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Chapter Sixteen


A Quidditch Story




“What were you doing in my dream last night Honey? I thought I’d locked that door up tight Baby…”- The Pierces, Kill Kill Kill




The morning had started like any other. The birds were singing. The sun was shining. The wind was softly blowing through the trees, rustling their leaves. And although the air had a bit of a chill to it, all in all, it was quite a pleasant day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Inside the great hall, sleepy students were clumped together with their friends piling jam and toast on their plates while they discussed everything from love potions to the latest potions test to the fact Sirius Black had not been seen with a “hookup” in quite some time.


At the Gryffindor table, seven scarlet-clad students sat huddled together. At first glance, the quidditch team looked like a group of normal students who were enjoying a peaceful, bountiful breakfast of sausage and eggs together. But if one took a closer look they would find quite a different scenario.


“No! No! No!” James shrieked yanking the pastry out of O’Brian’s hands, as though it was possessed by the devil himself, “You can’t eat that! It’ll weigh you down! You need to be light like a feather! Fly like a graceful, soaring swan! But attack like an eagle after his prey! No mercy!” he swiped his hand in front of his throat in a chopping motion as he finished his speech and flung the pastry on the ground with a flourish.


The poor, bewildered seeker looked down at his now empty plate and whimpered. He turned and looked up at Sirius wide eyed. Sirius sighed and patted the younger boy on the back and said, “Don’t worry about him, he’s just finally cracked,” before turning back to his own plate and beginning to shovel sausage down his throat before his fascist captain could confiscate it and declare that sausage caused muscle loss or something equally as contradictory. As Sirius piled more eggs on his plate; James handed, with the pomp and glory benefiting a royal procession, a slice of toast, a bowl of fruit and glass of water to the seeker ands began lecturing him about how this breakfast would appease the quidditch gods.


“They will then bless us and give us their special magic! And using it we will slaughter those slimy snakes and win! Victory will be ours!” James said dramatically stabbing the air with him fork. On the other side of James, Jessie sat staring at her friend of seventeen years with a look that clearly stated oh-dear-sweet-merlin-he‘s-officially-lost-it-completely-and-totally. She raised and eyebrow and shook her head as James began chanting a prayer to the “mighty gods of the quaffle.“ Kerfs, who was next to her, muttered something under his breath about James’ psychotic behavior and mental wards and Jessie snorted into her breakfast. Sirius glared at Kerfs, as the grip on his fork became tighter as he stabbed the sausage in front of him viciously.


“Black! Spring!”


Sirius jumped, and nearly stabbed himself with the fork, as Jessie called out, “What I haven’t done anything to him yet!” and threw her hands up in the air in a “I surrender” position. They both turned and cautiously looked at James. James had removed himself from his spot between them and kneeled on the ground.


“Oh for the love of Merlin,” Jessie muttered rolling her eyes. He clasp his hands and looked at them pleadingly, “Please,” he breathed, grabbing their robes in his fists, “Please, please, please don’t fuck this up.” he begged.


Jessie and Sirius shot one another looks that clearly said has-he-finally-lost-his-marbles? Jessie shook her head, turned to James and bent over. She wrapped her arms around her friends neck and kissed his cheek, “James when have Sirius and I ever ruined a quidditch match because of our loathing for one another? We’re not going to ruin this game because of our petty differences, okay? Sirius and I can get along long enough to knock the Slytherin’s off their brooms and crack a few skulls open. Hell, we’ll even put Avery in the hospital wing for a month if you like,” she laughed as a demonic grin sprawled across her face at the thought of permanently maiming Slytherin‘s captain.


“Swear it,” James begged. Jessie sighed at James’ dramatics, “Of course James,” she said.


“Marauder’s promise Prongs.”


James looked close to tears. He jumped up and wrapped both Jessie and Sirius in a bear hug, “It’s out time guys. It’s our last chance to beat them and… I love you both so much!” he said tearfully.


“James, can’t breathe.” Jessie gasped. James let go of them and smiled happily.


“We’re going to kick some serious ass today mates!” James exclaimed as he skipped to the entrance, where Lily and Mary were walking.


