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The dormitory appearing in the memory frame looked to be the girl’s and seemed to be just the same as present day; however the belongings nested around the room indicated the period was decades ago.

There were four beds; each with a trunk settled neatly at the end and a few token items, muggle and magic alike, depicting bands and fashions that looked distinctly seventies. A poster beside one of the windows showed a tall, handsome wizard in a green velvet suit, complete with flares and wide collar serenading a small witch sporting a beehive, mini-skirt and big, black fake lashes. She giggled as a slogan brandished across the top, swirling in flourished cursive: “Samson De Loxely sings only for you.”

“Ah, De Loxely, all the women were mad for him,” mused Lupin, “I remember the rumours about Dumbledore trying to get him for a Halloween Ball; the girls went mental.”

“He looks like a right wally in that get up,” smirked Ron to Harry, only to be shocked when Sirius turned to him and announced, “You wouldn’t believe the amount of blokes who did their heads trying to copy that look, boys. I distinctly remember Mooney here sporting that same suit-” and he let out a loud bark of laughter after seeing Lupin’s appalled expression.

“Look who’s talking! I seem to remember it was you, Padfoot, who did one worse by trying to sport a trilby for a whole month,” Lupin retorted as everyone laughed.

“Well, I still got the girls! They loved it!” boasted Sirius as Lupin hit him beside the head.

They all hushed as a fifteen year old Alice suddenly wandered into the dormitory frame before them and flopped onto the bed in the furthest left-hand corner. 

“Urgh, do you see the amount of homework I have?” thundered Marlene as she followed Alice into the room, throwing a large stack of books onto the bed next to her. “Honestly, if I hear one more Professor throw another 5 foot long essay at us claiming ‘OWLs’ as their excuse I will just scream.” and she kicked her trunk.

“Come now Marls, we knew fifth year would be like this,” mused Alice as she twirled her hair, still lying on the bed, “It’s really not that bad,” she sighed.

Marlene looked at her suspiciously, “What are you looking so smug about? I thought you just spent your end of the day free with that sixth year tutoring you in Transfiguration? You hate Transfiguration!”

“Oh I do,” sniffed Alice, “but Frank says I’m getting much better. In fact, he says I -”

Ooooh-ooh!” squealed Marlene, “Frank now is it? I thought he was just that ‘stuffy old Longbottom’?”

“Oh-well-I,” Alice blushed, sitting up instantly, “He’s quite nice actually, I think -” and the girls were suddenly interrupted by muffled screams getting louder as someone was stamping up the stairs.

“I will NOT GO OUT WITH YOU POTTER! You are a COMPLETE imbecile! Just GET AWAY FROM ME!” and the dormitory doorway was suddenly alive with a red headed girl sporting a frighteningly angry face.

“He’s such an IDIOT!” Lily yelled as she slammed herself onto the bed nearest the door. The two other girls looked mildly interested in her and wore knowing smirks on their faces.

“Did you see what he did to those first year Slytherins? Head to toe in boils! They looked positively terrified!” she huffed folding her arms.

“Let me guess; you spotted them, threw a fit and Potter asked you out again?” Marlene asked, raising an eyebrow at Lily.

“Yes. He. Did.” she spat, emphasising each word with venom, “I told him he was a complete bully and as newly appointed Prefect, I had every right to put him in detention. And do you know what he did?” she asked indignantly.

Marlene and Alice looked at each other grinning, before Lily continued acidly, “He turns to me, in front of everyone, and tells me I don’t need to make excuses; if I wanted to decide what he did in the evenings I should just go out with him!”

“Maybe you should just go Lils, he’s been asking you out twice a week since third year,” sighed Marlene as she got up and went to study her reflection in the dressing table mirror, adorning the wall by the door.

“I am not satisfying that remark with a response,” huffed Lily, “Do you remember what those Marauders did to you only a few weeks ago? Or shall I just mention the words ‘skirt’ and ‘over your head’?”

At this, Marlene physically tensed and whirled around seething, “You’re right. Toe-rags the lot of ‘em.”

“At least Remus stopped them before the entire Herbology class got a good look up your dress,” grinned Alice and at this Marlene’s face looked placated and she smiled slightly before instantly drawing herself up and retorting, “Well. He’s supposed to be a Prefect. He is very nice though...” and the girls starting giggling as Marlene blushed slightly.

Harry and the others looked over at Lupin who had grinned and bowed his head, “I could never resist a damsel in distress,” and they all chuckled.

Screams once more emanated from the frame, causing all the girls to snap their heads round towards the doorway.


“Someone really ought to nip downstairs and get her, before she does him in,” commented Marlene conversationally, picking up a pair of tweezers and examining them. 

