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Chapter 1: Love Potions, Suicides, and Sports Bras

   Potions was boring as per usual. Professor Slughorn was telling us about the love potion we would be making our next Potions class. I sighed, who the hell would want to make a love potion? 

   “Bored?” My lab partner, and best friend, James Potter asked. 

    “Very,” I answered. 

     James Potter, also known as Prongs, has been my best friend since we were born. We grew up next door to each other. James’ raven black hair stuck up at random spots and looked like it had never seen a comb before in its life. His hazel eyes were covered by round glasses that only made the girls think he’s hotter. His toned body from endless Quidditch and his tall height makes every girl swoon. He’s the Quidditch captain this year; he’s one of the best seekers I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how he managed it, but he also made Head Boy. I know, personally, that James is smart he just doesn’t do his homework. But it was still a shock when the Head Boy badge fell out of his envelope when his letter came.


“Come on Bushytail, we’re making a love potion!” James exclaimed. “What could be more amazing than that?”


“You know we can’t use the love potion on anyone right?” I asked.


He looked down depressed. “We can’t?” He asked me. I shook my head. “Oh poop,” I giggled.


Back when I was five my parents were killed in a large fire. James’ parents took me in.


My name is Victoria Mitchell, everyone calls me Tori or Bushytail. I have light honey brown hair that is all wavy but it’s always in a pony-tail. I have green eyes that always sparkle with mischief. I don’t think of myself as hot, I think I’m more cute than anything. I’m on the Quidditch team also; I’m the best keeper ever! Just kidding, I know I’m not that great. But I have to be somewhat good to be the only girl on the Quidditch team and start every game.


“Hey Bushytail?”


Being best friends with James, means I’m best friends with Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew; also known as the Marauders. James is practically the leader.


Sirius Black, also known as Padfoot, has black shaggy hair that falls all around his face. His smoky gray eyes make every girl in the entire school swoon. Well almost every, I don’t swoon over Sirius. He’s the playboy of the school, he can get any girl he wants, and he can get them to do whatever he wants them to do. He’s one of our Quidditch beaters. He’s usually watching out for me, but sometimes he misses and I get wailed in the stomach by a bludger.


Remus Lupin, also known as Mooney, has honey blonde hair that falls just to his eyes. His light blue eyes are beautiful. Remus is the brains behind the pranks we pull on helpless first years and unsuspecting Slytherins. He’s just smart enough to be off in the distance so as to not get a detention when we get caught by one of the professors. He’s not on the Quidditch team but he’s always there supporting us.


Peter Pettigrew, also known as Wormtail has short blonde hair that sticks to his head like he’s always sweating. His glazed blue eyes are always distant. He’s short and pudgy the exact opposite of the other three Marauders. We helped him out in our first year when he was being harassed by some Slytherin third years. He followed us around everywhere, and we didn’t want to kick him out because we would feel bad so we just kept him in. He’s not on the Quidditch team and he hardly ever comes to the games. But that’s okay.


Just like the rest of them, I am an Animagus. I’m a fox, hence my nickname Bushytail. I know about Remus’ “Furry Little Problem”.


“Hey Bushytail,”


“What Padfoot?” I asked annoyed that he was tugging on my ponytail.




I glared at him as he leaned back. Remus began laughing. James watched with an amused expression on his face.


“Alright guys, we have practice tonight right after dinner.” James said.


“Thanks Prongs, for telling us for the umpteenth time,” I said going back to trying to take notes.


“Hey, I’ve got a plan.” James said.


“Oh no,” I groaned putting my head on my desk.


“What?” James asked.


“Not another, ‘Get Lily to Fall Hopelessly in Love with me’ plan.” I groaned.


“You know me so well,” James mused. “Well, I know that you, Lily and Alice have been hanging out a lot.”


“What’s your point?” I asked.


“Well, tell them that Mooney would like some company while he waits for us to finish practice.” James said.


“James that’s so stup- that might actually work.” I said staring at James. “But how would she fall hopelessly in love with you?”


“She’ll see what a great leader I am,” James said. “Plus, we’re doing suicides today.”


Sirius and I both groaned.


Remus laughed.


“Shut up Remus,” I said. “You don’t have run suicides,”


“You’re right,” Remus began. “And I also don’t have to take my shirt off.”


