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Finally another Chapter, I didn't want to post because of the server crash.

Before anyone knew it, it was the end of their third year. Exams had passed and the trio had finished packing and now were traveling to Hogsmede to catch the train. Once they got settled in the compartment, Harry began to feel nervous and excited. He was excited because he was finally leaving the Dursley’s to live with his dad, Sirius and Remus but that also made him very nervous of a new home and a new life, Hermione who was sitting beside Harry sensed his nervousness and gave his hand a little squeeze.

He got even more nervous as the train started to slow and the station came into view knowing what was lying ahead was making his stomach churn, his dad had went home early with Sirius to get their new home ready, he was looking forward to seeing what the home will be like but it was the confrontation that was sure to happen between him, his dad and the Dursley’s. Even though he was positive his dad could handle the Dursley’s it didn't stop him from dreading the conversation. Putting the feeling of unease to the back of his mind for now Harry jumped of the train and straight into the Weasley’s.

"My, My Harry haven't you grown." Mrs Weasley said pulling him into a bone crushing hug. "Now Harry we know that you have a bit of trouble with the Dursley’s so we were wondering if you wanted to travel with us" Mrs Weasley said once she release him.

"Erm thanks but I already have transportation." He said embarrassed. Just then James and Sirius appeared.

"Sorry I'm late son got caught up in traffic." James said as he hugged his son.

"It’s ok I was talking to Mrs Weasley" Harry replied. James turned to Mrs Weasley who was eyeing Sirius wearily.

"Don't mind him he won’t bite." He said gesturing a thumb towards Sirius who was pulling Harry's trunk of the train.

"Ha, Ha Prongs, so are you ready to go Harry?" He asked. Harry nodded and said goodbye to the Weasley’s taking a deep breath he passed through the barrier.

On the other side Harry was met with all sorts of muggles coming and going a just a little ahead of him he spotted Vernon looking highly annoyed at having to come and pick Harry up. Harry took a deep breath and moved forward but stopped suddenly when he heard an all too familiar voice call his name. Turning around he dropped his bag that he was carrying and prepared for the hug his bushy haired friend was going to give him.

James and Sirius both turned around at hearing someone call Harry's name. They watched as Harry dropped his bag and easily caught Hermione who launched a hug upon him.

"See, what did I tell you, our prongslet's got himself a girlfriend" Sirius said in a singsong voice. James didn't even register what Sirius had called his son, as he watched the scene unfold in front of him.

"I didn't think you were still here Hermione." Harry said once she had released him.

"Didn't think I'd go without saying goodbye did you?" She said raising her eyebrow.

"Of course not." He lied, the famous Potter smirk playing across his lips.

"Well I just wanted to say have a good summer and you better write to me." She said.

"I will, you can have a personal invitation to see my new home once I settle in OK?" he replied.

"I would love to, but that better not be the only owl I get from you." She said.

"Aww you know me Hermione." He replied.

"All too well." Was her reply before she hugged him again and then ran off to where her parents were standing waiting on her. He watched her for a second before turning back to his father and godfather, who were standing there with odd looks on their faces.

"What?" Harry said innocently.

"Prongslet has got himself a girlfriend." Sirius burst out before he could stop himself.

"Hermione's not my Girlfriend." He replied shortly before lifting his bag and walking off smiling at what Sirius had nicknamed him. His happiness was short lived when he heard the angry tones of his 'uncles' voice.

"Your late boy." He growled.

"So." Harry replied shortly.

"Wh-what" his uncle stuttered surprised at Harry's answer.

"So…" Harry said slowly as if talking to a very small child.

"Get in the car." He growled pointing a large sausage like finger towards the car.

"No, I don't have to do what you say." Harry retorted.

"Who says?" he growled taking a step closer to Harry.

"Me." Came his father’s voice as he stepped in front of Harry.

"James Potter, Harry's father, I know I am supposed to be dead but I'm not, none of you business how all you need to know is that Harry will be living with me from now on. Got it." he said before Vernon had a chance to answer, he had gone a deathly shade of white which made a change from his usual purple. Without saying another word James grabbed his sons shoulder and steered him away from Dursley and into the car park.

"You don't need anything from their do you?" his dad asked him as they weaved in and out of the cars.

"No, Why?" he asked

"So we don't have to go back there." He replied. Harry chuckled.