“I vote not me; she sounds in a right mood,” said Alice who had returned to staring dreamily at the ceiling.

“I’m certainly not going!” said Lily with a sniff, “Quite frankly I don’t blame her for wanting to kill him. He followed her all the way back from Potions, terrorising her by charming the suits of armour to rhyme offensive things about her knickers.”

“I’ll go then, shall I?” said Marlene in a tired voice, putting her tweezers down, “God he’s such a git.” 

She disappeared out the door and returned momentarily with Isabella who looked as furious as Lily had earlier. She was close to tears as she screeched angrily, “I HATE HIM!” and slammed onto the last empty bed between Marlene and Lily.

“You alright, Iz?” asked Lily tentatively.

No,” she said, “I’m so angry I could explode.”

“Oh Iz,” said Alice, looking sympathetic, “He only does it to provoke a reaction. Just try to ignore him where you can.”

“It’s not that easy!” said Isabella resentfully, “He was blocking my way up the dormitory stairs!”

“To be fair,” mused Marlene, chewing on a fingernail, “I wanted to wring his ruddy little neck just now and it wasn’t even me he was winding up.”

Thank you,” said Isabella, self righteously, “Now imagine you’ve had to deal with that all afternoon. He and idiot Potter deliberately blew up their cauldrons during Potions and had to be separated; so who did Slughorn pair them up with?” and she indignantly waved her hand between herself and Lily, “Us.”

“Total nightmare,” sighed Lily, “Working on a week long project too.”

Alice grimaced, “Ouch. If that doesn’t qualify our decision to drop Potions McKinnon, I don’t know what does!”

“I thought those two were quite good at that subject though,” pondered Marlene, “At least that’s what Remus said when -” she stopped and blushed.

The girls giggled as Isabella said, “Yes well unfortunately we were seated right next to Marianne Battersby and that girl-” she closed her eyes and groaned before continuing, “has got to be the most irritating creature. If she bats her lashes and unbuttons her shirt any more in Black’s presence I guarantee you, she’ll be naked by breakfast tomorrow.”

Marlene laughed and added, “She is a complete hag.  I heard her giggling over the Marauders suggesting she be the president of their fan-club. Can you imagine?

“Perish the thought,”shuddered Lily.

“I don’t know what those girls see in that lot,” sighed Alice, “They’re about as attractive as Flobberworms.”

“Well I’m at my wits end,” said Isabella, looking defeated, “Something needs to be done about them.”

“Such as? We’ve complained to McGonagall but detention doesn’t seem to break their spirits. They still blasted stink bombs all over me after a week’s worth,” moaned Alice crossly.

“Little bastards,” snarled Marlene, “They get off on making our lives hell.”

“Why don’t we get them back?” said Lily suddenly, with a maniacal look in her eyes, “You know, prank them, humiliate them and see how they like it!”

The other girls looked stunned at her suggestion; there was a full five seconds of silence before anyone spoke.

“Do you think we could?” asked Isabella quietly, “I mean, really pull off a prank on them?”

“Of course we could!” shrieked Marlene, jumping up and down, “I think it’s brilliant Evans!”

“I don’t know,” said Alice thoughtfully, walking over and looping an arm round one of Isabella’s bed posts, “I can see this backfiring on us; they’re quite bright when it comes to pranking.”

“She has a point,” said Isabella, chewing on her lip, “I don’t think I could stand to live with myself if I was outwitted by Black and Potter. Forever shamed.”

“We won’t be!” cried Marlene, eyes wild, “Come on girls, we know how to hit them where it hurts!” and she emphasised ‘hit’ by slamming her fists on the bed.

“What are you suggesting?” smirked Lily sizing her up, “Luring them into a dark corner and smacking them about?”

“That’s one of my fantasies, that is,” giggled Isabella, “But unfortunately, we have tried that. Remember third year?”

“When Lils whacked Black with his broomstick for flicking her bra strap?” smiled Alice, “That was a glorious day; I’ve never heard someone say ‘evil cow’ so many times!”

“No, no,” said Marlene, waving her hand dismissively, “We have to be clever about this,” and she proceeded to pace about the room, “Mess with their heads, that sort of thing.”

“What about ambushing them with a string of hexes?” suggested Lily, “In the dead of the night or something?”

“Could work,” deliberated Isabella, “Or charming their broomsticks to buck them off?”

“We could always put something in their food,” said Alice, “Make them turn into guinea fowl or something. Could be entertaining?”

Marlene suddenly broke stride and looked at her friends, “Yes but that’s not going to teach them anything! They’ll be after us tenfold within minutes! Come on, we need to think psychological. What’s their weakness? What’s their biggest vulnerability?”