My eyes widened. “James do I have to take my shirt off?”


“Everyone else does so yes,” James said.


“Ah,” I said defeated. Like I said earlier, I’m the only girl on the Quidditch team. “Can I wear a cami?”


“What the hell is a cami?” Sirius asked.


I rolled my eyes at him. “It’s a tank-top with a built in bra.”


“Let me discuss it with the rest of the team at lunch.” James said.


I groaned again.


“Oh come on Bushytail,” Sirius said. “It’s not that bad,”


“Not that bad?” I asked. “I have to take my shirt off in front of a bunch of guys.”


“Okay, when you put it like that it sounds bad.” Sirius said.


“It sounds bad however you say it,” I stated. Remus chuckled.


“Let’s just continue with our notes,” Sirius said. I stared at him.


“You’re just going to copy off of me later,” I said.


“Exactly, so get to taking notes,” Sirius said waving his hand and leaning back. He put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.


I glared at him but went back to my notes. Slughorn went on about how love potions can be very dangerous. And the person who makes the best love potion may keep a bottle. I looked over at James who had a very happy expression on his face.


I groaned. Why did Slughorn have to say that?




Later, at lunch.


I went to go sit with Lily; Alice usually sat with her. The Marauders went to go sit with the Quidditch team to talk about practice.


I sighed and sat down.


“Hey Lily, Alice,” I said


They both said hi.


Lily Evans, also known as Lilyflower to James, has fiery red hair that’s thick and flows to her mid back. She has two large emeralds for eyes. They’re so gorgeous. She has a temper that matches her hair. She is the only girl (besides me) who is immune to James’ charms. James has been after her since the beginning of our first year. I think maybe this year James will finally get her. Lily became Head Girl, obviously, and since Lily and James have to hang all the time now maybe Lily will see what a great guy James can be. He actually deflated his head over the summer.


Alice Prewitt is in Ravenclaw. She’s really nice and sweet, and Frank Longbottom is absolutely in love with her. I know these things. Alice has dark brown hair, almost black, that is usually tied into a bun. She has brown eyes that are simply gorgeous. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I think she likes Frank back.


“How was Potions?” Lily asked as I piled food onto my plate.


“Boring,” I said.


Alice laughed. “What made it so boring?”


“We’re making a love potion,” I said. “Who wants to make a love potion?”


Lily laughed. “I would,”


“Well that’s you, not me,” I said taking a bite of my sandwich.


“Do you have Quidditch practice tonight?” Alice asked looking over towards the Quidditch team.


“Yeah,” I groaned.


“What’s up?” Lily asked.


“We’re doing suicides,” I groaned again.


“Oh, I’m sorry,” Lily said patting my back.


“Oh, speaking of Quidditch, can you two come to practice tonight?” I asked.


“Why?” Alice asked.


“Remus is going to be alone during practice since Peter got a detention.” I said.


“How’d Peter get a detention?” Lily asked.


“Don’t ask,” I said. “But anyway, can you please come and keep Remus company?”


“Sure,” Lily and Alice said.


“Thanks you guys,” I said.


“Hey Bushytail!” James was calling me over.


“Excuse me, I’m being beckoned,” I said while standing. Lily and Alice laughed.


“Yes captain?” I asked as I walked over to them. I sat down in between Sirius and James.


“We were discussing the suicides at practice,” James began. “And the boys want to know if you have a sports bra.”


“Do you guys want to get a look at my body?” I asked disgusted. All the guys turned beat red. “You guys are disgusting,”


“We’re sorry, but the last time we did suicides you kept your shirt on,” One of the chasers, Oliver Astor, said. “It’s time we saw our favorite Keeper’s body.”


“You guys are still disgusting,” I said.


“Oh come on Tori!” The other beater, David Crane, said.


“Guys, if she doesn’t want to strip in front of us she doesn’t have too.” Another of the chasers, Xavier Kane, said. “Even though I would love to see it.”


Xavier Kane was one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen. He was the third hottest guy in Hogwarts after Sirius and James. I thought he was the most gorgeous thing in the universe. He has piercing blue eyes and black hair that fell into his eyes. He was a towering six foot four and the sweetest guy in the universe.


“So, come on Tori, are you going to take your shirt off?” Frank Longbottom asked.


