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Love Agianst the Will by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 6 : Hide and Seek
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Rose woke up; she was very excited to spend the day with her scorpy. She got dressed in her school uniform. She went down to the common room to here surprise the horse that they transfigured last night was a table again. She shrugged it off and went to the bathroom. She brushed her hair into the ponytail and charmed it to braid itself. She practically ran the whole way to history of magic. She walked in but didn’t spot him right away. So she called out for him.

“Scorpy are you there?”

“The note said I would be here.” He stepped up to her side with a piece of toast in his hand. He handed her a piece. Rose took a bit and swallowed.

“So what happened last night was?”

“It was awesome.” He leaned over and took a bit of her toast. Then Rose took another bit and swallowed it.

“I thought we were toast. Domie and Roxie were so close to discovering our secret.”

“I think your cooties threw them off” Scorpius smirked

“You want some cooties come and get them.” Rose matched his smirk

They got closer together and started to snog. It was about five minutes before Scorpius broke the kiss.

“Let me check the map.” He pulled out the marauder’s map.

“Al, let you borrow that?”

“Yeah, We are best friends, Hello.” He pulled out his wand an pointed it at the map. “I solemnly swear I am up to no good. They both looked at the map. They saw people heading to class. Rose spotted Domie and Roxie, they were in the lead.

“What do we do now?” asked Scorpius

“Fake an argument.” Rose grinned

“Here is the next place to meet after class.” He handing her a piece of parchment. “You can pretend it was one of my new tactics.” They kissed once.

“Here they come.”


“At least consider me for one second.” Domie and Roxie walked in.

“NO, I WILL GIVE YOU ONE SECOND BEFORE I BLOW YOU TO TINY LITTLE PIECES!” then Rose stormed to the other side of the class room away from Scorpius. She sat down and buried her face in her arms on the desk. She grumbled under her arms. Then Roxie and Domie came to either side of a terrified Scorpius. Domie stuck out her leg in front of Scorpius. Roxie shoved him forward toward Domie’s Leg. He fell flat on his face.

“You are welcome for your free trip.” Said Roxie

Then they walked over to Rose.

“Rose, what happened?” Domie said

“We came in at the middle of it.” Said Roxie

“it was nothing, but the stupid idiot sent me an anonymous letter.” Said Rose making her face look enraged “It said meet me in History of magic. Don’t go to the great hall first. I will have a stack of toast. God! How thick could I get?”

Before Domie and Roxie could reply, Professor Binns drifted through the chalk board.

“Everyone will please take your seats. We will begin were we left off yesterday. “Said Professor Binns in his monotone voice. He started were he left off and Rose started her notes. Rose saw Domie and Roxie were deep in their notes so she could sneak a look at Scorpius. She looked at him and he gave her the smirk she used to loath so much. She returned her infamous to him smile. Unknown to her Roxie caught a glimpse of her smile.

“Who are you smiling at?” said Roxie

“No one.” Said Rose not looking at them and started to catch up on notes. Roxie tried to find who Rose was smiling at. She already ruled out Malfoy. She knew it wasn’t going to be her cousin Albus. Then she spotted Rose’s ex-boyfriend, Kevin Thomas.

“I thought you dumped Kevin.” said Roxie

“I did.” Said rose not looking up from her notes but she still blushed slightly. Rose thought class could never be over. It went on for an hour and twenty minutes. When the bell rang Rose had to force herself not to cheer. As soon as the bell rang she sealed the ink and whipped the quill. Then she shove it in to her bag. She walked out with Domie and Roxie

“I will meet you in Herbology.” said Rose

“Where are you going?” said Domie

“Bathroom.” said Rose

She ran to the bathroom because she really had to go. She also wanted to meet her Scorpy. She finished with the bathroom. She ran to the window and saw Scorpius was waiting for her. She raced down the hall and down some stairs. She raced out the big oak doors and out into the grounds toward Herbology. When she found where Scorpius was and is. Rose suddenly realized that she wasn’t capable to stopping in front of Scorpius.

“Scorpius look…” said Rose as Scorpius said “What the…” That is all they could say before they collided together. Miraculously both bags landed on the ground with no harm to the stuff except it is scattered all over the ground. Scorpius fell backward and Rose fell on top of him.

“Sorry.” said rose about to get up.

“No wait.” said Scorpius and grabbed her around the waist. “It’s okay.”


“Yeah, but next time at a lower speed.”

“Yeah, a lower speed that hurt.”

Then they kissed for a good ten minutes. Then an alarm on Scorpius’s watch went off.

“We got five minutes to get to Herbology.” said Scorpius as he kissed her a gain. Rose rolled off him and started to collect her stuff and putting it in her bag and Scorpius did the same thing.