Easy,” giggled Isabella and she stood up and began posing and stroking herself with a mock expression of concentration. “Oi Prongs!” she said, putting on a deep voice, “I think those girls over there are looking at me!”

Lily shrieked with laughter and jumped up to begin posing as well; only she was simultaneously running her hand through her hair and trying to catch a toy snitch with the other, “Oh yes Padfoot! They must be completely besotted with how ridiculously good looking and popular we are!” and both girls started grabbing at each other yelling, “You’re so damned attractive Sirius!” and “Oh James I think you’re just the most best looking thing here!” before they all collapsed into a fit of hysterical giggling.

Harry and the others were roaring with laughter at this display and it was Hermione who managed to call out, “You weren’t really that bad, were you?” before she starting laughing at the frame where Isabella had just screamed, “Oh but my hair! My fan-club will kill you!” and tumbled over Lily in mock attack.

Before Sirius could respond, Lupin shot out “They were!”

“Oi, we were not!” exclaimed Sirius whacking him in the arm, “So we were a couple of idiots! But we were usually just having a laugh, we weren’t that self-centred!”

Harry and the others raised their eyebrows at him before Fred piped up, “Don’t worry about it mate,” to which George added, “Your hair looks fabulous!” and they all fell about laughing again.

“Gits. The lot of you,” muttered Sirius with a dry laugh at the group.

“So, how are we going to do it then?” shouted Lily from the memory with an evil glint in her voice.

“Hmmm, it will definitely have to end up with them being publically humiliated!” chuckled Alice who was now gathering herself up and lounging on Lily’s bed.

“Oooh she is nasty!” said Marlene settling beside her and poking her in the ribs.

“First we have to decide if we’re going to get back at all of them,” said Isabella settling on her own bed across from them, beside Lily. “I mean, I don’t think Marls here could bear to hurt her precious Remus,” and they all giggled as Marlene poked her tongue out at Isabella.

“True, and it doesn’t seem fair to get Peter, I mean he really seems harmless; just a follower to the other two,” Lily added kindly, resting her head on Isabella’s shoulder.

“I think he’s creepy!” said Marlene shuddering at the thought of him, to which Lily sat up straight and said, “Oh! You’re so mean!” and they giggled.

“So it’s settled then?” Isabella addressed to the girls, “We’re waging war on the Marauders with particular inference on the pain and humiliation of Potter and Black?”

“Agreed!” they all chanted before Marlene yelled, “Right! Let’s put our heads together girls; we need a fool proof plan that will take those boys and their big headed egos down a peg or two!” She proceeded to jump up on the bed, waving her arms as if directing militia, “We want them humiliated! We want them made fools of! Five years worth of terror must be avenged!”

Many ideas were thrown forward; each getting responses of “Not enough pain!” and “Too nice!”

Sirius chuckled to himself on the couch before telling the others, “I never knew they had that kind of nastiest in them; they were usually quite sweet!”

Lupin smiled and agreed, “Thinking back to it though, I can’t believe you both fell for it so quickly,” and he shook his head laughing, “Although, to be fair, I heard from Marlene that James caught on slightly before it was too late – but he still got his.”

The girls had appeared to reach a conclusion before Harry and the others could ask any questions.

“Won’t it be a bit obvious though?” worried Lily, biting her lip, “I mean, they’ll definitely suspect we’re up to something...” she trailed off.

“Not if Izzy manages to do her bit with Black first,” said Alice encouragingly. 

“Yes well,” snapped Isabella, looking petulant, “I don’t remember putting my hand up for that job.   Marls, why can’t you take him?”

Marlene rolled her eyes dramatically as she muttered, “I would have thought that was obvious,” and continued following the glare from Isabella, “It’s not me he spends half his time throwing things at or following about like a stray owl. Besides,” and she looked slightly sheepish, “Remus might go right off me if he thinks I fancy Black.”

Isabella looked mutinous as she shrieked, “I cannot believe you!” 

“If we’re going to get anywhere with this plan,” cut in Alice matter-of-factly, “We need them both where we want them quick smart. It’d be useless for any of us three to take him on considering our objective. We all know he’s always had a bit of a thing for you.”

“I don’t believe this,” seethed Isabella, looking to Lily for support.

“If I have to deal with Potter, then you can sure as Merlin deal with Black,” snapped Lily throwing a warning glare, “I refuse to be the only one sticking my boobs out and selling my soul for this prank!”

“So it’s settled!” announced Marlene with a smile, ignoring the furious look of her friend. “Tomorrow the plan will go ahead and by Monday evening they will not know what’s hit them!”

