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Things had changed a lot within the group of students since the week before. Everyone was trying to avoid one or more people, trying to avoid their secrets that had suddenly been revealed, no one wanted to face the truth. It was the last day of classes for the week and tomorrow would be the Halloween ball for the older students of Hogwarts. Some, like Ashley Kenney, couldn't wait for the ball but other, such as the marauders and the girls , were dreading the night, some of them weren't even sure if they wanted to go.

"How do you let a date down gently - oh wait! It doesn't matter i don't have one" Sirius half yelled as he walked into the Great hall during study period before lunch. He simply couldn't believe it, he was Sirius Black, sex god of Hogwarts, the most charming guy around and yet he didn't have a date.

"Weren't you gloating last week about how many girls had asked you ? " Remus asked taking a seat across from is loud friend. "There was Shelly Connelly , Mariah Thistle,  Erica Yuville and that Spanish girl from Defense. " Lifting his head from his book he smirked at the gray eyed boy.

"If you want to get technical.  I kind of said no to all of them and now they all have dates and i didn't want to go with them anyways ... " Surprised, Remus looked at his friend oddly.

"Are you telling me Sirius Black, the Sirius Black might actually like a girl ?" Sirius rolled his eyes and nodded swiftly.  "Who ? "

" I'm not telling you  - "

"Why not - "

"Shut up" Sirius said bringing their conversation to a close. Sighing Remus returned to his work but his head shot up once more when he heard Sirius call out Nicoles name, who had just walked into the Great hall.

" Uhm.. Hello Sirius, Remus. I was actually looking for Lily - Oh! It seems as if she isn't here. I'm going to go, cya!" before either boy could protest the small brunette ran out of the room.

"What was that all about? " Remus asked his friend who seemed rather annoyed. " You guys didn't - "

"No , Remus, you know i wouldn't..... " He trailed off looking down at the text book he had just taken out of his bag. 

" Whats up? "

" I just got to talk to her about something important... from class. " Remus nodded, allowing his eyes to waver over his friend for a couple of seconds before returning to his book.  The week had been pretty hectic , after the events with Skylar  everything had gotten weird and to add to the awkwardness they had been paired up for an assignment, it was rather hard to do an assignment with a partner who avoided you.  He still couldn't believe that Lily also knew about Skylars addiction and wondered when she was going to confront her friend about it .

"Sirius, i got to go find Lily. " Before a word could be said Remus had packed up and left the Great hall in search of the red headed Head girl.

He came upon the Heads dormitory in no time, last week after telling everyone that he was annoyed at them always coming into the Heads dorm uninvited , James had given everyone of them the password. Remus had become rather worried about his friends lately but with everything that was happening with Emma knowing about his transformation and with Skylars problem he hardly found the time to think of anything else.

" Wattle pod " The statue moved aside and he walked in, knocking on the back of the closed portrait hole to announce his entry.

" What are you doing mate ?" James asked form the couch , not even lifting his head from his Quidditch magazine to look at Remus.

"Sorry, didn't want invade .... "

"oh, please do!" Remus furrowed his brow and hurried up the staircase to Lily's room without a single word to James.  He knock twice before Lily, looking disheveled and simply in her undergarments, opened the door.

"James  leav- " The first thing that caught his eye was how her hair was a mess, knotted and sticking out in every direction as if she has had a rough night, the second thing was that she was only in her undergarments and the third thing was her arms.

"I - I’m sorry" Turning around he quickly went down the hallway, as he was making his way down the staircase into the heads common room he heard Lily calling his name from behind him. After the third time of asking him to stop, Remus obliged and stood awkwardly on a stair.  He couldn't believe that Lily, one of his best friends and one of the smartest people he knew, had starting hurting herself in such a way.  He didn't look up at her as she stopped at the top of the stair case, instead averted his eyes to the common room where James was approaching them.

"Lets go talk in your room Lily " Remus noticed that James hardly spared her a glance either.

Walking into Lily's room he noticed the sight of clothes everywhere, coming out of her wardrobe and dress and her bed was littered with dresses. 

"Trying to find a dress for the ball.. " Lily informed him dreading the conversation they were supposed to be having. She couldn't believe how hard it was to approach Remus and James after they both found out and thanked Merlin that it wasn't any of her best friend, she wouldn't be  able to bear it.

"Remus you can't say anything - "

" Excuse me, Lily you need help! This isn't normal - "

" Shut up Remus, i swear to God if you tell anyone then i wont hesitate to tell the whole school about someone’s furry little problem. " Turning away from the boy she grabbed her robe and pulled it on , suddenly feeling revealed.  She quickly
Cleaned up the clothes around her room , accept for those on her bed , before moving over to the wardrobe  to see if she had any dress that would hide her arms as well as to keep her busy while the boys silently watched her.

