Chapter Two – Foreshadows I opened the door to the bathroom with a loud creak and shuffled across the floor making the worn out floorboards squeak like nails on a chalkboard. I grimaced at the cobwebbed sink that leaned against the wall, as if the faucets were too much of a burden for it to hold. I grabbed my sleeve and wiped the dust-covered mirror that hung from a thin piece of wire. Setting down my toothbrush and paste, I swabbed the cobwebs out of the sink and picked out some pieces of the cracked ceiling. I put my hand on the faucet handle, and twisted. The handle creaked and then broke off into my hand. I closed my eyes as if begging for patience. “Ansa repairo!” and flicked my wand. The handle magically repaired itself. I ran the water and brushed my teeth with Mrs. Skower’s Tooth Cleansing Concoction. Spitting out the foam, I washed my brush under the water and turned around to head back to my room. As I walked down the hall, the door that was next to my own opened. A hooded man came out, and closed it behind him with a small click. I stopped walking. I had thought I was the only person staying at the inn at this time. He rubbed his left forearm agitatedly, and then looked in both directions, as if he were crossing a street. He saw me, and immediately stopped rubbing his arm. Not breaking eye contact with me, he muttered a spell, and his door’s lock clunked into place. Still keeping his eyes on me, he backed away from me down the hall, towards the staircase, slowly, with his wand ready in his hand. I stared at him, scared that he would cast a curse on me. He spun around quickly as he reached the stairs and quickly descended them. I didn’t move for a few seconds, then, slowly, I moved towards my room. Raising dust clouds as I inched forward. I stopped at the end of the hall, and craned my neck, peeking around the corner to the staircase. A sigh of relief broke the silence. He was not there. The man had scared me, if it even was a man. I could not see his face from under the hood. Something about him seemed secretive and elusive. I shook my head, trying to forget the frightening incident and turned back towards my room. Opening the door, which I had left unlocked, I went to the bed. I banished my toothbrush and paste to the table, and flopped down on the bed. I curled into a ball, pulling the covers up top my chin, and fell asleep, not even bothering to change into my bedclothes.
A/N - I know I promised a longer chapter, but I didnt have time. Sorry. I'm also sorry i haven't updated in a while.

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