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    Disclaimer: I do not any of the Harry Potter characters. They belong to Ms. Rowling with all due respect. Enjoy. CHP 2 - Ron’s point of view – Thanks Rich, hi I’m Ron Weasley, best friend to Harry and Hermione. Right now, I’m in my house at the Burrow, wasting away my summer. Hermione might be mad at me but that’s just my lifestyle so don’t argue with me. I’m with my mother and my sister, Gin or Ginny Weasley to you all. Enough introduction, let us brought the good parts. First thing above all, I would liked to show you all some letter I send to Harry and Hermione. This would be the reason that I discovered something that made me rethought my future. I will give you Harry and Hermione’s letters to me on the first week of our summer. This was Harry’s, Dear Ron, How are you, mate? I’m doing great and thanks for sending me your letters, I’m glad that you did not mention anything about you know. I’m trying to cope up with things here. The muggles were less hard on me, thanks to Dumbledore. I would like to play Quidditch with you so much, along with your brothers. Can you notify me on anything on You-Know-Who (I know you’re scared of his name so I didn’t mention it) and the Ministry and the Order too? You’re the closest to them and I hoped I don’t pressure you too much. Hermione send me three letters about how I’m doing and am I fine… seriously if the girl can’t stop asking the same question I’ll stop writing to her. Writing to you is really better to be honest; no hard feelings to her but you talked Quidditch. Tell your family, I missed them already. Don’t worry about me too much, I’m doing fine and I’m being honest right now. Yours truly, Harry. I did the things he said, it was easy though since You-Know-Who wasn’t in the news, he sure was lying low right now. I’m happy that my friend was taking things alright… well those were my opinion but not my other friend. Dear Ron, How are you doing? Is Ginny fine? I’m studying for the N.E.W.Ts right now and I hope you are too. Harry is fine, isn’t he? Is there something I should know that he won’t tell me? He kept saying he’s fine and sending two line letters, that’s not a good sign. I wished he writes more to me. You must be feeling the same way as I do. We’re grieving for Sirius’ death and he’s just sod us off. He’s not fine and I know it. He told us to write letters frequently to him and he sounded like he didn’t like it. Well that’s all from me. I better go now; my mother wants me to help her in the garden. Take care. Yours sincerely, Hermione Well if you thought that was normal, our letter sending became more and more terrible. Not mine though, between Harry and Hermione I mean. They became a little apart and the ugly side of them was shown especially Hermione. I have already seen Harry’s ugly side. This was Harry’s letter to me two days ago. Dear Ron, Thanks for the offer. I will come to the Burrow in two days time. Last week, I’m sorry for all of your worries for me, I just went to the park for some thinking about what Dumbledore said before the school end. He just sends me a letter last week and it made me think again about Sirius. Don’t be sad, it’s nothing. I’m feeling great right now. Hope you send me about Chudley Cannon. I hope you trained for the new Quidditch season, both you and Ginny. I’ve got to go now, Aunt Petunia calling for me for a chore. Don’t look pity on me, the chores made me take my mind off things. Thanks for sending. Your true friend, Harry. By that time after reading ‘Your true friend’, something was not right. I received Hermione’s letter two hours later. I let Ginny read it first because I was degnoming the garden. She turned pale white reading the letter. I noticed her face and went to her. The letter showed a side of Hermione that I didn’t know. Ginny gave me the letter and I read it. This was the one that re-evaluated my feelings towards Hermione. Dear Ron, Have you heard from that scrawny boy friend of yours? We were worried about him. He’s moping again about Sirius. He never shared any of it with us. His selfish prat, after all I’ve done for him, he never appreciated for the things I’ve done. The Order should be mad at him. They should send Lupin to scold him for his insensitive behaviour. I asked him what he was doing at the part and he wrote nothing. He wrote nothing, you ran off to the park under the Order’s eyes, moping and crying and grieving and he came back saying nothing. You don’t how frustrated he made me. I felt exasperated with him, I can’t take it anymore, and I’m going to confront that excruciating ludicrous dense moron friend of yours when we get to your house, whether he likes it or not. See you. Yours sincerely mad, Hermione The first thing I thought about reading Hermione’s letter was never show this to Harry or Rich. Why Rich? I myself don’t know but outside people might be nosy of these things. Secondly, I began to see how Harry saw us two bickering and arguing. Thirdly from Ginny, she showed me how stupid am I not seeing