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Love With Loss
A Fresh Summer


The Hogwarts Express pulled away from the Hogsmead station with a very torn Lily. James held her hand tightly from the moment she came down from the girls dormitory and refused to let go. When she saw Severus waking alone down the hallway looking for a compartment to sit in she attempted to break away to go with him, but James shook his head and pulled her closer to himself.

"James," Lily whined.

"What?" He let go of her hand and wrapped his arm around her. "He gets you for three months. Can't I have three hours?" When Lily still looked conflicted he reached over and began nibbling on her ear. "I'm going to miss you," he whispered.

Lily smiled and turned her head towards him. "I'm going to miss you too."

They looked into each other's eyes smiling. Lily's eyes sparkled like an emerald while James's winked with happiness.

"Oh come on! You've gone the past six years without her! Three months isn't going to kill you," Sirius piped up.

He and the other Marauders sat in the compartment watching the sickening scene before them. Never in their lives did they expect to see James with Lily! Let alone see the both of them so love struck by each other!

"Lily I am very disappointed," Remus said, "I expected you to break James of this romantic, gushy stuff, but you're promoting it!"

"I'm sorry?" Lily tried.

Everyone except Peter laughed at her obvious lie. Peter was always so sure that he would never get Lily. It was the only thing that proved to him that his life wasn't perfect! But here they were, cuddling away and as happy two love birds.

"Can we play a game now?" he complained. "I didn't buy a new set of Wizard's Chest for nothing."

"Alright then, Petey," Sirius laughed, "Lets see what you've got!"

And so the games began letting James and Lily talk about what they expected they would do during the holiday. Lily was careful not to use Severus's name more than she had to. Not only did Sirius insist on throwing in a comment every time it was said, but it always made James's jaw tighten.

An announcement rang through the train saying they were only a half hour away from King's Cross. At this James tugged Lily outside into the hallway saying he wanted just a moment alone.

"Will you promise me something?"

"James, you're overreacting to this," Lily whispered.

"Just listen," James stopped her, "If any of those guys come, Malfoy, Lestrange, even Sirius's little brother, get away. Just stop hanging out with Snape."

"He wouldn't let them do anything to me," Lily snapped, "And even if they did come around I'm smart enough to know not to hang out with them." Lily crossed her arms and glared up at James. "Do you think I'm that daft?"

"No! Of course not!" James said quickly. He let out a sigh and dropped his head letting it rest against Lily's. "I'm sorry. I'm just worried." Lily still didn't let down her guard. "I don't want to leave with us fighting."

"Well then maybe you should think more before you say something so demeaning to my intelligence," Lily snapped.

"Lily," James said softly. He lifted his head and moved in front of her wrapping his arms around her waist. "Lils," he started to whine.

Lily's arms dropped and she looked up to James.

"I'm sorry," James said. He reached down and kissed her right cheek. "Very sorry." He kissed her left cheek. "Forgive me!" he said loudly. Lily laughed putting a finger to her lips. He buried his face into her neck making his stubble tickle.

"James!" Lily laughed.

"Please, please! Give me another chance!" he yelled.

Other students began poking their heads out of their compartments to see what was going on. Lily was trying her hardest to push James away, but his body was like a rock. A rock that liked to tickle that is.

"Stop it!" Lily's voice rang with laughter.

Severus poked his head out of his own compartment to see what the commotion was all about. Girls giggled enviously while boys nodded in approval. He walked further down the hall to get a view and stopped in his tracks when he caught sight of red hair mixing in with raven black.

James had her up against the wall as he tickled her mercilessly. In an attempt to get him to stop Lily enticed him into a kiss. His hands that had been working to hard to keep tickling her turned soft and carefully stroked up and down her sides now.

Cat whistles filled the air making the pair split apart. Lily blushed not realizing they had a crowd, but James took it all in stride. He flashed a smile to the students before being pulled back into the compartment with the Marauders.