The scene dissolved momentarily to recreate itself in what was the horribly familiar potions dungeon.

Lily and Isabella had just come into focus and stood whispering in the doorway with Marlene and Alice in what looked like a morale huddle.

The attention, however, was taken away from them as two fifteen year old boys started yelling across the dungeon to each other, each brandishing what looked like giant muggle rulers. They appeared to be playing a kind of tennis with large, scrunched up balls of parchment.

Harry smiled at Sirius as one of the boys, clearly his father James, leapt over a desk, knocking an annoyed Hufflepuff’s ink bottle over yelling, “You shall never defeat me as I am supreme ruler of the world!” and in a pose much like a cricketer, hit the parchment across the dungeon.

“Face it Prongs!” yelled a young Sirius throwing himself towards a group of gigging girls, smashing the ball back to him, “You will be tearfully begging to my every whim when I’m finished with you!” and he gave a swift bow to the girls who clapped.

The ball hit a young Lupin in the head and fell with a thud into his lap. He looked up and grinned at James saying, “His arse is yours now Prongs,” before whacking it at Sirius’ head.

“Say it! Say it!” yelled James, running over and tackling Sirius in a head lock, “I am supreme ruler and the best Marauder!” and he waggled his eyebrows at the giggling girls as he struggled with his prisoner.

“Never!” cried the young Sirius overturning him as they began to mock wrestle on the floor.

Lily and Isabella were saying goodbye to the other girls and looked to be preparing for a battle as they readied themselves and entered the room.

They looked hesitantly and slightly revolted at the two boys who seemed to be gathering themselves together and James’ hand instantly went running through his hair as he faced Lily.

“Good morning Evans!” he said at the top of his voice, getting everyone’s attention and giving her a charming smile, “You look positively radiant this morning!” and he did a mock bow.

Lily seemed to take a deep breath and as Isabella nudged her subtly, she pulled herself up and said, “Thank you and um, Good Morning er... James,” and she bustled past him and sat at her desk.

Everyone in the dungeon looked slightly stunned; it was clear this was not the usual response. James froze, halfway up from his bow and his mouth flew open in shock. 

“Well?” Lily said looking at him, “Are you sitting down for the lesson or what?”

Isabella stifled a giggle and proceeded to her seat a few rows back and took out her books before being joined by a young Sirius who looked completely bewildered.

“That was unexpected,” said the young Lupin turning round from the desk in front of them, “She usually hexes him for simply looking at her.”

“D’you know, I think he just wet himself,” said the young Sirius looking at James in amusement, before he turned his attention to Isabella, who seemed to be communicating entirely through looks with Lily across the classroom.

“Care to share, Bella Bear?” he asked, curiously following Lily’s look towards them, before straightening up as Professor Slughorn entered the room.

Lily, however, had not turned around. She was motioning to Isabella by tugging at her tie and pointing at her shirt.

Isabella grimaced at her before she subtly removed her jumper, loosened her tie and with a look of mild disgust, unbuttoned her top shirt button. 

She followed this by sending a glare back at Lily in annoyance.

Lily mouthed the words ‘You'll be fine!' before turning around to face the front. 

Professor Slughorn motioned for them all to continue with the potions they were working on from their textbooks and ushered for them to start.

The young Sirius stood up, loudly and obnoxiously announced he was going to the storeroom to get what they needed and hurried off to try and sneak a quick chat with James.

Isabella nodded and readied the cauldron but not before the young Lupin looked round at her questioningly.

“Not up to anything by any chance?” he said motioning to Isabella’s shirt.

“I don’t know what on earth you mean Remus!” she sniffed.

“Likely story Iz. Be careful what you wish for there,” and he grinned at her before turning and focusing on his own work.

The young Sirius returned momentarily and started talking without even looking at Isabella, “He’s turned into a complete wreck,” he said, eyes on James who was hovering around a smiling – yet pained- looking Lily, “He doesn’t know what to do with himself.”

He was then immediately distracted by a puffy blonde girl, who could only be Marianne Battersby, who had just simpered in his direction.

This carried on for a minute or so with Marianne giggling aimlessly at his jokes before Sirius protested that he simply had to assist Isabella with their potion. Throwing his arms up with a look of ‘What can I do? She needs me!’ he gave her a charming smile and a waggle of the eyebrows before settling down at the desk.

He chuckled to himself and started to run his finger down the instructions musing, “I break up with one girl and before I know it they’re all sniffing around me again.”

“Oh-well-er...can’t-um-blame... them,” struggled Isabella, looking furious with herself.

“It’s not like I try to get their attention,” continued the young Sirius, exhaling loudly and picking up the textbook to read it more closely, clearly not hearing what she said. He looked at her and continued with a “they just seem to-” but he stopped short as he dropped the book with a thud.

