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Chapter 3
What the Hell? I'm Confused!

I woke up in James’ dorm. Yesterday was a full moon, we all left to the Shrieking Shack with Remus so he could transform. Today was Wednesday, the day Frank and James are going to ask Alice and Lily to Hogsmede.


I stood up from the floor and gripped my pillow. Mooney was on the bed, he didn’t look so good. We should take him to the Infirmary. Sirius was on the floor sprawled out in front of the door. James was in the chair and I’m not sure where Peter was. He wasn’t in the room.


I chucked my pillow and James, he then chucked it at Sirius, who than chucked at Remus. Remus was about to chuck it at Peter when he noticed he wasn’t there.


“Where’s Wormtail?” Remus asked.


“I don’t know,” I said. “Maybe he’s in the common room,”


“Maybe,” Remus said. He groaned in pain.


“You okay?” I asked going over to him.


“Yeah, my side really hurts,” Remus said gripping his side.


“Come on guys, lets get him to the Infirmary,” I said snaking my arm around his waist while he put his arm over my shoulders.


James and Sirius stood up and we left the Heads’ Dorm. Lily was in the commons reading a book.


“Hey Lily,” I said.


“Hey Tori, oh my god, what happened to Remus?” Lily asked when she saw Remus’ pained expression.


“He’s fine, just a little soar,” I lied.


“What’d you guys do last night?” Lily asked.


“Don’t ask,” James said opening the portrait hole.


I carefully maneuvered Remus through the hole and we headed to the Infirmary.




“So how’s he going to be Madam Promfy?” I asked as Madam Promfy looked at Remus’ bruises.


“Just a few cuts and bruises, nothing out of the ordinary,” Madam Promfy said. James, Sirius, and I all sighed with relief.  “But I want him to rest here; you three can go to breakfast.”


“Yes Madam Promfy,” We said.


“We’ll see you later Mooney,” Sirius said.


“Yeah, we’ll bring you some chocolate,” James said.


“I’ll tell you if Lily says yes,” I said winking at Remus so only he could see. He winked back; he had already figured out that Lily was going to say yes because he knows how to get me to talk. Bribing me with chocolate, evil little monkey.


“Come on Bushytail!” James called from the doors.


I ran over to him and Sirius. We all linked arms and headed back upstairs to change into our uniforms.




We walked into the Great Hall. We had yet to find Peter, he would turn up eventually.


I was adjusting my skirt because it was starting to bug me. Sirius was buttoning the last few buttons of his shirt and straightening his tie. I looked up and saw every girl in the entire Great Hall glaring at me.


“What is everyone staring at?!” I yelled annoyed by the glares.


Everyone looked away and continued eating.


“I’m really starting to hate these people,” I said sitting down at the Gryffindor table. Sirius and James sat on either side of me.


“Hey, you’re the one who walked in looking like she just had sex with Sirius,” James said scooping eggs onto his plate.


“What?!” I asked.


“Yeah, the way you two walked in it looked like you just got finished snogging in a broom closet.” James said.


I stared wide eyed at my plate. When we did walk in it looked like Sirius and I had just gotten out of a broom closet. This day can’t get any worse can it?


“Look there’s Lily,” James said nudging me in the side. He pointed towards one end of the table where Lily was eating with Alice. “Should I go ask her?” James began standing.


“No, no, no,” I said pulling him back down to his seat. “Wait until lunch,”


“Yeah, you don’t want to rush into it,” Sirius said.


“For once Padfoot is right,” I said.


“Hey!” Sirius said with a mouthful of eggs.


“Anyway, wait until lunch and than take her down to the lake,” I said. “Okay?”


“I don’t think I can wait till lunch,” James said.


“James, you can wait,” I said. I began piling pancakes onto my plate.


I poured syrup all over my pancakes and began eating. I was only half way done with my pancakes when the bell chimed. I groaned but took a sip of my water to wash down the pancakes in my mouth.


“Come on Bushytail, we got Transfiguration to go to.” Sirius said pulling on my arm.


“Okay, okay,” I said. “I’m coming,” I wiped my mouth on my sleeve and Sirius began pulling me out of the Great Hall.




“Alright class, take your seats!” McGonagall yelled as the final bell rang.


Sirius and I were partners in Transfiguration so we sat all the way in the back. Sirius leaned his chair back on the back legs and put his hands behind his head.