Jessie rolled her eyes and began picking at her food again, “Not only is he a drama queen, he‘s bipolar as well; I thought I was supposed to be the psychotic one,” she muttered as she swirled her cereal around in it’s bowl.


Sirius snorted into his eggs as James and Lily returned to the table. Lily squeezed in between Jessie and the group of giggling third years next to her. James pouted, “But I wanted to sit next to you.” he whined.


Lily sighed, “Sirius, I thought I told you the other day to make sure he took medicine. Jess scoot down so we can make room for the big cry baby over here.”


“Scoot down?” Jessie asked horrified, her fork hung frozen in midair, “You mean as in scoot closer to Black?”


Lily rolled her eyes, “Yes, as in scoot closer to Sirius.”


Jessie groaned and slid down the seat, dragging her plate and goblet with her. Sirius smirked and Jessie began stabbing at her food again, muttering swear words under breath. A giddy James plopped himself down on the bench and sent Jessie flying into Sirius’ side.


“Sorry Black.” Jessie muttered, she glared at James, who was to busy shoving toast and marmalade down his throat to realize Jessie was miffed. Sirius raised his eyebrows at Jessie’s apology.


“What?” Jessie asked glaring at him.


“You said you were sorry.”


“Oh stuff it.”


After a few tense moments of uncomfortable silence James stood up, “All right team. Let’s go!” he bellowed hopping over the bench. The rest of the players groaned and slowly clambered over the benches. Lily kissed James, “Good luck.” she said waving at the team as James grinned dopily and lead them out of the great hall.


“You would think after a few months of dating he’d be used to that by now.” Sirius said rolling his eyes as he followed Jessie out the doors.


“Please, he’ll still be doing that after they are married. And why are you talking to me?” Jessie asked as she straightened the back of O’Brian’s robes, as they hurried down the cobblestone corridor after James.


“I’m sorry your highness are we or are we not supposed to be at least attempting to get along today?” Sirius retorted.


“Touché Black. Un-shun.” Jessie said swiping her hand in an upward direction between their heads.


Sirius looked at her quizzically, “ What was that for?”


“You know shun,” Jessie swiped her hand in a downward motion between their heads, “Un-shun.” she repeated the move, this time swiping upwards.




“Come on Black you’ve never seen that before? Shun. Un-shun.” Sirius shook his head, and Jessie gaped.


“Do you at least know what shun means?”


“Of course I know what shun means!” Sirius said glaring at her. Jessie began laughing at the pouty look on his face, he looked like a six year old.


“Ah, ah, ah no fighting Siri-poo!” Jessie said in a sweet, sarcastic tone. Sirius gave her the finger and Jessie began laughing even harder as they walked down the steps into the locker room.




“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than what you settled for.” - Maureen Dowd




“Annnnd Potter has the quaffle he swings right, left, right, left and he raises his arm to shoot and he… passes to Luther who passes to McNeil who shoots… McNeil scores 70-20 Gryffindor!”


Jessie swerved around one of the Slytherin chaser and raced towards the black ball that was zooming towards James’ head.


“And look at Spring fly! Seriously ladies and gentlemen, appreciate her form, see how her shoulders are perfectly positioned! It’s no wonder the girl has a horde of professional teams after her! And Spring cracks the bludger away and sends it soaring towards the Slytherin chaser Avery! Damn! That girl is sure sending some rockets off today. And Avery gets hit on the right shoulder! He drops the quaffle! You know folks if Spring wasn’t such an ice bitch I think I’d propose…”



“Mr. Demitri!”


“Sorry professor, just saying…”


“Get back to the game!”


“Yes professor. And McNeil has the quaffle she swerves around… Is that the snitch?”


Jessie pulled up next to Sirius and held her breath as O’Brian Shot towards the ground, the Slytherin seeker on his tail. He made a hairpin swerve to his left.


“Oi! Black, Spring! As entertaining s the past few weeks have been, right now is not the time to be discussing your relationship! There are bludgers to be hit!”


At the sound of Dimitri’s voice Jessie scowled and zoomed towards the nearest bludger. She smacked it towards the Slytherin formation, which was conveniently located next to the commentators stand.


