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Chapter 2
Sleepovers, Butterbeers, and Angry Glares

I climbed up the girls’ dormitory steps; skipping two each time. James would wait until I’m done getting ready in the Commons. I pushed the door, labeled seventh years, open. The dorm was completely empty. Considering it was Friday and practically all of the Gryffindor girls had boyfriends. And they usually did something on Friday nights.


The only other girl besides me who didn’t have a boyfriend was Terri Pick. She was sitting on top of her bed reading a book. We didn’t talk that much because we hardly ever saw each other. I was usually with the Marauders and she was usually in the Library. Don’t get my wrong, I love the library, I just never have time to go in there. But whenever Terri and I did talk it was always interesting. We talked about everything in the short amount of time we had. She was a very fascinating person to talk to.


Terri has dark coco brown hair that is cut just above her shoulders. It curls at the ends, she’s told me about her feeble attempts to straighten it but not even magic can keep her hair straight. We joked about that for a week. She has coco brown eyes that are always zoned out. Thinking about something, kinda like me, when I zone out it’s almost like watching TV in my head.


“Hey Terri,” I said as I threw my bag onto my bed which was next to Terri’s.


“Hey Tori,” Terri said looking up from her book.


“What’cha reading?” I asked pulling my uniform out of the bag and placing it in my pile of dirty clothes.


“It’s a book I got from the library,” Terri said excitedly. “It’s about werewolves.”


I stared at her for a few minutes. “Are you a werewolf?”


“Me? No,” She said. “I just think they’re really fascinating.”


“Oh, that’s cool,” I said.


I grabbed a towel from a folded pile next to the door to the bathroom.


“Taking a shower?” Terri asked.


“Yeah, I’m all sweaty and disgusting,” I said.


“Yes, and I love your outfit,” Terri said with a smirk.


I looked down at my sweats and sports bra and laughed slightly.


“Thanks,” I said walking into the bathroom.


I walked into the closest shower and turned on the water. I quickly stripped down and stepped into the warm water. It slithered down my back and into the drain.


Five minutes later and I left the now steaming shower. Terri was sleeping now. I quietly tip toed past her and grabbed my pajamas. I quickly put them on. My black sweats and white tank-top were boring but oh so comfortable.


I grabbed my pillow and quietly left the dorm. I closed the door as quietly as possible and than bolted down the steps. James was laying on the couch now staring up at the ceiling. I coughed.


James shot up and looked at me.


“Ready to go?” I asked.


“Let’s go Bushytail,” James said and we left the Gryffindor common room and headed to the Head’s Dorms.




James and I walked up to a large portrait of a knight.


“Hello James,” The knight said.


“Hello Sir Benjamin,” James said.


“Please give me the password,” Sir Benjamin said.


“Pumpkin Pastries,” James said.


“Are you serious? That’s the password?” I asked as the portrait swung open.


“What? I was hungry when we were choosing a password.” James said as he climbed through the portrait whole.


I followed behind him.


The Head’s Common Room was absolutely amazing. There was a large fire place, two large red comfy couches, two red chairs, a couple of tables, and a large window seat.


“Wow,” I said.


“Yeah, it’s pretty amazing,” James said. “Now, you’re going to go in there.” James said pointing to the room on the right; most likely Lily’s room.


“Okay,” I said walking towards Lily’s room. James gripped my arm and spun me around.


“At four in the morning,” James began; I gave him a weird look. “Oh don’t give me that look I know you’ll be up.” I smiled at how well James knew me.


“Anyway, at four come over to my room, do the secret knock please,” James said. “We’ll all be waiting,”


I gave him a raised eyebrow. “Just go,”


James pushed me towards Lily’s room. I pushed the door open, Lily and Alice were sitting on Lily’s humongous bed giggling and laughing about something.


“Hey Tori,” Lily said slightly laughing still from whatever they were laughing about earlier.


“Hey guys,” I said throwing my pillow on the floor by the bed.


“Come join us,” Alice said patting a spot on the bed.


