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Everyone has secrets.

And now they are to be discovered.

5 PM
The Great hall

“Where is she ?”

“I don’t know I haven’t seen her all day”

“Me either, me and Skylar went to the Heads dorms after first period but the password was changed.”

“There’s James.”

“James!” Nicole, Skylar and Emma called the dark haired boy over to their spot at the Gryffindor table. James, after sending them a confused look took a seat between the two cousins and across from Skylar.  They soon after explained their dilemma, how Lily had been missing all day and when they had gone to the Heads dormitories the password has changed.

“So can you give it to us ?” Sky asked smiling sweetly.  James shook his head causing the girls smiles to drop.

“I was the one to change the password because you all always come in without invitation -”

“But James, Lily could be hurt!” Nicole said  grabbing on to his shoulder.  He shrugged her off.

“I’ll go check up on her, only because you guys are annoying and frankly Emma scares me.” Nicoles and Skylars smiles turned to Emma who looked angry and aggravated at James.

Heads Dormitories

Groggily she opened her eyes, the sun streaming through the window caused them to ache but she ignored it as she sat up. This wasn’t the first time she had passed out after cutting, only to wake up on the bath room floor.  Lately she had been doing it every night but last night when she had woken up in the washroom all the memories of the recent week and weekend came flooding back and all she could do was return the razor to her arm.  From the spot where the sun sat it was clearly some time in the afternoon, the still bright sun would set in only a couple hours time.

She heard a knock on her bedroom door which was soon fallowed by James voice calling her name.

‘ Why is James here? ‘ she wondered locking the bathroom door. Though still dizzy she picked up the white towel and started cleaning up the blood on the floor.  From the corner of her eye she saw the dry blood on her arms which hurt extremely.  She heard a click and not a second later there was a knock at the washroom door.

“Lily, its me.” Was all he said, she quickly got up and unlocked the door, opening it only enough to stick her head through.  He stared at her oddly and in disgust.

“I thought you hated me ?”

“I do “ He told her, his face clear of any emotion. “ Your friends have been worried about you , I changed the password and didn’t want them hanging around here all the time.” He turned around and walked towards the door but stopped and looked over his shoulder. “ I’ll tell them your alive. By the way the knew password is Vengeance.” He walked out of her room closing the door behind him.  Sighing Lily fell to the floor and grasped her arm.

Dungeons Corridor

Ashley was walking from the Great hall on her way to the Hufflepuff house, lately her friends had been annoying her and James kept running off, all she wanted to do was go to her dorm and lay in her bed for the rest of the night. But as she came to  a turn she heard deep voices and once squeaky one and had the sudden feeling she wasn’t going to make it to bed. 

Hiding around the corner she peaked over to see a group of Slytherins surround one Gryffindor. She recognized the Gryffindor boy as her boyfriends friend, Peter Pettigrew.

‘What lame boy…’ she though as her eyes roamed the scene. The boy was twitchy and jumpy  and Ashley was debating whether or not she should save him. But her debating was cut short when she seen one of the taller Slytherin boys, whose back was to her, shake hands with Peter.

‘Are they making a deal?’ she asked herself, now completely confused.  It soon dawned on her that Peter Pettigrew, a marauder, was making some sort of deal with the Slytherins. ‘Oh, what good material for blackmail’.  She hide behind a statue as the  three Slytherins walked passed her, they were soon after fallowed by Peter but she wasn’t going to let him get away. Jumping out from behind the statue she grabbed his arm causing him to jump back in fright, tripping over his feet he fell to the ground.  Ashley chuckled, leaning over him with her hand outstretched she said -

“ I think we need to talk.”

6 pm
Perfects Bathroom

Lily sighed as she slipped off her robe leaving her in her knickers and bra.  She was glad that no one had been in the corridor for it would have been overly embarrassing if they seen her in her knickers.  She stepped in front of the mirror, dropping her purse in the sink she took out some cream and a pad and started removing the makeup from her face which had been their since the day before.