“Whoa Jess! Watch the stands. Concentrate on helping O‘Brian get the snitch. Burns is trying to kill him!” James yelled as the Slytherin seeker, Burns, swung at O’Brian’s head. James caught the quaffle from Luther and zoomed away towards the Slytherin goals. Jessie rolled her eyes and flew off in search of another bludger to hit.


“And O’Brian is gaining on that tiny evasive, speck of gold! Burns is on his tail! Go O’Brian go! I mean… and Burns and O‘Brian are in hot pursuit of the snitch…”


Jessie hit a bludger toward Sirius who dove and sent it rocketing in the direction of Avery who was flying towards the seekers. Avery flew off his broom and fell five feet onto the pitch.


“That had to hurt! Nice shot by Black! Ah, if only Gryffindor beaters had such harmony in the halls of Hogwarts, instead of just on the pitch. It’d save our poor eardrums and possibly our sanity. Although, they never they never cease to entertain, especially since Evans and Potter are to busy snogging in the corners to provide a decent… right back to the game; sorry Professor…”


Jess scowled as Sirius flew up next to her, “Bloody prat.” she muttered.


Sirius laughed, “Come along darling, Avery is trailing O’Brian again and James will have our heads if we don’t save our poor seeker from being sandwiched.” Sirius rocketed off with Jessie on his tail, “I am not your darling Black!”


Sirius smirked to himself at Jessie’s words, and thought about blowing her a kiss, but thought better of it seeing as a) James would murder him for not doing his job, and b) Jessie Spring had one hell of a punch, even when she was flying hundreds of feet off the ground on a broomstick.


“And Black and Spring are off again. Black hit’s a bludger towards Spring who sends it towards Avery again. Hot Damn! That girl has one hell of a swing. Avery is, once again, on the pitch and this time he is not getting up! Spring, I would like to take this moment to announce my undying love…”




“What the bloody hell is up with you people and announcing you love me in front of the entire bloody school?” Jessie yelled at the commentator’s box. Sirius attempted to stifle his laughter beside her, but failed miserably.


Jessie glared at him, “Oh shut up you! You’re the root of the problem! You started it!”


Sirius shrugged, “At least I mean it.”


“Urgh!” Jessie yelled and raised her bat…


“… O’Brian and Burns are neck and neck! O’Brian stretches out… yes! He got it! Gryffindor wins!”


Dimitri’s voice was drowned out by the roar of the stands, as seventy five percent of the student population began screaming and pouring out of the stands onto the pitch.


“Well fuck.” Sirius laughed as Jessie’s arms froze in the air at Dimitri’s words. Jessie looked from her bat to Black to O’Brian and back to Black again. After a few miliseconds of contemplating what action to take, she glared at Sirius and shot off like a rocket towards O’Brian who was standing on the pitch staring at the gold object in his hand, with a look of shock upon his face. She leaped off her broom and wrapped her arms around the younger boy crushing him. She finally freed him and looked up. James was standing next to them, tears of happiness pouring down his face. Sirius, had apparently followed after her, because he was behind James, grinning.


“I love you.” James cried as he picked up the seeker and hugged him tightly to his chest. Sirius rolled his eyes and let out a cough that suspiciously sounded like “Drama queen.” Jessie shook her head, “Honestly.”


“Good job Jess,” Sirius said smiling at her. Jessie rolled her eyes, she’d deal with Black’s moronic I love you jokes later, “Good game Black.” Sirius grinned dopily and Jessie continued giving hugs and high fives to her teammates, as they were swarmed by their friends and the rest of the student population.




3rd year


“Theo Vance, aka our captain, is a bit of a git at the first practice. And you want to make sure you don’t hit on Arabella Steele, Sirius. Not only is she a seventh year, but the dear captain has a bit of a crush on her as well.” James said as he, Jessie and Sirius walked out onto the pitch.


Jessie rolled her eyes, “ Just because you’ve been on the team for a year doesn’t mean you are like all-knowing Jimmy-poo.”