Alice and Lily looked so cute in their pajamas. Lily was wearing pink shorts and with red hearts on them and a matching pink tank-top. Alice was wearing purple shorts with lollipops on them with a matching purple tank-top.


I sat down on the bed next to Alice and Lily.


“Okay Alice, ask her.” Lily said. I stared at Alice expectantly.


“Is Frank Longbottom dating anybody?” Alice asked. I gave her a raise eyebrow, a talent I realized I had when I met Sirius.


“Why?” I asked.


“Well isn’t it obvious?” Lily asked. “Alice is completely head over heels for Frank,”


Lily laughed as Alice playfully slapped her on the shoulder.


“I don’t believe he is,” I said thoughtfully. “He’s waiting for someone,”


“Oh,” Alice said looking depressed.


“It’s you, you dummy,” I said pushing Alice. She beamed at me.


“Really?” She asked.


“Yes,” I said.


“Oh my god!” Alice said jumping up and down on Lily’s large bed.


I laughed at her and Lily pulled her back down to earth.


“Now, to get him to ask you to Hogsmede this weekend.” I said putting my fingers to my lips like I was thinking really hard.


Lily and Alice watched me with worried expressions.


“It looks like I have to talk to Frank tomorrow,” I said.


“How do you know he’ll listen to you?” Alice asked.


“I’m the only person on the Quidditch team who can beat up all of the other guys.” I said. “He’ll listen to me,”


Alice and Lily started laughing.


The rest of the night we stayed up talking about nonsense. Lily had gotten some Butterbeers from the House Elves. I sipped mine gratefully; god knows I had Butterbeers and chocolate sweets waiting for me in James’ room.


We were all laying in some weird way. I was laying on the floor, my pillow was propping up my feet. Lily was laying on her bed; her head was hanging off the edge while the rest of her body was the bed. Alice was sitting on a chair with her feet hanging over the sides.


“Hey Lily?” I asked. This was the perfect moment to ask her questions about James.


“Yeah?” Lily asked looking at me from her bed. Her hair fell in front of her face.


“What do you really think of James?” I asked.


Alice and Lily stared at me for a few seconds. I continued staring at the ceiling sipping my Butterbeer every now and than. Out of no where Alice began laughing hysterically.


“What?” I asked looking at Alice.


“Why don’t you tell her Lily?” Alice asked between laughs.


Lily looked at Alice and than turned back to me. She climbed off of the bed and crawled over to me. Alice removed herself from the chair and crawled over to me too.


Lily laid down next to me and Alice laid on the other side.


“I think I’m starting to like him,” Lily said. I sat up and stared out of the window sitting right in front of me.


“When did this happen?” I asked.


“About two weeks ago,” Lily said sitting up.


“She’s been talking my ear off about it,” Alice said sitting up. “She’s been trying to convince herself that she doesn’t like him.”


“Why?” I asked.


“Because, if I’ve hated him for six years I can’t just start liking him!” Lily yelled. She was standing now and pacing around the room.


“Lily,” I said standing and placing my hands on her shoulders. “Trust me; just go with him to Hogsmede this weekend.”


“What?” Lily asked. She was half glaring and half excited.


“You need to let James show that he’s changed and deflated his head,” I said.


“His head does seem smaller,” Alice standing next to me. I laughed.


“But what if he doesn’t ask me?” Lily asked. “What if he doesn’t want to ask me because he doesn’t want to take being rejected anymore?”


She was pacing again. I grabbed her by the arm and stared into her deep green eyes.


“Lily, you’re looking at one of James’ best friends.” I said. “Trust me; he’s going to ask you to Hogsmede,”


“But don’t tell him that I’m going to say yes,” Lily said.


I groaned and looked down at my feet. “You just can’t make this easy can you?”


“No,” Lily said shaking her head. I sighed. Alice yawned and looked at the little watch on her wrist.


“Oh wow, it’s three ‘o’ clock,” Alice said.


“Really?” I asked astounded that it was already three in the morning. It didn’t feel like it. I wasn’t tired at all.


“Alright let’s go to bed,” Lily said climbing into her bed. Alice climbed in with her.