Severus scowled at the sight not believing Lily would really subject herself to such a public display. It was ridiculous that she was even with him. In fact, the sooner he got her away from him, the better.

The rest of the students slowly went back into their own compartments, but Severus stormed down the hallway. He could hear Lily screaming with laughter again and James's voice joking around with her. He stopped outside of the compartment and forced himself to take a calming breath before opening the door.

Sirius, Remus and Peter who had still been playing games of chess looked up with surprise. The three of them scowled with obvious dislike. Sirius and Remus had their hands on their wands ready for any signal of threat.

However, James and Lily were oblivious to the newcomer since they had resumed the tickling war.

"Lily," Severus said loud enough to hear over her screams.

The couple froze and finally looked to the door to see Severus standing there uncomfortably.

"Sev!" She pushed James off of her and straightened herself into a sitting position. "What're you doing here?" she asked.

"Good question," James muttered. He glared up at Severus not liking that he was interrupting his last few minutes with Lily.

"I thought I should find you now instead of on the platform so we can find your mum right away."

"Oh yes. That's a good point," Lily nodded, "James, can you grab my suit case down?"

"We still have ten more minutes though," James complained, "Can't you just agree on a place to meet when we get off?"

"Their timing is alway seven minutes early. We really only have three minutes left before we pull in," Severus said.

James looked at Lily in disbelief, but she nodded in agreement. "We tested it. The conductor is always seven minutes ahead of time."

"Interesting," Remus mumbled.

"Yeah it really is! We weren't sure at first, but we timed all of our trips from first year Christmas holiday to fourth year summer vacation," Lily said.

James sighed, but stood up nonetheless to grab Lily's suitcase from the racks.

"You are so much more nerdy than I had primarily thought, Evans," Sirius commented.

Lily laughed and gave a playful wink. "I can't help it!"

James put the bag on the ground and pulled her into a hug. Over her head he glared at Severus, but tried to be positive and kissed Lily on the top of her head. Lily pulled out of the hug and lightly kissed him on the lips.

"It'll be over before you know it," she promised.

She waved to the rest of the Marauders and picked up her suitcase by the handle. The train started to slow making her grab Severus's wrist to look at his watch.

"Right on time," she smiled. And with that she shut the compartment door following Severus to the nearest exit. "How was the train ride for you?" She had to yell because of the other students now rushing into the hallway.

He shrugged and then turned back to say, "Looked like you had fun on yours."

Lily's shoulders slumped at the comment. She knew how much he hated the two of them together. It especially made her guilt ridden since she practically rejected him for his worst enemy.

They stepped off the train and walked through the crowds of magical parents and through the barrier to where Lily's mum, Margaret, would be waiting for the two of them. At first they didn't spot her, but when Lily stood on her tip toes she spotted her small mum waiting patiently by a bench. SHe rushed forward in front of Severus and jumped at her mum for a hug.

"So how was your year you two!" Margaret asked.

Severus gave her a hug before trying to answer, "It was..." he faltered.

"Interesting to say the very least." Lily finished for him.

They walked through the station and into the parking lot, Severus and Lily slightly behind her. Neither of them said anything to start a conversation, but they still stayed together. Even getting into the car, Lily opted to sit in the back with her friend.

Lily could see the suspicion in her mum's eyes wondering why they were being so uncharacteristically quiet, so she brought up a conversation she knew Severus wouldn't be able to resist.

"Did you see the look on Eileen Lee's face when all of the owls began chasing her two weeks ago?" Severus stayed still in his seat, but nodded his head starting to laugh. "Well, let me just say how good it was that her knowledge of all of the broomstick cupboards in the castle finally came in use." Lily said with a wink.

"Lily!" Margaret gasped.

"Sorry, mum, but it is true. You should just see the girl!"


"It's true, Mrs. Evans...maybe that's why she's in Hufflepuff." he said in an undertone that made Lily snicker.

"And what would her place in Hufflepuff have to do with that?"

