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Chapter image once again by me!!!

I can not believe I’m about to say this, but here it goes.

I’m concerned, I’m concerned about Oliver Wood.






Yeah, yeah, if you tell someone I’ll come after you and kick you where it hurts. And don’t you think might get off easy because you might be a girl.

I kick hard.

Ask Wood.

..... or don’t.

Because according to George, Oliver is ‘carrying a torch’ for me. George is such an idiot, there are obviously no torches involved.

“Wood are you carrying any torches for anyone?”

He immediately stopped his frantic pacing, “What?”

See, that’s why I’m slightly worried. Ever since he dragged me out of the joke shop, he’s been pacing. PACING! As in moving swiftly back and forth in a very quick manner.

I’m kind of annoyed-

“Do you have a medieval form of lighting equipment on you or not,” I replied impatiently.

-and a bit cold. We had to have this big confrontation in the middle of the effing rain.

How melodramatic.

“Umm, no I don’t”, Oliver replied puzzled, rain dripping down his extraordinary hideous, disgusting face.

Huh! I wish. He looks... tolerable wet and I look like some deranged raccoon with what I’m pretty sure is a pimple forming on my cheek.

Yeah for hormones and running mascara!

“So you’re absolutely sure you don’t have a torch for anyone?”, I asked narrowing my eyes which only caused my flowing mascara to well.... flow rite into my left eye.

Stupid Ruthie, only you would wear your sparkly pink eye shadow in the middle of a bloody storm. Why did I even wear make-up again? Oh yeah, Jasper Ames was dropping me off.

Hehe, dreamy.

Wait... I’m not going through all that again. I’m taking a break from men. No more obsessively following them, thinking about obsessively following them, or hiding under under the bleachers watching them at practice with their shirts off after I obsessively follow them.


So does it count if I gape at Wood’s chiseled chest as the rain/snow or whatever the hell I’m drenched in makes his white shirt see through?

Why is he only wearing a shirt t-shirt any ways, we’re in the middle of December! Has he gone completely bonkers- white in the rain! I mean does he want my eyes to fall completely out of my head. Let’s get one thing straight: I’m an innocent teenage girl all whacked up on hormones with a good-looking guy (ewww) who I find slightly attractive... wet.

Don’t judge me, you would be gaping too.

If you don’t tell anyone, I won’t!

“Ruthie?”, he asked concerned as my left eye twitched.

Why is my eye twitching again? Oh yeah, mascara in the pupil. Pain, sweet horrible pain. Ack! I’m blinded! I held up my hand as I blinked my left eye over and over until the stinging dulled. I felt a hand placed on my shoulder and I looked up with my left eye closed to see Wood looking all worried.

Why is he worried! I’m WORRIED!

He has been acting all out of sorts, not me! So you know what I just realized he hasn’t said ‘lass’ to me since I’ve gotten here! What’s up with that! He lusts after the word ‘lass’ and used to say it all the time. It used to drive me insane! Now what!? No lassing is occurring, the lack of lass is appalling.

“No torches?”

Oliver shook his head frowning in confusion.

Ha- HA! See I was right George!! Wood isn’t carrying a torch for me or anyone for that matter so... take THAT!

“Why did you want to know if I had a torch?”, Oliver asked with an eyebrow raised.


“Do you have a problem with torches?”


“-Well then that’s your answer,” I replied with a snap of my fingers, only I couldn’t snap so I clapped my hands together loudly instead.

Wood just gave me a look.

Oh yeah, what you just saw right there, just happened. He sighed quietly before running his hands through his wet hair causing me to shiver in... delight?

Kinky Kris Kringle!

“Are you cold?”, he asked being apparently super-observant.

Well you know what Wood, I have a news flash for you. You suck at being observant because if you really were, you would realize:

A) It’s raining

B)  It’s snowing

C) It’s raining and snowing, at the SAME TIME!

D) I don’t know what ‘D’ is, but obviously if it’s raining and snowing in the middle of winter and we’re outside. So, YES! I’m COLD!

Judging by the look on his face, I think he got my message. He grabbed my hand and pulled me further down the deserted street towards what looked like a small cafe.