the inside of a person. I never saw my friend’s feelings from the inside. I saw how secretive Harry has been and how angry and frustrated Hermione really was. Harry has been secretive since the first year, but I didn’t even know back then. Hermione’s anger might be from us two being the troublesome that we are and she constantly reminded us but she kept that anger just like Harry. I have learned to know a person from the inside. But that didn’t mean I like the Slytherins, I still hate them and Snape, I hate him a lot. Ginny impressed with what I learned and gave a secret that she kept for an unknown person. She told me, “You know people like you more than Harry last year, you outshine him even though he made the world realised that You-Know-Who returns, you better do something more impressive next year.” I was proud of my little sister just said. I wished she picked a rightful boyfriend, someone who deserved her. Maybe I was too zealous over the fact trying to make Harry a couple with Ginny. She deserved someone right this time and I make sure she made the right decision. Well, half an hour left till Dad came home with Rich, Harry and Hermione. I wonder what Rich’s reaction to Harry and Hermione was. I hoped nothing happen to either of my best friends before coming here. *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ Gin and I waited at the front yard waiting for Dad, Rich, Harry and Hermione. We paced around wondrously, thinking some thoughts of how to spend our summer, sometimes bumped into each other accidentally and we laughed because of that. Then, they all came. Ginny called Mum to come. I was excited seeing my mates and my cousin. Good thing my cousin was into Quidditch and Books at the same time, he can cope with both my friend. Mum rushed form the kitchen to the front in six seconds, a record. Dad parked the car nicely and they all came out. Something was wrong though, it was solemnly quiet. They got out of the car, my father, two black haired and a frizzy brown hair. They waved at us. “Hullo dear, kids,” said Dad, my cousin call him Unc, what an unusual name the muggles using. He hugged Mum and stood beside her while we went to help the other three. Crookshanks ran out of the car and went straight away to the garden; bloody cat sure has a thing for gnomes. “Hey, guys, how are you?” I greeted. They turned at me and gave me a smile, Rich gave Gin and I a genuine smile but Harry and Hermione they were giving me a fake one. Thye can’t lie to me no more when something going on. “Hey Ronnie,” said Rich, he was sure trying to get on my nerves. “Hey Fich,” take that. He laughed and I laughed too, it’s been a long time since I saw him, five years ago before I started Hogwarts. “Hey Gin,” Rich greeted, Ginny pulled away from a hug she and Hermione shared. “Hey Rich,” she answered back. We exchanged a hugs with Harry and Hermione that seemed a bit awkward for me because it felt different and rough. There something going on before the two came here. I helped Harry carried his things whilst Ginny helped Hermione. Hedwig was released and she was flying freely and happily, I wished I got an owl like Hedwig. “OI!” Rich yelled and we all turned around. “Is there no one going to help poor old cousin here who has been not seen for five years?” He carried a lot of things and I and Gin carried one thing. We went to him and helped grabbed one trunk each. He was going to stay with us till we finished Hogwarts, so he brought lots of things. Harry and Hermione each got a bone crushing hug from Mum, suited them right for being such fakers. Then Rich got a hug. He was scared of receiving it. Mum gave him one and I sniggered hard, Rich was suffocating. That’s what you got when you gone for five years. After letting go of Rich, Mum and Dad went inside the house. Rich panted for breath, Ginny patted his back. We went inside and Mum told us to put Harry, Hermione and Rich’s things upstairs. Rich fortunately got the jerk Percy’s neat room. That jerk of a brother of mine never came home and apologized. When we reached the stairs there was the evidence that showed how bad the situation was in the next few days. Hermione and Harry climbed the stairs with their things, so they were kind of pushing each other. “Move it moper,” said Hermione, she just mocked Harry, bad girl. “Sod off, nosy,” Harry just gave one back. Gin and I gawked looking at our friends. They went upstairs and we followed them but Rich halted us. “Wait,” he said, I was puzzled by what he meant when suddenly. “Bang! Bang!” we heard two doors slammed. Something was really going on between them. “You better tell me everything Ron, Gin, I have a boring time coming here,” Rich requested and we obliged. His face was full of questions. “We tell you later, right now we need to console our friends, your room is the second on the right,” said Ginny, and we made our way to our respective rooms. *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ I entered my room, expecting a pretty bash up Harry but all I saw was him standing in