"No, everything I own is in my trunk."  He replied, as they reached car his jaw dropped.

"Like it?" James asked him smiling slightly.

All Harry did was nod as he looked at the brand new car that sat in front of him. It was a red Ferrari California that had a light cream interior and impressive 17" Alloys. He saw his dad lean forward and press a button in the front and with a loud click the roof started moving back making the car topless, he then moved his seat forward to allow the back passenger to get in.  Putting his bag in the back he was about to climb in when Sirius stopped him.

"Ah, you get the honour of riding in the front with your dad Prongslet." He said climbing in and pulling the seat back leaving no room for an argument.

"My goodness, you’re giving up the front seat Padfoot." James said disbelievingly.

"Well Prongslet is a special kid." he said moving forward and ruffling his hair. "..But it's a once of" he added, causing Harry to laugh.

As they were pulling out of the car park Harry caught a quick glance at the Weasley’s who all had their mouths open slightly, Harry felt a pang of guilt as he thought of how poor the Weasley’s where but he quickly pushed that aside not wanting to spoil the good mood he was in, it's not his fault he was richer than them.

The journey was quiet and Harry found himself slightly bored as he hung over the left side of the car, sometimes he would steel a quick glance at his dad who he always found to be looking at him with a slight smile on his face.

Harry soon found himself in the outskirts of Surrey in the complete opposite direction of the Dursley’s. They were now diving deeper and deeper into the countryside about 4 miles from any shops. They passed large houses that Harry thought all looked beautiful and elegant surrounded by trees and large bushes. Suddenly Sirius called his name snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Harry mate." He called over the wind that was rushing past them. Harry turned around and looked at him expectantly. "Your owl is getting restless." He said pointing to the cage that was behind Harry's seat. Hedwig who had been put on the floor of the car behind his seat so that the muggles couldn't see her was currently trying to fly in her cage hooting madly.

"Can I let her out?" he asked his dad.

"Yeah sure, it should be safe enough." He nodded. Sirius bent down and snapped open the cage door, Hedwig quietened but made no attempt to move.

"Come on girl…" Harry said softly holding out his arm for her to fly onto. She slowly came out and flew gracefully on to Harry's out stretched arm.

"Good girl" Hhe said and dug deep into his jacket pocket and found some of her treats and handed her them. She took them gratefully before launching herself off Harry's arm digging her claws in slightly as she did so to show that she was thankful for the treats. Harry watched her go as she climbed higher and higher up blending with the fluffy clouds that resided in the bright blue sky. Harry turned his attention back to the greenery on the left side of him when he could no longer see his owl but was sure she could still see him.

Not fifteen minutes later his dad suddenly exclaimed that they had arrived at their destination. Harry snapped his gaze up to see large golden gates swing open to reveal a short gravel driveway with fountains on either side. Harry looked around in awe as they drove slowly up the driveway, there was neatly trimmed rose bushes leading the whole way up with tall elegant looking trees that surrounded them. Harry's gaze slowly adverted to what was in front of him when he felt the car slow to a stop his jaw dropped a second time as he saw what his new home was.

It was a large home that was not quiet big enough to be a mansion, but large anyway. It was three stories high and painted white with red roses growing everywhere, the door and window frames were painted a pale yellow and the door had what looked like a Lily painted on it.

Turning the handle that was on the door Harry gasped as it swung open. Inside was painted pure white; there was the stairs in front of him and four separate doors on either side of him. He also noticed as he stepped further in that on the walls hung pictures, not just any pictures no. They were pictures of him, his mum, his dad, their school days, his childhood and they were all black and white muggle ones.

"Where did you get these?" Harry asked his dad breathlessly as he came in through the door.

"I had a secret house that no one new about, it's gone now I've sold it but when we had to go into hiding me and your mum stored things there, like photos and such, hoping that at least if one or both of us came out alive then we would have something to remember the other by." James replied as he stood by his son. Harry felt a tear escape his eye and he hastily wiped it away, but James noticed.

"Are you ok?" He asked wrapping an arm around him.

"Yeah I'm fine." He lied.

"Look why don't you go and explore the house ok and I'll make us something to eat." his dad offered. Harry nodded in agreement and proceeded to the light lemon coloured door on his left.

