards Riddle. “It’s complete nonsense. How can you see all of that in one orb-reading? She’s clearly misreading the whole thing.”

Hermione looked up from the orb and met Tom Riddle’s eyes. She gave him a small smirk before retorting, “Defensive much? I was only having a little bit of fun.”

“Divination is to be taken seriously Miss Vane. It is not for fun.” The Professor told her “I’m very disappointed in you. I had initially thought you actually posses the inner eye.”

“Well I’m sorry to disappoint” she told her. She was in too good of a mood provoking Riddle that she didn’t care less about getting in trouble.

If this was how Divination was going to be like every day, she could definitely get used to it. She leaned in towards her chair and crossed her arms.

“Alright, enough. Mr. Riddle, sit down please. I suppose not everyone can appreciate the value of one’s inner eye.”

Throughout most of the lessons, the Professor lectured about the fundamentals of orb-reading while Hermione pretended to listen. She knew that Voldemort was watching her very carefully and it was starting to aggravate her.

‘This is totally absurd. She can’t actually be for real. It is impossible for a reading to be that much accurate.’ Tom Riddle thought to himself, clenching and unclenching his fist. Who in the world is this girl?’

“If you stare at me any longer Riddle, I’ll hex your eyeballs to oblivion. That way, people might actually think I was being serious because then you really will be seeing a lot of darkness.” Hermione told him.

“And so you acknowledge it then? That you were inventing all those nonsense up?” Tom Riddle inquired. It couldn’t be. She couldn’t have been making everything up.

“What do you think, Riddle?” Hermione challenged him, smirking up at his handsome face.

‘This stupid girl? Dare Challenging me?’Riddle thought, completely taken aback. “Pardon me, but you’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn” Tom simpered at her.

“What’s with all the 20 questions then?” she retorted. “It’s not as if I was spot on right, was I? Don’t tell me, all those things I said… They’re worrying you because they are actually true?”

Tom began fingering his wand inside his pockets. If he so chooses, he could kill this wretched girl anytime he desires. Before Tom could respond, Hermione began laughing out loud.

“Oh God, you don’t actually believe everything I said, do you?” Hermione said in hysterics.

Tom clenched his jaw and was trying hard to control his temper.

“Miss Vane, I understand you think this class is for ‘fun’ but if you insist on disrupting my class, I’m afraid I will have to ask you to leave”

Hermione grabbed her bag and stood up, still laughing. “Oh my pleasure, Professor!”

Hermione walked across towards the exit of the room in time to hear a loud crash from behind. She didn’t have to look to know what had happened. She continued laughing as she made her way out.

The Professor was too stunned to speak. The chair in which the girl had previously sat suddenly exploded on itself. She looked around, scanning for a wand out but everyone else seemed to stun themselves.

Even the person responsible stared at the remains of the wooden chair beside him. He was never one to lose his temper, especially in front of this many people and yet this stupid girl accomplished pushing his buttons after only a few weeks of meeting him.



The rest of her day continued on like they had for the past few weeks. Tom avoided her for the rest of their classes like a plague while she plastered on a smug face.

Before she knew it, it was his least favorite time of the day; Dinner. The trio constantly insisted for her to sit with them but she always opted to be alone during nighttime. It was as if at night, she becomes Hermione Granger rather than Nerissa Vane.

As if enjoying herself at night or even doing anything rather than sulking by herself in the library is a great sin or an insult towards her past memories.

She made her way towards the library as everybody else made their way to the Great Hall for dinner. However, before she could make it to the doors, a large hand grabbed her from behind and pulled her into an empty classroom.


<A/n: Oh my.. time passed by waaaay too quickly and before i knew it.. poof its been almost a year since I updated O___O

I am sooo incredibly sorry! i never meant to abandon this story trust me! This is the least story i would ever thought of abandoning!!! :( sorry took me so long..
I wrote half of this chapter last year but never got around to finish it.

I'm juggling 2 jobs plus my classes so it was hard to think of anything else.. plus no time.. the days i had no classes, i had work. so yeah.. but i'm trying to kick back and relax.. lol.. anyway hope you enjoy!!

and this time.. i'm serious.. i really REALLY am going to update soon!

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