She felt weird being in the perfects bathroom, she hadn’t been in their since last year. Now that she’s head girl she has her own bathroom, just as big but with what has been happening in their lately Lily couldn’t make herself relax so decided to come down into this bathroom.  She took the scrunchy out of her hair letting it flow down her back.

She suddenly jumped at hearing the door close loudly behind her.  Her eyes were wide, no one was in the room so someone must have come in and seen her then quickly left.  She gasped and looked down at her naked arms.

‘ They must have seen’

Room of Requirement

Emma walked by the wall three times, imagining the same room she had imagined plenty of times before. The long, comfy couch, a coffee table and big fireplace. Finally she stopped and opened the door that appeared, smiling largely when she noticed the boy sitting on the couch looking into the fire. The first thought that came to her mind was how gorgeous the boy was but in truth their relationship wasn’t like that, though she liked the boy, they were merely friends and had known each other for the most part of their lives.

He turned to her, his dark hair falling into his blue eyes, he smiled at her before getting up and walking over. She sighed when he wrapped his arms around her. Chuckling he put a hand to her belly.

“How’s the girl doing ?” Regulus asked walking Emma over to the couch, his hand enveloped in hers.

“She’s doing good, I was thinking of going to see Madam Pomfrey latter on tonight. St. Mungo’s was supposed to send her documents and she said she can most likely tell me the due date.” Emma said happily.

Regulus had known Emma ever since he was a little boy and she had always seemed like an angry person to him but lately he found that she seemed more happy. After moving in with her cousin and now pregnant though under horrible circumstances, she was happier then ever. Just that small fact made him happy.

Room of Requirement

Skylar looked around her sketchily, positive that no one was around she walked passed the plain wall three times, on her last time a door appeared. Smiling she eagerly walked in closing the door behind her but stop mid stride after noticing that the room she was in was not the one she envisioned.  Another shock hit her when she turned towards the couch that was in the room where two individuals sat.

“ Emma ?” He friend looked up at her , her eyes large and the boy with his back to Skylar turned around to reveal his identity to be Regulus Black. “ What are you doing here with him!”  Awkwardly Regulus stood up.

“ I think I’m going to get going, someone’s expecting me anyways.” With a smile to Emma he left leaving the two friends alone.

“ What the heck!”  Taking a deep breath Emma motioned for Skylar to sit with her on the couch. Finally breaking into temptation she took Regulus’s previous spot, dropping her bag on the floor.  “Em whats going on ?”

“ It isn’t anything really.. “ Skylar gave her a warning gaze, Emma sighed. “ Since the middle of last year Regulus and I have been meeting in here, just to talk or do homework  and stuff. More lately after he found out about the pregnancy. Sky I know you don’t like this but I’ve known the Blacks since I was a little girl, I trust Regulus just as much as Sirius.” Sky nodded looking into the fire.

“Do you like him ?”

“Sky I’m pregnant -”

“Don’t blame this on her, do you like him or not?” She asked returning her gaze on her friend. Emma sighed and nodded.


She hurried up the winding stair case to the owlery. Skylar couldn’t believe she had lost her bag, she could live with losing her homework but everything else was just incredibly stupid of her and to put the cherry on the top of the cake she had completely forgotten where she had put it. Just thinking of it was making her head ache.  Finally reaching the top she was glad to see she was alone for the acceptation of the disgusting smelling owls.  She took the parchment and quill out of her back pocket, where she had put it hurriedly on her way out of the Gryffindor common room, and quickly wrote the letter.

Dear J.

I need more stuff - tonight!
Owl me back with time and place.



“Are you kidding me !” The girl squealed, her blond locks flying about her face in soft ringlets.

“Ashley I don’t think this is such a great idea -” Ashley stopped laughing and shot a glare at Peter.

“Ok you little rat, listen close. Your going to help me get my revenge on Lily Evans or I will tell the whole school what I saw and I’ll also add a little tidbit.” The boy sighed causing the girls to smirk once more. “ Who would believe it, oh so perfect Lily Evans. Well she’s getting whats coming to her, she’ll be so embarrassed, in front of the whole school no less, as well as James.”

