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Chapter 4-the perfect costume
AN: Sorry about the wait, I’ve been really busy lately. I hope to have the next chapter up soon.  Please read and review. :D 

Over the next week nothing much happened out of ordinary. Hermione and Malfoy were seeing an awful lot of each other, planning the Halloween dance. It had been agreed that, since Halloween was on a Friday this year, that the dance could go from seven pm to ten pm for years one through four and until one am for years five through seven. But some things weren’t agreed on so easily. 

“No.” said Malfoy, “Not a chance. It should be encouraged, not required. I refuse to do that.” 

“But even if it was only encouraged you’d have to, you’re Head Boy! You need to set a good example.” Hermione argued. 

“But costumes are so lame! They are for muggles.” 

“No they’re not! Costumes are fun and they are going to be mandatory for admittance to the Halloween dance. It’s the theme of Halloween, to be something that you’re really not.” Hermione said. She thought she saw sparks emit from her body, not her wand, her body. But that was impossible, so she dismissed it as a trick of the light. 

Malfoy and Hermione had been arguing over that particular problem for two days. The dance was two weeks away. If they wanted it to have costumes mandatory they would have to post the dance notices right away and organize a Hogsmeade trip soon. Eventually they went to professor McGonagall and she agreed that costumes were appropriate for Halloween and the posters were made. The Hogsmeade trip was set for that very weekend. All students were allowed to go, no matter if they had permission or not, for the purpose of something to wear.

                                                *                  *                    *
“What are you planning to be Ginny?” Hermione asked as she and Ginny browsed the store’s contents. They had found a tiny little costume shop that the other students did not appear to have discovered. It had a rather large collection. They were a bit more adult, but they were cute all the same. 

“I’m not sure, something that makes me look nice.” She replied. She turned to Hermione with her stack of possible costumes. “I’m going to go try these on. I’ll show you all the ones I like and you can help me decide.”

“Ok. I’ll keep looking for one for me in the meantime.” Hermione returned to searching the racks while Ginny tried on her costumes. 

They had decided that Ginny looked gorgeous in the pirate costume, but had yet to find one for Hermione. 

“Hey Ginny.”


“Do you think, since the idea is to be something you’re not, I could maybe wear a costume that people don’t expect me to wear? I’m just tired of everyone always seeing me as the same nerdy little innocent bookworm. I mean, I am a nerdy little bookworm, but I’ve always hated being too predictable. Could you help me surprise everyone? Help me pick a costume no one would suspect?”

“Sure, I think that’s a great idea. I mean, my costume isn’t what my family would expect me to wear, they think I’m still their innocent little girl, but I’m still wearing it. You can do the same. I’d advice one of these costumes over here.” 

                                            *                      *                       *
The next week went by with much excitement over the upcoming dance. All the girls in the school were excited to show off their costumes and the boys were just looking forward to getting to see the girls in their costumes. Harry and Ron had found nothing wrong with revealing what their costumes were, Harry was going to go as a Medieval Knight and Ron was going as the devil. Hermione refused to tell them what she was going to go as. She had noticed that her wand hand hurt a lot of the time lately, but she just put it down as being due to stress. 

When the day of the dance came, classes ended at three, to give people time to get ready. Malfoy went to get ready with the rest of the Slytherins and Hermione invited Ginny to come get ready with her, since they’d have the whole Head’s dorms to themselves. 

First on the girls’ list was to take nice long bubble baths. Next they did their nails, discussed hairstyles, put the costumes on, did each others’ hair, did their make-up and pronounced themselves finished. When they were done it was already six o’clock, but they didn’t want to leave the room until six fifty because they didn’t want to spoil the surprise. Hermione had covered herself in a cloak so that when Malfoy came he wouldn’t see what she was wearing. She had been forced by Professor McGonagall to promise to walk into the dance with Malfoy, since they were the Heads. Once everyone else was inside and seated at one of the many round tables set up around the dance floor, they were to enter side by side and great everyone. They were to remind people of the curfew for younger students and wish everyone a pleasant evening. This of course, meant that Malfoy was going to come shortly before seven to the common room to escort Hermione downstairs. But she didn’t want to take her cloak off until the very last minute. She was slightly embarrassed by her costume, though Ginny assured her that she looked fantastic in it. 

The girls talked and joked until the time came for Ginny to head down. They said goodbye and she left. Shortly after that Malfoy came to get Hermione. He was dressed as a posh rich bachelor, which didn’t seem like much of a costume to Hermione, since he really was posh and rich and if he were older he could be described as a bachelor. But he wasn’t about to change and he did look good in it. 

“What’s your costume Granger?” Malfoy asked as they made their way to the door of the Great Hall.

“You’ll see when we go through the doors. Until then I’m keeping my cloak on.” Malfoy smirked at that.

“Why? Did you dress up as a nerd to try to surprised everyone, realized you looked the same and are now ashamed of your costume? Or did a friend of yours convince you to wear something hideous? Because no one would be surprised.” He laughed, to show that he was only being his regular hostile self, nothing more. Hermione glowered at him but said nothing, knowing full well that he would be surprised. 

They finally reached the doors. Hermione had charmed her cloak so that it would disappear as soon as she walked through the doors but not a moment sooner. The doors opened before them and Malfoy and Hermione walked into the Great Hall. They were met by all the students, seated at their tables. All eyes turned to them, and at the sight of Hermione, many jaws dropped. 

Seeing their reactions, Malfoy turned to look at the girl standing next to him. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. The blushing Hermione was dressed as…

AN: Sorry it’s short, but I didn’t want to reveal what she’s dressed as yet. Next chapter us as soon as I can. Also, be aware that the rating has risen to mature because I just want to be sure that the next chapter will go through. I don’t know if it’s mature material or not, this is just a safety precaution. Please review! Thanks!

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