“Alright, today we will be turning a feather into a flower.” McGonagall began.


A flick of her wand and a piece of chalk began writing the steps onto the blackboard. The class copied down the steps as feathers began floating to our desks. A white one landed in front of me while a red one landed in front of Sirius.


“Alright Padfoot,” I said standing from my seat. “Do you think you can handle this?”


“I can handle anything Bushytail,” Sirius said taking his wand out.


He flicked his wand and said the spell. His feather turned into a beautiful red rose.


“Wow, very good Sirius,” I said clapping.


“Alright, change yours,” Sirius said sitting back down. He was sniffing his flower.


I waved my wand and said the spell. The white feather turned into a white rose.


“Tada,” I said sitting down in my chair.


McGonagall walked by.


“Very good,” She said.


“Professor?” I asked. She turned and faced me. “Why are we doing basic Transfiguration?”


“I thought the students could use a break from studying for the N.E.W.T.S.” McGonagall said. She walked back down the aisle.


“See, her knickers aren’t always in a twist,” I said to Sirius. He laughed his bark like laugh again.


I yawned and stretched out like Sirius.


“Tired?” Sirius asked.


“Only a lot,” I said closing my eyes. Sirius laughed again.


“Stop laughing at me!” I said.


“I’m sorry, but it’s almost like you forgot.” Sirius said.


“What?” I said opening one of my eyes to stare at him. He laughed again.


“Usually you start reminding us two weeks before, but you haven’t said a peep about it.” Sirius said.


“Sirius, what are you talking about?!” I asked sitting up now.


“Don’t you know what’s coming up in a week and a half?” Sirius asked.


I pondered. A week and a half. It had just turned December, there was a beautiful coating of snow.


“Winter Holidays?” I asked bewildered about what on earth Sirius could be talking about.


“You seriously forgot,” Sirius said laughing again. “You’re turning seventeen.”


I stared at him with wide eyes. He was right I was turning seventeen. I can’t believe I forgot my own birthday, and Sirius remembered! What is the world coming too?! Sirius was laughing again.


“I can’t believe you forgot?” Sirius said laughing.


“I can’t believe you remembered.” I said.


Sirius stopped laughing and looked at me like he was hurt. “I remember some things,”


“Yeah, some,” I said under my breath.


“That’s not funny,” Sirius said crossing his arms.


“Yes it is!” I said as I started laughing at the expression on Sirius’ face. He looked like a little kid who didn’t want to go take a bath.


Sirius and I argued about what was funny and what wasn’t for the rest of the period. The bell chimed and Sirius and I left for Defense against the Dark Arts.




The day dragged on slowly, it felt like lunch took forever to get here. After a boring and drawling Divinitation class I was grateful for the bell that chimed through out the school.


I bolted out of the class and was the first to climb down the ladder. I usually had Divinitation with Remus but he was still in the Infirmary. He should be at lunch right now though.


I walked into the Great Hall; Remus was sitting at the table reading the Daily Prophet. I slumped down next to him.


“Thanks for leaving me in Divinitation,” I said as I scooped some macaroni and cheese onto my plate.


“Sorry about that Tori,” Remus said putting the Prophet down.


“Any interesting stories today?” I asked eating some of the macaroni.


“Not really,” Remus said as he fixed himself a sandwich.


“Hello lady and gentleman,” Sirius said sitting across from me.


“Hello moron,” Remus said. I almost choked on my macaroni.


Sirius looked astounded at Remus. “Pretty tough words coming from a guy who just got out of the Infirmary.”


“What’s your point, I can still take you,” Remus said. They were both trying, and failing, to cover up the goofy smiles on their faces.


“Okay both of you stop,” I said after successfully swallowing the macaroni. “We need to have a happy face for James when he comes back from the lake.”


“Hey guys!” James said sitting down next to Sirius. Speak of the devil.


“So, how’d it go,” I asked already knowing the answer. The beam on James’ face alone could tell anyone the answer.


“Yeah Prongs, how’d it go?” Sirius asked elbowing James in the side.


“Shesaidyes!!!” James said so fast that I could barely understand a single word that came out of his mouth.


“What?” We all asked.


“She said yes,” James said quieter so as not to make a scene. But of course Sirius was going to make a scene.


Sirius stood up on the bench grabbing his golden goblet and a butter knife as he did.


