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A/N: For all my loyal fans, I’m truly sorry for the wait. It has been pretty hectic at college and I couldn’t find a free moment to write the next chapter. Without further delay here it is!

Harry slowly stumbled through the corridor trying to find his bearings. ‘Where exactly am I?’ he kept asking himself. But for a place he had never seen before, it somehow felt right. The pictures on the walls, the soft lighting, even the hardwood floor felt familiar. Normally he would have just stopped and tried to find some indication of where he was, but there was an irresistible pull toward the door in front of him. 

Maybe he would find someone on the other side who could tell him where he was. There was a good chance that somebody might be in the room considering the light creeping through the crack between the door and the frame. There was only one way to find out. 

Harry’s eyes slowly adjusted to warm light as he opened the door completely. The room itself was very inviting. The red and green earth tone paint of the walls was very soothing as was the peaceful music that filled the room. If there were any welcoming place this was it, but unfortunately for Harry’s sake there were no people in sight. The only things that occupied the room were a rocking chair, a pair of dressers, and an ornately colored cradle in the middle.
Harry could guess there would be a person here, but not a person who was old enough to speak to him. Having decided this was a dead end, he turned back toward the door to make his exit. Two steps more and he would have been out the door if not for the sudden sound of crying. 

His best guess was that whoever had occupied this room woke up when he made his entrance. It was then that Harry thought this did not have to be a bad thing. The child in the cradle’s parents would soon be there to see what was wrong and when they arrived Harry could ask them where he was. It was decided then and there that he would wait for that arrival. 

As each second passed the baby’s crying rose higher and higher. It wasn’t until another fifteen seconds later that Harry decided that was enough. He would have to see what was wrong with the child himself. 

Upon standing over the cradle, Harry’s eyes met another almost identical pair belonging to a small boy with a patch of black hair growing on top of his head. Based on the child’s size, he was no older than several weeks. 

When the baby’s eyes met his, Harry couldn’t help but feel some sense of familiarity. This was even more powerful than the feeling he got upon entering this place. The child cries lessened somewhat after Harry stood over the side of the cradle, but he was still crying none the less. 

“What's wrong little one?” asked Harry knowing the child could not understand a word he was saying. “I guess you need your mum or dad, but where are they.” He looked around the room and out the door but there was still no sign of anyone else coming. “Okay, let me see if I can make it better.” 

Harry then scooped the child up out of the cradle and into his arms. At first he bounced him up and down several times hoping that might calm him down. When that didn’t work he tried to think of what his mother did when he cried, if only he could remember. For a child he didn’t even know, that was one feeling that he did not want the baby to know. It was the type of sadness that makes a person feel like they have nobody else in the world, no one to hold them close to their heart. 

And for no particular reason at all, that was what Harry decided the child needed. He held the baby close to his chest hoping that his love might give him some comfort. It was clearly enough as the baby immediately stopped crying. 

As his eyes met the child’s, its tears began to subside. The once tearful eyes began to dry as the baby looked back at Harry in wonder. The wide smile and happy cooing made Harry laugh as he rocked the baby back and forth in his arms. In that moment, all of Harry’s worries and concerns of where he was and how he got there were all gone. All that mattered was that he made this child happy. 

His was instantly pulled back from this elated moment when suddenly a hand touched his shoulder. Although he jumped a short distance from the shock, Harry turned very carefully as to not drop the baby. Upon turning, he was greeted by a familiar face. 

“Ginny! What are you doing here?” 

“Well we live here love.” answered the girl with a touch of surprise in her voice. 

Harry then looked at her as if she were crazy. Nothing about her seemed crazy. She did however look older. It wasn’t the kind of old that entailed wrinkles and grey hair but the type that was defined by a more relevant sense of maturity. Harry could guess that maybe she was about five or six years older. If there was one noticeable thing it was that she looked even more gorgeous than the day he realized he loved her. Time had been very good to her. Harry could easily see himself spending the rest of his life with this woman. 

“What’s going on Ginny?” asked Harry with a slight tone of fear. “What are we doing here?” 

Ginny laughed at this as if he was joking with her. “Well the last I can recall is that I was fixing a bottle for the little one here,” she said motioning to the baby, “and you were going to see if you could get him to stop crying.” 

She then summoned a bottle with her wand, which she then traded Harry for the baby. “Come to mommy.” Harry almost wouldn’t give up the child if not for Ginny’s plea to hold him. It wasn’t until she took the bottle from his hands and sat in the rocking chair, that he fully absorbed the gravity of her words. 

“Whose child is that Ginny?” asked Harry knowing full well the answer she would give.
Ginny could only give him a slight look of confusion before turning to the baby and smiling. “I guess Daddy’s having a funny day!” The baby only laughed before he hungrily fed from the bottle. 

Harry Potter could’ve fallen over at the slightest breeze after hearing this. It’s not every day someone finds themselves to have a family and not know it. “He’s my child? I have a son?” Harry asked in a mix of surprise and joy. 

Ginny then stood up from the rocking chair and walked over to Harry still carrying the baby in her arms. “Are you alright love? You’re starting to worry your family.” she said in a concerned but pleasant tone. 

Harry could only take in the sight before him with utter joy and happiness. He then carefully took the baby from Ginny’s arms and again held him to his chest before looking down onto his smiling face. He motioned for Ginny to join them in their embrace, as if she needed to be asked. 

The level of love in Harry’s heart rose ten-fold in that one moment. “I have a family.” said Harry overcome by happiness. He could not help but cry as he thought this would be one of the best moments in his life. It was then that the morning sun shined through the nursery windows, temporarily blinding Harry from the sight before him. 

When his eyes regained focus, Harry discovered that he was no longer in the nursery but back in his own bed. Where was Ginny? Where was his son? Could it have all been a dream? Questions like these instantly swarmed his mind. It was only in hearing the movement in the next bed that cleared his mind. 

“Sorry Harry.” whispered William as he finished putting on his socks. “I didn’t mean to wake you.” 

