Trouble in Italy

    Sev woke up to the sound of Juli calling his name. Sev rolled over and sat up in his bed. It had been like this for the last three months. Sev was beginning to learn Italian and was had gotten a job. He worked at the bakery down the street it was near the hospital that Juli worked at. He looked around his room it looked almost like the one at his old house. He felt a pang of sorrow as he thought this. He hadn’t had a civil conversation with his family in almost a year and he hadn’t seen them in three months. He got up and grabbed one of the potions he had made. Once he had turned sixteen in Italy he was allowed to use magic so he had been showing Juli some of the spells that he knew. Sev walked out of the room and entered the kitchen.


                “So Juli what’s going on in the outside world?” Sev asked curiously. Juli turned around and looked at him. She grabbed a newspaper and threw it towards him. Sev looked at her and then remembered that Juli was trying to teach him Italian so she was making her read the newspaper in Latin. Sev began to read. It seemed that tensions were still getting high between the super powers of the world. Sev and Juli knew hat it was really because of Riddle and her group of dark wizards. I also seemed that violence between different gangs was rising and that just last night three people had been murdered or kidnapped. Sev nodded his head in sadness. How could a world that just a couple of years ago had been pretty peaceful could be thrown into so much chaos.


                “So you see Sev everything is isn’t ok. It seems that even with their second in command gone Riddle and her followers are causing trouble.” Juli said calmly. As she said this she sat down next to him and began to eat her cereal.  Sev and Juli sat there for an hour talking about everything going on what was happening at work. What they had dreamt about last night and anything else that they felt like talking about.


                Sev looked at the clock and saw that it was time for him to go to work. He gave Juli a friendly hug and ran out the door. He looked around and saw a taxi he got in one and told him to head to They great roman bakery. He had been able to learn Italian quickly and now his brain was able to understand Italian as if it was English. He got out of the car and walked into the bakery. “Hey Agusto how you doing?” Sev asked calmly.


“Aw nothing Sev just the same as usual. Go out back and unload the dough. Then start cooking some cinnamon rolls. Great idea by the way adding those to the menu. Sev listened to him and walked out back he saw Joe waiting for him at the loading dock. He and Sev had become quick friends. Joe was a nineteen year old from America that had moved here two years ago.


“Nice to see you Sev I thought I was going to have to unload this entire load by my self.” Sev shook his head and grabbed two boxes of dough and began to walk towards the door.  “Fine Sev don’t answer me but I have one question. When are you finally going to ask Juli on a date I mean you say you’ve known her for about seven months so it’s not like you just met her.” Joe asked happily. Sev looked at him and smiled.


“I don’t know Joe I mean I was thinking that it would better to wait till the time was right but I just don’t know when that will be.” Sev answered honestly. After that Sev and Joe worked quietly. After about an hour Sev was done unloading the three truckloads of dough and he went into the bakery he began to cook. He made two hundred cinnamon rolls in three hours and then he began tow cook some loafs of bread. This wasn’t Sev’s idea job but it was better then causing trouble to other people.

               Before he knew it was twelve O’clock and he was able to take his lunch break. He went to this all Italian restaurant that served great pasta. After the end of his lunch break he went back to work and worked for a couple more hours finally at five he was done working. He went to the back of the ally near the shop and then he apparated. He appeared in front of the house and walked in side.

               Sev was surprised to see that Juli wasn’t home yet. Must be she had to work late. James looked in the fridge and began to make a sub. He looked around and put the window to make sure no one was looking and the pulled out his wand. “AccicoDaileyProphet!”  Sev turned on the TV and began to watch a game of soccer about an hour later he heard the window break and walked into the kitchen on the table was the new issue of the daily prophet. He saw the glass on the floor and pointed his wand at the window. “Reparo!” The window began to repair itself Sev sat in the chair and began to read the paper.


Search for Harry Potter’s killer still goes on.

                The recently elected Minister of Magic Ron Weasly assures the public that he is doing as much as he can find the killer of the Hero Harry Potter. But exactly who is this person it has been said that it may have been Severus Potter. Harry supposedly dead son, but the potters disagree with such charges. Will we ever know who it was that killed Harry Potter? I hope so that the killer of such a great man.


Hogwarts to reopen late this September.

                Even after the battle Headmistress McGonagall has announced that Hogwarts will open up if not a little. Late. She assures all parents of students attending that thee utmost security measures are being taken to make sure the students are kept safe. All we know is that at least forty Aurors will be stationed at Hogwarts for the entire school year. We are trying to figure out what are measure are being taken but the head mistress. (Quite reasonably) has refused to tell us anything in the interest of the students.