He soon found that this was the living room; it was painted cream with the chimney breast one painted red. There was a brown leather three and two seated sofa and an arm chair that sat on a plush red carpet. Walking in he found to his immediate left was the three seated sofa, next to it was a small coffee table and next to that along the window was the two seated. On the opposite side of the door was the hearth which had loads more photo's on it although these ones were wizard ones. And above the hearth mounted on the wall was the biggest flat screen that he had ever seen. To the right of the hearth in the corner was the armchair with another small coffee table beside it, to the right of that was two large double doors that he assumed led to the next room.

Opening them he soon found out that he was right, and he entered the large dining room, where he found a large mahogany table that sat twelve people, he assumed this would only be used for entertaining purposes. The walls were painted a dark cream colour and the walls were bare Harry supposed this was for future photo's. To his right was another door and ahead of him was another set of double doors. Guessing the one on his right led to the hall, he made a beeline for the double ones.

Opening them he found himself in the kitchen. To say it was big was an understatement. In front of him was a four seated oak table, behind that was yet another set of double doors only this time they were glass, looking through them he saw what was the garden. Deciding to explore that later he turned to his right to find the largest kitchen he had ever seen. It was painted the same light lemon as the outside, with black granite worktops that matched the tiled floor. The cupboard doors were white and the fridge, cooker microwave and such were chrome which all stood out. There was a unit that held two sinks and was filled with pots and pans that sat in the middle of the kitchen. Going up the three steps that led to the kitchen (which he only noticed seconds ago) he soon found that there were another three doors that led of it. The one on the left in the corner led to the garden, the one in front of him he found that it led to a rather large garage which had two cars in it, the red Ferrari and a black people carrier. After closing the door and turning to his right he found two single doors, curious he opened the one that was further from him he found that leading to the hall where he saw his dad and Sirius enter the living room.

Going to the one that was closer to him he found himself in one of the largest library’s he had ever seen the walls were the shelf at which the books were sitting upon, on each book case the books started at the bottom and went about half way up. Looking around he found several study tables and another two single doors, heading for the one ahead of him, as he knew where the other one led, he found himself in what he assumed was his dads study. Not wanting to intrude he had a quick look around before exiting the door on the right.

Finding himself back in the hall, which he noticed was laid with hardwood flooring he descended up the large stairs. At the top he found a longish corridor that had three doors at each end. Turning to  the left he opened the first door that he soon found was the bathroom, it was rather large with white tile floors and mint green tiled walls, the sink and toilet was on the right hand side and on the left was a shower and a large enough bath. Closing the door he turned around and found two doors that had name plaques on them. One said 'Remus (Moony)' the other said 'Sirius(Padfoot)', not wanting to invade privet space he turned to his right and walked to the opposite side passing the second flight of stairs on his way. The first door he opened he found it to be a small cupboard filled with spare bedding and towels. The one next to it was a bedroom that said ‘James (Prongs)' and opposite that was the bedroom Harry had been looking for reading the plaque that said 'Harry (Prongslet)' he chuckled slightly before entering.

It was a large room with light blue walls and white furniture which sat upon a dark blue plush carpet. His bed was like the one at Hogwarts only white and twice as big. His trunk sat at the foot of his bed which was covered with light blue attire. He walked over to his wardrobe which was to the right of his bed he found it full of new clothes. Smiling at the thought of clothes that would actually fit him he left his room and continued to the floor above.

He found another four doors that turned out to be a small bathroom and three guest rooms that were decorated with neutral colours. Sighing and tired after his long journey and exploring of the house he made his way back down the stairs into the living room only to find it empty. Sighing again he continued through the sets of double doors until he reached the kitchen, where the smell of eggs hit him up the face.

"Hey kiddo." Sirius said as he spotted him, his dad who had his back to him turned around at the mention of kiddo.

"Hey Harry, do you like the house?" he asked.

"It's big." Harry replied nodding.

"Only the best for the Potters." He replied laughing. "Come sit down the omelettes will be ready in a few." He added pointing to a chair facing Sirius.

"Well Harry, if you think the house is good just wait until you see what’s out the back." Sirius said.

"After, dinner he can." James cut in setting out three plates of ham and mushroom omelettes and taking a seat in between Harry and Sirius at the head of the table. They sat around talking for a while until Remus came back. They then went to bed early for some much needed rest.

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