“Oh, Tori, there’s no room for you,” Alice said.


“It’s okay, I usually sleep on the floor,” I said.


“Are you sure?” Lily asked.


“Yeah, it’s fine,” I said. Plus it would make it easier for me to get out of here in an hour.


I fluffed my pillow and Lily threw an extra blanket down at me. I thanked her and threw the blanket over my body. I didn’t go to sleep I ended up making pictures in the cracks of the ceiling. Small snores emitted from the bed, I couldn’t tell if it was from Alice or Lily.


The digital clock sitting on Lily’s bedside table blinked three fifty-seven. I sighed and stood up, grabbing my pillow as I did. I looked back at Lily and Alice. Lily was sleeping with her mouth slightly open, I wanted to laugh at how perfect she was for James.


I grabbed the blanket that Lily gave me and draped it over the both of them. I sighed and left Lily’s room and headed next door to James’. I did the secret knock which just knocking three times, pausing, and knocking two more times.


James quietly opened the door. When he saw it was me he pulled me by my forearm into his room. Sirius, Remus, and Peter were all sitting on James’ huge bed.


“Sit, sit, sit,” James said urgently pushing me toward the bed.


“Okay, okay,” I said dropping my pillow onto the floor and climbing onto the bed.


“So how was hanging out with girls?” Sirius asked.


“Quite entertaining,” I said. James threw a butterbeer into my lap. I smiled happily and popped it open. I gulped most of it down and then removed it from my lips.


“So, what’d you learn?” James asked.


“Alice likes Frank,” I said taking a piece of chocolate that Remus offered. I bit down into it, caramel oozed out of the chocolate and into my mouth. It was delicious.


“Not about Alice, about Lily!” James yelled.


“Remus, what kind of chocolate is this?” I asked.


“It’s a new kind; my parents sent some for my birthday.” Remus said. 


I handed the remaining bits of the chocolate back to Remus.


“What are you doing?” Remus asked looking repulsed at the chocolate.


“This is your birthday chocolate,” I said. “I can’t eat this,”


“Don’t worry, I have some left over, I saved this piece for you.” Remus said.


“Thanks,” I said stuffing the last bit of chocolate into my mouth.


“Tori!” James yelled.


I flung off of the bed and onto the floor. I heard Sirius’ bark like laughter.


“What Prongs?” I asked getting on my knees.


“What have you learned about Lily?” James asked.


“Not much,” I said. “She didn’t talk that often, we talked more about classes and how…a certain chaser…is hot.” I said referring to Xavier.


“Certain chaser?” Sirius asked.


“What house is he in?” Remus asked.


“Why do you guys care?” I asked.


“No reason,” They both said at the same time. I stared at them suspiciously.


“Come on Bushytail! I need to know if I should ask Lily to Hogsmede next weekend!” James yelled.


“Than just ask her!” I yelled back.


“I can’t!” James yelled. “I’m finally friends with her! I don’t want to risk her hating me because I asked her out!”


“Prongs, shut up,” I said.


He was pacing and he suddenly stopped.


“Trust me,” I said. “I’m your best friend, don’t protest Sirius, you must trust me!”


“Tori, I don’t want to risk this,” James said. “I’d rather have her as a friend than not in my life at all.”


James slumped down into the chair across from the bed. I walked over to the seat and sat down on the arm. I wrapped my arms around him in a hug.


“Trust me Prongs,” I whispered in his ear.


He looked up at me with a worried expression on his face. He looked back down at his bare feet.


“Alright,” James said. “I’ll ask her out…when should I ask her out?”


“Hm…Wednesday, that’s the middle of the week.” I said.


James took in a deep breath and nodded. “Alright, I’m trusting you Bushytail,”


“You should do that more often.” I said. “Maybe if you did you would’ve gotten Lily sooner.”


I walked back over to the bed and sat down at the edge. James came to the bed and sat down next to me.


“Yeah, I know,” He said rubbing my head.


“Hey, stop that!” I said batting his hands away.


Even though James and I aren’t related we still treated each other like we were siblings. Everyone saw that connection between James and Sirius but it was until later that everyone saw the sibling connection between James and me.