“William! What’s going on?” asked Harry. His voice was thick with concern and worry. 

“First I was someplace I had never been and now I’m back here.” 

“I think it was the Dreamscape doing its job Harry.” 

“But I was there. It was so real.” 

“Those dreams often are.” replied William who knew just what Harry was talking about. It was like turning reality upside down and being thrown in the middle. “What was your dream about?” 

“I had a family.” replied Harry. Even though he knew they weren’t real, it still made him feel at peace. “Ginny was there and we had a baby.” 

William could only smile. It’s not every day that people you care about get what they want most in the world. “I’m happy for you Harry. I’m glad your nightmares are gone.”
Harry could only try to regain his place. “Why did I see what I did? Is it like that for 

“No, I think it might vary from person to person. You and your friends would be the first apart from myself.” answered William. “I think it has to do with your hopes and dreams. The potion gives you a glimpse of what you want most in the world.” 

Harry took this in very easily. William could not have been more correct. His own family was the one thing that he wanted most in the world and for a brief moment he had it. 

“Maybe you could ask Ron and the girls when they wake up and find out what they saw?” suggested William. 

It was then that Harry realized he and William were the only two people awake. Upon looking out of the window, he discovered that the sun had not risen yet. “Why are you up so early?” 

“Oh, it’s this little thing I do every year on my birthday.” said William as he started to put on his shoes. 

“Your birthday?” Harry asked in confusion. “How is it your birthday?” 

William tried to suppress a laugh or two, clearly amused by Harry’s confusion. “Well today is October 2nd right?” Harry nodded. “And I was sent back 24 years to the day.” Harry began to understand. “That means that because even though it’s a different 

year, today is still my birthday.” With his shoes on tight, William stood up to make his exit. 

“Do you want some company?” Harry offered as he shuffled out from underneath his covers and put on his glasses. Even though he didn’t know the timeline worked out exactly like this, he couldn’t help but feel saddened by the thought of William spending his birthday alone. 

“That would be nice.” Solitude was comfortable every once in a while, but not on birthdays. “We should go soon though.” William then opened the trunk of quidditch items from under his bed and removed the small rectangular box Ginny had been coming through the previous day. 

“Sure” replied Harry as he started to get his day clothes on. “I should probably leave a note so Ron doesn’t think we up and vanished.” 

“If he ever wakes up that is.” chuckled William pointing to the sleeping form of Ron who was spread out over his bed snoring very loudly. 

Harry then finished putting his clothes on and began working on the note. He then stopped half way through finding that he needed one crucial piece of information. “Where are we going exactly?” 

“Have you ever seen the sun rise on the Great Lake?” 

“Is this all you do?” asked Harry as he stood next to William on the edge of the lake wondering what exactly he was doing there. 

William could only laugh at Harry’s doubt. He most of all should have known not everything was what it appeared to be. He then pulled the rectangular box out of his pocket to prove that point. 

“You used to fly a Firebolt, right?” asked William as he placed the box on the ground. 

“Yeah, I used to but I haven’t since I lost it last year leaving the Dursley’s house?” answered Harry recalling those dangerous events. That narrow escape would never leave his mind no matter how long he lived. “Why?” 

With a wave of his wand, the box grew to the size of small coffin. He then removed the lid and removed two very real looking brooms. The rest of the box was filled with various other brooms Harry had never laid eyes on. He had a feeling that nobody had; at least they wouldn’t for so many years. One of the brooms was then tossed his way to which Harry quickly caught.
“That should do it then.” said William holding the other broom in his hand. 

Harry didn’t have to see the broom to know that he was indeed holding a Firebolt. The smooth finish and the warm feeling of the wood in his hands was like he used to remember back when he had his very own. “How did you know?” asked the boy, clearly awestruck. 

“I always carry a Firebolt among my other brooms.” said William motioning to the case. “Lucky for you that it’s one of my favorite models as well.” He then looked Harry up and down as if he was studying him. “It fits you nicely.” 

“Thanks.” replied Harry as he mounted his broom. William quickly joined suite. “What model are you riding by the way?” He asked pointing to the jet black and flame detailed broom underneath William. 

“Oh this!” smiled William. “Just a little something I got for Christmas. It’s called a Heat-Seeker.” 

“Wicked.” whispered Harry spying the smooth design and sleek finish. “So how fast does it go?” 

“Care to find out?” asked William, his face sporting a sly smile. He then kicked up and off the ground and made off with tremendous speed. Harry gave chase the minute he had left the ground. 

Together they both sailed above the lake, each trying to oust the other in speed and maneuver. When Harry found that he could not pass William it became obvious that he was a very good quidditch player. 

In one instant the odds seemed to change as Harry moved closer and closer to William’s broom. It wasn’t until William came to a full stop that he realized he had slowed down on purpose. They were over no place significant, which boggled Harry’s mind. In fact, they were hovering dead center above the Great Lake. To the passerby, it must have been an odd site, two young men on brooms floating over a black lake. 

Harry looked at William trying to just why he chose this place to stop. William on the other hand, was wearing an expression that looked as if he didn’t have a care in the world. He just kept looking at the edge of the horizon on the lake. 

“You know I was born around this time?” said William in more of a statement than a question. Harry could look on waiting to hear more about him. “People used to say that birthdays were like new beginnings. Things could change and all that had ever happened could begin fresh like the rising sun.” 

Harry had never thought about it this way. Birthdays in his past were just times where the abuse hurt even more. Since he had come to Hogwarts, his birthdays were nothing of the sort. They were moments where the love he felt was amplified. 

William then adorned his glasses and performed the same color changing spell he had used just hours before. He then did the same to Harry’s glasses. “Time for a fresh start” as he said this, his eyes never left the horizon. 

Harry looked off in the distance in wonder as to what William was looking at. When the orange glowing began to peer out from over the mountains was when Harry knew just how William wanted to see the sunrise. And in that instant, a blinding light reached over the mountains and ignited the once black lake into a shimmering diamond.
Indeed it was a new beginning for the day, for the world, and most importantly for William and Harry. 