His eyes had widened as he noticed the buttons undone; he bit down hard on his bottom lip when he realised had a clear view of white lace peeking out from shirt.

The present day Lupin roared with laughter as did Harry and the others.

“I was like a pig to the slaughter,” chuckled the present day Sirius shaking his head, “I probably would have done anything she wanted, right then and there.”

The Lupin in the memory had spun around to see what had happened, took one look at the scene and muttered “not even fighting fair” and shaking his head with a smirk, went back to his potion.

“So, ah, hey there, Bella Bear,” said the young Sirius oh-so-casually, leaning across the desk and propping his head up with his hand and gazing up at her with big puppy eyes.

“Sirius.” she said, blushing slightly.

“Bit hot today, are we?” he smirked motioning at her shirt and raising his eyebrows.

“What? Oh, yes. Very.” She cleared her throat and rushed on, “You forgot the dragon spleen,” and sped off towards the storeroom.

Lily, who seemed to have noticed, jumped up and scurried after her.

At this, the young Sirius and James turned to each other and mimed a high five in the air and seemed to congratulate themselves on their superior women skills.

Harry and the others watching burst into more laughter as Tonks cried out, “This is too much!” and fell on the floor with Hermione who had tears running down her face.

“I’m glad our downfall is entertaining you,” said the present day Sirius dryly.

They heard a rush of violent whispering from the memory as Isabella and Lily struggled out of the storeroom. Lily seemed to be pushing Isabella to return to her seat but she was desperately trying to resist by grabbing onto her friend’s arm.

“This isn’t as easy as it was for you,” snarled Isabella, “All you had to do was say ‘Good Morning’ and he fell right for it! I’ve got that one perving at me like I’d just dropped my knickers for him!”

Lily looked like her nerves were on edge as she hissed, “Do you think what I’m doing is easy? Having everyone around here think I’m interested in mister big-headed conceited Potter? The trigger-happy hexer who would bathe in his own popularity if it were possible? Mister pampered, thinks-he’s-the-height-of-cool Potter who-”

Alright, alright,” hurried Isabella, noticing Lily was on the verge of possibly losing her cool entirely. They nonchalantly looked over at James who seemed to be trying to pull himself together; he managed to sidle his head in a cocky manner to some girls who were looking at him with interest before flicking his wand in a showy sort of way and exhaling loudly. Lily muttered something sinister before both girls rolled their eyes and subtly looked over to the young Sirius. He was lounging about the desk with a sort of haughty, casual elegance much like a rooster, inspecting his unwavering, unrivalled admiration. “They really are completely full of themselves...” Isabella murmured, “The only positive is that I get to annoy the hell out of Battersby.”

And with that, she pulled herself together and sashayed back to her desk.

The memory Sirius immediately propped his head back in his hand and did not take his eyes off Isabella, following her all the way back to the desk. Lily snorted before turning back with a forced smile at James, who’s face instantly became awash with infatuation. Try as he might, his swaggering, cool and debonair demeanour vanished into oblivion as he stumbled about, voice unnaturally high and looking completely besotted. He regularly shot soppy glances over at the place where she’d first said “Good Morning” to him.

The lesson wore on in much the same manner; James fell about himself, trying desperately not to do anything that might grate at Lily. This perhaps included breathing too much, as he looked almost faint during the last 15 minutes of the class.

The young Sirius, meanwhile, had busied himself by making as many suggestive remarks to Isabella as he could; this encompassed material that generally hovered around the maturity level of ‘can you touch your elbows behind your back?’. This entertained Harry and the others no end as they were constantly lost in laughter at the stream of dreadful lines he kept feeding her way. 

They had particularly enjoyed his performance when he asked for Isabella’s hand (which she reluctantly gave), began drawing a line across it and starting a long and exaggerated explanation detailing it as a really big river, with a little bunny on one side that really needed to get to the other side. After several minutes of his waffling on about the bunny, Isabella got slightly ruffled and asked him how it finally crossed to which he started giving cute little answers (“little bunnies can’t swim Ella Bella!” and “they’re too teeny tiny and fluffy!”).  

When she finally asked him just what the point was, he gave her the puppy eyes and said, "I don't know.  I just wanted to hold your hand."

Gradually, Isabella seemed to relax and go along with the immense spectacle he was making himself as he shamelessly flirted and tried to impress her. At every one of Sirius’ poor jokes, she laughed and simpered and had even gone as far as to feel his biceps when he asked, exclaiming they were the biggest and fanciable she’d ever seen, causing him to stumble slightly and smash all their remaining viles of ingredients straight onto the floor.

