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Disclaimer: If I was JK Rowling I would so murder the producers of Harry Potter for moving the release date back to next summer!

Authors Note: Oh my God guys!! I've had the worst day in the history of the world!! Right, so I was in Topshop, and me and my friend were trying on shoes when I realised that my bag that had £30 high waisted shorts in was gone! So I was like "Crud face! I must've left them by the jewellery!" (Where we had just been.) So we ran over to the Jewellery section where I was like having a panic attack. (Honestly, I had to save up for two months! £30 is a lot for a 15 year old!) and we couldn't find them anywhere, so we went up to the desk and told the woman, so she went to go see if anyone had handed them in. HOWEVER!! (Gasp!) another woman with a pram (The sado had no child in it), was being dragged back into the shop because they found out that she had shoplifted, and she was swearing and blaring her head of, like a chav, and my friend looked at me and said "Wasn't she just sitting by us?" I looked at the woman then looked back at my friend and said "What in the shoe section?" and I could literally see a switch flick in her brain, she just suddenly said "Oh my god, yeah! She pushed her pram in front of our bags and I was thinking 'What the fuck?' but I took no notice of it!" I was actually crying at this point (well my eyes were welling up.) We then knew that she had taken it, because it was gone when we went to find shoes, leaving our bags by our seats, and so was she. So me and Eve (My friend) were standing around waiting for this woman to be able to talk, since she was dealing with the shoplifter. Another woman then came over to us and asked if we were all right, we explained the whole thing to her and she said she'll go find out whats going on and asked us to sit by the lifts and when the woman came back she said that no one had handed it in and asked for my details incase they found it. By this time I had to go home so me and Eve left Topshop and went our different ways and I was feeling close to tears, so I rang up my mum to come and pick me up and just burst into tears (Might I add, I had to walk past two unbelievably hot boys, trying to stiffle my frigging sobs) and as I was walking some guy came running past me and tried to grab my bag, but I just yanked it back and walked (Speed walked) to where my mum was meeting me. :'( so yes, a rather upsetting day for me, please, please, please perk up my day and review! But I love you all anyway!

James sat on his bed in his dorm, resting his back against the headboard. He flicked through a muggle magazine of Sirius’, which contained motorbikes, cars and girls in bikinis. He flicked through the pages, glancing at each picture as he did so. Suddenly his two-way-mirror began to ripple, James reached out for his mirror on the table beside his bed and brought it into view. It was Sirius looking rather wet. James looked at the bathroom door in confusion before a grin made it‘s way to his face.

“Merlin Padfoot!” he said trying hard to stifle his laughter “Did you fall down the toilet or something?”

There was a look in Sirius’ eye that James knew that this was in no way funny.

“Prongs,” Sirius said in a panicked tone “I’m down by the lake, come quick, it’s Kerris.”

As soon as the words entered his ears, James abruptly broke contact with Sirius, and ran out of the room, not even bothering to answer Remus and Peter’s questioning looks, he darted down the stairs and out through the portrait. Not even bothering to think about and staff of prefects on patrol, he sprinted through the hallways and out of the main doors. James ran as fast as he could down to the lake, noticing two figures on the ground in the distance. He felt as through his legs would fall off, he dropped to his knees as soon as he was beside his little sister.

“Padfoot, what happened?!” he practically shouted, almost accusingly.

“Prongs, I -- I looked out to the lake and saw Kerris being pulled in by one of them Merpeople things--”

“--So why didn’t you stop it?!”

“I tried, Prongs, honestly I did, but I cou--”

“--What?” asked James “Couldn’t what?”

“Get there in time.” finished Sirius.

“Has the thought that this could all be your fault crossed your mind yet?” he asked Sirius coldly “If you hadn’t been so horrible to Kerris she might not have come out here!”

The thought had actually crossed Sirius’ mind, a couple of times actually, no, more like every single second that he was out there.

“Prongs, I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.” he said, his voice trembling.

The two sat in silence for a few seconds as James examined his sister.

“She’s not breathing.” He said “She’s not breathing!” he repeated in a terrified voice.

“W--what should we do?” asked Sirius equally as alarmed.

“CPR.” said James almost immediately.

“What?” asked Sirius confused.

James turned to him “Mouth to mouth!” he said frantically.

“You want me to do it?!” Sirius asked incredulously.

“Well I can’t I’m her brother!” said James.

“But --”

“JUST DO IT!” roared James.

Sirius jumped at James’ sharp voice and laid Kerris properly onto the floor, he parted her lips ever so slightly before looking up at James for reassurance. James nodded encouragingly at Sirius, but still with an anxious look upon his face. Sirius placed his own mouth over Kerris’ and began to breath the air from his lungs into hers. Sirius then clasped his hands together and began to press roughly on the fragile girls chest, he repeated this action again and again and again, yet Kerris’ body refused to allow her to regain consciousness. Sirius pressed his mouth against hers once again and breathed his air into her lungs, he then pressed onto her chest again, several times.