“It’s beautiful William!” exclaimed Harry as he looked at his surroundings. The lake and the school looked even more majestic under the shining sun. William could only smile in agreement as he bathed in the warmth of the sun. “Happy Birthday” 

“Thanks Harry” replied William in a sincere tone. It was a moment when he was truly at peace. “This place is very special to me. My dad took me up here after I got out of the hospital.” 

“Was it to cheer you up?” asked Harry. 

“Kind of. I was really bitter when I got out, you know, after what Allie said to me.” The very second his heart broke was fresh in his mind. “He wanted to show me that life would still go on and that because of what happened to me I could make a fresh start. I didn’t have to be sad and angry for the rest of my life.” 

“Did it help?” asked Harry knowing the sort of sadness he was talking about. 

“Yeah, it did. I promised myself that I wouldn’t let what had happened dictate the rest of my life.” He then rubbed his chest sinking deeper in thought. “The scars carry pain but they also carry the promise I made to myself. I won’t let guilt and despair run my life anymore.” 

Harry contemplated this deeply. If William could do it after something so savage had happened to him, then why was Harry so different? He could just as easily start his new life. In fact, that was what coming back to this school was all about. Rather than avoiding the sight of tragedy from the battle, Harry remembered the castle for all of the happy memories and life changing experiences it had given him. He was determined to make his life the best it could be. 

William continued to rub his chest in slight irritation as Harry thought deeper. It wasn’t until the scratching lasted that he finally noticed. “Will they ever go away?” asked Harry. “I mean, will they ever heal and fade?” 

William had asked this question many times and received the same answer every time. “They say the curse will die when the wizard who gave them to me dies.” replied the boy in tone of slight sadness and hope. That was the result he was praying for after this quest was over. “Let’s not talk about that though. It’s my birthday!” 

“Okay then!” Harry replied cheerfully. He could see that William needed a good day. If that was going to happen, he would first need to make his peace with him. “By the way, I never apologized for hitting you that day on the dock.” 

“Don’t sweat it Harry. I could see why you were angry.” William wasn’t lying. He would have done the same thing in a similar situation. 

Harry was relieved almost instantly. He just couldn’t believe William would be so understanding. “But still, I really am sorry. Do you forgive me?” 

“Of course I do.” laughed William. “It’s alright. Beside I still get one payback shot.” His face sported a playful smile as he said this. “Do you want to get it out of the way now or should I surprise you?” 

Harry just stared at William wondering if he was joking. “Are you serious?” 

“Maybe.” answered William who was still smiling playfully. Deciding he had tortured Harry enough he changed the subject. “Let’s just ride over to the pitch and fly around. Sound good?” 

“Yeah.” replied Harry in a mix of relief and confusion. “Why don’t we do that!” 

Harry and William spent the next hour just having as much fun as possible on their respected brooms. The chase and exhilaration was definitely what the doctor ordered. Though it was by no surprise that William’s broom was much faster and more advanced than Harry’s. 

As the time passed, Ron, Hermione and Ginny entered the pitch and watched the two young men fly by. They appeared to be fully awake and ready to play. Harry and William noticed their presence almost right away and flew down to greet them. 

“Nice to see you all!” exclaimed Harry addressing his friends and giving a kiss to Ginny. 

“Good to see you too mate!” replied Ron. “I got your note this morning. What are you two doing out here?” 

“Well William was taking a flight around the lake at sunrise and I offered to join him.” 

“That sounds like fun!” added Hermione. “How are you today William? 

“I’m doing just fine.” answered William in complete elation. “Although I’m the one who should be asking you how you are. I trust the Dreamscape did its job.” 

“It was simply amazing!” exclaimed Ginny, cutting into the conversation. “My dream was so real though.” 

“So was mine.” added Hermione. “It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before.” 

“Me too! It was so wild!” exclaimed Ron, a bit more excited then he should have let on. 

Hermione gave him an incredulous stare. “Oh really?” she asked in a tone half wit and half feigning anger. “What was your dream about?” 

“I uh…it was… my dream was uh.” stumbled Ron, trying to dig himself out of this situation. 

“Don’t answer that, it’s a trap.” cut in William saving Ron from the embarrassment. He had an inkling as to what Ron’s dream was about and that was not a topic up for public discussion. He figured Ron would have fun telling her later. 

“Anyway, what made you decide to go on an early morning flight?” asked Ron changing the subject for his own comfort. 

“Just a little something I do every year on my birthday.” answered William who did not want to draw much attention to this. Unfortunately that was exactly what had happened. 

In an instant he was swarmed by a number of hugs and pats on the back. It felt good to have friends again, even if it would only be for so long. 

“If I’d have known, I would have gotten you a present!” exclaimed Ginny. 

“Yeah, we have to do something for you!” added Hermione. 

“That sounds like a good idea!” said Ron. After what William had done for them, it was only right that they return the favor. “What exactly do you want to do?” 

It only took William a second to decide what he wanted to do with all of them. When he looked toward Harry, he could see that he had the same idea. “Anyone up for a game of quidditch?” 

“That sounds great!” exclaimed Harry. “How about you guys?” he said motioning toward Ginny, Hermione, and Ron. 

“You know I’m always ready to play.” said Ginny who appeared to love this idea. 

“Sounds good!” added Ron. “The only problem is that I don’t have a broom to ride.” 

“Me neither.” said Ginny. Hermione had nothing to contribute since she was not particularly fond of flying. 

“I think I can take care of that.” said William with a smile. He then pulled out his wand and said, “Accio brooms!” Within ten seconds the case of brooms came flying over the stands of the pitch and landed at their feet. His next choice, after opening the case, was which broom they would ride. 

“Whoa!” exclaimed Ron after looking at the case’s contents. “Where did you get all of those?” 

William smiled at Ron’s excitement. “This is just one of the perks of having a part-time job.” He went through the brooms, shuffling new and old back and forth; trying to decide which ones would suit each of them. 