front of the window surveying the garden. He didn’t look tense or grieving like Hermione mentioned in her letters. One word that could define my friend was… peace. “Hey, how are you doing?” I asked for starters. “Fine,” he murmured, totally at peace. “I saw something wrong with Hermione and you back at the stairs… care to fill me in what happen between my two friends,” I said with utmost concern. He turned around and smiled at me like he just came back from a long trip. “I don’t know,” he said, the smile faded. “I don’t know why I reacted this way towards her… it’s like it came out of no where.” “Don’t be too hard on yourself, she send annoying letters all summer… she cared for you… too much though but she cared,” I said calmly. He smirked and chuckled a bit. “What so funny?” I asked and could not help but chuckled a bit too. “I’m so pathetic,” “No you’re not,” I told him. “I told her she got no life, doesn’t that show how pathetic I am?” he said dolefully. “What?!” I was bewildered. “She just studying all the day even we finished our O.W.L and she still kept on studying,” he said. “I understand, she told to me in the letters too, sometimes I wished she needed to loosen up a bit,” I said agreeing with Harry. “That’s not the point Ron,” he said distressingly, I was puzzled about his feelings. “The point is I insulted her terribly, no friends do that,” he said concisely, I forgot. “Well why don’t you go and say sorry to her,” I suggested as a true friend. “I can’t,” “Why not?” I asked feeling puzzled again. Forgiveness would do, it’s the solution to all arguments. “Now is not the right time, she’s mad right now,” he told me, I understood him. “Well if you wanted to, don’t hesitate” I said. “I need to see Rich, his pretty angry about this; he just got here and caught in a fight, see you later.” I left him there for his time alone and peace and closed the door. I went to Rich’s room also known as Percy’s. I met Ginny already in the room with Rich sitting on Percy’s chair like a boss. He sure was mad by the looks of his face. “So what the bloody hell is going on?” Rich asked in his demanding tone. “Well, sorry for all the fuss, you got caught accidentally in this and I’m sorry we didn’t tell you about Harry’s situation and Hermione’s reaction towards him… it’s just that Harry been through hell last term with all the corruption the Ministry did on him and the sudden depart of his godfather, he’s been wrecked if you know what I mean,” I waited for Rich to scold me or shout at me but he started to laugh. Is he mental? He laughed and laughed, what’s so funny? “What are you on about, you’re not easily to laugh on something, this is Harry we’re talking about,” I tried to find the reason behind Rich’s craziness. He stopped laughing and faced both me and Gin. “I never seen this much fun since Fleur have a fight with his first boyfriend, Hermione angry at Harry and Harry angry at Hermione, this is the best fight that I have ever seen, and you want to know what was the end result of Fleur’s fight,” Gin and I nodded because it was interesting. “What else, Fleur break up with her boyfriend, disappointing though but the middle was interesting, I hope this one has a major explosion,” Gin mouth dropped, I was bewildered and shocked to hear Rich was having fun with this. “I’m kidding my dear cousins… if you want to end this argument, we better make a plan or two before this summer is over.” I nodded fervently, what better way than to make up my two friends with the help of Beauxbaton’s lover boy Rich. Gin on the other hand had something on her mind. “What’s wrong Gin?” I asked curiously. She turned her head towards me. She had a vague expression that seemed unreadable. “If we’re going do it, that would be a problem,” she said gloomily. “And why is that?” “Is it Hermione?” Rich asked, he was ahead of me, smart arse. Ginny nodded, “I entered my room and saw her on the bed, cursing Harry this and that, I tried to calm her down but she kept on muttering things to herself. She got off the bed and went towards the window and watched the garden view restlessly,” Gin explained, the total opposite of Harry. “When I left my room, I swore I saw tears running down her cheeks.” “She’s crying!” I was surprised a bit. “Very odd thoughts are going on her mind,” she said. “No kidding, before I got here, she already cursing Harry, and when we got to the Dursleys which was surprisingly empty, things got off wildly,” said Rich nonchalantly. Gin and I were curious and let Rich told us the whole story. “They were fighting that we did not even ask about Harry’s relatives, they were like out of the picture,” “So where do you reckon the muggles have gone?” I asked. “I don’t know but that didn’t matter because we help him pack and Hermione brought ‘Are you aright?’ question and Harry got quickly annoyed. They argued a bit and Harry told her something very terrible,” “She got no life,” I helped Rich with the minor details, the only thing that Harry told me. “What?!” Gin too was shocked and bewildered. “That wasn’t the best part, after he insulted her, she slapped smack dab on his right cheek,” Gin and I have our mouth opened, this was very shocking indeed. “You could hear the sound of the slap from another room.” “What happen after that?” Gin asked first, she was just as curious as me. “Of course the usual hand marked on his face and confusion surged through him, Hermione looked mad and she turned to pity mode again and out of the blue,” Rich was making this a real suspense. “Harry said her slap did not hurt,” Gin got a shock of her lifetime and stared at rich like a Rich was famous. I gaped and thought of the situation in my mind; no doubt Hermione would be infuriating with Harry. “This would be hard to capitalize a plan,” I said softly. I turned my attention to Rich, “Do you want to do it?” “Of course it’s a challenge,” he said determinedly. “Gin?” I asked and she nodded rather hesitant but I know Gin would be a great help. “Alright, if we going to do this right, we have to wait for a right situation and counter it, Harry is ready to apologize to Hermione, so we have to convince her to cool down,” I suggested and Gin and Rich agreed. “But after they say apologizes, they would be an aftermath,” Rich said silkily. “That we have to see, I’m sure Harry and Hermione would not want to continue their bickering; besides both of them get along with each other pretty well,” said Gin. “That if Hermione don’t bring the same question again,” ^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* -Rich’s P.O.V- Finally, I knew my cousin was boring you people to death. Anyway, I wanted something else from my cousins. I wanted this to continue, Harry and Hermione must continue their argument for my entertainment. I have a few bit of a plan that will mislead my cousins. All I have to do was to bring up some subjects that will tick both Harry and Hermione. Let’s fast forward to dinner time, we were called to the dinner table by Aunt. Unc, Aunt, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Gin and I were present at the table. Surprisingly, Charlie was there too for the holidays. He came just before dinner time. There were meatloaf, breads, mash potatoes and salads and am I hungry. Harry and Hermione did not look at each other and just kept staring at their plates. Ron and Gin were uncomfortable with their friends’ attitude. Even Unc and Aunt felt displeased with the quiet atmosphere surrounding the table. Charlie in contrast, was puzzled. What do you expect from a guy who just came back from Dragon’s lair and caught in a battle of Dragon’s Tongue? Aunt could not take it so she brought up a topic, Charlie’s life… perfect. “So um… Charlie dear, have you met any nice girl lately?” Aunt asked directly, Charlie swallowed the meat hard. Everyone turned their heads towards him. Charlie was nervous to answer. “I don’t think that’s my business mum,” he said, Aunt was scowling at him. Charlie looked a tad bit scared and looked at me, Gin and Ron for help. He wanted help, let us gave the help he needed. I looked at Ron and Gin with a sly grin, and they responded back with their own grins. I turned back to Charlie. “So you do have a girl,” I blurted, Unc spat some water out of his mouth. Charlie looked crossly at me. Harry and Hermione, who were busy gazing at their plates, examined the situation. “You do have a woman in your life, why didn’t you tell us,” said Aunt delightedly, Charlie faced her mother with anxious looks and then turned surrendering. “Urgh… her name is Stellar,” he answered in a soft tone. “Who?!” Everyone in the table asked except Harry and Hermione of course. “Her name is Stellar, I met her in a Wizarding circus, she’s a Dragon Tamer so I met her and sparks sort of fly,” said Charlie sheepishly. Love blooms finally for our Charlie the dark skinned man. “Well isn’t that nice, our Charlie has found his someone, when is the wedding,” said Aunt, jumping to ahead of everyone. “Mum!” Charlie hissed sheepishly. Unc, Ron and Gin sniggered but got an instant glare from Aunt. That ought to shut them up, now for the moment of truth. “It’s always good to be honest and opened to each other,” said Aunt, yes that’s the spark to set things off, Ron and Gin going to have a surprise that they didn’t expect. “If someone was being like that years ago,” said Hermione loudly out of no where, everyone looked at her puzzled except Harry who gave her a cold look. Ron and Gin dropped their spoons showing how much they were in shock. “What do you mean by someone was being like that?” Aunt asked curiously, everyone lend their ears to listen what she would say. This was going to be great. “Someone who I dunno… who always keep to himself and hide from everyone, whining and moping and crying in the dark like a little useless girl,” she said looking coldly at Harry while eating the mashed potatoes. She’s great. “Hermione!” Gin sounded, she was bewildered and worried, so did Ron who was in denial. Harry was giving up, he put down the spoon. “I’m tired, I’m going to sleep,” he said, and stood up form the chair. “Harry dear, we