Suddenly Kerris’ eyes flew open and she took a deep breath before turning onto her stomach and coughing up the water that had entered her lungs. Both of the boys’ eyes widened as Kerris unexpectedly regained consciousness and began to cough and splutter up water. They brought themselves closer to Kerris and she rolled over onto her back, gasping for air, her eyes shut forcefully. James and Sirius look both unbelievably relieved and terrified at the same time. Kerris lightly opened her eyes and looked at Sirius. She took a few deep breaths before whispering,

“I’m sorry.”

Kerris then fell back unconscious, however this time breathing steadily.

Sirius stared at Kerris. The girl whom he had been fighting with, struggling with, competing with, for at least two years now, had just admitted fault for something, that even he didn’t know what it was and apologised for it.

Could he be worse than her?

Could he have done something like that?

Could he really be that shallow?

He could feel nothing but immense guilt and some sort of warm fuzzy feeling for the girl in front of him that made him want to wrap her in a enormous hug … even though he never would. James scooped up Kerris and began to walk towards the castle carefully but quickly, with Sirius hurrying along behind. James hurried through the corridors of the school, his baby sister in his arms, her head bent back at a very uncomfortable angle. He then kicked open the door of the hospital wing, rushing his sister in there.

“Madame Pomfrey!” called out Sirius frantically, as James placed Kerris on the nearest bed. “Madame Pom--”

“Alright, alright!” Madame Pomfrey’s voice was heard form her office “I’m coming, I’m coming!” she said as she appeared from her office. A woman in her early twenties emerged from the office, she had dirty blonde hair and muddy brown eyes, her facial features were strict and stern looking. “What’s all the hullabaloo about then?” She then noticed who the two boys were “Black, Potter …” she said nodding, she then rolled her eyes “I’ll go get the antidotes.”

Sirius could tell that both he and James had to fight the urge to grin.

“No, no!” said James “It’s my sister.” he turned to the bed which said girl was lying motionlessly in.

Madame Pomfrey looked over the eldest Potter’s shoulder at the immobile girl in the hospital bed. She quickly pushed James out of the way and was at Kerris’ side at once.

“What happened?” she asked in a hurried tone.

“Er -- she sort of -- um -- fell … into the lake … I think.” said James, looking nervously towards his best friend.

“You think?” asked the nurse, an eyebrow raised.

“Well I wasn’t exactly th--”

“She was dragged under.” said Sirius “By one of them merpeople things.”

Madame Pomfrey looked at him for a split second and then back to Kerris. She got out her wand and performed a non-verbal spell on her. Kerris’ eyes instantly opened. She looked around the room looking confused and slightly scared. James barged pass the nurse and looked down at his sister. Sirius arrived at his side half a second later.

“She can’t see you.” she told him.

“Kerris!” James said loudly.

“Or hear you.”

James and Sirius turned to look at Madame Pomfrey.

“What do you mean?” Sirius asked, slightly afraid.

“It’s nothing, just a simple spell.” she told him. “All she can see is darkness and all she can hear is her own thoughts.”

Madame Pomfrey poured a potion down her throat and immediately Kerris’ eyes began to droop. A few seconds later Kerris was fast asleep.

“Wh-what did you give her?” asked James.

“A dreamless sleep potion.” she replied. “Now Mr. Potter I understand that this is in fact your sister, but I do think she need her sleep so if you don’t mind I think you both should --”

“I’m not going anywhere.” said James, not looking away from his little sister. “No way.”

“Mr Potter, I must urge that you--”

“No.” he said, slightly more forceful.

“Mr. Potter if I have to have you removed then I wi--”

“Go ahead!” he shouted. “I’m not leaving my sister!”

“Mr Potter!” Madame Pomfrey hissed “It is for the health of your sister.”

James stood there for a while. Contemplating the idea. He then gave up, only for the sake of his sisters health.

“Come on Prongs, mate.” said Sirius putting a comforting arm around his friend when the got out of the hospital wing. “She’ll be alright, she’s a right tough girl your sister is!”

“But I haven’t ever seen her so weak.” James replied in a small voice.

Sirius looked at his best mate for a few seconds “Come on,” he said “Let’s get you to the heads dorm.”

“No.” James said “No, I’d rather be with you guys tonight.”

Sirius knew that this must have been quite a big ordeal for James since he’d never pass up the time to spend with Lilly alone in the heads dorm.

“Alright.” said Sirius with a comforting smile “Come on then mate.”


Remus got bitten by a werewolf when he was four.

Peter first kissed a girl in his second year at Hogwarts.

A/N: Remeber to review please!! and I'm sorrry this chapter is so short but only three hours for the queue. ahem, no way im missing out on that mate!

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