“What about that one?” asked Ginny as his hand swept over a cloth covered broom. 
“What kind of broom is that?” 

“That is an unfinished project that Pete and I were working on before he left.” replied William as he moved it back to its spot among the other brooms. Just where Pete had gone was a mystery to them. They were beginning to wonder just what had happened to his friends in his time. 

Rather than asking this question, Harry decided to keep the light-hearted mood and just relax. “The two of you were making a broom together? What kind of broom?” 

“There’s actually a pretty funny story behind that one!” laughed William as he recalled the start of this little endeavor. “The first thing you have to know is that Pete and me weren’t always friends, in fact we were casual adversaries for a while.” 

“How did that change?” asked Harry. From the way William told stories it wasn’t common for enemies to become friends. “Did you just kiss and make up one day or something?” laughed Harry. 

“No, actually it happened before a quidditch match.” explained William. “You see Pete and me were both seekers in my first year. He was a third year from Ravenclaw and apparently he didn’t like the prospect of losing to a newbie. I guess you could say he was worried because I had caught two straight snitches and this was the Quidditch Cup.” 

“So what happened?” asked Ginny. Now she was intrigued. 

“So get this, he comes up to me before the start of the match and tells me that I’m good, really good, but he’s not gonna let me beat him.” said William with a smile. 

“So what did you tell him?” inquired Hermione. This story was getting really good. 

“I told him the only way he was going to beat me was to make the fastest broom ever built because that’s the only way he’d catch me.” This was one of his best memories. “That’s why we were building this broom.” explained William motioning to the wrapped case. 

“Why would you build a broom that he could beat you with?” asked Harry clearly confused by the story. “I thought you were still enemies. And who won the match?” 

“Well I only played seeker for a year before moving to chaser.” said William as he mockingly recalled these events. “I won two snitches before that match and I had three in my trunk, so what do you think?” laughed William. 

That was evidence enough for them. William was just as good as he was letting on or not letting on. But it still left a few questions unanswered. 

“You still didn’t tell us how you became friends.” added Ron. 

“Well I did win the match but it wasn’t that easy.” said William motioning to his knee, the bad one. “Took a couple of hits from the bludgers while trying to find it. When I finally caught sight of the snitch so did Pete. We took off at full speed toward the stands around ground level. I beat him to it by maybe an inch. Too bad we didn’t pull back before we hit the ground.” William’s memory was slightly off after this point. “Last thing I remember was waking up in the hospital wing with a busted knee and a few broken ribs and don’t you know who was in the bed next to me.” 

“Peter.” said Harry already knowing the answer. 

“Yeah, he was. He was pretty banged up as well. It didn’t injure his smartass sense of humor though.” laughed William. “You see I played quidditch hard with all heart. That got me so many trips to the infirmary that the nurse said she have to name a bed after me!” laughed William. 

“Sounds like Harry!” added Ginny as she joined in the laughter with the rest of them.
“The first thing I wake up to is Pete telling me that I could become a muggle doctor with all the time I spend in the infirmary. That’s how I got the nickname Doc.” William smiled at this memory, the one that gave him one of his best friends. “We got to know each other a lot during the time we spent in the infirmary and by the end I’d say that we were friends. I tell you in all honesty that some of the best things in life happen by accident.” 

Harry could attest to that. He could’ve wound up with an entirely different crowd at Hogwarts had he not met Ron and Hermione on the train. Life without them didn’t make sense after mulling over this notion. They were his family. 

As Harry thought this over again and again, William went back to rummaging through his trunk. “Anybody have any ideas of what they wanna ride?” 

“Nothing for me” said Hermione. Flying was never one of her strong points, not like Harry, Ron or Ginny. There was always something about how they responded to her. 

“You don’t fly?” asked William in confusion. 

Hermione had always been slightly ashamed about this. She was a major part of their group in every way with the exception of being able to fly. “No, it’s something about the physical mechanics. I’m more of a mentally athletic person.” 

“There’s nothing wrong with that!” chimed in Ron as he hugged her lovingly. “The only way I get by on a broom is shear spirit and love of the game.” He was speaking in all honesty now. 

Rather than hitting a brick wall William had found an easy solution with these confessions. “I think I have just the brooms for the two of you.” With a little more rummaging, he found the two items that fit the bill. To Hermione he handed a cobalt blue broom and to Ron he handed an emerald green one. 

As Harry observed this exchange, he noticed he had never seen two brooms such as this. Each had a silver idol embedded under the top of the shaft almost like the maidenhead of a ship. As to what they were capable of was a total mystery. 

“What kind of broom is this?” asked Hermione as she observed the sleekness of the one in her hand. The idol on hers was an angel with outstretched wings. 

“Yeah, what kind are they?” added Ron as he ran his hand through the tail of his broom. As he finished his eyes caught the sight of the gleaming idol on his. A closer look revealed it to be a devil-like demon sporting sunglasses and wearing a wide smile. Something about it conveyed a wild power and spirit. 

“Those are Shooting Star Series 4 Smart Brooms.” said William as he tried to find a broom for Ginny. “Yours Ron is a Banshee and Hermione’s is a Valkyrie.” 

“What’s so smart about them?” asked Ron finding nothing special about them, aside from the gleaming polish and the silver devil. “They don’t seem so special.” 

“You’re nothing to shake a stick at either chief.” said a harsh voice. 

“Who said that?” asked Ron in a mix of fear and confusion. The others were slightly scared as well. William could only smile at the events to unfold. 

“Why don’t you ask the broom?” said William who couldn’t help but laugh. 

As Ron averted his eyes down to the object in question, the broom flew out of his hands and floated right in front of him. It was as if it had a mind of its own. It then tipped the head to eye level with Ron who found himself looking into the eyes of the demon idol. The group couldn’t believe what was happening. Could this be another nightmare of some kind or a side-effect from the Dreamscape? 