Marianne Battersby looked like she wanted to kill something. 

As they were walking out of the Potion’s dungeon and on to their next lesson, Isabella stayed back and hovered in the hallway waiting for Lily who was patiently trying to collect her books and get past James; only in his desperation to be helpful, he kept knocking her possessions all over the floor.

As their classmates began to wander up the halls, the young Sirius strutted over to Isabella who was trying to look innocent under the meaningful look the young Lupin was giving her. He sidled up beside her and casually lifted his arm up, resting his palm on the stone wall above her head and faced her, leaving barely any space between them.

“Sooooo, Ella Bella. That was an interesting lesson.”

“Er- yes, I quite enjoyed it,” she muttered, looking slightly nervous at his close proximity.

“I’m-ah-single you know,” he murmured seductively in her ear.

Harry snorted as the others turned to look incredulously at the present day Sirius who had momentarily buried his face in his hands, groaning, “I can’t watch. This is too humiliating.”

“Yes, you did mention that a few times...” Isabella whispered back, her eyes darting over to Lily who had just appeared in the frame looking slightly concerned at the predicament her friend was in.

“Well it is Hogsmeade weekend tomorrow, so if you’re interested...” he trailed off, pulling his arm down and shrugging.

Isabella gave a meaningful look at Lily, before looking straight at the young Sirius saying, “Are you asking me to go out with you, Black?”

“I believe I am my Bella Bear, would you do me such an honour?” he said giving her a little bow.

Isabella fought hard to keep her face straight as she primly responded, “I’ll have to think about it.”

And with that, she grabbed Lily, who looked like she was about to explode with laughter, and flounced off down the hall.

The boys stood there, staring at the girls who looked to be shaking and holding themselves together before they disappeared round the corner.

“I don’t understand,” announced the young Sirius blankly.

He glanced at James who’d just joined them in the corridor looking visibly rattled. He appeared to have just experienced a brutally terrifying ordeal, rather than a Friday morning’s double potions.

“What does she mean ‘I’ll have to think about it’? Did you see us during that lesson?” the young Sirius snorted, looking incredulous. 

“Oh I saw it,” said the young Lupin dryly, “Very smooth.”

“You think?” said the young Sirius, preening himself and preparing to strut off, “I thought I gave just enough,” and made a tweeking gesture with his hand.

“Oh yes,” the young Lupin said, “I especially liked the bunnies,” and he snorted, dragging them both off as the frame once more dissolved.


Everyone in the drawing room was picking on Sirius as they waited for the next scene to appear.

Mrs Weasley had called him a ‘scoundrel’ although she had said it kindly, and laughed with the others. 

Tonks had commented that he was rather a cocky little so and so, before Fred and George innocently asked how large the poles were that were clearly stuck up his and James’ behinds.

Sirius got slightly peeved when Ron asked him whether he’d considered producing a published work on how to charm witches with tacky one liner’s and threatened to walk out snapping that no one should be subjected to this kind of torture. “I’m thirty four years old for God’s sake,” he sulked, “Everyone’s an idiot at fifteen.”

Harry, meanwhile, seemed pensive and rather quiet which did not go unnoticed by the group.

“Harry,” said Ron “you alright mate?”

“Not bored with this, are you?” enquired Fred.

“It’s absolute gold!” hooted George.

“No, no, I’m enjoying it,” Harry grinned. “Only thing is, it seems my mum hated my dad,” he added quietly.

“Oh no,” said Lupin. “She never hated him.”

“They started getting along around our sixth year,” said Sirius gently to Harry. “They finally got it together – willingly – in our seventh year.   Despite how they were up there, they were very much in love later on.”

Harry looked happier at this and convinced, he turned to see the History of Magic classroom develop in the frame in front of him. The ghostly Professor Binns was stood in front of a large blackboard bearing the words ‘The Giant Wars of 1893’ and stood staring vapidly at the clock on the wall, his ethereal self swaying gently as the minutes ticked over.

Students began to carelessly drift through the doors and their vociferous conversations were punctuated by the loud scraping of chairs as they found their seats. Many were waving their friends over as they withdrew quills, parchment and textbooks from their bags and readied themselves for the lesson.

The clock indicated to Harry and the others that this memory began around five minutes before the last period of the day; many of the students were taking these extra moments to conduct animated conversations with those around them. Marlene and Alice wandered in momentarily and made their way to two desks located one in front of the other and sat down. They each took a chair and appeared to throw their books onto the spare one next to them, presumably saving seats. They proceeded to absently remove their possessions from their bags for the lesson, whilst continuing what seemed to be a very involved discussion.