“Give me a fifteen second head starts.” said Rose

“Okay, my lady first.” said Scorpius letting go of Rose’s waist. Rose walked to into Herbology with a smile. Rose walked over to her friends.

“Where did you go after the bathroom?” said Domie

“I was around.” said Rose innocently

“Now, tell us exactly where you were?” said Roxie

“And none of this around Business.” said Tiffany

“Okay Scorpius bumped into me and my stuff scattered on the ground.” said Rose defensively

“Enough chitchat, miss Weasleys and Blue.” said Professor Longbottom “ We will look at Devil’s Snare.” the class lasted ninety minutes. Lunch was next on rose’s list.

“I got to touch up my make-up” said Rose after class

“Okay, see you at lunch.” said her friends. She raced toward charms where Scorpius was. She snuck up behind him and covered his eyes and said “Guess who?”

“it wouldn’t be a person I want to kiss, would it?” said Scorpius playfully

“Turn around with you eyes closed and find out.” said Rose equally as playful.

Scorpius turned around with his eyes shut. Rose kissed him on the lips.

“I knew it”

“I knew you would.

“Are we doing lunch?”

“I want to eat lunch with you, but I should spend sometime with my friend and cousins.”

“Okay, fine, but I get you all free period then,”

As they walked toward the great hall rose mulled it over. Then they stop were no one could see them.

“ that would be great.”

“Can I have a see you later kiss?”

“You know you don’t need to ask?” she kissed him and skipped to lunched.

Rose walked down the Gryffindor table and sat next to Tiffany who came over from Ravenclaw.

“Hey guys, How’s it going?” said Rose

“Good and you?” They said

“Excellent.” said Rose

They all eat lunch. They talked about class, but Rose who was paying little to no attention to what was being said. She kept stealing glances at Scorpius. Then she looked at Scorpius and he gave her the signal it was time for them to hang. Rose got out of her seat.

“Where are you going Rose?” said Tiffany

“I am going outside.” said rose

“Do you want someone with you?” said Domie

“No, I want some time alone.” said
Rose. Then she exited the great hall. Little did rose know her friends were going to follow her.

“Come on guys, she is getting away.” said Roxie

They got up and followed the exit Rose took. They got outside, but Rose was no where in sight.

“Where did she go?” said Tiffany

“She can’t have gotten far.” said Domie

“I’ll check by the lake.” said Tiffany

“I’ll check the study tree.” said Roxie

“I’ll check the field a crossed from the tree.” said Domie

They separated from each other to search. Roxie looked at where they normally sat. she didn’t want to believe what she saw. She froze on the spot. A little ways away, Tiffany, who finish the likely spot by the lake, looked up to see Roxie froze on the spot with her mouth open. She was not paying attention to where she is walking. She came around to stand next to Roxie. She looked where Roxie was looking. She also got frozen on the spot. Her hair also changed it went a gray blue. The hair was all spiky, too. Domie looked in the direction of the study tree. She saw Roxie and Tiffany standing in one spot. She noticed Tiffany’s hair was not the normal teal. Domie walked up to the other two and said “What the hell are you looking at?”

“That!’ said Roxie pointed at the couple on the ground.

They all three looked at each other.

“Rose.” said Domie

“Malfoy.” said Tiffany

“Kissing?” said Roxie

All three were completely confused and shocked. The couple broke apart. They looked in horror.

“Oh shit!” said Rose and Scorpius

Rose looked up at her cousins and friend.

“How long have you guys been there?” asked Rose

“Long enough..” said Domie

“See you…”continued Tiffany

“Kissing Malfoy.” finished Roxie

All three turned to leave. They only walked a few feet when they heard.

“Roxie, Domie, and Tiffany.” said Rose who was followed by Scorpius.

All three turned to face Rose and said “What?’

“I’m so sorry. I just didn’t know how to tell you.” said Rose

“ So the fake fight in History was a smoke screen.” said Domie


“Your disappearing act called ‘I have to go to the bathroom’ and ‘fix my make up’ was another screen.” said Roxie


“then the going outside alone was one too.” said Tiffany

“Yes.” said Rose

The girls except Rose huddled in a group to talk. They broke apart from the group. It was Roxie who spoke up.

“We all agree to say it is about time you two were together.” said Roxie reluctantly

“We will help you with your dad.” said Domie

“Malfoy or shall I say Scorpius congrats.” said Tiffany smirking

“Thanks.” said Scorpius blushing a little “Now if you don’t mind my Rose owes me free period.”

He grabbed Rose’s hand and returned the study tree. They started to snog again.

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