“I told you they were smart brooms!” laughed William. He then turned to Ron and said, “Ron I’d like you to meet Boomer, your ride for the day.” 

“Are you serious?” asked Ron incredulously. “You expect me to ride this?!” 

“Don’t think I like you either!” barked Boomer as impossible as this seemed to the group. 

“Go easy on him Boomer!” ordered William. “He’s never ridden a smart broom before.” 

“If you say so boss.” said the broom as it turned away from William and back to Ron. “Wanna go for a ride mate?” It then lowered itself to Ron’s waist level. “I’ll be nice.” 

From Harry’s view, Ron looked slightly scared by this idea. When he looked his way, Harry gave him an encouraging look hoping to sway his fears. “Give it a shot mate!” 

“Ok, I’ll try.” He then mounted the broom very slowly hoping not to provoke it any further. It came as a shock to him when nothing happened after that. “How do you make it go?” 

“GO!!” yelled the broom and instantly it took off over the pitch. Harry, William and the girls could only watch as Ron soared off on the Banshee. When it looked as if he wouldn’t come back all eyes diverted to William as to how to handle this situation. 

“Can you help him?!” asked Hermione in nervous confusion. 

“You have to go get him!” pleaded Ginny for her brother’s sake. 

William had to break his concentration on Ron’s performance to answer their questions and pleas. “Why? He seems to be doing just fine!” replied the boy pointing his finger to the sky. 

As their eyes met Ron and the broom, they realized everything was fine. In fact it was better than fine. Ron was riding better than ever before executing hard turns, aerial flips, and several well performed barrel rolls. 

He then swooped in to the group’s level and greeted them. He looked absolutely ecstatic. “This is great William! It’s like Boomer responds to my every move. It’s such a smooth ride! Come on Hermione you have to give it a try!” 

“I told you all it would be okay.” said William as he handed Hermione her broom. “It’s your choice Hermione.” 

Harry knew this was an area he was needed in. There were only a few instances when Hermione couldn’t do something Harry or Ron could. “Go for it Hermione. Ron, William, Ginny, and I will be up there to make sure nothing happens.” 

“Come on Hermione, it’ll be great!” added Ginny. 

Moments like these were when she thanked the stars that she had friends like these. Friends who gave her the confidence to do things she had never dreamed of doing. 

“Well I guess I could try” she relented. To this reply she received many cheers and pats on the back. 

She then flipped the broom in her hands over to meet face to face with the angel idol. “And what would your name be?” she asked the angel. 

“You may call me Freya, Miss Hermione” replied the angel in a sweet soft tone unlike
the harsh voice of Boomer. This made Hermione smile. 

“Just go slow please” plead Hermione as she mounted the broom. 

“As you wish milady.” And with those words she gently made off over the pitch to join Ron in his flight. As this happened, Hermione could not recall such an instance when she flew so gracefully. Her friends couldn’t either. 

“How do those things work?” asked Harry as he watched Hermione join Ron. “I’ve never seen Ron or Hermione respond so well to a broom or a broom so well to them.”
“I’m not too keen on the specifics, but from what I can recall they can somehow feel or interpret how the rider wants to move.” explained William as best he could. “In Hermione’s case, Freya responds to how Hermione thinks she wants to move. Boomer goes by physical touch.” 

“So it’s kind of like a wand. It acts as part of the person controlling it.” 

William was impressed. “Now that you mention it, yeah it is like a wand. I’ve never thought about it that way.” 

“Do you have any more of those brooms?” asked Ginny hoping for just as smooth a ride as Ron and Hermione. 

“For you Ginny, I have something even better.” After a little more searching, he found the broom that fit the bill. “I’ll let you ride one of best models of the Firebolt series, the Spitfire.” 

Ginny’s eyes lit up at the prospect of riding the faster broom made up to this point or at least William’s point in time. She willingly accepted the shining cherry wood broom he held out to her. “Thank you so much William!” 

Within five seconds of holding it she was off in a blur to where Ron and Hermione were flying. The sensation was like riding a speeding bullet. She could barely hang on tight enough to keep from falling off. Harry and William watched as they all began to circle and wait for the two of them. 

“Ready to fly?” Harry asked William as he mounted the Firebolt. 

“After you mate!” exclaimed William as he grabbed his Heat-Seeker. 

As they flew off to meet their friends, Harry couldn’t recall a time when he felt more happy. 

Right about the same time as all of this was going on, two young men no one had ever laid eyes on, not on this continent anyway, walked through the gates of Hogwarts. What exactly brought them there was known to only a select group of individuals. 

2 hours later… 

“That was so much fun!” exclaimed Ginny as she and the rest of the group walked off of the pitch. 

“Yeah it was!” added Hermione. “I’ve never had that much fun on a broom. Freya rode really well.” 

“Boomer was fun too!” said Ron. “You have to let us use those brooms again sometime.” 

“I’m sure that can be arranged.” said William as he shrunk down the broom trunk to its original size. “So what else do you guys wanna do?” 

“I think the question is; what do you wanna do?” interjected Harry. “It is after all your birthday.” 

“That’s true!” said William. “What do I want to do?” He truly had no idea. What could he do? He knew no one and no one knew him, except for Harry and the rest of his friends. “Well the only thing I want to do now is take a shower and get something to eat.” 

“I got an idea!” exclaimed Ron. “How about you go take a shower and we meet you at the Three Broomsticks for lunch?” This could take care of a number of thoughts he was having at the moment. 

“Sounds like an excellent idea!” replied William. He then packed broom trunk back into his pocket and made off for the castle. “I see you all for lunch.” It was a comforting thought to not have to spend a birthday alone. 

“That was a very kind gesture Ron!” said Hermione as she gave him a hug and a loving kiss. 

“When did you get so nice?” laughed Ginny as she followed the group toward Hogsmeade. It was true considering his past record with William. He wasn’t always the nicest person in his case. 

“I’m glad Ron made the suggestion.” interjected Harry. “It was the least all of us could do considering he cured us.” 