                Sev put down the paper and began to stand he stretched out his back and began to go into the living room. But he heard a knock on the door. Sev turned around and opened up the door. He saw an Italian Police waiting for him. “Uhm hello what exactly do want?” Sev asked. The Italian loosened the collar of his shirt and began talk.


“Yes are you by any chance named Sev?” The police said calmly.


“Yes my name is Sev why exactly do you want to know.” Sev said calmly he slipped his hand into his wand hand and began to fumble with his wand if the cop tried anything then Sev would be ready for him.

                “Uhm well we were told that you lived with one Juliana Columbo and we’re sorry to tell you this but she’s in the hospital it seems that she was jumped by a gang I don’t understand why the targeted her this gang has only attacked certain people but most of them were high up politicians that were trying to keep us out of the war that’s coming. Anyway she seems to be critically hurt and she’s losing a lot of blood and she’s asked for you to be there.” The cop said calmly. Sev didn’t even let he finish he busted out of the door and started to run towards the hospital when he was out of the view of the cop he pulled out his wand and apparated in front of the hospital Sev hadn’t focused and ended up in the middle of the road.


Sev looked up and saw a car driving towards him he couldn’t move in time as he was hit by the car Sev went flying over the top of the car and landed in the road behind the car. Sev apparated as quick as he could he appeared outside the door.  Sev stood up and opened up the door he stood up and walked through it. He noticed that he was limping and was moving a little slower because of it. “Envenerate!” Sev whispered immediately his leg hurt less and he began to walk normally. He walked up to a nurse that was standing in front of the desk. “Hello Uhm I’m here to see Juliana Columbo.” Sev said as calmly as possible. The nurse looked at him knowingly.


“Yes I was told that you and only you were allowed in there. Follow me but I must warn you might not like what you saw she was hurt very badly.” She said sadly. Sev just shook his head and told her that he didn’t car he needed to se her. With that the nurse showed him to her room. Sev had to wait outside as they were performing surgery on her to try to heal her injuries. Sev sat down and just waited outside the door. Finally the door opened and Sev looked up there was doctor waiting for him.


“Yes uh, we figured that you might be able to help us. Your friend Juli needs some blood she’s already lost three pints of blood and we were wondering if you could donate two pints of blood. It’s more then we usually ask for but she needs it really bad.” The doctor said calmly. Sev quickly agreed and got up. Twenty minutes later Sev was feeling light headed and having cookies and drinking orange juice. Sev sat there for a couple hours but he suddenly fell asleep. He dreamed about Juli being attacked and he saw her body surrounded by a puddle of blood.

               Sev woke up to see that the sun was up and that the doctors were out of Juli’s room. Sev got up and walked into the room. Sev sat down in a chair next to Juli’s bed he grabbed her ands and began to talk. “Juli please be ok. I’ve never told you this but I can’t lose another person I love. I already lost Katie and dad. I can’t lose you to. If you make it out of this ok I just want you to know that I love and I would love to go on a date with you.” Sev said sadly.


Sev felt Juli’s hand start to move he looked up and saw that Juli seemed to be moving finally he saw it she opened her eyes and began to smile. “Is that true Sev?”  She asked happily. Sev gasped in embarrassment as he realized what she had just heard. Sev decided that it would be best just to tell her the truth.


“Yeah Juli it’s all true every single word of it. You are one of the best friends I’ve ever had. You stayed with even after I did all those horrible things and you’re the first person to forgive you even forgave me before my family and I just think that it would be nice to go on a date with you.” He said calmly he was saying these things as they came to him. Juli smiled at him and hugged him.


“Sev of course I’d go on a date with you have been a great friend and I think that you would make a great date. He Sev could you get me that water over there.” She said nicely. Sev got up and started walking towards the table that the glass of water was on. But before Sev got there the glass began to float it started moving towards Juli and then stopped and landed on the table next to her. “Sev what did I just do?” she asked nervously.

               Sev couldn’t say anything he just kept staring at her. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen. It didn’t make since the only reasonable reason was that she had. But that couldn’t be she was a muggle after all but then it hit him. He had donated some of his blood o her magical blood now coursed through he veins and now had changed her DNA.  “Uhm Juli I think you just performed magic.”

So what do you all think of the story so far. Juli having magic will actualy have a major effect on the rest of the story and some sequels i've planed. Anyway please review and tell me what you think. Oh by the way none of this is mine it's all JK's-HarryPotterAddict2

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