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A/N: Finished retyping it! YAY! It only took FOREVER, and I apologize. My teachers are trying to kill me. I think they’re succeeding. Gah. I've edited this chapter in an attempt to solve its awkward formatting, so hopefully fewer people will abandon the story in frustration (which even I did, and I wrote it). Right, so reviews are cool. Anyway, I present to you the sequel to Stargazing.

Thanks to sugarquillgirl @ TDA for my wonderful chapter image!

I must admit that I pride myself on not being one of those daft, slutty bimbos who needs a man in her life to make things complete, but this was different. All the other boys I'd dated had been for fun; you know, a bit of snogging to ruffle James and Albus, but nothing overly serious. Well, I guess that some of them thought it was, but that's their problem. However, none of that matters, because he kissed me.

Jacob Wood.

My best friend.

The boy I'd been in love with for ages.

I let out a funny squealing noise and spun around in my dormitory. Lisa Knolls, the epitome of the daft, slutty bimbos mentioned above, made a disgusted sound. Like she didn't leap from bed to bed when Nathanial Ford kissed her (they shagged the next day and were broken up before the end of the week. She cried for a month every night. Seriously.) Jessica Pierce, Jacob's ex-girlfriend, looked positively lethal. Now, it wasn't my fault, was it? He kissed me. Ellie Jones, one of the sweetest girls ever, simply watched me longingly. She was cute, Ellie, with her little brown bob and big eyes, but not what a guy found datable. She and Julia were the two girls from Hogwarts I was closest to. Just as she opened her mouth to speak, however, the door was thrown open, and Julia bustled in.

“Lily, come save your new boyfriend.”

I groaned. “It's Albus, isn't it?”

Julia nodded, and I hurried down into the common room, irritated. Albus was going to give him the speech. Oh, this would be fun. I stopped at the bottom of the staircases and scanned the room from them.


“Hmm?” she asked from behind me.

“Please tell me that that is not James Potter over there with them.”

“Er—that's not James Potter over there with them.”

I replied dryly, “Thanks.” Then I pushed up the sleeves of my jumper and marched over to them, crossing my arms.

“Oh, boys.” I rested my elbows and James’s and Albus’s shoulders, making them jump. Jacob, who had been looking mildly amused, now appeared considerably more so. “We wouldn’t be having a little rendezvous without me, would we?”

“Er—hi, Lils,” James said, patting the top of my head. “Missed you, baby sister.”

I moved around and plopped down between them on the sofa before replacing my arms around them.

“Dear brothers, this would not be your attempt to give Jacob ‘The Talk’, would it?”

James looked horrified. “I would have assumed his father’d have taken care of that by now!”

“Not that talk, you prat,” Albus said.

Jacob was laughing now. I rolled my eyes at him and continued. “No, the talk that goes, “So, insert name of attractive new boyfriend here, you’re dating my baby sister. We, being her loving brothers, are here to lay down some ground rules, which we would advise to follow if you are interested in having a happy, pain-free courtship with Lily.’ Does that opening diatribe sound familiar?”

“I would answer that, Lillers, if I knew what a diatribe was,” James replied solemnly.

“First off, don’t call me Lillers. Second off, a diatribe is a rant.”

“You and Mum know so many impressive words,” James flattered, attempting to weasel his way out of the imminent trouble he realized he was in.

“Answer the original question, James, and ‘diatribe’ is not very impressive.”

“I forgot the question.”

I blew out my breath heavily and ran a hand through my messy red waves. “Did you sneak your way into the castle to give Jacob the ‘Guidelines for a Successful Relationship with Lily Potter’?”

“That’s not the same question you asked,” Jacob pointed out, smirking.

“Stuff it, boy, or I’m leaving you to them and making you listen to the rant.”

“What if I would have found it informative?” He raised an eyebrow, his sparkling blue eyes boring into mine.

“I’ll summarize it for you, then, shall I?” I propped my feet up on the table and began ticking things off on my fingers. “No hand holding, hugging, kissing, making out, having—”

“Let’s just say no physical contact,” all three suggested at once.

“You are such boys.”

“No,” Al said. “That’s just not a word any of us want to hear you say, Lily.”

I shook my head. “Ridiculous. Anyway, where was I with my amazing rant impersonation? Oh, yes. ‘And, insert name of attractive new boyfriend here, we would just like to let you know that if you hurt our Lilykins in any way, we will personally castrate you, light you on fire, and feed you to the giant squid. Any questions? No? Excellent. Well, hopefully, insert name of attractive new boyfriend here, we won’t be seeing you.”

James and Albus were looking at me, mystified.

Why did I always have that effect on people?

Good thing I had Jacob to attempt to keep me sane.

That’s what best friends are for, right?

Oh, but wait. No, he’s my boyfriend, isn’t he?

Yay for that.

“How did you know about that speech?” demanded Albus, looking at me warily.