haven’t eat the pies, please stay for awhile,” pleaded Aunt, she was aggravated. Her face was frowning, Unc couldn’t do anything, talk about man of the house. “It’s okay, you could save it for me, good night,” said Harry in a sad tone and went straight upstairs, disappearing from everyone’s sight. Hermione cold look melted into a guilty face. Ron and Gin looked at her with look-what-have-you-done looks. She put down her spoon and went up to find Harry. Everyone looked worried for the two young teenagers except Charlie who was in total embarrassment. We continued eating quietly them it came, the shouting voices from upstairs. No doubt they belonged to Harry and Hermione. “They’re at it again,” I said gloomily, hiding my satisfaction. Ron and Gin buried their faces in their hands, showing disappointment towards their friends. Aunt couldn’t take it so she went upstairs but she was halted by Unc. “BANG! BANG!” two doors were slammed and that’s the end of my first plan. Aunt sat back at the table and turned glum, feeling terrible for not trying to help. Everyone was in a glum mood, everyone except me, the happy one. Let me took you all back five minutes ago where Hermione went upstairs; she went straight into Ron’s room where Harry was. She saw Harry sitting on the bed, looking down on the floor. She felt a pang of guilt for saying the terrible things to him but couldn’t let go of the fact that it was still his fault. “I’m sorry,” she began. “I’m sorry too,” he replied back but still not looking at her. “For what... It’s my fault I said such terrible things,” she said vaguely. “No it’s mine…. For being such a jerk when you just a caring person,” he said also vaguely. “Aw! You don’t have to say that,” she was feeling mushy. “You should have listened to me in the first place; I know I’m always right.” By now, Harry looked straight at her crossly. “Since when you became such snobbish girl?” he asked. Hermione looked puzzled and realised he was misinterpreting her words or so she thought. “I do not, you just being obnoxious to what I’m saying,” her voice was getting loudly. Harry stood up and gave him an angry glare that would equal her death glare. “Well your nags and brags are kind of boring and annoying and you’re one too,” he said, not good Harry, bring something powerful to hurt her. “Oh that’s just cheesy, four eyes like you can’t even think of words, me I’m smart,” she said snobbishly. “Well no wonder, brainy, big headed and large… forehead,” he said nonchalantly, she gaped and closed her forehead with her hands. “I don’t have a large forehead!” she shouted. “Then why are you closing it!” he yelled. “Well you’re just being tactless, girls swoon on you and what do you do, cowering behind me, pathetic,” “And you’re a hopeless girl who needed help all the time from yours truly,” Her face was in disgust with mouth opened widely. “You weren’t alive if I don’t help you.” “Help…. You better help yourself with your own hair; it’s bushy all over like a ghost was scaring you every morning,” With that she left the room with Harry not finishing his words. “You have that tousled hair, people would be mistaken you for having an affair with the teachers,” she said shrilly. “Yours could make a nest for birds,” he said and she turned around with mouth dropped widely, unbelieving of how her friend just mocked her coldly. Harry was at Ron’s door and Hermione’s was at Ginny door. She gritted her teeth and was thinking of something to say. “What… am I right about your hair?” he said with a smirk. “You’re a scrawny miserable moping whiney flobberworm,” she mocked in a slow angry tone. “Well you’re a snobbish busybody helpless thin as a stick kneazle,” he mocked back in the same tone. “Just go to sleep you prick,” she yelled and slammed the door. “Fine!” he shouted and slammed the door. And that’s their voices of arguments, I liked it. After we finished dinner Ron went to talk to Harry while Gin talked to Hermione. Harry was angry and slept already, Hermione was crying shrilly, Gin had a hard time calming her. Ron too couldn’t do anything to her. She cried alone for her and Harry. *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ That night it happened again, due to not eating much during dinner, Harry went down to the kitchen. Unexpectedly, he bumped into me, eating a pie. “Hey,” I greeted, taking a chunk out of the round pie. “Hey,” he replied in a soft voice, feeling surprised to see me.. “Want some pie?” I offered, he nodded and took a seat opposite of me. I gave him a plate and he took a knife to cut the pie. We ate quietly; he was sulking or grumbling, I can’t read his face expression. “Why aren’t you sleeping?” he asked, breaking the awkward silence surrounding us. “I always sleep late, back in France, even though I should be sleeping right now according to their time, but I couldn’t,” I explained. “Why is that?” he asked, his sulking face turned into a curious glance. “Danger always on the lookout, all young wizards are not safe right now with Deatheaters and the Haters,” I answered