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Mr and Ms Potter arrived home around two in the afternoon the next days, Peter had left the previous night so it was only Sirius, James and Remus left to clean up the mega mess. Thank merlin for wands. The girls hadn't left there room for breakfast, lunch or dinner, after dinner Amelia Potter went upstairs to give them the jewelery her and her husband had bought them on there trip. She entered Billies room to find it empty, closing the door behind her she went on to the next room, Lily's but the girls weren't there either. Confused she checked the library and the pool but neither girls were there, going down to the kitchen she was about to ask the boys if they knew where they were when Edward walked in.

" James wheres the SUV ? " He asked his son who paled wondering if someone had tooken in last night during the party.

"That odd " Amelia said " The girls are gone to, maybe they went shopping .."  she suggested but was doubting it, she didn't think they'd be gone all day.  She turned to the boys and told them to finish up and get to bed.

"What if they don't come back ?" James asked looking solemn.

" If they aren't here in the morning your father will go out looking for them. " She kissed each boy on the cheek before sending them upstairs. All three boys walked up stairs, neither looking happy with all the same thought going through their minds. The girls won't be back, they left. Remus was about to enter his room when he was stopped by Sirius's voice a couple doors down.

" We all know they left" He said leaning against the wall, Remus turned around and stared at his friend while James simply stood infront of his closed door. Sirius slid down the wall, they knew the girls had left the night before and where ever they were it was far from there.

"They aren't going to be back... Atleast not until school starts, Lily wouldn't miss school " James said turning around, head bent looking at his feet.

" I know where they are " Remus said suddenly, it had hit him like a rock. The only place Billie would go, the place she felt safe and with lily wouldn't hesistate. " home" All three boys rushed into there rooms packing all there belongings into there hogwarts trunks. When they were all done they packed there things in the back of James car and got in, James came out not long after with the keys, he had written his parents a note telling them they were going to get the girls and would be home before hogwarts started.  They drove off, out of london, england , on there way to Remus's home town in Canada with his directions.


Lily and I had stopped the SUV on the side of the road, after paying for the boat ride we had been stuck in the car, two days of diving was tiering us out. We decided to stop and stretch out legs. I pulled on a sweater and locked the car doors before running up to Lily who was making her way over to a lake that wasn't far off the watch the sun set. Smirking i picked up my speed and jumped on her back making her collapse under my suprise weight.

" Ah! Billie you horse " We giggled as we stood up and brushed ourselves off. Walking i grabbed Lily's hand with a large smile on my face i stopped her. " What is it Billie ? "

"Thank you Lils, for coming with me... " she shruged with a smile. " You know your like the only actual friend i've ever had. One that isn't bakcstabbing or a whore. Your my best friend Lils" Lily smiled and pulled me into a big hug. Giggling we let go of each other and raced to the lake where we splashed each other until the sun was down. For the rest of the night we slept on the hood of the car after watching the shooting stars.From then on we kept driving, past meadows, field, lakes, cities and small towns until we arrived back home, the place i thought i'd never be able to return to and didn't think i'd want to.

" Lily, welcome to White Rock BC. Famed for its natural beauty. " We giggled as we entered my home town. We passed through the city, which we became giddy with excitement once seeing the shops, but once we got to the forest side of white rock it was unbelievable. Even after living here my whole like the country side still took my breath away and i could tell it took Lily's as well.  We stopped at a gas station on the way to my old home, i stepped out to fill the tank as Lily went in to pay and get us some drinks, as i was leaning against the car i heard a gasp from beside me.

Turning i spotted a blonde haired girl running toward me.

"Billie? Is that you ?" She hugged me and i silently wondered if it turned out it wasn't me, how she'd be embarassed.  "Oh.. My...God! What did you do to your hair - are you wearing contacts - oh my have you lost weight. " I wanted to hit her but i restrained myself.