" Guess I’m not going to the ball....... " She was cut off by the bell. "Anyone for class ? "

When Nicole  walked into her DADA class it was mostly full, only a couple of extra seats left. Ignoring the Slytherin side she notice that the spots beside Ashley Kenney, Sirius Black and Frank Longbottom were empty, sighing happily she took a seat beside Frank.

"Mind if i sit? "

" Couldn't stop you if i tried " He chuckled and nodded.

"You never know, a pretty little brunette Gryffindor might like to sit with her boyfriend. " He didn't answer but instead resulted in clearing his throat and revising his homework. "Its all right, secrets safe with me. I just don't understand why you need to hide your relationship, she's a great girl.  I'm happy for you Franklin"  Frank sent her a playful glare.

The Professor walked in demanding silence, which was granted quickly after. His gray hair was long and stingy and he had a sparkle of mischief in his eyes as he looked down at his students.

"Seeing as its Halloween i thought it would be appropriate to learn about something... frightening. Can anyone guess what I’m talking about ?" Nicoles hand inched its way in the air. 

"Werewolves? " She didn't notice Lily or Emma’s apologetic glance towards Remus, or the sick look on Remus's face.

"No dear" The older man said, chuckling awkwardly.  "Anyone else.  ?" Lily lifted her hand. " Yes."

"  Bogart’s? “

"Yes , excellent Miss Evens, ten points to Gryffindor. " He smiled down at the class. " Stand up, today we will be working hands on. Fallow me !" The Professors enthusiastic behavior only made his students more anxious. They fallowed him through a portrait of a soldier with a rather exaggerated mustache.  The portrait led them to a large, open room where a trunk sat at one end.

"I know that you had learned about them once before in your third year class but i believe that if you do it hands on you'll understand much more clearly. This will also be in your Newts. Now everyone line up. " The class lined up eagerly to try it out. Nicole new what it was and dreaded her turn, she didn't want anyone to know , so she quietly and sneakily moved to the back of the line. As she did this she kept her eyes to the front, unbeknownst to her about to fall over when she was stopped by two hands on her upper arms. Turing around to say thanks she paled.

“Trying to hide your secret?” She hesitated before going to move around him so she could be at the back of the line but he stopped her and places her in front of him, not letting her escape.  Remus who was behind Sirius sent the two a confused and angry glance, thinking the worst he silently left the class room.

“Let me go Sirius!”

“Why don’t you want to try it out” Glaring at him she started to struggle, finally he let her go but only when people started to notice. Not paying attention to anyone she left the classroom in a hurry, Sirius could only guess where. For an instant a ball of guilt bobbed in his stomach but holding his head high he tried to ignore it.

Nicole ran from the classroom, down the hall her shoes echoed and as she turned the corner she ran head long into someone. Remus angrily got off the ground, noticing it was Nicole he helped her up with a tight grip.  Without a glance at her he turned the corner and began walking towards the stairs she just came from, Nicole was beyond confused, should she go after him or should she be selfish and wallow in her own pity. Sighing she ran after the boy.

“Remus!” She fallowed him all the way out to the grounds where he finally stopped beside the black lake. Breathing heavily she took a seat next to him, she was sweating and felt dizzy but pushed it aside and smiled up at the boy. “ Remember the last time we were out here together?” She said prodding him with her shoulder in a playful man. Angrily and annoyed, Remus scooted over.

“What’s up ?” He huffed In reply. “ Remus stop being a girl and tell me what going on-”

“You are whats going on!” Her eyes widened and she gapped at the boy, her mouth opening and closing she resembled a fish.

“Did Sirius tell you?” She was outraged and before thinking Remus muttered a quiet ‘yes’. “I can’t believe him - he was lying! I was just feeling a little sick last week and he come into the girls washroom - the GIRLS! And stairs yelling about my problems - “

“Wait - what?” Remus asked stopping her. She paled.

“What did he tell you Remus?”

“That you two were together.”

“What the f-” The bell rang and Nicole, shaking with rage left Remus and returned to the castle to kick some Sirius Black arse.

The next night the two groups found themselves surprisingly together, neither of them wanted to give up the Heads dormitory.  So they all learnt how to deal with each other.. Sort of.   Lily was in the washroom while her friends got ready in the common room, she was supposedly getting dressed but all she could do was look down at the beautiful long-sleeved  sparkly green dress.