Humph! I am so sick of being manhandled by Wood. If he thinks I’m going to just let him tug me around like a child, he has another thing coming to him. I am an independent woman, gosh darn it! I am perfectly able to take care of myself.

The only reason I’m here right now is well.... wait why am I here?

Oh yeah, Katie.

I swear is that girl wasn’t my best friend, I would kill her.

Oliver hurried into the door, pulling me behind him. I heard him mumble a drying spell on both of us before he turned back around. He took a step forward, then suddenly his body froze and I knocked right into him.

“Hey what’s going on?”, I asked poking Oliver in the back.

I was so hidden behind his tall figure I couldn’t see a thing, but something was wrong. There was an eerie feeling about this place and it smelled of... fire whiskey? I stepped around his figure and looked up at Wood who’s face was shocked, his jaw completely dropped looking completely horrified.

What’s going on? Is Voldemort here or something?

I finally looked up to see-

Oh my God, you will never guess where I am right now.


I..-can’t.. speak....must, laugh.

So, I did and do you know what made it even funnier? Laughing at Oliver Wood’s expense.

“Come on, we’re leaving,” Oliver snapped grabbing me once more and pulling my laughing figure out the door.

Oh my Merlin, I think I’m crying. No, sobbing cheerfully.

“That wasn’t funny,” he growled out over my laughter.

I shook my head, trying to calm myself, “Sure it wasn’t”, but as soon as I said it, I went into another round of hysterics.

Oliver huffed like a child and stalked away from me going back towards the joke shop. The storm had finally stopped and only a few snowflakes were falling gracefully from the sky.

“Come on Oliver! No need to be a stick in the snow!”, I called out after him.

He just kept on walking.

“Awe, Wood it was funny!”

Urgh, bloody prat making me run after him and when I did, he just ignored me! Oh no, not the ignoring again.

“Oliver,” I said grabbing his hand causing him to look down at me, “I’m sorry.”

I pouted my lips and gave him the druggie-puppy dog eyes. His hazel eyes just looked at me, an almost tired expression on his face.

He sighed, “No you're not.”

Okay, I’m not.

“Well, yeah-”

He frowned.

“-but come on Oliver! You have to admit, it was a teensy-weensey bit funny!”

Oliver rolled his eyes at me, but he cracked a small smile.

I pointed to his smile with joy, “See you do think it’s funny!”

His grin immediately vanished, but his eyes were warm and his hand squeezed mine. Usually I would rip my body away from his if he so much as brushed against me, but his hand was so warm and he smelled too good and I felt dizzy and like I was going to barf... everywhere. So I decided not to move.

I looked up at him, “See you can’t be mad at me for too long.”

He frowned, “No, I can’t”

I beamed at him because I well... wanted too, but he said, “But I will be bloody furious with you if you tell anyone where we just were ok?”

I mock saluted him with a wide grin.

“I’m serious,” Oliver replied giving me a stern look.

“And I’m not?”, I asked shocked..

Wait, don’t answer that.

Oliver nudged me playfully and we walked together hand in hand back up the street. I know it’s weird. It’s freaking me out a bit as well. Suddenly I remembered something.


“Yeah,”he replied looking down at me a strange look in his eyes.

“What did you want to talk to me about earlier?”

He froze and dropped my hand.

* * * * * * *

*Oliver’s POV*

“Oliver?”, Ruthie asked with a look of hurt of her face.

Her hand hung uselessly at her side and mine itched to hold hers again.

“Nothing,” I replied quickly.

“Really,” she said dryly, “you were pacing in the middle of the rain about nothing.”

Damn, damn, damn! Why am I so stupid?! I told Jasper this was a bad idea!  But no, I got dating advice from a perverted playboy who’s been chasing around the same girl for years.


“Just tell her mate! Birds love grand gestures.”


“It won’t work on Ruthie though,” I  reasoned.

“It worked on Uma,” Jasper replied with a smirk.

“Didn’t she slap you?”, Randy asked.

Jasper frowned, “Well yeah, but she wanted more of the Jasper , I could tell. Just go to Ruthie, tell her you love her, and kiss her!”

“But what if-”

“-Come on grow a pair! Your Oliver Wood for Christ sakes!”