I lost the ability to speak. I was too busy swimming in Xavier’s gorgeous blue eyes. I just nodded.


The entire team cheered and I broke out of my trance. I turned beat red and got up.


“Where you going Bushytail?” Sirius asked.


“Where the sane people are,” I said sitting down next to Lily.


“What happened over there?” Lily asked.


“I have to take my shirt off at practice today,” I said putting my head in my hands.


“What?” Lily and Alice asked.


“And it has to be a sports bra,” I groaned. “Anyone got a sports bra?”


“I got one you can borrow,” Alice said.


“Thanks Alice,” I said. “For once, I’m not looking forward to practice.”




The Quidditch team was all standing on the Quidditch field waiting for our Captain to give us orders. What was the point we already knew that we were going to suicides. We had just finished running plays, James got so angry. He said that every time I missed a save we had to add another suicide to the ten we were already doing. Only two got passed me, so now we have to do twelve.


“Alright line up!” James yelled.


We went to one end of the field. The guys started taking off their shirts. My eyes strayed from one awesome body to the other.


A wolf whistle emitted from the stands. I looked up and saw Lily and Alice practically hanging off the side of the stands. “Take it all off!” Lily yelled.


James turned beat red because he was the only one (besides me) who had yet to take his shirt off. I died of laughter; I fell to the floor and began rolling around as James took off his shirt.


Another wolf whistle emitted from the stands. I began laughing harder.


“What are you laughing at?” James asked as he towered over me.


I couldn’t answer him I was laughing too hard.


“You still have to take your shirt off,” James said. That stopped me from laughing.


“Come on Bushytail!” James began clapping. “Take it off,”


The whole Quidditch team began chanting. I looked up at Lily, Alice, and Remus. They were chanting and clapping along with them. I groaned and stood up. With my face turning beat red I took off my long sleeve shirt revealing Alice’s blue and black sports bra.


Many wolf whistles emitted from the Quidditch team. I heard a wolf whistle come from the stands.


“Girl you look sexy!” Lily yelled. I began laughing.


“You are one sexy bitch!” Alice yelled. I began laughing harder.


“Wow, even the girls want you,” Xavier said. I blushed crimson red.


“Alright, let’s get started,” James said standing next to me.


James blew a whistle and we all began running.




After practice I didn’t bother putting my shirt back on. I was way too hot.


I walked into the girl’s locker room to get changed. Lily and Alice ran in.


“Oh my god, girl, you have the hottest body I have ever seen!” Alice yelled.


I have long muscular legs, no hips, and I have abs, not a six pack but I do have abs.


“Thanks,” I said putting my sweats back on.


When we had done five suicides and we took a 5 second break for water. I took my sweats off revealing a very short pair of black shorts. More wolf whistles had come from the stands and from the Quidditch team.


“Here take this,” I said throwing the long sleeve shirt at Alice. I put my broom in my locker and grabbed my bag that had my school uniform in it.


I grabbed the shirt from Alice and stuffed it into the bag.


“Aren’t you going to put your shirt on?” Alice asked.


“I’m too damn hot,” I said.


“Yes, you are,” Lily said. I laughed slightly and we left the locker room.


“And there she is one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen.” Oliver said. I blushed crimson.


“Come on,” I said walking back to the castle.


Lily and Alice followed behind.


“Hey Tori, Alice and I are having a sleepover in the Heads Dorm.” Lily said. “Want to come?”


James pushed me in the back so I almost fell over. I glared at him. He gave me a look saying take the offer. I sighed.


“Sure,” I said.


“Awesome,” Lily said. “I’m going with Alice to get her stuff; you can get in with James.”


“Alright,” I said smiling. “I just really need to take a shower right now.”


Alice and Lily laughed.


We climbed back into the castle. I had to get something to eat form the Great Hall. So instead of being a baby about not wearing an actual shirt I walked in a grabbed a bread roll from one of the gold platters on the Gryffindor table. I got many wolf whistles and angry looks from girlfriends


I left the Great Hall the Marauders trailing behind me.


“Sirius, stop staring at my ass,” I said without turning around.


“I wasn’t…I…ah…” Sirius stammered.


“Exactly,” I said climbing up the steps to the Gryffindor common room. 

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