James scoffed, “I’m just telling you! It’s for your own benefit! Speaking of actions that will benefit you…”


Jessie raised an eyebrow, “Yea? What about ‘em?”


“Well,” James said warily, “You two may want to… you know… attempt to keep from murdering one another at practice…”


“What?” Sirius exclaimed, “I don’t try to kill anyone! Other people try to kill me!” he gave Jessie a significant look.


Jessie scoffed, “Excuse me!’ she glared at Sirius, “ I believe it is the other way around! Who dyed my hair green last week!” She took a step closer to him and balled her hands into fists.


“Hey! That isn’t trying to kill you! You charmed me gold and set Hagrid’s niffers on me!” Sirius yelled, mimicking her actions.


“Because you put beetles in my spaghetti! And newt’s eyes in my pumpkin juice!”


“Well you…”


“Will you two shut up?” James yelled glaring at his friends, who were now barely half a rulers length away from one another. Jessie yelped and jumped back a foot, as she realized how close she was to Sirius. James rolled his eyes, “Seriously…”


“I am Sirius, Prongs, all the time,” Sirius said smoothly as he let out a bark like laugh at his own joke. Jessie looked disgusted and scoffed at the over-used joke.


“Oh, honestly Sirius; anyways, the team is coming.” James gestured wildly to the group of students walking towards them.


Theo walked up to them and smirked devilishly as he tussled his blonde hair, “Well, let’s see what you got.”


Jessie and Sirius gulped.


Theo stood on the pitch and smiled to himself as he watched his two new beaters practice hitting a bludger between them. A dark haired girl flew over to him and landed softly on the ground, the snitch between her fingers, “How are they doing Theo?” she asked as she strapped the snitch back in the tattered ball case.


Theo grinned, “Hey Arabella. Not half bad actually. They’ve got quite a bit of chemistry going on there. And poor Potter was all worried they would use the black balls of death, as he said, to kill one another.”


Arabella laughed, “Well, he had just cause to worry. Didn’t you see the two of them in the great hall yesterday morning? Spring charmed Black’s hair bright orange and Black gave her fairy wings. McGongall had a fit.”


Theo shrugged, “As long as it doesn’t affect their quid ditch playing…” he picked up the whistle that hung around his neck and blew into it. At the sound of the shrill noise the rest of the team flew down and gathered in a circle around Theo.


“Good job team, nice practice. Same time Wednesday. Black and Spring put the bludger away and Potter get the quaffle.” Theo said, “Right then. You’re all dismissed.”


After they had put the balls away James, Sirius and Jessie trudged their way to the locker rooms. Theo trailed behind them a bit, in order to appreciate the view that it gave him of Arabella’s backside. His dreamlike state was interrupted, though, as Jessie punched James in the arm.


“I told you I could go a few hours without killing him!”


Theo had to laugh.




Jessie ran her fingers through her freshly washed hair as she climbed through the hole to the Gryffindor common room. In front of her, her housemates were running rampant in a sea of bright lights and loud music. She found James and Lily who were, for lack of a better term, entangled on one of the sofa’s in front of the fireplace. Jessie gagged and rolled her eyes.


“I really do love you.”


Jessie groaned and wiped her lips with the back of her sleeve as Kerfs, still dressed in his robes, ran up to her, “Jessie!”


Jess smiled as he came to a stop in front of her.


“Dude, where were you? You missed the start of the party! You missed it, Evans and James got in a fight!” Jessie looked over his shoulder at her friends who were still playing tonsil hockey. Kerfs followed her eyes and hurried to explain, “Potter tried to spike the punch. And Evans found out and they started yelling. It was just like old times; I’m pretty sure someone conjured up a bucket of popcorn… anyways, they killed it thought because they started snogging the living daylights out of one another as soon as it got good,” he finished with a disappointed look on his face.


“Right then,” Jess said, “Don’t drink the punch.”


“Oh no,” Kerfs laughed, “Little Miss Head Girl vanished all the alcohol in the room before anyone could do anything with it.”

Jess rolled her eyes and the two of them walked over to the rest of the team, minus James, who were all sitting around the fire laughing and recounting the game.


Jessie plopped down on the sofa next to McNeil and Kerfs sat down beside her.