Okay, I’ll do it.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

“Yeah I am. I’m Oliver Wood!”, I shouted jumping off a sofa.

“Yes you are,” Randy replied jovially.

“I am!”

“Go get your girl!”

“I will!... Wait, where is she?”, I asked looking around for Ruthie.

“Oh I dropped her off in Diagon Alley,” Jasper replied with a shrug of the shoulders.

“You WHAT!”, I shouted.

“Ruthie wanted to go to some joke shop, so she asked me to take her-”

I groaned and sunk back down on the sofa.

“-and when I asked her why you couldn’t take her, she got all mad and told me to never repeat your name in front of her ever again. So good luck with the whole professing your undying love thing.”

Trust Jasper to be a complete idiot.

“Oliver, you never answered my question,” Ruthie said knocking me out of my daydream.

“Oh sorry, I wanted to tell you something, but it’s not important now,” I replied quietly.

Ruthie looked at me doubtfully, “If you say so.”

She looked disappointed. I wanted to tell her. God knows, I’ve wanted to tell her for years. It’s just not the right time. I needed something from her. A sign, a signal, anything that could give me the slightest hint that maybe she could feel the same way about me.

I’m too much of a coward to put my heart out there.

We stood there in silence for a moment, before I cleared my throat nervously. Ruthie looked up at me almost shyly.

Ruth is never shy, not at all.

“Are you hungry?”, she asked.

I nodded still bemused by what was going on.

“I know this great little Italian place down the road, ifyouwanttogo”, she replied blushing as she mumbled out the last part.

I had to contain my grin as I said, “Okay lead the way.”

She smiled to herself for a moment before grabbing my hand and leading me up the street once more.

Thank Merlin, a sign.

* * * * * * *

The Next Morning

“Oliver, Oliver! WOOD!”

I moaned sleepily and rolled over in bed hoping whoever it was to just go the hell away. But, I felt small hands grab my shoulders and shake them roughly.

“Get up you lazy bum!”, a voice shouted.

I paid no mind to it and swatted the hands away. Usually I’m a morning person, but after being with Ruthie all day yesterday, I’m dead tired.

Thank God, whoever was here obviously got the message and left-



Oh bloody hell that hurt. I opened my eyes to see I was laying on the floor still tangled up in the sheets with Ruthie leaning over the side of the bed giving me an innocent look.

Innocent my arse.

“Did you just push me off the bed?”, I growled standing up rubbing my bottom.

“Me!”, she replied with her eyes comically wide, “of course not!”

“Of course not”, I mumbled in a high pitched voice, which caused her to scowl at me.

I looked over to the clock and groaned, “Bloody hell, it’s five in the morning!”

“I know,” she replied simply with a smirk.

“You know,” I said dryly.

“I know.”

“Then if you knew,why did you wake me up! I have practice in an hour. I’ll be lucky if I don’t fall asleep on my broom,” I replied with a yawn.

“Here”, she replied thrusting a newspaper at me grinning.

Merlin, I’m kind of scared.

“What is it lass?”, I asked tiredly.

Her smile got even wider when I accidentally called her lass, which doesn’t make any sense because the last time I called her lass she....


I don’t even want to talk about it.

“Read”, she encouraged gesturing to the newspaper.

I rubbed my eyes and looked down at the paper.

‘Oliver Wood- Another Roger Davies?’
By: Rita Skeeter

    We all remember Roger Davies’ startling announcement of his homosexuality last month that left the Wizarding World shocked. Well my friends, apparently it isn’t over untill the fat lady sings. So Celestina Warbeck, take it away because do I have some juicy news for you! Yesterday, Puddlemere United’s very own Keeper was spotted entering ‘The Classy Cad’ a male strip club on the-

I dropped the newspaper in complete shock.

“You little-”, I stuttered out pointing an accusing finger at Ruthie who was in hysterics on the bed.

I went to grab her, but she was too quick jumping off the bed with a flourish sticking her tongue out at me.

“Come on Wood catch me if you can!”, she shouted running out of the room laughing the whole way.

I chased after her furious, but laughing as well.

In all honesty, what’s a guy to do when he’s in love?

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