“So what did you say?” asked Alice as she was taking her jumper off and stuffing it into her bag.

Marlene sighed as she threw her quill casually onto the desk, “I said I didn’t know. What was I meant to say? I knew Izzy’s liked Dean for ages and that her sudden interest in Black is just, you know, part of our plan.” She giggled before adding loftily, “For the planets to finally bring justice into the world!

Alice grinned and said quietly, “If she even imagined that Dean had spoken to you about her she’d just die. She’s been nattering on about him for weeks now. I saw Lils talking to Lukas Billings just before lunch and she was desperately trying to tell him she was just making peace with Potter and that she still meant everything she said during that date she went on with him a few weeks ago.”

Marlene sighed and said grimly, “She was mad for him, too. Well I really don’t want to be the one to tell Iz that Dean’s actually interested. She’ll go completely mental if she-”

“Oi! McKinnon!” yelled a voice as Marlene rolled her eyes to Alice and said in an undertone, “And here’s where we come in. Subtly restrain me if I take aim to slap.”

As Alice fought hard to pass of a giggle with a slight cough, Marlene turned to the Marauders who’d settled themselves in the desks next to theirs. She threw them a winning smile before saying, “Well, if it isn’t our Gryffindor other halves; how can I help you boys?”

“Where’s Masahra and Evans?” demanded James as he took a swig from a Butterbeer bottle he’d clearly brought into the school illegally.

“I’m not their keeper-” she sniffed before Alice loudly cleared her throat and she stammered, “I meant I’m not sure. They’ll be here soon, I expect,” and as the girls exchanged a look, Marlene continued innocently, “Been talking about you two all day.”

“Oh yes,” interjected Alice coyly, “Haven’t stopped.”

The young Sirius smirked as he snatched James’ bottle for a swig before belching loudly, “Not surprised,” and he preened slightly before James added arrogantly, “Couldn’t control themselves around us during Potions. Completely mad for us,” and proceeded to belch louder than his friend had.

Marlene looked repulsed as Alice commented dryly, “And who can blame them? Utterly fanciable, you two are.”

“So where are they then?” questioned James, looking completely mystified as to why they weren’t fawning over them, “Thought they’d be here by now since we have this lesson together.”

“Probably in the girl’s loos prettying themselves up,” said the young Sirius knowledgably and the two boys shared a look indicating they were used to this sort of behaviour.

Marlene and Alice looked gobsmacked before the boys lost interest to their own conversation that focused on James taking aim at a passing student outside by the window with his wand.

As the bell rang, Professor Binns drifted towards the front and began to speak, “We will be continuing today with our lecture on the Giant Wars of 1893, focusing largely on the defeat of Fridwump the Fearless by Untwerp the Unreasonable,” and as he turned to the board to direct a large map to unfold itself, Lily and Isabella came scurrying into the room.

They split to sit next to their friends and subtly took out their books and parchment, looking pained as the young Sirius let off a loud wolf whistle, making their fellow students twitter and laugh. 

Professor Binns droned loudly over the flurry of whispering that had developed around the girls as Lily and Alice put their heads together and leaned back slightly so Marlene and Isabella could lean forward to hear them.

“Lukas won’t even speak to me now!” exclaimed Lily wringing her hands, “He said that Potter had been telling him in the library how I was completely all over him in Potions. And that Black told him how I’d most likely be going with him now and to back off! Lukas was furious!”

The girls paused slightly to pretend they were adjusting their parchment as the Professor turned to the room to point out a large land mass where the giants were clearly located before they regrouped and Marlene whispered, “But surely he didn’t believe that!”

“Well he did,” hissed Lily, “To make matters worse he told me that I wasn’t who he thought I was, and that he was no longer interested in going anywhere with me!”

“I’m sure he doesn’t mean it Lils!” whispered Isabella as she leant to her bag to get a quill, “He bought you those gorgeous flowers, remember? No boy like that is the type to suddenly-OW!”

A scrunched up piece of parchment had just been thrown at her head by the young Sirius and she instinctively reacted by whipping her wand out and shooting a spell back at him making him yelp.

“Bugger off and find someone else to annoy!” she hissed as she sat up; the girls looked horrified as Alice whispered in a sing-song tone, “You’re supposed to be pretending you fancy him!

Isabella looked blank for a moment before she winced and muttered “Damn” as Marlene flew into a fit of giggles next to her as she read the note.

“What does it say?” sniggered Lily as she and Alice pretended to pick something up out of their bags behind them, only to look eagerly at the note.

Cracker job you must have done in Potions this morning Iz,” cackled Marlene, “It says So are you going out with me tomorrow? P.S your shirt looks better undone.”

