Snape Apparated just outside Voldemort’s secret hideout, glancing around the area for any onlookers. Soon Lucius popped into view, with Potter clutching his side. The three looked over at the shabby house, taking in a few deep breaths.

“Avery’s probably keeping watch tonight,” Snape informed.

Lucius nodded before glancing at Potter. “One more chance, Potter,” he stated.

Harry placed his hand inside his pocket, tightly gripping his wand Hermione was able to return to him, and stared at the abandoned-looking building before them. He shook his head, not allowing fear to take over him. He had to stay strong for Draco’s sake. He had to save him. He had to save himself. He had to save the world. Tonight was finally the night.

Lucius sighed, “Okay then. Let’s go.”

The three walked closer to the house: Lucius in front dragging Potter, and Snape in back, following closely behind. Sure enough, Avery was standing guard. When they reached the front gates, the man raised his eyebrows in amazement, staring at the boy struggling in Malfoy’s grip.

“You got Potter?” he exclaimed, delighted by the revelation.

Lucius narrowed his eyes at the man, impatiently waiting. “Well?” he finally snapped.

Avery quickly moved forward, opening the gates to allow them entry. He knew never to cross Malfoy, or even Snape for that matter, and asked no more questions as they moved toward the front door.

“Let me,” Snape whispered, reaching his hand out and opening the door to enter first.

Once the three entered the house, the door slammed shut behind them, startling them for a moment. They walked slowly through the corridor, holding their breaths, knowing that the Dark Lord would arrive shortly.

They suddenly heard slow clapping coming from the left of them. They quickly turned to search out the source, freezing in their stance when the Dark Lord came into view with his snake trailing beside him.

“Bravo,” the sinister man smirked, as he continued to clap while staring at the young boy in Lucius’ grasp. “I was wondering how much longer I was going to have to wait before you brought him to me,” he said, glancing up at Lucius.

Lucius smirked, forcefully shoving Potter forward. “You were right, my Lord. Who knew the little brat would actually let down his guard and trust me.”

Harry bit his tongue, listening to the man’s words. They sounded so genuine that he became a bit fearful at the thought that perhaps this was his plan all along. Did he let his guard down a little too easily, not noticing the potential backstabbing?

He glanced over at Snape, noticing the man’s blank expression. He knew his professor was good at never showing his emotions, but now he was hoping, begging, for some bit of reassurance from the man. Snape shifted his eyes toward him, never letting his face fall, before looking over at Lucius.

Lucius let out a little chuckle, staring at Snape. “Did he truly believe I would accept his relationship with my son?”

Snape curled his lips into an evil smirk. “You always were a good actor, Malfoy,” he acknowledged. 

“You’re not so bad yourself, Snape,” Lucius commented.

Harry stared up at the two in bemusement. He didn’t know what to think anymore. Were they acting now, or were they acting before? What was really the truth? He allowed himself to be taken to Voldemort, but now he wasn’t so sure. Perhaps that image of Draco was planted in his head and he wasn’t even here. Perhaps he was never even home for the holidays, and the two men placed that note on Draco’s bed, making him believe he had disappeared.

“Yes, you both did very well,” Voldemort commended, walking closer to Potter. He grabbed the boy’s chin tightly in his grasp and turned his head toward him. “And so we meet again,” he sneered.

“Where’s Draco?” Harry bravely growled.

“Draco?” Voldemort innocently asked, releasing the boy’s chin.

“Stop pretending,” Harry continued. “I know you have him. Just let him go.”

The man started to laugh, backing away from the boy. “Do you honestly think I’m going to take orders from you?”

“You don’t need him anymore,” Harry argued. “This is between you and me. Nobody else.”

Voldemort shook his head, walking closer to his faithful servant. He placed his hand on Lucius’ shoulder and smirked. “What do you think, Lucius? Should I free your son?”

“He’s no son of mine,” Lucius answered.

The Dark Lord grinned when he heard the man’s statement and released his grip. He turned toward Potter and shrugged, looking at Snape next. “What about you, Severus? Should I free young Malfoy?”

Snape shrugged, “That’s your call, my Lord. He never really was a true follower, but he did help you capture Potter here.”

Voldemort nodded, rubbing his chin in thought. “Yes, that is true. If it weren’t for their little relationship, then we wouldn’t all be here right now, would we?”

“Must we be reminded of that little fact about them?” Lucius rolled his eyes.