“Look who showed up!” Kerfs said. The rest of the team, minus James, nodded to her. Jess leaned back on sofa and listened as the team began chatting again.


“No, the best way to shake off a bludger is to change direction right.” McNeil said as she took a sip of her drink.


“No, you go left.” Luther argued back.


Jess shook her head. Only her teammates would be arguing off something as simple as that. Everyone knew that you dove down and then went right then up and down again. Jess yawned and her gaze fell on Sirius who was sitting across from her.


He was draped across the chair, his legs over the arm, and staring at the wall. He had propped his head with his arm. His hair was still wet from the shower and it fell messily into his dark eyes- he clearly hadn‘t gotten a chance to comb it; he’d most likely been dragged out of the locker room by the overeager party animals he (and she) called teammates. Sirius yawned and shifted in his seat. As he snuggled deeper into the chair his shirt rode up exposing a sliver of his toned stomach. Jessie groaned and mentally began scolding herself for staring at Sirius.


Its just Black you moron… See…



She glanced at him again. Her eyes followed the flickers of the firelight on him up to his face and then to his eyes. It was beyond her how someone who was clearly bad news could look so innocent. As if he felt her eyes on him, Sirius looked at Jessie. She bit her lip and held his gaze for a few seconds before looking away and taking a large sip of the glass of pumpkin juice in her hand.


Damn you Lily.


“Right-o, as enlightening as this conversation has been I need some air.” Jessie said as she got up from the couch and made her way over to the portrait hole.


“What’s up with her?” Luther asked. McNeil and O’Brian shrugged. Sirus ignored them and continue staring at Jessie’s retreating figure.


“Oi! Black! Can you get some more of those pastries!”


Sirius broke out of his reverie and jolted up, “Yea!” he called back and got up from his seat, “Be right back.” he said to the rest of his team, and he followed in Jessie’s footsteps out the door.




“I can resist everything except temptation.” -Oscar Wilde




Oh for Merlin’s sake!


Bloody hell Jessie. It’s just Black, the arrogant toerag. You’ve always known he’s attractive.


But you’ve never really taken the time to appreciate how attractive he is, now have you?


Ugh. Shut up Rodrigo.


I’m just saying…


I still hate him! He has tortured me since we were like four! He killed my toad! And he humiliated me in front of the whole school! I. Hate. Him. Period.


But aren’t his eyes “so pretty?”


Umm humm. They ar… Just because he has pretty eyes doesn’t mean I can’t hate him!

I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I fucking hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I fucking hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I fucking hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I fucking hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I hate Sirius Black. I fucking hate Sirius fucking Black…


Right, you keep telling yourself that sweetie.


Rodrigo, I have come to a conclusion.


Yes love? What would that be?


Sirius Black is an arrogant, good-looking, egotistical manwhore that I hate.


Anything else dear?


Yea, I hate my life.




“You can't make up your mind about what you love and hate.” The Pierces- Waiting




Jessie rolled her eyes and made her way over to Mary who was chatting with a blonde girl over by the entrance to the dorms. Jessie groaned as she realized who the blonde was.


“Jessie.” Jordan Sparks said with false excitement as she smiled at the beater. Jessie rolled her eyes, “Sparks.”


“Siri played so well today! He was amazing don’t you think so? Do you know where he is? I have to give him his congratulations!” she smirked maliciously at Jessie.


Jess smiled bitterly at the blonde, “Actually I saw him coming in, he was out in the hallway trying to charm Beth Smith out of her skirt.”


Jordan gasped, “ He would never! Siri loves me!” she yelped.


Jessie shrugged, “Only one way to find out.” Jordan dashed off as quickly as her high heels and micro mini would let her.


“Why must you do that? The only reason that Black is out there is because he left a few minutes ago, alone, to get more pastries from the kitchens. A little bit after you left to go get some air.” Mary said crossing her arms and giving Jessie a knowing look.


“What? I didn‘t even know they were dating again.” Jess said innocently as she poured herself a cup of punch from the bowl on the table next to her and Mary. Mary raised her eyebrows, “They‘re not. What did you do?”