“Alright, now how about another round of butterbeers!” Sirius said pulling five bottles of butterbeer out from under James’ bed. Sirius handed each one of us a butterbeer and I chugged it down. Everyone else chugged down theirs and we all lay down.


“I think it’s time for bed,” I said.


“Yeah,” Sirius said laying on the bed; taking up most of the space.


I laughed at him and grabbed my pillow. I walked over to the door and gripped the door knob.


“Where you going Bushytail?” Remus asked.


“To one of the very comfy couches in the common room.” I said opening the door and closing it quietly.


The fire crackled and sent a warm glow all around the common room. Once upon a time I was scared of fires ever since the fire. Thanks to James and Sirius I was no longer afraid of fires but found them very comforting.


I threw my pillow onto the couch and laid down on the impossibly comfortable couch. I turned my body so my head was burrowing into the couch. I curled my knees slightly into my body. I closed my eyes and yawned slightly.




The next morning I woke-up with a blanket covering my body. I looked at it and almost thought that Lily did it when she woke-up this morning. But it was a different from the blanket Lily gave me early this morning when she was going to sleep.


I yawned and sat up and turned my head to the other impossibly comfortable couch across the way and saw Sirius sleeping. He had the same blanket I had covering his body. I smiled at him. He was such a great guy when he wanted to be. I could be a real pain in the butt when I wanted to be.


I grabbed my pillow and chucked it at Sirius. He jolted up right and looked at me.


“What was that for?” Sirius asked.


“Did you give me the blanket?” I asked him.


“Yeah, you looked a little cold at six this morning.” Sirius said rubbing his eyes.


“Thanks Sirius,” I said. I looked at the clock on the fire place mantel. It read nine thirty three. “Hey, I’m going to get some breakfast.”


“That’s exactly what I was thinking,” Sirius said. “May I accompany you to the Great Hall?”


“In our pajamas? You don’t even have a shirt on!” I said.


“Well you can go in what you got,” Sirius said. “I’ll just take one of James’ shirts.” Sirius waved his wand and a dark blue tank-top appeared on his body. It matched his black and white plaid pants nicely.


I laughed at him as he posed awkwardly.


“Are you ready my lady?” Sirius asked holding his arm out for me. I linked my arm through his.


“Why yes good sir I am ready,” I said.


We walked over to the portrait hole. Sirius paused and opened the door. “Ladies first,” I smiled at him and exited the portrait hole. Sirius followed behind me.


“And you say I can’t be polite,” Sirius said offering his arm once again. I linked my arm through it.


“Silly me to think that chewing your food with your mouth open isn’t polite.” I said.


“I knew you’d understand,” Sirius said.


We walked down to the Great Hall together.


The Great Hall was bustling with laughter and loud chatter. Some of the chattering seemed to stop when Sirius and I walked into the Great Hall. I was getting a lot of glares from a lot of girls.


“What’s everybody staring at?” Sirius asked. “Can’t I have breakfast with one of my best friends?”


I smiled at him. He could be such a loser but he always knew how to make an awkward situation less awkward. We sat down at the usual Marauder spot and began eating breakfast. Five minutes later James and Remus walked in with a very tired Peter following behind.


“Good-morning sunshine,” James said sitting down next to me.


Some of the girls sitting around us glared at me again.


“Is it me or are the girls glaring at me a lot?” I asked.


“It’s probably because of your little show yesterday in the Great Hall.” Remus said.


“Yeah, you’re the only thing that a lot of the guys can talk about.” James said. “Even the ones who have girlfriends.”


“Really?” I asked.


“Yeah, and probably also because you’re sitting with some of the hottest guys in the entire school.” Sirius said.


“I never used to get dirty looks,” I said piling some pancakes on to my plate.


“Yeah, but I guess because of yesterday and since every girl wants us…” James trailed off.


“Thanks for reassuring me you guys.” I said pouring massive amounts of syrup onto my pancakes.


“That’s what we’re here for,” James and Sirius said hugging me close. Earning me even more angry glares. 

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