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‘There’s a kind of irony to this isn’t there?’ Hermione asked as they appeared on the concealed corner of Spinners End with a pop.

‘What’s that?’ Severus asked looking around for anyone that would have seen them.

‘This place, its dead, rotting, the stench of the river filling the air and it’s the only place I really feel alive’ she looked at Severus and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. It was wrong to feel a pang of pleasure in the callous irony, but he couldn’t help it. She wanted to be with him, above all people, and his selfishness of wanting that company would not let him say no.

‘Turn around’ he said, she looked at him curiously before turning, thinking that he was going to show some strange sort of affectionate gesture, but she let out a small squeak of pain as he rapped her hard over the head with her wand.

Before his eyes Hermione began to vanish, a chameleon on the street, colouring like the poorly cemented pavement and broken fences.

‘Concealment charm?’ Hermione asked, invisibly rubbing her head.

‘I’m not sure you know how much danger you are putting yourself in or me for that matter, by staying with me. If we are going to be safe, no one is to know you are here’ Severus answered.

A pair of grey eyes saw Severus Snape walk opposite the filthy river, apparently alone, although his lips moved as if he were speaking to someone at his side, and he wore the strangest expression, a kind of upraised brow and twisted mouth, almost like a smile, a tight smile, as if his lips had not raised like that for a long time.

The grey eyes saw Snape walk towards his house, open the door, wait a moment on the doorstep and then enter, closing the old chipped door behind him.

Draco Malfoy moved out into the pale light of the overcast sky, he had been shaded by the overgrown reeds and grass on the bank at other side of the river. He turned and nodded his head to the other figure that stood concealed.

Fenrir Greyack sneered, showing his sharp yellow teeth, he threw down the bone he had been biting and licked his lips, lapping the remaining blood that still hung around them. He stood a few paces behind Draco, a clear sense of class and importance in his standing position.

‘The Dark Lord needn’t know we had this little visit Greyback, its between you and me’ Draco drawled. Grey back couldn’t help but think the boy sounded annoyingly like his father, although there was a tone of the Dark Lord’s in there too, something that made you afraid to argue with him.

‘Of course’ he replied, licking his lips sadistically.

‘I would rather like to see how our Master’s favourite is doing after such pressing times’ Draco whispered, more to himself than to Greyback.

The scar lines that ran down Draco’s face looked purple in the natural light and the malicious glint in his eye sparkled as he smirked and crossed the rubbish strewn stream.

Hermione had just placed two cups out in the kitchen for tea when Severus grabbed her arm and tuned her to face him.

Her face registered shock for a second and the way her brows furrowed and her eyes widened sent a slight shiver down Severus’s spine.

‘If you’re going to stay here you have to promise me something’ he said and she nodded. He took her hand and walked her through to the living room where they had sat together the night before.

‘You being here is dangerous as you know, any death eater or spy could turn up, so if you hear someone outside, if someone knocks on the door, or forces their way in. You get yourself in here’ he walked to the bookcase on the wall and tapped his wand against an old green book that lay to the left of the centre shelf, that read on its spine ‘Ancient methods of secret suppression’ by Gaurath Gurangly.

The books suddenly melted together, making a smooth and multicoloured door that fitted the size of the wall. It opened a crack and Severus pushed it to reveal a large cavernous room. There were dusty moth eaten chairs and a small table to the left, a long cabinet to the right, a large bed at the far end and another room which was the bathroom beside it.

‘You must get yourself in here, no matter what you can hear out here. You must keep yourself safe’ he said sternly.

‘But what if they come here to take you…hurt you?’ Hermione whispered.

‘Very unlikely’ Severus smiled ‘but whatever you may hear, you stay in this room and don’t leave until I open the door, now if something bad happens, and it probably never will while your staying here, there is another door over the…’

A loud knock rapped the door making them both jump, Severus shoved Hermione through the open door and slammed it shut, feeling a slight pang of guilt a he saw her fall to the floor on the other side.

The wall, upon closing, turned immediately back to its book covered surface, as though the door had been a trick the eyes had played on ones mind.

Another powerful knock, Severus composed himself, and wiped his top lip that in a second had beaded with sweat.

He opened the door, and hid his surprise as he saw Draco Malfoy and Fenrir Greyback on his door steps.

‘Good afternoon Severus’ Draco smiled, arrogantly flashing his teeth.

‘Draco, Fenrir, what a pleasure to see you’ he stood aside for them to walk in.

‘The pleasures all ours Severus’ Draco sneered.

Severus closed the door looked into the living room, then moved on down the hall to the kitchen. Greyback however, did not follow, he stood by the living room his nostrils flaring as a scent suddenly filled his nose, a low growl came from within his chest and he stepped into to the dusty room, smelling around its corners.

Severus and Draco entered the kitchen.

‘You don’t have company, do you Severus?’ Draco asked.

‘No, why?’

Draco nodded his head to the two mugs on the counter and smiled.

‘I was just about to make one for myself, would you care for one?’ he covered.

‘No thank you, we will not hold you up for long’ Draco turned to address Greyback and realized he was not behind him, so he walked back into the hall, Severus was on his heels.

‘Greyback?’ Draco asked, looking at the gnarled man sniffing at the bookcase.

‘Sorry’ he jumped, his nostrils still flaring.

‘I caught something, something tasty’ he growled and smiled crookedly and he turned back to the bookcase.

Draco turned and smiled wickedly at Severus, who had a line of sweat running slowly down the side of his face.

‘Well Severus, what company have you been keeping I wonder, especially guests that have worked Greyback up so violently’ Severus saw Draco’s grey eyes gleam as he watched the line of sweat bead and ball off of his face and watch as it fell as if in slow motion to the floor, staining the dusty wood with a splash.

‘I see’ Draco whispered.

‘Come Greyback , we shall not intrude any longer’ and Greyback looked disappointed that they were not staying longer, he had a passionate urge to find the source of the smell, and rip it to pieces. He stormed out of the room taking a few last long sniffs, leaving Draco and Severus alone, standing face to face.

‘I’m watching you, friend’ Draco spat the last word ‘I am watching you, and when I have what I need you’ll be knocked off your perch on the Dark Lords right hand and fall into the fiery pit, so I can take my rightful place’

‘What’s happened to you Draco?’ Severus whispered, looking into the young mans cold eyes.

Draco considered him for a moment before he answered.

‘You know what they say about desperate times, I assume, they often call for desperate measures’ he smirked, creasing his scarred face, and left, slamming the front door behind him.

Severus waited for a few minutes and then crossed to the window and very gently pulled back the curtain so he could see a crack of what was occurring outside. He saw Draco and Greyback conversing on the other side of the river, laughing and smiling and then the two men turned in sequence and disappeared in a swishing of cloaks.

Severus let out a breath he had been holding in and crossed to the bookcase, he tapped the book of concealment again and the door formed once more, he pushed it open to see Hermione cradling her elbow which was grazed and bleeding, her face full of worry lines.

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