Voldemort smirked, patting the man’s shoulder once again. “My apologies, Lucius. I know it must be hard on you to know that your only son prefers men to women. It’s such a disgrace to know that the Malfoy line will sadly end with him. Perhaps I should just kill him so you won’t have to live in embarrassment anymore.”

“Thank you, my Lord,” Lucius replied.

“How can you say that?” Harry suddenly screamed over at Malfoy. “He’s your son!”

“No son of mine would be gay,” he retorted.

“Why does it matter who he loves? You should be grateful he loves at all.”

“Love taints the soul,” Lucius explained. “It makes one become weak.”

“It makes one become strong,” Harry disputed. “Just look at what your son did. I mean he stood up to that,” he spat, pointing toward Voldemort.

Lucius glared at Potter. “Yes, and he also wanted to kill himself,” he snarled. “Or did you forget that little part?”

Harry quickly closed his mouth, not able to say anything in response. He turned away from Malfoy, feeling his eyes start to water. “It’s all my fault,” he mumbled, glancing over at Voldemort.

Voldemort smirked, walking closer to the boy. “Yes,” he nodded, “this is all your fault. Everything. If you had just died when I tried to kill you as a baby, then none of this would’ve happened. I would never have disappeared, Lucius’ son would never have turned gay, your beloved Headmaster would still be alive, and your little boyfriend would not be facing death.”

Harry started trembling, while he listened to the man’s words. “Please just let him go,” he pleaded. “You have me now. You don’t need him anymore.”

“He has betrayed me,” Voldemort explained. “His death isn’t about you anymore. Everyone knows that I don’t take kindly to people who have been disloyal to me,” he finished, glancing over at Lucius and Snape and seeing them nod in agreement.

“Say something!” Harry barked, staring over at Malfoy.

“He knew what he was getting himself into,” Lucius simply stated.

Harry narrowed his eyes at the man before turning toward Snape. “And what about you? Are you going to be a bloody coward too, and just stand there saying nothing?”

“Don’t call me a coward,” Snape growled.

“Am I the only fucking one here who cares what happens to Draco?” Harry yelled, looking from Snape to Malfoy.

“Evidently,” Lucius drawled.

“You both make me sick,” he spat, turning away from them in disgust.

“So it’s settled then,” Voldemort grinned, turning toward his two favorite Death Eaters. “I think it’s about time we take young Potter down to the dungeons so those two can have a proper goodbye, no?”

“I concur,” Lucius nodded.

“My Lord,” Snape spoke up, “you’re not killing either of them now, right? I mean you’re just bringing Potter down there to show Draco he’s still alive, correct?”

“Why do you care?” Voldemort questioned.

“It’s not that I care what happens to them,” he carefully began to explain. “I’m just curious to know what you’re planning to do. I think many of your followers would enjoy watching you defeat Potter here, and I would hate for you to kill him with none of them around to witness one of your greatest achievements.”

“You’re always thinking, Severus,” Voldemort smirked, wagging his finger at him. “Which is why I’ve always kept you at my right-hand side. No, I will not kill Potter just yet.”

“And Draco?” Snape wondered.

Voldemort shook his head. “His death isn’t that important. He’ll go now.”

Harry dropped to his knees, grabbing the man’s cloak tightly in his grasp. “No, please,” he cried. “Please don’t do this. I’ll do anything. Just please don’t kill him,” he begged, tears streaming down his face. “I’ll do anything.”

Lucius watched the boy pathetically cling to the man’s robes. He already knew that once the Dark Lord made up his mind, there was no changing it. Potter’s attempts were fruitless now. He glanced over at Snape and sighed when he saw the man nod in his direction.

“Get up, boy,” Voldemort demanded, ignoring Potter’s pitiable pleas. “It’s too late. My mind’s made up.”

Harry took in a deep breath, sadly glancing over at Snape and Malfoy. He couldn’t do it anymore; there was no more time. He slowly reached inside his pocket, grabbing his wand that was safely protected under his robes.

Snape noticed the reach and tried everything in his power to get Potter’s attention so he could warn him not to do it, but it was too late. The wand was already halfway out of his pocket.

Harry quickly stood up, pointing his wand directly in Voldemort’s face. “You had your chance, Voldemort,” he growled.

Voldemort curled his lips into a smirk. “Potter, don’t be foolish,” he snickered. “You know you can’t kill me.”