"Brit, how are you? Err, yes i died my hair and got contacts - "

"I'm good" she said cutting me off, it took all my will not to hit her. " Oh my! I heard about your parents - so sad, like who would think someone from the city would rob us country folk. " I averted my eyes from her own, Lily was at the cash register talking up the girl behind the counter.  "Where are you staying now?"

"In Britain with Remus - "

"Remster - i totally miss him - "  trying to stay calm i cut her off.

"Well i got to go, me and my friend are going to pick up some stuff from the old place. " I could tell she was about to talk but i closed the tank and got in just as Lily did.  Turning on the engine i drove out quickly. I was angry at Britany's rudeness and at her simply and i was terrified of being back.

"Who was that ? "

"A bimbo" She nodded with a silent snort and we continued on our way.

We had been driving for no more than an hour when we arrived in front of a large white house, i parked in the driveway and we got out.Lily wasn't far behind me as i picked up the extra key from its hidding place under the faux rock and unlocked the door. Inside had been kept just like it had been when  i had left. Broken wook nad mirrors layed across the floor from the fight that had broken loose. It was like looking into a story of hell and death. The memory his me like a brick. Lily stayed by the doors as i explored the house. I picked up a picture frame from the ground and looked at the picture, tears threatening to spill. It was of me and my father, my mother had taken the picture while Remus was off at school,i was swing on a swing in our back yard and my father was behind me pushing.

I took a shuddered breath and walked up the winding stair case the the second floor where all our rooms were situated. Hurrying to my own room i collected things i hadn't been aloud to bring, packing them in a army bag i kept in my closet i left the room. I passed Remus's room which was rather plain and the bathroom, stopping at the last door. My parents room.Walking in i didn't let my eyes wander, i glided over to the closet and thrusted it open wanting to get out of their quickly. I took a deep breath and stood on my tippy toes as i reached for a small box at the top of the closet. I shreiked as boxes came tumbling down on me. Gaining my composure i picked up the box and ran from the room, only stoping when i reach Lily, who was still standing in the doorway.

" Have you got everything?" She asked quietly as if the house we stood in was a sanctuary and it was forbidden to talk louder than a whisper. I nodded and we left the house closing and locking the door behind us. Instead of replacing the key i stuck it in a small pocket in my bag which i threw in the pack of the car to accompany our trunks.

"Theirs this amasing diner in town, it had the most delicious food. " Lily nodded, agreeing that they needed something to eat.

They had been driving for twenty minutes, in know time would they arrive in town and be able to eat the amasing food Billie had told Lily about. Billie rubbed her eyes with her free hand before grasping the wheel once more, her eyes were becoming blurry and her head hurt, as if someone had hit her with a bludger. A wave of nausea hit her as she shook violently. Lily sent her a worried glance.

"Billie - " She didn't have time to asked concerned questions for the car swuved, Billie had fainted. Lily reached over to grab the wheel but it was to late, the car spun and flew off the road and into a tree.


"She's not here " Remus said getting back in the driver seat.

"Well where else could they be?" James asked, he had quickly become worried for the girls and was overly annoying his two friends in the front.

"In town, maybe they went there to get a place to sleep or some food. " Sirius huffed, he hadn't said a word all trip and was simply staring out the window. Remus sent him a glance before driving away from his home and toward town. They hadn't been driving for long when Sirius gasped.

"Remus- " He was pointing toward the feilds where there was James SUV, smashed against a tree. James let out a shreik as they stopped. They all go out of the car, for a moment they thought their friend was cursing over his car but once they fallowed his line of vision they spotted a red haired girl leaning over another. They quickly ran towards the girls.

"Lily!" James called. She turned around immediatly, he brow wet with blood, as well as her lip.

"What happened, Lily what happened ?" Remus asked kneeling beside his sister.

"I don't know, we were driving and she started shaking, she passed out and we crashed. Oh my god, is she going to be alright." Tears came down her face furiously and James grabbed a hold of her allowing her to cry in his arms. Sirius stood back, staring at the scene infront of him.