Behind a near by book shelf stood James Potter, he stood quietly as he listened to Ashley and her silent companion plan their revenge on Lily.

Hospital Wing

Looking at her wrist watch Emma gasped, leaving her books and homework on the coffee table in the  common room, she got up and ran out of the portrait hole. It was five minute to eight, she had promised Pomfrey that she’d be there twenty to. Walking as fast as she could Emma was glad when she got their twenty after. 

Looking around the hospital wing she spotted Madame Pomfrey at the other end with another patient, taking a deep breath Emma lifter herself up on one of the beds to wait for the Medi witch.  Over the soft music that played in the room she couldn’t help herself from eaves dropping on the conversation the witch and her patient were having and was shocked when it turned out to be one of her friends.

“ ….. well mister Lupin, your rib is all right from last nights transformation, you’ll be up and new by next months full moon. Too bad you’ll be right back here. You can go”  Emma’s mouth was a gap, did she really just hear what she thought she heard?

Transformation + Full moon = only one thing

‘ Remus is a werewolf” she thought bewildered she averted her eyes to the ground as the boy walked by , a surprised look on his face as he spotted her.

“Ah, Miss Courtmen, fallow me into my office I have your papers.”

Room of Requirement

Remus didn't stop running until  he came to  the familiar brick wall. Walking past it three times all he could  think of was how it was possible that Emma knew about his furry little problem. When the door appeared he hurried in, slamming the door behind him he started to pace.

Running his hands through his hair he wondered if she heard, if it was even possible for her to have heard.

'Would she tell ? ' He asked himself.

'If she told someone then they might get worried and tell someone else - it'll be around the whole school in know time..... I'll be kicked out of Hogwarts. ' He was breathing deeply by now and needed to take a seat before he had a heart attack.  He hurried over to the red leather could and took a seat on - something hard.

Standing up he found that someone had left their bag in the room. Furrowing his brow he picked up the bag, he recognized it from somewhere.  Curiosity got the best of him and he open the bag, his eyes went wide for inside was a bottle of gin along with a bag of small white pills. Suddenly he remembered where he had seen the bag, checking the strap he groaned.


Empty Classroom

"So you know who it is ? " Sirius asked the younger boy in front of him, it was like looking into his younger version. Though he could see hundreds of similarities between him and his younger brother their were plenty of differences, like there being in different houses.

"No, not really. I know it was a Death Eater. Malfoy and Avery were talking about it - " Regulus suddenly stopped talking and peeked behind him. Sirius couldn't see anything but suddenly Regulus pulled his wand out and muttered a 'sorry'.

"Oh, look who it is - Mudblood loving Black " Lucius Malfoy called walking into the room. 

"I was just about to - "

"Sure " Lucius cut off the youngest Black. " Well let me just finish what you - " There was a loud clanking causing the three boys to turn towards the door where Alice , another seventh year Gryffindor, stood in shock. She had know time to think before Sirius screamed at her to run and she obliged.


Alice turned her head to look behind her as she ran, breathing hard she hoped she had lost Lucius or Regulus  back  at the empty classroom. Her light brown locks flapped across her face blurring her vision causing her not to see anyone in front of her clearly causing her to run straight into another body.

Falling to the ground , her back pack was ripped away from her shoulder and slid across the corridor.  Looking up her eyes met a large pair of hands, looking up to their owners eyes she couldn't help but smile.

" Clumsy much ?"  Frank help Alice up before going to go pick up her bag, he  placed it on her shoulder.  

Alice’s cheeks when rosy red  as she felt Franks hand linger on her shoulder. 

"What were you running from ? "  Alice smiled and took a peak behind her. 

"I thought i was running from Malfoy and Black - "

"Wait what ?"

"I seen them dueling Sirius, i guess i kind of saved him."  Frank smiled down at her , leaning closer he grabbed her hand and kissed the top of her nose.

"Frank!" She warned quietly as she spotted Nicole, her dorm mate, walk by.