“Maybe I don’t want to kill you,” Harry softly responded. “Maybe I just want to make you suffer.”

“Potter, put the wand away,” Snape warned, moving a bit closer to them.

Harry glared at Voldemort, keeping his wand directly on him. “And why the hell would I listen to you, Snape?” he called out. “You’re just like him and Malfoy. Keeping me away from Draco.”

“Nobody is keeping you away from him,” Snape tried again. “We were just about to bring you down there to see him.”

“Yeah, and then you’re going to kill him right after,” Harry seethed, still keeping his hard gaze on Voldemort. “I will not see harm come to him, do you hear me?”

“You can’t win, Potter,” Voldemort sneered. “Don’t you know this by now?”

Harry’s hand holding his wand started to tremble. He knew he was right, but he couldn’t back away. He had to remain strong. He couldn’t show any signs of weakness. “I do,” he quietly replied. “I know there’s no easy way out for me, but please, just hear me out.”

Voldemort nodded, allowing the boy to continue.

“You let Draco go, and I’m yours. I’ll do whatever you want. No questions asked,” he offered.

Voldemort rubbed his chin, contemplating the idea. It wasn’t such a bad offer. Having Potter at his side could be rather helpful in the war. “You’d go freely?” he asked.

Harry nodded, “As long as Draco does.”

“No putting up any fights?”

“Like I said, I’d be yours.”

Voldemort looked over at Lucius and Snape, still thinking the idea over. As if on cue, Lucius slowly moved closer, making sure Potter didn’t make any sudden movements with his wand. Keeping his hands up to show Potter he was unarmed, he leaned in to the Dark Lord and whispered, causing the man’s face to suddenly brighten in astonishment.

“So what do you say?” Harry curiously wondered, after seeing Malfoy back away a few minutes later.

Voldemort smirked and nodded, “We have a deal.”

Harry eyed him suspiciously. “How can I be sure you’ll stick to your word?”

Voldemort thought about his question for a moment before turning toward Snape and grinning. “Go and let him out,” he commanded.

“My Lord?” Snape hesitantly questioned.

“You heard me, Severus. Go and let him out. Then you are to come back up here and let us know it has been done.”

Snape glanced over at Lucius, seeing him move a bit closer to Potter. He took a deep breath before walking to the door that led to the dungeons. He already knew what was about to happen and prayed he would be able to get out in time. He took a big gulp as he opened the door and moved down the stairs, noticing a Death Eater following closely behind.

Once Snape was gone, Voldemort returned his gaze toward Potter. “Well now that he’s out of the way,” he smirked, watching Lucius suddenly grab the boy from behind, releasing his wand out of his hand and holding him tightly in his grasp, “we can finish this once and for all.”

Harry struggled in Malfoy’s grasp, fighting to free himself. “Let me go,” he squirmed. “You promised.”

“Hold still, Potter,” Lucius demanded, tightening his grip a little more.

“You fucking promised,” he cursed at Malfoy. “We were doing this to save your son.”

“I already told you, Potter,” Lucius sighed. “He’s not my son anymore.”

“But Snape?” Harry shouted.

“Yes, he will surely be missed,” Voldemort expressed. “He really was one of my favorites.”

“So why?” Harry questioned, still trying to free himself from Malfoy’s hold.

“For his treason.”

“What are you talking about? What treason?”

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know, Potter,” the man smirked. “Just a few minutes ago, Lucius here told me all about it.”

Harry stopped fidgeting, turning his head to look up at Malfoy. “How could you?” he hissed. “Snape trusted you. He fucking loved you.”

Lucius stared down at the boy in his grip, furrowing his eyebrows. “How do you know about that?” he whispered.

“I saw your initials in the cave,” he admitted. “And I’ve seen the way he looks at you. I’ve seen the way you look at him. How can you deny those feelings?”

Lucius swallowed hard before shaking his head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Potter.”

“I’ve seen you,” Harry declared. “I’ve seen the way you’ve acted toward him.”

“Acting, Potter,” Lucius explained. “That’s all it was.”

Harry shook his head, “I don’t believe you.”

“Well believe it,” Lucius grunted. “I never loved Snape. It was all an act to get him to trust me. Get you to trust me. I had a mission to do, and now that it’s all over, I can stop pretending.”

“Follow me,” Voldemort finally called out, walking away from the two and over toward another room with Nagini slithering behind. “Tonight we end this.”

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