In this moment, a sudden wave of realization swept over the group. Now that they were cured they had no need for Professor McGonagall’s overseas connection. 

“That’s it!” exclaimed Hermione. “I’ll catch up to you all later. I have to go see Professor McGonagall and tell her about William’s cure and its effect on us.” This was understood without discussion seeing as how they all had the same notion. 

Hermione’s walk to the Headmistress’ office was taken at a very calm stroll. What made this walk different to the ones she had taken in the past was that they did not take place under times of such urgency. 

Instead of taking the direct entrance into the office via the hidden staircase, Hermione decided to take the customary entrance through the office’s outer room. Upon entering, she found herself not alone. Sitting on the bench, waiting for admittance, were two boys no older than her. 

They seemed normal by the looks of them. The more alert of the two, a fairly muscular black young man, was sitting with both hands on the satchel he was carrying. The other was a white young man who looked just as strong. He was definitely the least alert of the two. Apparently he was very tired by the way he sat leaning back with his hat over his face. Hermione wasn’t sure but she could almost hear light snoring coming from him. 

If Hermione could guess, she would say they were no older than 17. They looked like any other student at the school, except for the fact that they were both wearing Muggle clothing. 

Seeing this as nothing worthy of investigation, Hermione walked up to the door and made her way into the office. Normally she would have given the courtesy of knocking, but due to Minerva’s insistence that she or any of her friends come to her for anything any time she walked right in. 

“Hermione how nice to see you!” greeted McGonagall warmly. “How are you feeling today? Are your dreams still plaguing you?” 

“Actually that was what I came here to talk to you about Professor.” said Hermione. 

“Harry and the rest of us decided to go see William a couple of days ago to see if he had any remedies for the dream scars.” 

“Of course!” exclaimed McGonagall. “Why didn’t we think of it sooner?” It was after putting aside her lapse judgment that she decided to get back to the issue at hand. “Well how did it go?” 

“He cured us Professor! He knew about the condition from-” Because this was William’s story, Hermione decided against revealing that information. “He knew about it from a similar case in his time.” 

“Well that’s just splendid! I guess that means I’ll have to alert my American friend that we’ll no longer need his assistance.” 

“That was what I came to ask you Professor.” Hermione sighed gladly as her point for coming there was easy to see. 

“I’m so glad that you won’t have these terrible nightmares anymore,” sighed McGonagall. “Heaven knows you children went through enough already.” It was in moments like these that her compassion and love for these children was as if it were for her own flesh and blood. 

“Thank you Professor… For everything. I’m afraid that I must go now because I’m late for a birthday lunch.” Hermione then made her exit for the door as the Headmistress followed her. 

“You’re welcome anytime Miss Granger.” She then stepped into the outer room to see her other appointment. “Mr. Hardcastle I’ll see you now.” 

As she said this, the young black gentleman stood up and made his way to see the Professor. His companion only looked up for a second to reveal his face. Hermione could not see much from the shadow of his hat and the dark tint of his sunglasses, but something about him gave a familiar air. These thoughts were only reinforced after a gentle smile formed on his mouth. 

Some time later… 

When Hermione walked into the Three Broomsticks, she expected to find Harry, Ron and Ginny sitting at a table. What didn’t expect was to find them sitting at a table with a caged barn owl. 

“What is that?” asked Hermione in complete surprise. 

“William’s birthday gift!” exclaimed Ginny as she stroked the bird’s neck through the cage wires. “Harry thought it would be a nice way to say thank you.” Hermione then turned toward Harry. 

“I thought since he doesn’t have any pets anymore it would be a nice change.” replied Harry. He knew he should have taken his own advice since Hedwig had died, but he wasn’t ready for another pet just yet, not now anyway. “I saw him in the window of a shop down the street and he looked perfect.” 

“He’s perfect!” exclaimed Hermione. 

For a while the group just sat and talked about their day so far. The main consensus was that they would definitely have to convince William to let them ride the brooms again. Then after that conversation died down. The topic shifted to how Hermione’s task went. 

“It went fine. Professor McGonagall was glad to here we are healthy now.” This made them all smile. “She said she’d let her friend in America know we were cured. I didn’t stay long after that because it looked like she had a meeting.” 

“What makes you say that?” asked Ginny. 

“Well there were two other kids waiting outside of her office. They looked-” Hermione’s thoughts were interrupted as the two young men in question entered the bar. “Just like them” she said as she pointed toward the door. 

All of the eyes at the table shifted to the door as the two young men entered. At first glance they didn’t look like much. Both were dressed in Muggle street clothing and one of the two looked like he was hung over. The only thing that looked vaguely familiar was the black coat the white young man was wearing. It looked like William’s dragon hide coat. 

“What’ll it be boys?” asked Rosmerta to the two gentlemen in front of her. 

“Nothing for me thanks.” answered the black boy in his American accent. 

“Come on, lighten up Dante!” answered the other boy, also with an American accent. 
“We’ll each have a butter beer and I’ll have a Dancing Dragon with it.” 

Rosmerta had never served a drink such as this to a wizard so young. Normally they were reserved for people who needed a pick up after a hangover. “Late night I take it?” asked the barmaid as she uncorked two butter beers. 

“You have no idea!” answered the white boy. “Get this; my brother pulls me out of a quidditch victory party at two in the morning so I can deliver a message half way across the world.” He then took a sip of his drink, quenching his parched throat. “Nothing like English butter beer! Thanks love.” 

Rosmerta carefully mixed his drink as the two boys took a seat. It could only be done carefully because the slightest miscalculation could have disastrous consequences. When it was ready she placed the small glass on the table in front of him. “Just go easy this round, okay boys?” smiled Rosmerta. 

“You got it love!” He then held the drink in his hand and in an instant it turned to fire. Rosmerta and Harry’s table could not believe what they just saw. “Sorry, wandless magic.” He explained with a slight smile. He then swallowed the fiery concoction in one gulp. “I think I’ll use the bathroom and let this take effect.” Before leaving he said to Dante in a language none of them could place, “Sई इफ़् योउ cअन् गुएस्स् तिस् ओने?”
“Sanskrit, nice choice!” replied Dante. Although no one had any idea of what they were talking about this was a little game they played. “Aon smaoineamh?” 