Sirius ran as fast as he could, breathing deeply, he heard two pairs of footsteps running behind him. He would surely  give Regulus a good smacking for almost hexing him and reminded himself to thank Alice as he quickly took a sharp left in what turned out to be the girls washrooms.

He sighed as he heard the two Slytherins run past and around the corner.

' I really need to stay out of trouble' he thought to himself.

 Sirius picked himself up from the floor about to leave the washroom when he heard a scary sound, a gasping and gagging sound. He walked towards  the stalls and spotted a pair of black shoes on the ground. Someone was kneeling in front of the toilette.

' Who does that' he asked himself.

Inching closer he gasped once seeing the delicate face of one of his closest friends, Nicole, her finger down her throat. She jumped and hurriedly stood up, she couldn't talk once coming face to face with Sirius.  After the shock had gone over him his face turned to one of rage, he quickly moved over to her and grabbed her tightly around the arms.

"What are you doing !" He screamed shacking her.

"Stop it ! Sirius let me go!"

"What are you  -" She cut him off with a slap across the face, before he could react she turned away and ran from the washroom, no stopping or turning around to see if he was fallowing her.


Nicole tried to calm her breathing as she took a seat against a book shelf. Her throat hurt and the more she thought about it her whole body hurt.  Suddenly without reason she broke out into sobs, her body hurt with everyone but she didn't care , nor did she stop. 

Finally when they did slow down she heard something that shocked to , making her forget about the tear and the hurt.

" Finally i'll be able to get my revenge on that prissy little stuck up Evans - lets go"  Gasping Nicole hide behind the book case, she watched as two shadows passed her, she couldn't identify them but knew one was Ashley, James recent  girlfriend.  It shocked her for no less then a couple seconds later James walked out from behind a book case across from her.

"James ? "


She breathed in the cold air as she  said goodbye to Madame Rosemerta and thanked her for the supplies. Lily was out on one of her head duties, Professor Slughorn had asked her to pick up some last minute ingredients for their morning class. 

Walking away from the pub she groaned loudly, her red locks her now frizzy and became annoying too quickly as it kept tickling her face. The cold had caused her eyes and mouth to go dry and it felt as if her fingers were about to fall off.  Thinking that it was only the end of October and that it wouldn’t be so cold she had only sported a jacket and a hat her mother had made for her the year previous. 

She scolded herself for her stupidity.

Lily stopped in her tracks as she heard rustling from the alley diagonal from herself, fear moved in.  She wondered if it was a perverted drunk or wild animal. Placing herself flatly against the brick  in front of a shop she peeked around the corner and saw two shapes, definitely human. She figured they weren’t drunk for they were talking clearly and hadn’t fallen down ever since she began spying on them.

One of them she didn’t recognize, a older man in his late twenties with long stringy and greasy black hair. His nose was pointy and large. A shiver went up her spine as she watched his lips twitch into a smirk. The second person she recognized. From the long blond hair to the snappy attitude. 

“Sky?” She muttered under her breath.

“You lost it ? “ The man asked bewildered but yet amused.

“Yea - Just give me the same amount , I got the money right here. “ The guy shook his head and from out of his back he pulled out three bottles of liquor as well as a back of drugs.

Lily paled.

She was at a loss of what to do.

Gryffindor Tower

“We can’t let her do this James!” Nicole shrieked as she fallowed the boy  passed the portrait of the fat lady and into the common room.  She was beyond angry - Nicole Isabelle Audrey Lamoure was pissed.

“Why not! I’m not going to get into anyone’s way. This isn’t my business- “

“Bull! You made it you business when you started eavesdropping just as I did. How can you do that to her, I thought you love her. “ James scoffed.

Love her! 

“Love her! Why should I she had been causing me misery from day one - “

“ So your  going to go ahead and do the exact same thing to her! We aren’t in preschool anymore Potter so you better get you act together and try to figure out who you actually care for.  I know I’m one of the farthest from being your friend but…  don’t you care. “ Shaking her head Nicole walked passed the boy towards the girls staircase.