“Excuse me! Everyone! Please listen up!” Sirius yelled while tapping the goblet. I laughed slightly. “I have very big news!”


Every watched Sirius with excited eyes. I laughed again, but Remus motioned for me to stop.


“Lily Evans has finally said yes to James Potter!” Sirius yelled.


Everyone began clapping; even Remus and I. James had turned a very red color. I looked over at Lily who was sitting with Alice; she was the same color as her hair. Alice was clapping and cheering like everyone else.


Sirius sat back down and put the goblet and butter knife back on the table.


“You always have to make a scene, don’t you?” James asked.


“Of course, Jamesie poo,” Sirius said. Remus and I started laughing. “If you’re not gonna make a scene than I have too.”


Skinny, pale arms wrapped around my shoulders.


“Thank you so much!” Alice said in my ear. Apparently Frank had just asked her to Hogsmede.


“No problem Alice,” I said.


She released the hug and walked back to her seat with Lily.


“What was that about?” Sirius asked.


“Nothing, just playing cupid,” I said with a smile while eating more of my macaroni.


Another pair of arms hugged my shoulders. Bits of fiery red hair fell in front of my face.


“You’re the best,” Lily said.


“I do try,” I said with a slight laugh.


She laughed and went back to sitting with Alice.


“You’re the greatest,” James said eating some of his grilled cheese sandwich.


“Thank you,” I said.


“Now, you’re getting something extra special for your birthday.” James said.


“Yay,” I said happily. I smiled a wide smile.


“Oh, did I tell you?” Sirius asked. “Bushytail forgot her own birthday.”


“What?” Remus asked surprised.


“Well, it’s been kind of hectic lately.” I said. “I haven’t had that much time to think about myself.”


“True,” James said.


“Thank you for understanding,” I said. “Unlike someone I know,” I glared at Sirius.


“What, it was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard,” Sirius said. He looked off into the distance as if he was remembering what happened today in Transfiguration.


“You’re a loser,” I said finishing my macaroni.


I grabbed my messenger bag and headed to where Alice and Lily were sitting.


“Hey,” I said sitting down.


“Hey,” Lily and Alice said at the same time.


“So, how are things,” I said smiling.


“You’re about as dorky as the rest of them.” Lily said.


“It kind of rubs off on you,” I said. Lily and Alice began laughing.


The bell chimed once again. I grabbed my bag and waited for the Marauders to catch up with me.


“Off to Herbology!” Sirius said loudly.


He linked his arm with mine and we skipped to the greenhouses. As we passed Lily and Alice I waved and they started laughing.




The day drawled on slowly but surely. It was finally dinner and my legs were slowly giving out beneath me. I wanted to go to sleep really badly but I had to get through dinner first. Remus and James were already there. I slumped down next to James and leaned my head on my empty golden plate.


“Oh, is someone tired?” James asked as he rubbed my back.


“Yes,” I groaned.


“What’s wrong with her?” Sirius asked as he sat down next to me.


“She’s tired,” James said.


I felt Sirius lean down next to my ear. I could feel his hot breath, it tickled. “Come on Tori, wake-up!” Sirius yelled.


“You’re a pain in the ass!” I yelled throwing a bread roll at him.


He laughed and caught it easily. He took a bite out of it.


“Hey guys,” Peter squeaked.


“Where have you been all day?” I asked.


“I had some things to do for Professor Slughorn,” Peter said.


“Yeah, I don’t want to know.” I said.


I began scooping spaghetti noodles onto my plate when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and my green eyes met with the icy blue eyes that I love.


“Hey Tori,” Xavier said.


“Hey Xavier,” It was very difficult to speak.


“Can I talk to you for a second?” Xavier asked.


I felt a hand grip my shoulder. I looked over at James; he had his over-protective brother look on his face.


“Sure,” I said standing. James glared at me, I just smiled. James went back to glaring at Xavier.


“What’s his deal?” Xavier asked.


“Don’t worry about it,” I said.


We walked up the rows of tables. I passed Lily on the way. She looked at me with a confused look on her face. I just shrugged my shoulders.


Xavier stopped a few feet away from Lily, just enough so she could still hear if she listened hard enough. There was no one else sitting at these ends of the table.


“I was wondering if you wanted to go to Hogsmede with me,” Xavier said slowly.


I stared at him for a moment of shock. Xavier Kane was asking me out! What the hell?

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