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What Love?

     Remus walked in, The Order of The Phoenix, Sirius old home, His head held high, chest up grinning ear to ear, he sat down beside Sirius , who was pouting like a child who had lost his candy, Remus padded Sirius on the back

“why so glum.” 

 “Well for one I was locked up for 12 bloody years, and now I'm locked up in my own bloody house, then lets see, I heard you talking to Severus, About her, the other day, and I Can't shake her from my head not that I ever could, and haven't seen her in years, other than in my, dreams, did I mention, that other than being innocent, only her face kept me sane. And I don't even know if she still cares for me.   Other than that my life's great” He said sarcastically, rubbing at forehead.

“Oh, Cheer up Sirius at least, you have Harry” Mrs. Wealsly said faintly, Sirius smiled faintly at that point. Then the kitchen door, slammed open, with a bang, has it hit wall, and the portrait of Mrs. Black started up again and Sirius and Remus had, their wands pointing at the door,

“You can put those away” echoed a deep, voice. A dark figure walked in “Ohhhh, It's Snivelle's” mocked Sirius going to silence his mother. Snape ignored this stepping aside allowing, a feminine figure to enter. “Remus” screamed the figure throwing herself into to his embrace , Mr. Weasly entered the room,

“ Ohh, it's  you Miss. Luvvet, that explains the noise” he said smiling, still rapped in Remus's arms she coumed the room looking for something, or someone, she pecked Remus on the check then once again replaced, herself beside Severus once more, clinging to his chest like a lover, Sirius entered the threw , the back door, not in the mood for people, much less in the mood for Severus. Then she went up on her tip toes and whispered something unknown to all in Severus's ear,

“There’s Black” in the concer, he said pointing to Sirius. She blushed furisoleley, as Sirius stepped into the light,

 “Kitty” he whispered, not really believing it to be, her, tears were now streaming down her, face,

“Sirius”. He came to her, in one quick stride embracing, her, and swiped away her tears, placing his mouth, on her lush perfect lips,   he kissed her tenderly. He pushed her  up against his body, she rapped her arms around his neck, and ran her hands threw his soft, bronze wavy hair, He found this quite enjoyable, until she began, to response, he was losing himself, he wanted her, he felt her, Cinnamon tongue stroke his. His hand was crawling up back, as the other gently cupped her ass , when he knew he had to stop, or he wouldn't till' he had her moaning on the kitchen  table, he pulled away with effort, releasing a wolfish growl, seeing her swollen, lips. When he heard, foot steps, coming up behind him, when he heard, the Wealsly twins,

“Ohhhh, Baby”, they broke quickly, still holding each other as if, one might disappear, if they ceased from holding one another. Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione were just behind the twins, “Harry, Hermione this, is Miss Luvvet, she'll be staying with us over the summer” announced Author.  

“She’ll be staying all summer “shot the twins and Ron,

“Yes, boys” she smiled, and then slide her glaze to Harry, tears swilling in her, eyes. She hadn't seen him since, Hagrid took him away, and he looked so much, like James, his hair, his everything all excluding his, eyes which belonged to his mother.  She began to take a step toward him, when, Severus, Spoke,

“Don’t, Kitty, let it wait”, “let it wait Severus, I've been letting it wait for year,” she shot, “well wait some more” he said pulling her into his, reach.    Albus then entered the room,

“Hello, my little nymph” he said patting her on the head,

 “She’s a nymph” question Hermione,

 “Nymph” said a Harry puzzled,

 “Yay you know, natural beauties, who control, things with the sound or rhythm of his or her voice” smiled Hermione. Harry, looked up at, she was a sight with her moon white skin, her raven hair, pushed aside to revile her green large doe eyes, and lush pink lips.  Hermione looked over at Ron, who seemed smitten with this new, lady, something inside twisted, in anger, and jealousy. Then Molly came in to announce, that dinner was one the table, and that Ablus and Severus were welcomed to stay, Albus, decided to stay, Severus denied, and walked toward the door, when Kitty rushed to his side, and whispered something, unknown, but caused a chuckle to escaped, his mouth, then she the pecked, him straight on the mouth, and with a solemn wave he vanished.


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