“No matter what I’m going to get back at Ashley and you can’t stop me. “ She took the first step before turning around once more. “I thought you were better then this James.” Finally she went the rest of the way up towards her dormitory, boiling with fury.

Back in the common room James lets out a growl.

He doesn’t no what to do.

So he paces.

Forbidden Forest

Eric Brown wasn’t known to be the sneaky type, or well as much as Dorcas new the boy.  Two weeks previous she had witnessed the boy sneaking in to the forbidden forest from the window in her dormitory, she had seen him do this  once before.  It confused her as to why he was doing such a thing.

That night as she fallowed the boy silently she wondered if maybe he met a secret girlfriend, maybe he turned into an ugly ogre at night, he could possibly be part of a secret cult. The more Dorcas moved further into the forest the more ridiculous ideas entered her mind. Suddenly Eric stopped in front of a clearing, he hid behind a tree keeping hidden from… what?

Dorcas hid behind a tree a couple feet away and was surprised when a fire appeared in the middle of the clearing. Whats going on ? She asked her self several times, each time it felt as if she lost a bit of her sanity.

Finally in the clearing a figure in a black cloak appeared, seconds after him another and another. Their must have been thirty of them, all dressed in black cloaks and silver masks. Dorcas had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach, she had a feeling she knew what this was.  Her assumption was proven correct when in the middle of the clearing, in front of the fire a man appeared, this one was not wearing a mask. Dorcas shivered, she was frightened. 

When scared people do odd things, she forgot about the others, about Eric. Standing up she ran and tripped over a tree vine, getting the attention of Eric as well as the Dark lord and the death eaters. Eric paled, he ran towards the girl and helped her up and whispered in her ear.


Room Of Requirement

Skylar sighed happily as she walked into the room of requirements, a plastic bag In hand. She found herself desperate but never would she admit it.  She paled when she noticed that on the couch, sitting with her lost bag in his hands, was Remus Lupin looking livid.

“Hello Skylar….Lose something ?” He said lifting the bag over his head, she seen that he had emptied the continents on the coffee table. She stared at it in hunger before turning her eyes to Remus.

“ I - I .. I got to go - “

“You aren’t going anywhere sky until we talk about your addiction. “ He said slowly and calmly as he stood up and came towards Sky.  He grabbed her by the shoulders and directed her towards the couch but she shrugged him off.

“ I don’t have an addiction Lupin “ She said suddenly angry.  “Its.. Its just.. “

‘ If you don’t have an addiction you won’t care if I take it away from you. “ He said lifting his hand to grab the plastic bag but she jerked away. Remus shook his head sadly. “ Why are you doing this Sky, we all thought you were happy ?” he wanted to know what was pushing her over the edge, he wanted to help her. He couldn’t fail her.

“You don’t know what its like to be abused all your life - by a stupid DRUNK!” She screamed. “ You all, you all are so perfect - I’ve got nothing but this!” She sobbed, before she could fall to the floor Remus caught her in his arms and held her as she cried.

Outside, with the door opened a crack was Lily Evans, tears leaking down her face.  Letting go of the door to whip her tears she mistakenly put her weight against it and the door opened with a slight squeak, she was glad when the two didn’t budge but when looking up to Remus’s face she met his eyes. Gaping she couldn’t think of anything to do but escape.

10 pm
Astronomy Tower

“Hey Remus” Emma said as she spotted the boy enter the tower. She turned her face back up to the stars, they were beautiful. “ They almost make all the bad in your life go out for a little while” Almost.  Sighing she turned back to the boy.

“Where were you all day?” He asked her. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you…”

“Its ok Remus….. To tell you the truth I was shocked at first, then scared. Don’t hate me for it but… I was terrified afterwards I felt so bad…. You’re my friend Remus. I don’t care who or what you are. “ She wrapped her arms around him.

“Thank you Emma.” He said quietly as he held her tightly in his arms.