“I know all, Albie.” I smirked as he cringed at the nickname from our childhood. “All of your secrets are now mine.” A spectacularly evil cackle erupted from me.

“You know what, Albie?”

“What, Jamesie?”

“I think we should leave the poor boy alone with her. She’s completely insane.”


The stood up in unison. “Wait,” James said. “Really, Lily, how did you know?”

I rolled my eyes again at them. “I eavesdropped on all of your other speeches, you dunderheads. Have you never heard of Muffliato?”

“Why didn’t you intercede on their behalves, like you did for our Jakers?” Al asked.

“Because I found it considerably droll to watch them squirm, but I knew that Jacob would provide me with considerably less entertainment. Plus I like him more. Also, don’t call him Jakers; that’s my nickname for him.”

“What’s a droll, James?” Albus asked as they walked away.

“No idea, Al. Check the halls for any sight of Nevvie, won’t you?”

I rolled my eyes once more (they were going to fall out if I didn’t stop interacting with my brothers) and moved over to sit next to Jacob.

I have kissed a lot of guys, but he wins.

Oh my goodness.

If Jessica Pierce trained him so well, I owe her something.

I lost track of time with him in the corner of the common room.

Excellent snogging.


Dear Mum and Daddy,

I can’t wait to see you guys! Less than a week until the Christmas holidays! Oh, and Daddy? Drop that other letter in the envelope. Now . . . Thank you very much. That’s for Mum—I highly doubt you’ll want to read it. Anyway, it looks like the teachers are going to crush us over the break with homework—“O.W.L. TESTS! O.W.L. TESTS!” They’re like broken records. Did they do that back when you guys were students? Wait, I doubt that you remember that far back. Ha, I’m so going to be grounded when I get home, aren’t I? Too bad there’s been nothing eventful going on around here to—Daddy! You put that letter down! Do you want to read about knickers and tampons? I thought not. I know you two so well, it should be illegal. Sorry also about the massive run-on paragraph I’ve got going here, Miss Senior Writer/Cookie Extraordinaire; I’ll pretend that the fact that it’s two in the morning is an excuse. Speaking of that, I’m about to fall asleep here and collapse, therefore tumbling into the embers in the fireplace.


Lots of love from your favorite (and super-exhausted) daughter,


P.S. Albus says hi, but he’s too lazy to write you a note of his own, so he’s mooching off of mine. He also wants to place a request for double chocolate cookies (I think he’s PMSing), and he wants you to gain a whole bunch of weight, Mum, because he’s tired of his friends saying that you’re fit.




          Make sure Daddy doesn’t read this, first of all. Okay, are we good? Perfect. In that case: 







Jacob KISSED me!

          Sorry, Mum, but I’m a tad bit excited. Just a smidgen. I was out on the ice, teaching him to skate (in lieu of my potions essay), and he not only stopped me from beating up Douglas Corner (I CANNOT believe that you went out with his dad—I’m ashamed, Mum) but he then kissed me! And I did not even pee myself. I remained completely cool and calm and collected until I made it up to my dormitory, where I promptly squealed and spun about like a freak. What is it about the women in our family and very public first kisses with their men? Ha, I just referred to Jake as “my man”. He must never know that, Mumsie.

          If you could possibly share this with Mrs. Wood and then break the news to Daddy and Mr. Wood, I would appreciate it immensely. It would save the “Why are our two kids snogging?” issue.


          On a final note, Jacob is the most amazing kisser in the history of ever.

Squeals of joy,

Lily <3


“Disgustingly happy,” Julia muttered in my direction as I sat on the Hogwarts Express, my feet propped up, singing “Zip-A-Dee-Do-Da” in a rather obnoxiously cheerful manner. “I swear, Lily Potter, I worry about your sanity sometimes.”

“Why?” I sang in response, peering out the compartment window for any sign of the boys.

“I knew you fancied Jacob, but if it was this obsessively psychotic why didn’t you take matters into your own hands and kiss him?”

I smirked. “It was a character-building exercise for our Jakie, Jules. Obviously.”

“Right.” She turned her attention back to the newest edition of SeventeenWitch, grumbling incoherently.

“How the hell can they be out of pumpkin pasties?” a very agitated Hugo complained, announcing his presence. He dropped his pile of candies onto Julia, who looked quite miffed. 

“They’re out of pumpkin pasties?” I gasped, moving my feet and sitting up, both demonstrating my horror at this harrowing news and making room for Jacob to take his seat. “No! My life is over!”

I was about to throw the back of my hand against my forehead in the quintessence of distress when Jacob held one out in my direction. “What he means,” my hero clarified, “is that you and I got the last ones.”

