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AN: sorry for the wait for this chapter. i hope you all have liked it. and keep looking for other stories. i have a few ideas in my head. but anyway, here is the last chapter of As We Dance, Ends and Beginnings.

“Hermione, just trust me,” he told her, “just close your eyes.”

“Ok, fine,” she told him, “Ok, I will.”

She closed her eyes and held them shut as he steered her down the hall. It was fifteen years after that fateful day at Hogwarts. Voldemort was gone, and most of the Death Eaters were in Azkaban. Hermione and Ron had moved into a flat together. Ginny had moved into Grimuald Place with Harry.

Ron had stopped Hermione from moving.

“Keep them shut,” he said as he waved his wand, “ok you can open them now.”

“Oh Ron,” Hermione looked at the table in front of her.

They were standing in the dining room all the lights were out but a pair of tall candles were lit in the middle of the table.

“Happy fifteenth anniversary,” he told her, the day after the battle at Hogwarts Ron had proposed to Hermione.

Hermione threw her arms around Ron and kissed him.

“I love you, Ron!” she said loudly.

“I love you too, Hermione.”


“Yes,” he said as he entered his father’s study.

“Draco, we have set up a dinner date with Asteria Greengrass for tonight,” his father told him, “I expect you to be ready by six to greet her into the house.”

“How many times have I told you, I’m not going on these stupid dates,” Draco told his father, “I am not going on these dates because I don’t want to get married.”

“I’m not asking you to marry the girl.”

“Father, I know what you are doing,” Draco said, “you are hoping that after this date I will keep seeing her, and then we will get married. It doesn’t work like that. I had someone, but after she left me I told myself I would never be with anyone else. I loved her!”

“You will go on this date, and you will get married to someone,” his father said loudly, “we need an heir.”

“Well it looks like you aren’t going to get an heir then, because I’m not going to bend to your every will!”

Every day Draco’s father had done this to him. Ever sense the battle, his father has been obsessed with Draco producing an heir. Draco had admitted that his family needed an heir. But nothing would make him be with anyone but her, the one he loved at school. He loved her then, and he has never stopped loving her. She was the only one for him, and she was spending her life with that Weasel.

“Get out of my sight!” his father yelled.

“With pleasure!”

“Harry!” his wife yelled, “They’re here!”


Harry and Ginny were holding a party for their younger sons. It was their tenth birthday today, and their whole family was coming.

“Ron, good to see you!” Harry said as he walked out of the Burrow where the party was taking place.

“Same to you mate!” Ron said as he clapped his best friend on the back.

“Hermione,” Harry said hugging her, “should you really be up and moving so close to the due date?”

“I’m not going to miss James and Albus’ birthday just because my due date is in a month,” she told Harry.

“Ron, your wife is crazy,” he told him.

“She is, but I love her all the same,” Ron said kissing her.

“George!” Harry said as he walked up with his wife, “how is taking care of the shop?”

“I have Lee Jordan helping me now, he has been a big help,” George told him, “and so has Angelina here.”

“I’m glad you could make it,” Harry said.

“Are you kidding, I’m hoping to make your boys the next Hogwarts pranksters.”

“Let him have normal kids,” Mrs. Weasley had walked up and hit her son’s shoulder, “You never give up.”

“Of course I don’t,” he said kissing his mother’s cheek.

“Harry,” she said turning to him, “you are taking care of yourself?”

“Of course, Ginny makes sure of it,” Harry said looking over at Ginny who was bringing the boys out to the yard.

“Harry,” Mr. Weasley said walking up, “I hope they will like this,” he held up a pair of toy brooms wrapped in brown paper.

“I’m sure they will,” Harry told him, “they always want to go see me play.”

“Ok, good.”

James and Albus looked just liked their dad in every way, although they didn’t have to inherit the scar that has been on Harry’s forehead his whole life.

“Let me help with that, love,” Harry said when he saw his wife carrying a pile of gifts.

“Thanks,” Ginny said kissing him, “Theo, Claire come down here and say hi to your family.”

“You and Hermione need to take it easy today,” he said, “your due date is only a few weeks, she still has a month.”

“Oh Harry, calm down,” she said, “I’m not going to take it easy because I’m pregnant. The boys won’t let me.”

They looked at James an Albus who were playing with George and Angelina’s son, Fred. George had already taught all three to cause mischief. And they have already started to drive their grandmother insane. Every time they would go visit they would cause something to explode, or someone would have eaten a candy they “accidentally” left somewhere.

“Presents,” Ginny called to everyone.

“We want cake!” James and Albus said in unison.

“First presents, then cake.”

“Fine,” James said as they both crossed their arms.

Every one gathered around a table that had been set up outside. James and Albus went for the smallest presents, as usual, and opened them. After an hour of opening presents and thanking everyone it was time for cake.

Many happy birthdays were said as Ginny brought out their cake. She lit the candles and was happy to know that it angered them. She had put candles on the cake that couldn’t be blown out, and after a few minutes of them blowing the candles they threw a tantrum.

“Thanks for those,” Harry whispered to George.

Ginny took the candles away and gave everyone cake. This year the boys decided it would be terribly hilarious to throw cake at everyone. And so after all the cake was covering the party guests instead of being eaten, the boys decided that that was a good enough punishment for the candles. They flew around on their brooms and tried to replay some of their father’s winning catches, using a miniature Golden Snitch they had received.

“Ok, boys,” their mother said, “time to say good bye to everyone.”

“Mum!” they yelled.

“Why now?” Albus said.

“They all have to leave,” she told them, and we have to get back to our house, I’m sure your grandmother has enough to clean up and fix since your two day stay here.”

“Theo, can you take your bothers in the house,” Harry told their eldest son, now fourteen, “we still have some cleaning up to do out here.”

“Sure dad,” he said as he went over to his brothers.

“Clair you can help clean,” Ginny told their daughter.

Clair said nothing.

“Sorry, mate,” Ron said walking up, “but we are gonna have to bail. We have an early appointment.”

He looked at his wife before turning back to Harry.

“I can’t believe I’m gonna be a father,” he said to Harry.

“One of the best things in your life,” Harry told him, “take care of Hermione.”

“I will.”

With that Ron and Hermione left the house he once called home, and returned to their flat. They quickly changed and climbed into bed.

“Good night my angel,” Ron whispered in Hermione's ear.

“Good night darling.”

AN: please let me know what you think. and i hope that you all have enjoyed this story.

Piper Weasley

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