When the girls had gone out looking for Halloween costumes they all decided they didn’t want to shop at the costume shop but instead for dresses, they all wanted to go as pixies but Lily couldn’t find a long-sleeved dress and told her friends she’d find one before the ball but as it turned out she didn’t, the night before Lily had found the dress with shoes on her bed with a small note. She smiled once more before getting dressed.  Before going downstairs she admired herself in the mirror, the dress she wore was green and filled with sparkly sequences. It was cut in a V neck and had tight long sleeves that had hurt her arms when she put it on, the dress ended near her thighs.

Finally she joined her friends in the common room who had just locked the boys outside.

“Girls need privacy to be beautiful” Nicole said with a giggle as she ignored the boys angry shouts.  Her dress was made of soft materiel, it was strapless and made her ocean blue eyes pop. It had a square neckline and the skirt was ruffled with a gold bow on her hip and golden shoes. Her hair was down in gentle waves with a golden headband, to make her eyes pop out she wore gold eye shadow with thick eyeliner.

 She returned to Skylar, who was sitting in a chair in front of a mirror Emma had conjured, she was impatient but Nicole wouldn’t allow that to bother her as she did the girls hair and makeup.  Skylars  wavy hair was put in a loose pony tale while some of it hung loose. She wore thick black eyeliner with a touch of pink lip stick that matched her pink dress. It was strapless with a black ribbon around the middle tied In a bow, underneath the skirt of the dress was black ruffles that  peeked underneath the pink causing the think pink material to stick outwards.

“Lils, can you help with my makeup? “ Emma asked, Lily smiled.

“Gladly” she told her friend and hurried over to help.  Emma wore a halter top dress with an empire waist, it was dark blue and it ended at her thighs, Lily smiled as she spotted Emma’s bump under the floaty  and silky material.  Her hair was half up and half down with a white and silver diamond clip holding half her hair up while the rest curled around her shoulders.  She wore dark blue makeup as well as mascara.  She painted her fingernails silver, which brought the silver out in her dress and hair clip, while Lily finished off her makeup.  When Lily was done she did her own, she added a light touch of blush as well as eyeliner with some gold sparkly eye shadow.  Grabbing her golden shoes she slipped them on while her friends did last minute touches on themselves.

“Wait!” Emma called as they were about to walk out the door. “We’re pixies!” She half yelled, the girls ‘ohhed’ remembering they forgot their wings. Lily pulled out her wand, for she was the only one who knew the spell, and gave all the girls shiny gold, or in Emma and Skylars cases silver, wings.  As an added affect she gave them all gold and silver sparkles on their chests, around their eyes and on their hands.

Finally, arm in arm the girls left and made their way towards the great hall where they met .. No one.  As they stood their the girls had realized that they didn’t have any dates, the look on their faces was one of complete surprise.  They stood at the bottom of the stairs and they looked at their fellow students, as couple danced, friends laughed, every one was dressed and laughing.

They spotted the marauders. The girls giggled as their eyes fell on the boys who were dressed as  the three musketeers…. Accept they were four. The boys smiled and the girls smiled back but soon their smiles dropped as they looked around them. None of them felt as if they belonged, they all wanted to turn to each other and say they couldn’t stay but seeing the fact in each others eyes they realized that without knowing they had all changed… Together.

The girls turned around, arm in arm they walked back up the stairs and back towards the heads dormitory where Emma  and Nicole took out the left over candy from the party, as well as some other muggle snacks and threw themselves a Halloween party. Without the peers who mocked and criticized them, they were with those they loved. Each other.

They didn’t notice the confused and heartbroken boys they left behind.

It was this night that they finally cleared their heads, for one night they forgot the pain of real life, instead they were in their own world, one where pain and hardship never existed. Lily couldn’t feel the pain shooting up her arms, Emma didn’t once think about turning to alcohol or piles, Nicole didn’t think of what the junk food she ate would be doing to her body and Emma didn’t think about her child’s lycanthrope but instead rubbed her belly affectionately.

The boys were a different case, if possible the weight on their shoulders got heavier. Peter was confused on the choices her had to make but unbeknownst to him they had already gone into action, Remus didn’t no how to feel about Nicole anymore , as well as Skylar but he was overjoyed to be Emma’s babies god father and suddenly wondered if he’d be good enough, Sirius watched Skylar go longingly wondering why he couldn’t just accept that he finally had fallen for a girl and wondered to himself how he was going to deal with Nicole, James was lost, he knew he felt for Lily strongly and wanted to strangle Ashley for ever wanting to hurt her but he also hated Lily for the pain she caused him and then there was Regulus who was in love with Emma and found himself wanting to be there for her but the closer he got to the dark side the more he pushed her away.

They were all teenagers readying themselves for the real world but pain kept getting in the way.

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