“Ha-ha!” I laughed in triumph, throwing my arms around him and securing the pasty safely into my mouth hands-free in one fluid movement. He looked slightly amused and considerably more pleased with himself. Jacob and I had somehow managed to bypass the awkward We-Were-Best-Friends-to-the-Extreme-But-Now-We’ve-Finally-Admitted-Our-Feelings-and-Are-Completely-in-Love-But-It’s-Really-Weird-For-Us conundrum, but he still seemed slightly taken aback every time I reached out for him, like he kept expecting me to say, “Jakie-Poo, I’ve moved on and am therefore no longer in love with you, so get out of my sight, yo.” Which is obviously never going to happen, since I never use the word “yo” in a normal conversation.


“You let them get the last ones?” I distantly heard Julia say as my lips pressed against his.

“I’m scared of Lily,” Hugo responded sheepishly as Jacob returned the kiss.


It’s very hard to skip and twirl in circles with a loaded school trunk and should therefore never be attempted by anyone who is not a professional, i.e. me. And even I was not all that spectacular at it, as Julia pointed out after I profusely apologized to the third scrawny first year I’d mowed over on the short strip of hallway.

“Maybe, Lily, you should just walk. You know, like a normal person.”

“Normal? What is this thing of which you speak?” I responded, narrowly avoiding Roxanne, who was buttoning up her shirt and not paying attention to her surroundings.

“Not you, certainly,” Hugo snorted.

Grandly, I declared, “Bite me, Hugo Weasley!”

We had now appeared at the door, and I leapt down gracefully, giving my trunk a spectacular heave and bringing it with me. The basket on top—in which a very disgruntled cat mewed heatedly—bounced down and almost slipped off.

My friends clambered out behind me in a slightly more sedated manner, Jacob bringing up the rear and looking slightly apprehensive. My father had been known to terrify the boys I was dating even more than my brothers, but it was much more embarrassing and usually ended up in me throwing a hissy fit typical of teenage girls whose fathers give their daughters’ boyfriends the third degree on train station platforms.

However, this little train of thought (no pun intended) was cut short by a shout from the crowds: “Lilykins!”

“Teddy Lupin!” I screamed in response, abandoning my trunk and throwing my arms around the tall, fluorescent-yellow-haired man as soon as he appeared. “I missed you!”

He twirled me around wildly and then, as I was being lowered to the ground, murmured, “Congrats on the new boyfriend, Lilykins. We all knew it was coming eventually.”

“Except Daddy,” I replied in the same hushed tone, though the platform’s noise level was deafening, as usual.

“Yeah, but he’s recovered from it quite well. Says he’d rather it was Jacob than some other boy. Personally, I think he would love it if you became a nun.”

“I’ll work on it. Witch nuns are, after all, very common. I can even get a tattoo that says 'Welcome to the Convent' right above my—”

“Teddy, don’t hog my daughter,” a voice said from behind us. Daddy, Mum, and Al had appeared.

“He can keep her,” my generous brother offered. “It would be character-building.”

“Daddy!” I cried, ignoring the lump of grump that was the middle Potter child.

I don’t really understand why I’m so attached to my father (other than the fact that he let me take his Visa out for a little fun for my last birthday), but I always have been. My mother is—usually—more awesome than he is (ex. Not hassling my boyfriends, letting me stay out past seven, etc.), and I love the woman like mad, but I always miss my father more during my terms at Hogwarts. Which is why I’m always so excited to see him.

However, once I’d dragged out the whole “We-Have-Not-Seen-Each-Other-in-Months” scene, I was left with no choice but to grit my teeth and get it over with. “Jacob!” I called. He was standing not far away, being smothered with maternal affections while his sister Cindy stood on, scowling, her mind recording every moment for later mockery.

He turned, grinned, and pulled away from his mother’s grasp, striding over to my family easily. Mum tackled him like she’d just done to me (she has always been fond of Jacob and his quirks), and Daddy looked pleased to see him, even if it was a slightly apprehensive kind of pleased.

“We missed you at home, Jacob!” Mum was saying. “With you and Lily gone, I have to invite James over to eat my cookies!”

“I am horribly sorry for that nuisance,” Jacob apologized in a very serious tone, managing to untangle himself from my mother.

This comment seemed to brighten my father’s pleasure considerably. It was such a Jacob-ish remark that I guess it proved to him that he was still Jacob and not some psycho who had stolen his body and was now determined to date me for sadistic reasons unbeknownst to everyone. He grinned at Jacob and said, “Because of you, I had to spend quality time with my son, Jacob. I hope you are ashamed.”

“Incredibly,” Jacob answered, understanding that the danger had passed. “I can’t hold my head up high anymore.”


I was quite happy as we headed for the car, the Woods in tow. Jacob had not been mauled as I had feared. Instead, he and my father were getting on as if nothing had changed. Just before we parted at the Woods’ car, however, Daddy nonchalantly added, “Oh, and Jacob? You’re not allowed in our house anymore.”


Oh, Mum was pissed.

I love not being the one in trouble. 

And you know what's even better?

I've got the best boyfriend ever. 


A/N: Ta-da. I had some issues with the ending. I couldn’t decide what to do, so I apologize for its crappiness. Please review!

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