This was originally just a poem but I added to it so that it actually fitted as a story. It is important to read the parts in italics because they tell half the story.

The poem is written by me and they are not song lyrics.

Also please note that in this story Hermione has been drugged with a potion to make her suicidal. Suicide is horrible and I hope that no one has to experience anything to do with it.

Pull Me Away

There she sat knees curled to her chest,
Staring at the stars,
Whilst others were at rest.

The moon reflected in the glimmering lake,
The forest lay eerily behind her,
And the soft splash as the ripples would break.

He was gone, he who had vowed his love. She thought he had changed. Thought he had changed after his mother had been murdered.
It had been two nights ago when he had disappeared and left a note containing a single word and a picture.
She had walked into her room and a small piece of parchment fluttered down onto the red and gold rug.
She still had its contents imprinted on her mind. The green skull and the horrible snake protruding from its mouth and above it his familiar handwriting.

He had left her.

The bitter wind lifted her hair, as she sprung from the ground,
She slipped off her shoes,
Hoping not to be found.

She had been like Dumbledore, she believed in second chances. She had fallen for the cunning blonde. Irresistible attraction.
He led her to believe he hated the Dark Lord; Voldemort had after all killed his mother.

As she took a step forward, she looked about,
Though the world was filled with wonder,
Her heart was filled with doubt.

Doubt. He had fooled her for a year. He had been so gentle, still cocky, yes, but he had actually cared…
And yet he had left with nothing but the Dark Mark and a harsh word upon his lips.

And as she stepped, the water bitter around her ankles,
Sand rose around her feet,
To her waist she waded,
And for a moment listened to her heart beat.

Her parents had given her the heart that beat in her chest. And they had been murdered, murdered by Death Eaters. The same bloodthirsty group that he had left her for. They had been killed the same night he had left.
Her hand had been shaking when she had opened the envelope containing the news of their death that very morning. She shuddered at the thought that he had been the one to kill her own flesh and blood. Dead.

Without a word, she took her last breath,
She plunged into the deep,
She was ready for death.

Everyone she cared for was gone. Her parents were dead; he had deserted her and the Weasley’s were missing. And Harry and Ron… Lifeless. After she had found Draco’s note, screams had drifted to her ears from the Common room.
A miniature Dark Mark had been left above the Gryffindor tower, the boy’s dormitories had been torn apart, bright red hair lay over the sheets; clothes torn, possessions smashed and blood lay on the floor. Her best friend’s dead. Everyone worth living for had been taken away.

She hit the bottom her skirt weighing her down,
Her wish for darkness kept her there,
For she had chosen to drown,
Like a mermaid so pretty and fair.

Draco ran into the forest. She couldn’t be dead, she couldn’t. Ripples lay along the surface of the lake.
Draco ran faster than he ever had in his life, toward the lakes edge.

It was then that her prince dove into the frost,
Deep at the bottom he saw his love lost.
Pulled to the surface, in his arms she lay,
And he wished with all hope, she would live another day.

All hope was gone, he was too late,
Left abandoned, she had sealed her fate.

He had come too late, if he had arrived just a bit earlier, if he hadn’t messed about getting there, if he had realised what was going on sooner, she would be safe and warm in his arms.
Now she was dead. Dead.

On the grass she laid, dead to the world, the light gone from her eyes,
And he spoke to her words through his anguished cries.

“My dear, don’t lose faith, though in the past you’ve had pain.
Please open your eyes and be with me again.

You still have your friends, those who love you dearly.
Just hold onto me, I will help you see clearly.
My darling, do not leave me alone to this despair,
I love you with all my heart,
Don’t you see that I still care?

Please, beloved, forgive me for all that I have done,
I beg you open your eyes, see the light of the sun.’

‘Weasley and Potter aren’t dead Hermione. They were taken, just like me; it was a set up made to look like they were dead. Just please wake up.’

’I love you more than you could ever know.’

‘I love you Hermione, I love you, I love you more than anyone could ever have imagined.’

With these words, he pressed his lips against her own,
She was as pale as death, as cold as the snow.

He needed to kiss her one more time. And as he kissed her purple lips he felt how cold they were. ‘I love you.’

Her chest heaved a cough and she opened her eyes,
Looking down at her he stared with wondrous surprise.

Something amazing was happening, her chest was moving and her eyelids fluttered open, revealing the honey brown eyes he thought he would never see again.

He wrapped his arms, around her cold frame,
And she smiled at him as she did the same.

‘Hermione! Hermione, you’re alive!’

It felt as if he had a million Cheering Charms placed on him at once. He felt he could produce a Patronus at this moment strong enough to ward off all of the Dementors in Azkaban.

‘Draco?’ She asked in a torn whisper.

‘Yes Hermione, it’s me. You’re alive and I am here.’

‘D- didn’t you return to Voldemort? You helped kill my parents; you helped kill Harry and Ron!’

‘I thought you were gone,’ She whispered,
‘I thought you joined the other side,
I thought you threw me away,
For the sake of your Pureblood pride.’

‘No. It was all a set up. The Dark Lord summoned me. Being a spy I had to show my face amongst his ranks: the Death Eaters left that note.
I heard about it only just in time.
They staged Weasley and Potter’s death.
Goyle has been slipping Sorrow Potion into your morning juice; they killed your parents, the Dark Lord is trying to weaken Potter by ridding him of his best friend.’

‘My darling you are wrong,
I don’t care if you’re a Mudblood,
For our love is too strong.

My bliss is so great, for you are alive,
I thought you were lost forever,
You would never survive.’

‘I thought you were dead, Hermione. Never leave me again. I love you, Hermione.’

“I love you,” he murmured and to that she replied,
“I love you too,
Now that you are back,
I see the world anew.

‘If I die Draco, don’t lose hope. Help Harry and Ron through. Find someone new and don’t go back to the Dark Side. Don’t let Harry and Ron become weak, help them save the world. I love you Draco.’

I love you more than all the oceans; I love you with all my heart,
And not even eternal darkness,
Can tear us apart.

You see, love, I heard all that you said,
And you alone could pull me back from the dead.”

'If only for a few moments,’
As these words passed her lips, she let darkness take hold,
Away from a love that is never sold.

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