"I got to get Ace" Remus said and before anyone could say anything he apparated back to england.

Sirius was shaking, his eyes blurred but he willed himself  not to cry. What for, it was only Bilile. Billie. He sat down beside and rested a hand on her forhead, she was extremely hot, her white dress has spots of blood, she was injured. There was a loud pop, Sirius looked up along with James and Lily. Ace stood paniced with Remus by his side. Lily started exlpaining what happened, she was stuttering and whinning but Ace understood.

"Can't you give her those pills ?" Remus asked, Sirius sent him a questioning glance. what pills. Ace shook his head.

"Its to late, i'm not sure what we could do with her... We must go, get away from her -"

"You want us to leave her here!" Sirius yelled. "We aren't leaving her!"

"Why do we have to leave her ?" James asked, confused and worried.

" She's sick -

"Then we shouldn't have to leave her, Remus?" Sirius pleaded.

"Its a different sickness - not like being a were wolf " Ace said sending a glance toward Remus. " Your born with it - "

"But-t-t-.. "

"She's a Lilith Sirius. " Remus said and Lily gasped. She knew what it was.

"What , whats a Lilith?" He asked.

"Like werewolves and vampires they are known as beasts. Born with it though, only females and its only in one bloodline.That we no of... Billie is filled with amazing magic that differs on her emotions and mood. She's very powerful. I heard a story about a lilith who , on her wedding day cured a whole village of disease and sickness. It works both ways, with happiness and distraught. Billie here is clearly unhappy. " Ace took a deep breath. " She could kill us all, as well as everyone in town and maybe further." Sirius stared dumbfounded.

"Will she - " Ace nodded, he couldn't allow her to die. " We've got to do something , now!"

" Cameron and i, had an idea, but its risky it might not work- "

"Anything!" Sirius said, Remus nodded.

"Anything" He pleaded to Ace, wanted to save his sister.

"Memories - if we could somehow remind her of happy memories than maybe it could be reversed. " The four teenagers nodded. Lily pushed James away and crawled over to Billie.

"Billie, don't die. I love you. Your my best friend. Remember the Potters party, how much fun we had, or when we fell a sleep by the pool. We only knew each other a short time but - i feel as if we're like sisters. Please." Looking at Ace, he nodded and Lily backed away. Taking a shaky breath James leaned forward.

" Billie, we've never really hung out or talked much. Really only when you first arrived, i knew something was different about you but i didn't care, you were different and amazing and somehow with one look brought happiness into all our hearts. Don't take it away. "

Remus walked over to his sisters motionless body, he moved her hair out of her face. What would he remind her of, her parents? Would she quickly think of the bad  time instead of the good. Looking at his sisters face he sighed, she had changed so much and it hurt her each time she looked in the mirror, remembered the day she saw their parents die.

"Billie, it me , Remus. You- you can't go okay. You - You've got to stay, to be strong for both of us. You were always strong... I don't blame you - i pinky promise.You got to get through this , we're all here for you. Just break your shell, become a butterfly. It what mom and dad would have wanted. Oh, how much they loved you, dad especially. Billie, remember... You are always and will always be his little princess." Tears were streaming down the boys face as he stared at his sister, her cheeks were red and tears of her own were coming out.

"I think its working " Ace said, he seemed over joyed. Maybe for not going to die or for having a breakthrough. Everyone turned to Sirius, he was expected to say something but what could he when all they did was fight, they didn't have a memory to relive, to be happy about. Maybe she doesn't need a memory, he thought. He swallowed the lump in his chest, tears finally making their way down his cheeks he bent over until his lips were an inch from her ear. He whispered something, not known to his friends nor Ace, when done he lifted his head but stopped to peck her cheek.

"Whats happening?" Lily asked as Billie started to glow, before anyone had the chance to answer she started levitating in the air and with no time a blinding light spread across the feild, the town and British colombia. The old felt young again, the new came out healthy, the sick and dying suddenly became well, it was a miracle. Billie was a miracle.

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