"Well...they're just so... friendly."

Lily burst out laughing throwing her beautiful head of red hair back.

Mrs. Evans simply gasped again and shook her head.

Severus could only watch Lily while he could before she stopped laughing that beautiful sound. Her eyes were glistening with a smile and her hair looked like it flowed to its own accord. It curved around her soft face and landed on her round shoulders like-


Severus jumped out of his thoughts to see Lily staring right back at him. He felt so out of control of his mind.

'SAY SOMETHING!' he yelled at himself.

"Did you see that?" he asked calmly, contrary to his thoughts.

"What?" Lily asked turning to look out the window.

"I thought those mountains looked like the ones from out History of Magic book where the giants live."

"Really now Sev, you should know better than that. Those mountains are in Netherlands!" Severus silently thanked Lily's constant will to know answers.

"Oh." he quietly said. Lily took another look at Severus and was about to ask him something else when Mrs. Evans seemed to have realized what shocking information they had just revealed.

"Giants? In Netherlands!?"

Lily laughed, "Yes, mum. And no you cannot go to see them."

Margaret smiled with a shrug, "It was worth a thought."

They pulled onto their street and Margaret dropped off the sad looking Severus at his home. He looked up at it and sighed. Merlin only knew how much he hated this place...

"Hey Sev!" Lily popped herself out of the car window, "When you're all done with unpacking come over for some dinner, yeah?"

"Eh..." he hesitated.

"Petunia's not home." she whispered so her mum wouldn't hear.

"Alright then," he laughed.

"Brilliant! See you then!"

He watched them drive away and relunctantly went up to the door of his house. Even with just his hand on door knob he could hear his dad yelling.


The Potter Mansion

"Mum! Dad! We're home!" James exclaimed at the entrance of his home.

Sirius looked around and smiled happily. His eyes lit up when he saw the big red squishy couch in front of the fireplace. Without a second thought, he tackled James onto it screaming "GERONAMOOOO!"

The boys laughed wrestling each other onto the floor. The power struggle went back and forth, but eventually Sirius had James in a head lock.

"You damn dog! Get off!" James laughed.

"Admit it!"

"Admit what?!"

"Beaters are better than Chasers."

"What?! No way!"

James struggled more trying to get out of the position when his savior entered the room.

"Why 'ello boys! Already creating chaos in my house?" Her chocolate brown eyes were filled with amusement as she watched them still playing like they were 8 years old.

"Mrs. P!" Sirius yelled automatically jumping off of James. He engulfed her in a hug, lifting her off the ground easily with his 6'3'' stance.

She laughed and patted him on the back before turning to her son. "Great to see you, mum." James said with a smile.

"You too, Jamie." He gave her a hug just a big as Sirius', however minus the bone crushing experience.

"You boys ready for your last summer of childhood?"

Sirius' face fell.

"Come on now, mum! You can't put it like that! Just look at the state it puts Sirius in!"

"You'll both need to accept the truth before it gets too late!"

"Yeah, but Mrs. P, we're the Marauders. The way we live doesn't have room for things like 'growing up,'" Sirius explained.

She just shook her light brown hair, and walked away. Half way down the hall she turned and yelled, "Dinner is at 6!"

"Ok-aaggh!" Sirius yelled being pounced on by James. Within seconds he was now the one in head lock. "If you want me to say what I think you want me to say, I'm not going to say it."

"Say it!" James threatened tightening his hold.

"Agh! Fine! James Potter" he gulped, "sexier than me! Now get off!" James fell to the side laughing hysterically. "Don't get too excited, mate. I'm so sexy that women don't ditch me for blokes like Snivellus."

James stopped laughing and glared murderously at Sirius. Sirius was snickering at the look, but immediately ran for the door. "it doesn't matter where you hide, Black! I'll find you!"
Author's Note: Edited 02/10...and much better and longer than the first time! haha!

Diclaimer: Nope. Don't own none, zilch, zero of it.

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