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Katie awoke in the morning and went down to the common room.

“Ready to go to London?” Michael asked.

“Yes I am.” Katie told him. So they left.


They arrived at St. Mungo's. “Katie Weasley.” The nurse called. Katie got up and followed the nurse.

“Hello, I'm Dr. Stang, Dr. Lang sent me a copy of your files.” Dr. Stang told her. “How far along are you?”

“I'm three months today.” Katie told the doctor.

“Ok, change into this and we'll do an ultrasound.” Dr. Stang said handing Katie a hospital gown.

When Katie changed, she laid on the bed. The doctor appiled cold gel to her stomach. The heart beat of the baby was fast.

“Your baby looks very healthy.” Dr. Stang told Katie. “Would you like to know the gender?” Katie nodded. “It's a girl.”

Katie smiled. “I have a name picked out also.”

“Yeah, what is it?” The doctor asked.

“Karly.” Katie replied.

“Beautiful name.” The doctor said. “And as the last months approach you may feel sharp pains, but it is nothing but some magic going to the baby.”

“Ok.” Katie said.

“Ok...we are done, you may get changed.” the doctor said.

Doing so Katie changes out of the gown, and then goes to the waiting room. Michael stood up. “well?” he asked.

“Everything is perfect. Are you the father?” Dr. Stang asked Michael.

“No, I'm Katie's brother. The father is back at Katie's school.” Michael said. Dr. Stang nodded.

“We can go now Michael. Thanks Dr. Stang.” Katie said.

“You're welcome.” Dr. Stang said. “Oh and here is a picture of your baby from the ultra sound.” Dr. Stang said handing her a little picture.

“Thank you again.” Katie said smiling at the photo.


Michael and Katie went back to Hogwarts and Katie went to the Great Hall to eat dinner. She looked over at the Slytherin table and saw Draco sitting with Pansy hanging on his shoulder like a leech.

“Hey.” She heard Paige say behind her.

“oh, hey, um.. you know Pansy's draped all over your man right.” Katie replied.

“Not anymore.” Paige said. “We broke it off last night.”

“Why?” Katie asked.

“You and my sister.”

“Oh...what! Why!” Katie asked.

“Because he made you....well you know and then was an asshole and I left.” She answered.

“But he didn't know.”

“So he's over me anyway. Don't worry about it Katie. So how was the doctor's office.” Paige asked.

“'s a girl.” Katie said. “I'm going to name her Karly.”

“That's a cute name.” Paige said.

“Yeah.” Katie agreed.

“So what class do you have next? I'm suppose to have potions but because of my arm potions.” Paige said. “So I have a study period.”

“Me too!” Katie said. “We should go to the room of requirement if we can.”

“Ok.” Paige agreed.

They reached the room of requirement and had access to it in no time. Once the room, there was already a couch and table full of goods. They sat on the couch.

“Ok.” Katie started. “I had a dream yesterday about my future.”

“Yeah and?” Paige signaled to continue.

“And I was married to Harry and had three children.” Katie explained.

“Cool, what were your children's names?” Paige asked.

“Karly, and the twins Hunter and Jake.” Katie said.

“Twins, cool. I see where you got the name Karly from.” Paige pointed out. Katie nodded.

“I really want that future to come true.” Katie said.

“Yeah it would be wonderful.” Paige agreed.

“So does Michael know you broke up with Draco?” Katie asked Paige.

“Uh no. I really haven't decided to say so to him.” Paige said. Katie laughed at her friend.

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