Alice snorted loudly causing several other students to look at her curiously as Isabella hissed, “Such a pervert. What the hell am I going to say?” and they all subtly looked at the young Sirius who was openly staring at Isabella with an expression that could be spread on a sponge cake, much to the annoyance of a few girls behind him.

Isabella groaned, “This wasn’t part of the plan; we were only ever meant to lull them into a - Christ, there’s one coming for you too, Lils.”

As a graceful origami Lily floated over to the desk, Marlene giggled, “At least Potter has some style!” and the girls proceeded to pour over the note which was scribbled in elegant hand;

Go out with me EvansStop messing about.

The girls again peered over at the Marauders; James grinned and waggled his eyebrows at them suggestively as the young Lupin was rolling his eyes at the young Sirius next to him who was whispering something violently. He kept nudging his friend hissing, “Just do it Mooney! What the bloody hell are you waiting for?”

The young Lupin caught Marlene looking at him and blushed violently; she whipped her head down to her parchment and nudged the other girls to stop giggling.

“He’s totally smitten with you McKinnon,” sighed Isabella as she scribbled on a piece of parchment “You’re such a pervert.” and sent it flying back with perhaps a little too much force.

The young Sirius caught it with one hand, made a lewd sort of kissy face at her and snorted once he read it.

“Iz, do you know? This may not be a bad idea. If you both go together, then it might even turn out to be bit of a laugh,” said Marlene who was looking quite impressed with Lily’s origami flower.

“It’ll certainly work in favour of our plan,” mused Alice as she admired James’ handiwork.

“It’ll end in tears and you know it; besides, I was wanting Dean to ask me to go with him tomorrow,” said Isabella mulishly, staring at a boy who was sitting a few rows to the front. As if he’d heard her, he turned his head and looked at her.

Dean was quite handsome with his brown eyes and black hair, although not quite as much as the Marauders. He looked at Isabella for a moment and smiled before returning to paying attention to the lesson.

She blushed and buried her head in her parchment and groaned, “Damn, he heard me! I’ve been trying for ages to talk with him without completely losing it when I open my mouth!”

As she was shaking her head, the young Sirius leant over and tapped Marlene on the arm and handed her a note. She snatched it, passed it to Isabella who turned to the girls as she read it out;

I know you love it. Stop faffing about and go out with me.

Remus wants to know if McKinnon’s up for going with him.

Marlene flew into a fit of giggles and hissed, “You’re going. End of story. Evans – write back now.”

“For heavens sake Marls!” gasped Lily, “Think about what you’re saying.” 

“No, you listen to me. I love you both dearly but the game plan has changed. We’re going. Don’t look at me like that; if I thought sacrificing you two to Black and Potter for a few hours for my dream date would bring you to any harm then of course I’d not ask you to go.”

“Any harm?” hissed Isabella looking scandalised, “This is not a fair exchange!”

“Calm down or I’ll stun you. Right; Chambers, has she written back?” whispered Marlene matter-of-factly.

Alice giggled as Lily rolled her eyes and wrote ‘Okay, with the other two’ on the parchment and sent it back.

“And you,” she said, glaring at Isabella, “Will pull yourself together and write back. Now.”

“I bloody well will not! He represents everything I hate in a human being. He’s obnoxious, full of himself, thinks he’s God’s gift to women, a complete pervert and his only kick in life is to boast about how many girls he can coerce into his dormitory!” 

Harry and the others snorted as the present day Sirius huffed and said, “Now that is completely not true. I never, ever coerced anyone,” before adding “I’m joking,” as Mrs Weasley looked mutinous.

“Izzy,” pleaded Marlene from the memory “For me?”

Isabella looked at her friend and struggled for a moment; as Marlene started begging, she smiled, “Okay, fine. But this is for you. And I fully expect to be named maid of honour at your wedding!” and she scribbled on a piece of parchment, ‘Alright. Meet you outside the Three Broomsticks at ten.’

Marlene whispered “I love you!” and passed the note back to the young Sirius who beamed as he proudly showed the note to the young Lupin.

He then proceeded to scribble something back and flew it gracefully to Isabella who sighed and unfolded it to read;

Can’t wait Bella Bear.  Now tell Dean to stop looking at you or I’ll get jealous x

Isabella instantly looked up to see Dean smile over at her and send a note saying;

Do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow?

She let out a whimper as Marlene proceeded to nervously look towards the front of the room to avoid the repressive glare she was being given.

“Forget maid of honour,” seethed Isabella furiously, “I expect to be godmother to each of your eleven children. I hate you!”

Marlene continued to flutter nervously with her quill as the frame became blurry and resettled on what was early morning in the Gryffindor girl’s dormitories.

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