“Gaelic!” replied the other boy as he left for the bathroom. 

As the boy left the bar, his friend remained behind. To Harry’s view, he pulled out a pulled out a piece of paper. He raised it t show it to Rosmerta, but she was suddenly called to the other end of the bar to serve a group of Slytherins, among them was Malfoy. 

“Excuse me Madam?” called out Dante as he walked through the crowd. “Do you know by any chance where I can find William Black?” He then pointed to his picture from the Daily Prophet. 

Before Rosmerta could answer, Draco answered instead. “What do you want with that piece of trash?” 

“I need to talk to him if you don’t mind!” replied Dante in a tone of slight anger. 

“Why do you need to talk to a freak like that?” 

Now Dante was starting to get angry. “That’s my business! Now if you would stop acting like an asshole, maybe you could help me out here!” 

This was not what Draco wanted to hear and apparently the other Slytherins agreed as they surrounded him at the bar. “You’re not from around here, are you?” said Draco as he shoved a finger into Dante’s chest. “Judging by the clothing I’d say you’re a Mudblood!” 

“Is there a problem here?” asked the other boy as he returned from the bathroom. 

This time he looked completely rejuvenated, and very sexy to most of the females in the bar. It was almost like the air William exuded when he walked into a room. To see one of his closest friends being pushed around was not a pleasant sight. 

“I was teaching your Mudblood friend here a lesson. What’s it to you?” 

This was a word he didn’t like either. “I’ll ask you nicely not to use that word.” 

As Draco advanced toward this boy, Dante slipped from the group’s grasp and joined his friend. “What’s the matter? Can’t take a joke…Mudblood?” 

The boy then turned to Dante and pulled out a small coin purse from jacket pocket. He then handed it to Dante. 

“What’s this?” asked Dante in confusion. 

“It’s the money I owe you from our bet,” he replied knowing he had just lost. This however was just the way he wanted to lose. 

“Just don’t kill him Virgil!” Dante said with a pleading look in his eyes. 

Harry and his friends had a sudden shock at hearing this name, but quickly disregarded it after considering how impossible it was for this to be the same Virgil. 

“I asked you nicely not to use that word, and now I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.” said Virgil as he advanced on Malfoy. 

“You don’t know who you’re talking to?” exclaimed Draco as he pulled up his sleeve to reveal the Dark Mark. 

“I have one of those too!” replied Virgil, who was not intimidated in the least by seeing this tattoo. He then pulled the sleeve up on his left arm to reveal a tattoo of a mighty bear with a monkey sitting on its back. Below that was a deep claw-like scar.
Harry and his friends all saw this and could only think of William and how it resembled his scars. 

“Oh yeah, now it’s coming back to me!” smiled Virgil having a sudden recollection. “It was in the Prophet a few months ago, right? It was something about a young Death Eater getting off because he claimed he was trying to save his family. Now that I think about it he kind of looked like-” 

“Like me, right?” said Draco who anger was beginning to build. 

“Actually I was going to say ‘like shit’ but yeah.” He was glad Draco was getting angry because it would put him in just the right position. 

“I’ll curse you good!” 

“I have just one more question for you; is this yours?” He then removed a wand from his pocket and held it before Draco’s eyes. 

After feeling around his pocket he realized that was his wand. Considering he was disarmed, he had to resort to his hands for defense. In an instant he threw a right hook Virgil’s way, but he quickly ducked and caught his hand holding it behind Draco’s back. He used this leverage to hold his head down onto the bar. 

“Now if wasn’t here to do a favor for my brother, I’d beat the shit out of you on general principle. Instead I’ll let you off with a warning; disrespect me or any of my friends again and I’ll make sure you go through the rest of your life with a limp.” He then stood Draco up on his feet and whispered in his ear, “You’re better than this.” 

Draco did not know what to make of this. Considering he had just been humiliated in front the whole bar, he was not angry, just sad. It was in that moment that he truly knew he was better than this. His mind then shifted to getting out quickly. He almost got halfway to the door when he realized he didn’t have his wand. He then feebly approached Virgil for it. 

Giving the wand back was no problem for Virgil. He had already made his point clear to Draco about what he would do if he tried anything. He quickly tossed it to him and watched in slight amusement as he hurried out of the door. 

“Excuse me love!” smiled Virgil to Madam Rosmerta. “Sorry about the trouble, but could you tell me where I can find a William Black?” 

Rosmerta could only smile back. ‘He’s a cheeky little bastard’ she thought. “I don’t know where he is, but I can point you in the way of some people who might.” 

Harry and the rest of his friends looked toward the bar in astonishment at the scene they had just witnessed. What made it even stranger was when Rosmerta pointed toward his table. The two boys then made eye contact with Harry to which he quickly averted. 

“I didn’t think I’d see them,” whispered Virgil to Dante. “Let’s go say hello!” 

“We don’t have time for this!” whispered Dante. “Let’s just get in and get out. Pete warned us not to interfere!” 

“Relax, I won’t say anything! What my brother doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” He then walked toward Harry’s table with many thoughts going through his mind. He had half a mind to act on them if not for his brother’s warning. "Trust your guide, okay?"

“Excuse me Mr. Potter?” asked Virgil as he stood in front of the table. “Can I talk to you for a second?” 

Harry looked toward Ron, Hermione, and Ginny for a hint of what to do but they all had the same awestruck expression as him. “Sure, what can I do for you Mr.?” 

“Virgil, call me Virgil. This is my friend Dante Hardcastle.” Dante just waved because he was unsure what to say in front of the people who had saved the Wizarding World. 

“In that case, call me Harry. These are my friends, Hermione Granger, and Ron and Ginny Weasley.” said Harry as he pointed to each of them. “Pull up a seat!” 