calmly. “Haters,” “People who hated special powers,” “There such a group in France?” “Yup, it’s hard to believe but it’s true,” I said feeling loathing. “You have special powers since you’re the Boy-Who-Lived, don’t you?” He shook his head fervently, “Nah, If you count someone who can talk to snakes as a special power, obtained from a sacrifice of someone important…. maybe.” He has thrown a sarcastic sentence. “So you don’t have one, do you?” “No,” he said straight-forwardly. Then we heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen. It was a slow step, according to the sound of footsteps. Who ever it was, the person wouldn’t want to awake the whole Burrow. Then the person entered and I wasn’t too surprise… Hermione. “Harry,” she called, but she didn’t respond to her and kept eating the delicious pie. “Why don’t you join us?” I offered. “No thanks… I need to speak to Harry, please,” she said in a pleading soft voice. Surprisingly, Harry stood up leaving the half eaten pie behind and walked into the leaving room. Hermione followed him. Eager to listen to their conversation, I took another piece of pie and followed them. Hiding myself completely from the threshold of the living room, they didn’t notice me “Harry, I’m sorry,” “You what?” he still couldn’t put aside his anger. “I couldn’t take it anymore from you, you’re letters are boring and annoying, I stayed at the Dursleys bored like hell and Ron’s were the only ones that brighten my life, his life is full of adventure, I even imagine myself being him for a day, with all the Weasleys and the….” Before he could say somewhere between family and loving, she closed his mouth with her lips on his. Hermione was kissing Boy Wonder out of nowhere. First kiss or not I’m not sure but snogging an angry boy was a bad idea. I took this time, washing the now empty plate that I have used to eat pie. Then I stood on the stairs which was near the living room and expected something terrible. After a few minutes… nothing. I gave up, they made up with each other in a tacky way. Well, goodnight you all. “We can’t do this Hermione,” Harry pushed away Hermione from their kissing. Yes, something good was about to happen. Yours truly has stood back on his position hiding by the stairs. “Why not,” she asked angrily. Her eyes were piercing him for answers. Harry paced around and stopped. He looked at her with a glare that could kill a boar. “You know why? You hurt me,” he whispered coldly, he didn’t want to wake my cousins up so he whispered. “It’s your own fault too,” she whispered dryly. “Besides I said SOOORRYY.” Their whispers were audible considering the soft monotone voice. “Sorry doesn’t count it, you just hurting me and wince when it was my fault,” he whispered and sounded more coldly. “I don’t know, you didn’t take Occlumency, you didn’t listen to me, the reasonable one of them all, and we gone to the Ministry without telling or the help of someone from the Order.” “Like you have things to say to me, nosy girl and what’s that all suppose to mean? Is it my fault that we fight? I think you’re annoying letters are the cause,” “You asked for me to write to you, mopey,” “You don’t have to write every single day of your worthless life,” he whispered angrily, now their whispers could be heard from the kitchen. She was angry, but her eyes were dry. She should have cried but she was still strong. “Just because you have a famous life and I don’t, doesn’t mean you can slur my love for books and knowledge, you bloke head,” she whispered angrier than him. “Sirius died because of you.” He looked wide-eyed at her, feeling incredulous that Hermione just blamed him. He kept his composure and narrowed his eyebrows at her. Breathing hard every second and thinking of a certain conclusion. “That’s it,” he said in his normal voice, no more whispering. “From now on, we’re no longer friends or best of friends, I’m just Harry Potter to you and you just Hermione Granger to me, got that,” he said offensively and directly. She gasped and turned silent, staring unbelieving at him. She clapped her mouth with her hands. Her eyes were in tears and she ran upstairs, bumping me in the shoulder. His face fell down, unsure of what he did. One thing, he regretted doing it with her. Kissing her and then broke her heart. Another thing for sure, both of them were at fault. We have to wait till next morning to see the aftermath. Am I keeping this from Ron and Gin, hell yeah. Harry saw me though and walked away into the kitchen. That’s about it, I’m all tired, I better go to bed. Tomorrow would be a great day. ~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~` I’m deeply regretted to make Harry fight with Hermione but hey, we don’t have enough Harry fights Hermione fic. If there was, none of them were a complete fic. Next chap:- The twins returned and Rich went fishing with Charlie (paybacks a b***h) To all you authors, keep on writing. I like more parodies on H/Hr. To many R/Hr game show parodies…. sickening, I say.

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