“ Remus I need you to be her Godfather.” Emma said solemnly, Remus’s face brightened but on looking at hers he frowned.

“ Why me.. Is it cause you felt guilty because I don’t think - “

“She a werewolf Remus.” Sobbed Emma. “ Who ever that bastard was.. He was a werewolf.” Shocked her held her closer.   “Dumbledore told the Medi-wizard at the hospital that Madame Pomfrey will be taking care of me from now on.. Don’t you understand Remus , if anyone finds out they can kill her.”

Emma left after that saying she was tiered and needed some time alone.  Remus understood, he had things to do also, like finding Lily. But he took a minute or so and leaned against the railing over looking the grounds and sobbed.  He didn’t understand it- Emma didn’t deserve this, none of them deserved any of it.

Gryffindor Tower

Walking through the portrait hole Remus was shocked to see  James pacing in the common room. ‘Shouldn’t he be in his dormitory, gloating about his freedom without them barging in ?’ Remus stopped himself from saying anything similar out loud, he figured that after witnessing and hearing so many different secrets in one nigh can surely mess someone up.

“Hey James, whats wrong ?” He asked as he took his back off and sat in front of the couch ready to do his homework which as soon as James began talking new he wouldn’t be able to accomplish.

“Girls are stupid, they’re ridiculous! They can be evil, so evil that it hurts! “ He let out a frustrating groan.  Picking up his bag he walked over to his friend.

“ Mate, I don’t even no which girl your talking about. “

“ Ashley… No Lily.. “Once again he let out a frustrating groan causing Remus to smile a little.

“By the way do you know where Lily is? Ever since you changed the password no one can ever find her.”  James rolled his eyes and once again groaned before hurrying out of the common room. Remus rolled his eyes, he heard the portrait open once more and a confused Alice and Frank walked in, figuring he wouldn’t be able to get any work done in the common room he  went up to his dormitory to hopefully finish it their.


Ashley and Peter left the Quidditch stadium, once angry and the other merely tiered.  Ashley huffed once more, stomping her feet as she walked but she soon stopped as she heard yelling, freezing mid step she pulled Peter into the shadows.  Running across the grounds was Eric Brown and Dorcas Meadows, two Gryffindors in which the girl wasn’t very knowledgeable about.

“Oh, no.. “ Muttered Peter.

“What is it ?” She asked her eyes still on the frightened pair.

“Tonight there was another meeting for….” He stopped but after Ashley sent him a frightening look he continued. “For the dark lord and death eaters. “ Thinking for a second, a smile appeared on Ashley’s face.

“ Peter you want the Slytherins to recognize you as a good ally right?” After a second of confusion Peter nodded. “ I have an idea. “

 Unbeknownst to them this would be only the beginning of where their lives ended and the lives of two being, now corrupted by darkness began. For when evil enters you it is terribly difficult to get rid of it.

Gryffindor Tower

Huffing and puffing the two Gryffindors hurried into the Gryffindor tower, only stopping when they finally reached the common room.  Dorcas wanted an explanation, she wanted to know why Eric was their and she wanted to know what was going to happen to them.

“Why were you there? “She asked desperately in tears. He shook his head.  “Did they see us? Eric! Did they see us?” He shook his head.

“No they didn’t ,we’re safe. “

“How do you know that “ She sobbed angrily. “Why did you go there!? “

“I- I don’t know… I - I’m sorr- “ Eric stopped when he noticed the lump on the couch, putting a finger to his lips he was surprised to see  two sleeping forms.  On the couch was Frank and Alice ,cuddling.

Head Dormitories

James was confused, he was angry. Why did girls have to be so complicated, so evil. Thoughts poured into his mind as he entered the heads dormitories in search of Lily, had she become anti- social or something, he wondered knocking on her door.

His anger only grew when there wasn’t a reply, angrily he walked into her overly, perfectly clean room. He rolled his eyes. Lily always had to be perfect, with her perfect room, perfect grades, perfect life, perfect looks. She was so perfect it angered James - it made him feel worthless sometimes when he looked at her , it made him want to love her and hate her at exactly the same time, most of the time he chose to hate her because it felt as if it was the easier choice but he soon found that neither was easy. 