“I’m afraid I can’t stay very long.” replied Virgil as he removed his sunglasses to reveal two of the deepest blue eyes any of them had ever seen. He removed his hat which let his silky neck length hair flow. Hermione swore she knew him from somewhere. “I was just wondering if you knew William Black by any chance.” 

As Virgil put aside the coat to put his sunglasses away, Hermione noticed the silver necklace he was wearing. It bore the same sword and wand symbol from William’s trunk. Before she could ask about this, Ron interrupted with a question of his own. 

“What kind of jacket is that? It’s really nice!” 

“Oh you like this?” smiled Virgil. “It’s dragon hide, Hebridean if you want to get technical.” Everyone at the table caught mention of this, but decided not to address it.
“How do you do that little trick with the wand?” asked Ginny. 

This was largely in part of dual cooperation between Virgil and Dante. “Trade secret, but the truth is I picked Blondie’s pocket when he and his friends were looking at Virgil, then I slipped it to him when he gave me my winnings.” answered Dante. 

“Winnings?” asked Ron. 

“Yeah, Dante here bet me 50 bucks in gold coins that I couldn’t go a whole month without getting into a fight. I lost.” They must have been American by their accents and currency. 

“So anyway you wanted to know about William?” asked Harry getting back to the subject. “He should be coming by soon if you want to see him.” 

At mention of this, he decided it was best to get going ASAP. “No, that’s okay. Would you just mind giving this to him?” Dante then pulled out from his satchel a thin plain wrapped package. Harry accepted it but was of what to make of it. 

“It was nice meeting all of you!” said Virgil as he moved for the door followed by Dante.
“Wait!” exclaimed Harry. “Where are you going?” 

“We have a portkey to catch, but first we have a little errand to run at the London docks.” said Virgil as he put back on his sunglasses and his Sweetwater All-Stars hat. 

“But wait, who should I say the package is from?” asked Harry hoping for some clue to this stranger’s identity. 

Virgil had to think quickly, but decided something only Doc knew would suffice. “Tell him it’s from one Phantom to another.” And as quickly as he had entered their lives, he was gone. 

“Well what do you think that was?” asked Ron, bewildered by the whole situation. “What was his deal?” 

“Let’s ask William when he opens the package. That might give us some clue as to who that was.” explained Harry. “Speaking of which, why don’t we get ready for when he comes.” 

Rather than jump to absurd conclusions, they decided it was best to see where this situation was going once William took a look at the package. 

To prepare for William’s arrival, Hermione cast a concealment charm over the owl’s cage to make a surprise. Ron ordered another round of butter beers for when he came. Apparently they would not have to wait long as William suddenly came through the door, freshly dressed, showered, and shaved. 

“Happy Birthday!” greeted the table, instantly putting a smile on his face. Ron handed him a drink before he could sit down. 

“You guys didn’t have to do this!” exclaimed William in a gracious tone as he observed the lengths they had gone through to celebrate this day. 

“We wanted to William.” said Harry. “You saved our lives. This is the least we could do.” 

“Hungry?” asked Ginny. “We thought we’d wait for you to get lunch.” 

“Let’s eat, I know Ron must be chomping at the bit anyway!” laughed William.
After a satisfying lunch of hot Shepherd’s Pie and a filling dessert of cheesecake, the entire able of Gryffindors was absolutely stuffed. 

“Now that I think we’ve all had our fill, I think it’s time to give William his gift.” suggested Hermione. 

“What gift?” asked William. 

“This gift.” said Harry as he removed the concealment charm. Instantly the owl cage appeared with the quiet bird resting inside. 

William couldn’t believe they had done for him. This was the nicest gesture extended to him in a long time. He then opened the cage and motioned for the owl to come out. “Come on little guy.” The bird quickly jumped onto his arm and squawked happily. “What am I going to call you? Anyone have any ideas?” 

“How about Barney? You know; the barn owl?” Ron suggested to no avail. 

“How about Prospero?” suggested Ginny. 

“I guess you’ve been reading The Tempest.” said William as he considered the name. “It was the name of the wizard who helped his daughter fall in love. I like it! Your name is Prospero.” The bird turned his head at William, not knowing who this boy was. All he knew was that he liked him. 

“Thank you all very much!” exclaimed William as he stroked the bird’s feathers.
“You welcome!” They all said in unison which produced a great laughter. 

“There is one more gift.” said Harry as he handed William the wrapped package Virgil had given him earlier. 

“What’s this?” 

“We don’t know. Someone dropped it off for you.” answered Harry. 

“What?” asked William incredulously. “I don’t know anyone here! What did they say?”
“He said it the package was from one Phantom to another.” answered Harry. 

The look of shock on William’s face was clear from across the bar. It was as if he had just seen a ghost. He immediately tore the wrapping off the package and looked at its contents. As unbelievable as it was, the look of shock increased as William held his gaze on the picture before him. 

“Who was the person who told you to give this to me?” 

“He said his name was Virgil?” 

He then looked up from the picture in slight confusion. “Did he have blue eyes and brown hair by any chance?” 

“Yeah, why?” asked Ron.”How would you know?” 

“Because only someone I know could give me this!” He then turned over the gift in his hands for them to see. 

It was a portrait of 8 people standing together. All of them wore the same black dragon hide jacket that William had and each of them held a different sword. They were gathered before a great forest Harry recognized as the Black Forest from William’s photo album. In fact, even the people gathered with swords drawn were the same people, minus Allie. 

They were all there. William, Peter, Isabella, Declan, Darius, Scorpios, and Paul were all there smiling happily. Each of them looked slightly older from the last picture they had seen. Another older gentleman was there, who the group guessed was in his mid twenties. His hair color and other features changed at a regular rate. 

“What does this mean?” asked Harry who was almost frightened. 

William did not know how to answer without confusing them so he simply said, “It means I wasn’t the only one sent back.” His only thoughts at this point were, ‘Kingsley, why didn’t you tell me?’

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