“Oh you know… he’s out there… stumbling back to the common room after being hit by a well placed jelly legs jinx.” Jessie shrugged. Mary rolled her eyes, “You two can’t get along for five seconds can you.”


“Hey! We behaved very well at the game! Plus I refrained from killing him when he claimed he “loved me” again! And in my defense, he deserves to be hit with every curse, hex or jinx known to mankind at the moment because he is a confusing, arrogant, pompous git who needs to die!” Jess retorted. Mary rolled her eyes as Sirius sprinted into the common room and hid behind the nearest sofa, “Yes, I know you believe that, but don’t you think setting Jordan on him is just a bit too evil. You and I both know Sirius wants nothing to do with her anymore. And stop using Lily’s old lines. Next thing you know Black will be sprouting love poems to you and proposing marriage at dinner.”


Jess nearly spat out the punch she had just sipped, “Do not joke about that, and are you kidding me? And the boy humiliated me! He deserves all seven circles of hell and more! Jordan is nothing compared to what he did to me... Oh hell.”

Jordan pranced into the common room, “Siri!” she yelled shrilly as she entered. She pushed a few first and second years out of the way as she searched the common room for him. Sirius crawled army style towards the boys dormitory.


“Humm.” Jessie pondered as Jordan knocked over a snack bowl as she skipped after Sirius, “ Maybe he only has six circles left…”


“Siri!” Jordan giggled. She pranced towards Jessie and Mary. Jess swiveled her head around and saw Sirius standing behind them a look of horror on his face.


“There you are Siri bear! I’ve been looking for you everywhere! I never got to properly congratulate you after the game!” Jordan giggled as she made her way over to them. Jessie bit her lip and laughed as Sirius groaned behind them. Sirius looked around him as he attempted to find a way to escape from Jordan’s acrylics and bleach blonde curls. He saw Jessie.


“Oh Merlin” Mary groaned as Sirius grabbed Jessie by the shoulders and turned her so she was facing him.


“Sorry,” he muttered and kissed her. Jordan stopped in her tracks and gasped. In fact everyone in the whole room gasped, well except for Lily an James who were still happily snogging completely oblivious to the fact that world war three was about to break out in the common room.


After what seemed like an eternity, Sirius let go of a shocked Jessie and smirked at Jordan. Jordan’s face scrunched up and her eyes began to well up with tears. But Jordan’s impending bawl fest was interrupted by the fact Jessie had found her wits again. With a flick of her wand Sirius went flying across the room. The air in the common room began to swirl around, as though a storm had begun. The Gryffindor backed away from both Sirius and Jessie. It seemed as though Jessie had finally snapped. Somewhere above them thunder boomed as Jessie angrily made her way towards Sirius. Sirius rolled onto his side and shakily got up. He groaned as he saw Jessie’s advancing figure, “Right. That was a stupid idea.” he muttered to himself as he straightened his shirt and pulled his wand out of his pocket.


“Jessie darling.” Sirius said hesitantly.


Somewhere up above thunder boomed again, louder than before. At the sound of the noise James and Lily split apart and looked around bewildered.


“Shit.” James whispered as Jessie glared in Sirius’ direction. Jessie took half a step forward and stopped. She pursed her lips and shook her head as she stared at the ground. She picked her head up and looked straight at Sirius.


“I hate you.” she said softly. She shook her head again, turned and practically flew up the steps to the girl’s dorm.




“Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid.”- Heinrich Heine




Jess slammed the door behind her. And leaned her head against it. She sobbed into the wood and her legs gave out below her. She slid down the door and huddled against it. After a few more moments of tears she wiped her eyes and buried her eyes in her hands.


“I don’t love him.” she said angrily. She slid her hands through her hair and dug her nails into her scalp.


“I hate him.”




“How hard it is, sometimes, to trust the evidence of one’s senses! How reluctantly the mind consents to reality.”- Norman Douglas




Yay! It’s finally finished. I know I made you wait forever, but in my defense I got sick! And the last few got updated really quick!


You know what to do… go down to that lovely little square and write me a review!!! They make me smile, and usually, write faster!


-Pensive Princess

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