Love was hard and scary and he didn’t want to think of it.

Seeing the closed bathroom door he knocked, when no one answered her opened the door. “ Lily ?” 

Shock took over him when he seen the blood smeared stains on the white tiled floor of her bathroom.  He felt sick to his stomach suddenly  and ran towards the toilet where he barfed, seconds later he noticed the blood drops near his face.  Standing up straight he inspected the rest of the washroom  which was when he noticed that the most blood was in the sink  where a found a razor blade, picking it up he gagged and ran to the toilet once more. Picking up a towel from the floor he was about to whip his face when he noticed that it to was covered in blood.

Gryffindor Tower

Frank look down at the beautiful girl laying her head on his chest and smiled.  She was so sweet and delicate, he didn’t want to move for fear he’d wake her. He brought his hand up to her hair and started playing with it, as she slept she smiled causing his happiness to engulf.

“ I love you Alice. “ He muttered half asleep and was shocked when she answered.

“I love you to Frank Long bottom. “

Heads Dormitories

Walking in to the heads dormitories Lily sighed and whipped the tears from her face, she couldn’t believe Skylar had done something like that. Suddenly she became angry, she couldn’t believe her father would hurt his daughter in a way and she couldn’t believe that ever since their third year she hadn’t suspected a thing.

Angry, sad and hurt, Lily hurried up to her room pulling off her jacket and hat as tears flowed from her eyes. All she wanted to do was take the pain away from Skylar and give it to herself and the only way to do such a thing was….

Whipping the tears from her eyes Lily went into the bathroom but gasped when she spotted James Potter sitting near the toilet with the razor in his hands.

“J-James…. W-wha- what… “ She started breathing deeply, it felt as if the walls were closing in all she wanted was to leave but just as she was about to turn around James spoke.

“ Come in. Shut the door and sit down.” He said, his voice filled with anger as he glared down at the razor.   She did as she was told, in truth she was terrified of the boy at that moment.  “ Why? “ She didn’t answer him instead adverted her eyes to anywhere in the room but everywhere she looked reminded her of the problem at hand. Blood.  “Why the bloody hell would you do such a thing!” He screamed causing her to jump.

“James - “

“Don’t give me an excuse you selfish girl. Do you not think of anyone but yourself? DO YOU!” She jumped once more as he stood up and towered over her. Tears pooled from her eyes and all she wanted to do was leave.


“.. and what do you want from this” Seventh year Slytherin Lucius Malfoy asked as he smirked down at the other two students.  He had been given good enough news to make the Dark lord favor him forever.

“ We want to compensate from this to- I want you to tell the dark lord our names. I want you to tell him that we are willing to be his. “  Said a girl, smiling wickedly that sent a shiver up Lucius’s spine.


“ Ashley Kenney and Peter Pettigrew. “ 

Gryffindor Tower

Walking into the common room Nicole smiled at Frank and Alice who were going up stairs to Franks room without noticing her. Giggling she stopped when she heard the portrait opened behind her, turning around her smile was whipped from her face. Before Sirius could catch up to her she hurried towards the girls staircase but it was too late.

Grabbing her by the wrist Sirius jerked her towards him. Nicole gasped and glared at the boy towering over her.

“Let. Go. Of. ME!” She said but Sirius wouldn’t listen instead he tightened his grip.

“ No, your going to stay here and tell me why!”

“Why? You want to know why everyday I look In the mirror and I see a girl that isn’t good enough. Do you! Fine. “Twisting his wrist, Sirius gasped and let go. She hurried up the stairs causing Sirius to groan but he was surprised when he heard her come down, a shoe box in hand.

“This is why!” She lunged it at him causing several letter to fall out.  Falling to the ground Sirius picked them up, when he looked up Nicole was gone. Groaning he looking down at the letters in the box. They were all written to one person.

“Mathieu Lamoure”

The End

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